Oh the pain of living Friends don’t understand what it overs The! sa! I’" so onfused #ust sa! I hear !ou$if !ou’re "! %rother So"eti"es things don’t "a&e sense 'nless !ou an e(perien e the" !ourself Friend &now I have this pain Even though !ou &now not how it felt Toleran e not strong point As far as I an endure So"eti"es the onl! hope The power of %elief "ight %e the ure )ain "a! reate dar&ness And the feeling of loss of hope If this pain is followed *ou "a! %e wal&ing on slipper! slope Then slip and !ou fall$ +a & into the dar&ness of pain If !ou want sunn! da!s All !ou get is dar& louds and rain *ou need to %elieve That there’s an answer of hope Know$ li&e ash paid up front True %elief$ is not a pro"issor! note *ou %elieve$ it happens$ It’s ,ust as si"ple as that The pain "elts awa! And !our faith$ "a&es it fa t

Rain louds dr! up$ Out o"es the golden sun And this is the proof If !ou trul! %elieve$ then !ou have won %! Ti" Tha!er