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Person with passion for web development , multimedia and audiovisual. An attitude to get the aims and worker. I worked in a lot of projects in web development areas and in areas like photography and video. Creative and with determination to do a good work. I try to improve all my skills all days to do a better work. I worked too in webdesign making the front end of websites. i like in areas like coding, web design, video capture, photo capture, illustration and always using the creativity.

Collaborator - Andr Neto Fotograa
September 2009 - Present I worked for clients taking photos and video shooting. I can personalize the work for each client and I try to keep in touch with the new trends in the world of photography. I've experience creating digital albuns of photography in events like weddings, baptisms and social events. I'm used to be in touch with the client in sale. I developed my team work and social capacities

PHO MySql Javascript HTML CSS Juery

September 2011- Present

Multimedia - Freelancer

PHPStorm Sublime Text 2 Photoshop Illustrator Adobe Premiere Avid Media Composer Cinema 4D

As a freelancer I made works in areas as photography, video, web design and web development. I developed websites for companies using client side languages and server side languages. I can addapt the design for each client, always keeping the simple and clean lines that dene my work. I do websites that are simple but pratical. In areas like photography and video I covered social events, sport events and musical events. In my media works I try to create modern visions but still in the clean and simple style


Graduation in New Techonologies of CommunicationS
Communication and Art Department University of Aveiro - Portugal September 2011 - July 2014 (scheduled)

Books: The web design book The elements of web design Photographers/lm makers Jos Raposo Nuno Rocha

Erasmus - Digital Media

University of Portsmouth - United Kingdom September 2013 - December 2013 (scheduled)

High School Grade in Informatics (Technological Couse)

Escola Dr. Joo Carlos Celestino Gomes de lhavo - Portugal June 2009