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444StudentFeedback (Responses)

444StudentFeedback (Responses)
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What do you like about the class?

What do you want to be improved in the class? test a little more group activity or just activities in general A sorter class period. sometimes you move a tad bit fast... I wish the content was posted to BeachBoard sooner.

10/7/2013 15:10:20 test 10/9/2013 17:05:18 it talks about technology and it's influences to our society today 10/9/2013 18:44:40 I like learning about new technologies and computer literacy. the class is very informative 10/9/2013 18:44:53 the instructions are clear and understandable 10/9/2013 18:45:08 The practical nature of the instruction. The instructor: her energy, knowledge and confidence 10/9/2013 18:45:15 All the wonderful resources presented I like that the class teaches you how to use new and updated technologies and programs online that will help us in college 10/9/2013 18:45:18 and when we start teaching.

10/9/2013 18:45:35
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Please, more time (1-3 seconds) when prompting us for pc tasks. Thank you! I think the class is great and does not need improvement. It is very exciting and hands on and keeps us awake especially for a night class. Sometimes it moves a little quickly and is hard to keep up but I wouldn't change anything because I think pacing is a hard I like the interactive nature of the class and the way the professor speaks loudly and clearly, repeating herself to ensure her thing in a diverse group of kids and I have never had so much trouble that I haven't learned the lesson. It is nice to have a students are following along. She is very conscious about keeping it engaging and that shows through in her lectures. friend to ask for help so that really is not such a huge issue. The content is very updated and useful. Many of the knowledge I learned from this class will be of practical use for my own The instructor can slow down at some places especially when introducing some new apps or website. future class. I like how animated and enthusiastic the instructor is while teaching the course. This keeps students from falling asleep. I think that the grading criteria should be that if students meet all the requirements listed, they should be able to earn full credit. I think that the assignments are a bit fast paced in the beginning of the semester. It is like 3 straight weeks of having I really enjoy the fact that all of the sites that we used in this class are skills that I can apply to all of my other classes and something due and now, we have like 3 weeks where nothing is due in class. So it would be nice if the assignment were more even my future career. spread out. learning making kinds of online websites or activities for future teaching repeat steps at least once or twice I like the technological resources and online resources that I can use in my classroom. Like the screencast. That was my I think that lecture should not be as long. Sometimes I find myself zoning off. But for the most part, the lectures are informative favorite thing to learn. I really like that what I am learning I can definitely adopt it to my lessons. usually give me good ideas on what I can do in my classroom. Being able to apply what we are learning in class during class time. It helps me understand it better, and not forget how to Being able to have access to the programs outside out classroom hours, such as a lab that we can go to in our own time. use a website when I leave the classroom. I think we need to have access to a lab on campus because some of us do not have all the programs needed to succeed in I like the fact that we are able to apply what we have learned in class in our class activities and on our group project. our homework assignments. Information overload! There's so much covered all at once and it's hard to keep it straight. It's really hard to sit through such a I like that the class is interactive and we do activities together. long class. I wish class was shorter or twice a week. Please keep it simple and straight-forward. I like that i am on the computer and that makes class go by fast. the teacher also teaches the class in a way that is fun. i do not like how long the class is but i don't think that's something that can be changed. other than that the class is great. -Slower pace, when teaching something new (especially Wiki, Screencast, Jing, etc). -Book is dry and has too many terms (I know you have nothing to do with this, but wanted to let you know) sometimes Rica's directions are too quick, so if you fall behind during them you are lost until the activity starts. It would be helpful if she slowed down, or clarified more to make sure that everyone is up to speed with her directions. Slow down!!!! The content is awesome. Your logic is sound. I know others want to get out as early as possible. Maybe I don't listen very well, or I get distracted with my phone every once in a while, but sometimes I am paying attention, but I can't process your verbal explanations as quickly as what you are doing because I'm still doing the two steps before. Thank you for everything.


I enjoy learning about new software, apps, websites which would be useful in motivating my students. 10/9/2013 18:46:51 You are fun and energetic! I enjoy coming to this class. 10/9/2013 18:47:08 The content presented in class is very useful and interesting, the lectures are short and the activities are engaging. Everything!!!!! I wish I had more time to spend working on this stuff. I feel like I get more from the lectures than the readings, although I have learned what RAM is and the history of the internet. I wish I was teaching next semester so I could apply this stuff already. It's awesome. At times it is overwhelming because there is a lot of new stuff, but there are so many ideas and resources we are being equipped with. I love it. I wish I could practice more of this stuff. This is why I like 10/9/2013 18:48:00 to write instructions down because I'm afraid I won't remember it by the time I start teaching. However, it is good for now. :) I enjoy learning about the online resources available for teaching. I feel that students of all ages can benefit in learning using the skills we are reviewing I especially enjoy the tutorials because it is so hands on and I feel I learn effectively if I Form Responses


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