V. Analyze the following piece of classroom discourse in terms of transactions, exchanges and moves. 1.

Teacher: What are Pyramids? 2. Pupils: (no answers) 3. T: Why did they build Pyramids? 4. T: Paul? . Pupil: When they were dead they put all their riches and e!erythin" they owned in their Pyramids. #. T: $es they did% yes. &. T: 'i"ht in the depth% in the heart o( the Pyramid there was a special little room where they had their personal belon"in"s. Precious special thin"s that belon" to them. ). T: *an you "uess the sort o( thin"s that mi"ht be with them? +. Pupil: ,ewels 1-. T: Their own special .ewels VI. Analyze the sentences in the following paragraph in terms of Theme and Rheme. Parts o( /orthern 0ritain were brou"ht to a standstill by hea!y snow and ice yesterday with roads closed and dan"erous dri!in" conditions. 1cotland was worst hit. Two hundred schools were closed in 2berdeenshire% where roads were impassable% and more than se!en inches o( snow was recorded at 2berdeen airport. 2n in.ured climber sur!i!ed 1) hours in sub34ero temperatures clin"in" to an ice3co!ered led"e a(ter (allin" 4--(t in 5lencoe. 6awrence 'ee!e% 4-% a computer operator (rom *hessin"ton% 1urrey% was reco!erin" in hospital yesterday a(ter su((erin" se!ere (acial in.uries% a punctured lun" and (rostbite. The lone wal7er was ma7in" his way alon" a rid"e when he (ell into 5len *am% stri7in" a boulder which sa!ed him (rom a (urther drop o( 3-- (t.