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Lesson Plan Year 9 Spread sheets

The Big Picture Analysis, Lesson 7 of 8 Students will create a model to analyse information from their own questionnaire.

Objectives Create a spreadsheet model to calculate the cost of a pizza order

Engagement Use modelling knowledge to create a spreadsheet for a real world business

Stickability Practice using excel and spreadsheet programs should re-enforce the learning from previous years

Differentiation Examples for weaker students Extension for stronger students Lesson Content Register, settle class 5 minutes Students sat in same seats as per plan. Students log in and get ready to start. Starter 5 minutes Remind students of what they have already done on the sheet. Give a quick demonstration of creating a drop down and them using a VLOOKUP Individual task 45 minutes Students follow an instruction sheet Pizza Perfection.pdf to create a model for Pizza Paradise. They will have to include functions and add drop down list. No need to do the extension task in the instruction sheet. Where necessary, please show students how to add if statements so they can get the delivery section completed. Extension Create a receipt with breakdown showing the delivery of pizza order.

Home Learning Finish off the remaining questions of given instruction sheet earlier. Save the file with a suitable name.