A day without laughter is a day wasted. So true this line is.

We often fail to understand this line inspite of having so many other reasons to smile. We never realize the importance of being blessed w ith good life, nice family, parents, siblings, friends and what not. All what we do is blame, blame and only blame.What's the point? Are we so blind to even rea lize what we have and what we don't? Of course in todays fast, hectic and pressu rizing life, we often get frustrated, depressed and we even do things which we s houldn't inspite of having everything. For petty things if we start complaining then think about those who have nothing yet they are leading a happy and a conte nt life. Example: Today I was travelling by my college bus where i was sitting in front row. In fr ont of our bus there was a lorry carrying limestones and on top of that 2 men we re sleeping nicely. I was wondering in our bedrooms with soft bed even with fan or AC, we don't get sleep if something is terribly bothering us but those two me n were sleeping as though nothing had ever bothered them. Inspite of so much noi se pollution, honking(by vehicles), the extreme hardwork they had put in the pre vious day and sleeping on a bed of limestones (which is no comfort), yet they co uld manage to sleep peacefully. I know this example has nothing to do with the t itle but i feel a person who manages to have mind peace, who laughs and smiles e veryday (inspite of problems he/she gets to face) and when he goes to bed with n o worries in his mind has actually led a proper full day of his/her lifespan. So friends what I'm trying to say is Live every moment, Laugh everyday and Love beyond words. Because Kal ho Na ho.... ;)

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