Rocky L.

Ho Chapter 29 Title: “Workplace, Surveillance, Privacy and Distributive Justice”
by Lucas Introna

Quote: “The purpose of this paper is not to bemoan surveillance as such.” Expectations:
I expect to learn the workspace surveillance , matter of justice, the meaning of privacy, surveillance and distributive justice.

Book Review:
The author of this chapter is Lucas Introna. Resisting workspace surveillance, privacy of matter of justice, privacy, surveillance, distributive justice, was discussed in this chapter. According to the book that I have read, surveillance is where issue was been released ever since a topic was given out from certain individual topic. Surveillance technology has been creating the potential for certain facts.

Things I have learned:
I learned that surveillance starts from something very small and goes to higher topic that can be observed by other people and make it as an issue.

Integrity Questions:
1.) What is workspace surveillance? 2.) What is resisting workspace surveillance? 3.) What are the privacy as a matter of justice? 4.) What is surveillance? 5.) What is distributive justice?

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