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Body Top Windshield and Dashboard

Fold in half Score on reverse side

Blue Planet
1.Body. Score along black lines. Glue sides of body to bottom first, to ensure alignment. Glue remaining tabs to form front of body. 2.Seating and Fan Assembly. This section is essentially a glorified box. Score all panel lines, making sure that ap propriate lines have been scored on the back. It is easi est to work from the front of the model (starting with the smaller grey section). Glue one side first, and then the other to ensure correct alignment. Complete section by gluing the end (louvered fan section) into place. 3.Windshield and Dashboard. Score Windshield and Dashboard on reverse side to halfway point of wind shield. Score outside of windshield on printed side. Fold and glue the windshield. Fold entire assembly to conform to the curve at the front of the Body Top panel. 4.Body Assembly. Apply glue to the bottom of the Seating and Fan Assembly. Slide into the Body to the point marked "Align here". Fold the Interior Panels down to form the passenger compartment. 5.Fold down the grey tabs at the front of Body Top. Glue Windshield and Dashboard to grey tabs. 6.Fold Spoiler and glue to the angled sides of the Body Top panel.

Interior Panels

cut here

Align here

Score on reverse side

Body Bottom

Completed Model


Seating and Fan Assembly

Score on reverse side

2001 Paul Lesack. Permission granted to copy for personal use only Blue Planet 1997,2000 Biohazard Games

ref: BPV2 FMC.090