Safety tjek OFB passer i grove traek men der kan godt vaere et par fejl

High steam pressure: Enter a high sp. value on the display and wait until shut down ( .! "ar# $ow fuel pressure: Between the sensor and the valve to the sensor% there are a drain plug. &lose the valve so the pressure to the sensor are 'ut off% and then take of the pressure from the sensor "y uns'rewing the drain plug. (he sensor are lo'ated to the left of the fuel oil thermometer. Overload 'om"ustion air fan motor: On the relay to the air fan motor inside the 'a"inet there are a little test "utton% where this fun'tion 'an "e tested. Overload "urner motor: Same as : overload 'om"ustion air fan motor. High ) low fuel oil temperature: &hange the ma* ) min temperature on the temperature sensor. (he sensor are lo'ated all all the way to the right. Burner swing out: +ake sure that% the "oiler inde* are at the lowest ( , # (hen slowly swing out the "urner. $ow water level: Open the "utton "low valve "y half a turn and wait. (appro*. -,./mm# 0emem"er to 'lose the valve again. $ow low water level: Behind the 'a"inet door where also the main swit'h are lo'ated there are a test "utton for this fun'tion. 1ush the "utton for ,/ se'. on test module nr. .. 2ote3333 the mail swit'h and there"y the power has to "e turned "efore the door 'an "e opened. $ow 'om"ustion pressure: S'rew off the sensor)gauge. $o'ated to the right of the rotor motor. $ow atomising pressure: $oosen the pipe to the sensor. $o'ated under the rotor motor. Fire in wind"o*: (he sensor are pla'ed under the inde*-"o*. $ower the set punt% it is not sure that this is enough so may"e you have to use a s'rew driver and 'lose the 'ir'uit manually in the sensor "o*.

Flame failure: (ake out the eye to the flame supervision. 1ower failure: Bo* out site the door out to the "a'k yard. Emergen'y stop: 4t 'an "e tested on this "oiler% "e'ause the feed water pump are not pla'ed on the same emergen'y stop.

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