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API 570 Exam

API 570 Exam

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for api 570 Exam piping inspector
for api 570 Exam piping inspector

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API-570 Examination Preparation Course Practice Examination #6 Closed Book 1. !at s!

ould "e done at su"se#uent inspection o$ car"on steel pipin% circuits& in caustic ser'ice& t!at (ere ori%inall) stressed relie'ed* a+ Brinell !ardness tests s!ould "e per$ormed at t!e $irst inspection inter'al "+ ,e'er !ammer test t!ese s)stems c+ Per$orm ma%netic particle examination $or crackin% d+ -!ese s)stems re#uire inspections at more $re#uent. at least t(ice& inter'als .. -!e $ollo(in% t!icknesses (ere o"tainin% at one test point in a t!ickness measurement location/ 0.1760& 0..0.0& 0..1.0& and 0..110. !ic! t!ickness s!ould "e used to calculate t!e corrosion rate& remainin% li$e& and t!e next inspection date* a+ 0.1760 "+ 0..0.0 c+ 0..1.0 d+ 0..110 2. Accordin% to API 3P-571& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is t!e most correct statement re%ardin% a positi'e material identi$ication 4P5I+ testin% pro%ram in a (are!ouse* a+ Can "e an alternati'e to P5I testin% o$ a $a"ricated pipin% s)stem "+ Is onl) applica"le to 'al'es& $lan%es& $ittin%s& and ot!er small parts c+ I$ t!e material test reports are supplied& t!en P5I testin% at t!e (are!ouse is not necessar) d+ are!ouse P5I testin% s!ould ne'er "e re%arded as an alternati'e to testin% t!e $a"ricated pipin% s)stem 6. All en'ironmental crackin% disco'ered durin% an in-ser'ice inspection s!ould "e e'aluated ")7 a+ A certi$ied (eldin% inspector 4C I+ "+ -!e API-570 pipin% inspector c+ -!e pipin% en%ineer d+ 8peratin% personnel 5. Accordin% to B16.5& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is not re#uired to "e marked on a $lan%e* a+ 5anu$acturer9s name or markin% "+ Pressure ratin% c+ 5aterial speci$ication d+ -emperature ran%e

6. A pipin% s)stem& located inside t!e "oundar) limits 4I:B;+ o$ an operatin% unit. contains !)drocar"ons t!at (ould 'apori<e 'er) slo(l) in t!e e'ent o$ a release. !at API-570 ser'ice classi$ication s!ould "e assi%ned to t!is s)stem* a+ Class 1 "+ Class . c+ Class 2 d+ Auxiliar) 7. 8$ t!e $ollo(in%& (!at inspection met!od (ould "e t!e most appropriate $or inspectin% a re%enerator o'er!ead duct $or re$ractor) dama%e* a+ in$rared t!ermo%rap!) "+ :pecial !i%! temperature ultrasonic examination c+ =i%! temperature li#uid penetrant d+ Edd) current examination 1. Inspection o$ t!e concrete to air inter$ace o$ "uried pipin% s!o(s deterioration o$ t!e caulkin% and ma) !a'e allo(ed (ater to enter t!e inter$ace area. -!e s)stem (as installed 15 )ears a%o (it!out cat!odic protection. !at s!ould "e done (it! t!is s)stem* a+ Break up t!e concrete and inspect $or corrosion "eneat! t!e sur$ace "+ >ust reseal t!e ?oint to pre'ent $urt!er (ater in%ress c+ -ake t!ickness measurements on t!e pipin% six inc!es a"o'e t!e inter$ace d+ Inspect t!e ?oint at %rade and take pit dept! measurements @. Accordin% to A:5E :ection IA& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% must "e on e'er) procedure #uali$ication record 4PB3+* a+ -!e completed PB3 s!all address all essential and nonessential 'aria"les o$ t!e (eldin% process "+ -!e PB3 s!all "e certi$ied accurate ") t!e manu$acturer or contractor c+ -!e ?oint desi%n suc! as %roo'e desi%n& root spacin%& etc. d+ -!e minimum and maximum "ase metal t!ickness ran%e #uali$ied 10. =o( is t!e $irst t!ickness measurement inter'al esta"lis!ed $or ne(l) installed pipin% s)stems* a+ 8n stream determination a$ter .600 !ours o$ ser'ice "+ Csin% t!e actual t!ickness minus t!e minimum t!ickness and di'ide ") t(o c+ 8(nerDuser9s experience (it! similar ser'ice d+ Csin% t!e manu$acturers corrosion rate calculations 11. In-ser'ice ultrasonic t!ickness measurements& o$ an ,P: 20 'apor line& re'ealed t!innin% in t!e !eat a$$ected <one 4=AE+ o$ an el"o( to (eld neck $lan%e. Furin% t!e next

.sc!eduled do(ntime& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% (ould "e t!e "est met!od to determine t!e extent o$ deterioration* a+ Pro$ile radio%rap!) o$ t!e (eld "+ Internal inspection c+ 100G radio%rap!) o$ t!e (elds d+ Cltrasonic A-scan o$ t!e el"o( 1. !en per$ormin% li#uid penetrant examination on nickel "ased allo)s& austenitic or duplex stainless steels& and titanium a certi$ication o$ contaminant s!all "e o"tained. 8$ t!e $ollo(in% (!ic! is not re#uired ") A:5E :ection I* a+ Penetrant manu$acturer9s num"ers "+ -est results c+ -!e records s!all "e maintained in accordance (it! t!e re$erencin% Code :ection d+ -!e name o$ t!e person per$ormin% t!e certi$ication tests 16.FE o$ repair or alteration (elds s!all "e in accordance (it!7 a+ API 3P 51. Hasteners and components attac!ed ") t!reads or "olted to a pipin% s)stem !a'e a %reater potential $or7 a+ replacement (it! improper components "+ "rittle $racture o$ "oltin% materials c+ c!loride stress corrosion crackin% d+ car"uri<ation 12. "+ API 3P 510 c+ A:5E :ection IIII para%rap! C -51 d+ -!e applica"le code and t!e o(nerDuser9s speci$ication 16. Cnless ot!er(ise speci$ied in API-570& . -!e extent o$ positi'e material identi$ication o$ allo) materials used $or repairs or alterations s!all "e determined ") t!e7 a+ API-570 certi$ied inspector "+ 5aterial supplier c+ -!e o(ner user d+ -!e repair or%ani<ation 15. !at is a consideration in determinin% t!e amount i$ inspection o$ 'al'es in a pipin% s)stem* a+ -!e inspection re#uirement dependin% on t!e pipin% class "+ 3andom inspections to ensure a representati'e sample is "ein% inspected .

!at is t!e pneumatic test pressure $or a pipin% s)stem desi%ned $or 200psi at 700JH (it! an allo(a"le stress at desi%n temperature o$ 15000psi and . on eac! 'al'e d+ Cnusual t!innin% or corrosion noted durin% repairs or ser'ice 17.00.o( allo) components in stainless pipin% s)stems 1@.6210 taken on 5a) 21& .000 and on >une 1& .0000psi at test temperature* a+ .1.0.50 per )ear c+ 0. !at is t!e corrosion rate $or a -5.2* a+ 0.FE on pipin% s)stems .006 t!ickness measurements at t!e same -5. produced an actual t!ickness o$ 0.67psi "+ 660psi c+ 220psi d+ 600psi 11. =istoricall)& material non-con$ormances (it! t!e %reatest num"er o$ serious conse#uences !a'e in'ol'ed7 a+ :tainless steel in Inconel pipin% s)stems "+ Car"on steel components in stainless steel pipin% s)stems c+ Car"on steel components in lo( allo) pipin% s)stems d+ .500 per )ear . Accordin% to API 3P 576& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is not one o$ t!e $our speci$ic items t!at s!ould "e used $or a num"er or codin% s)stem identi$ication* a+ -!e ori%inal construction code "+ -!e process unit c+ -!e pipin% s)stem d+ -!e circuit .05000 per )ear d+ 0. t!at !ad "ase-line t!ickness measurement o$ 0.c+ -!e num"er o$ -5.6.01500 per )ear "+ 0. API-570 states t!at an examiner7 a+ 5ust "e an API-570 aut!ori<ed inspector "+ 5ust aut!ori<e all repair procedures and examination tec!ni#ues prior to t!e completion o$ t!e (ork c+ Foes not !a'e to "e an API-570 aut!ori<ed inspector d+ 5ust e'aluate t!e results o$ .0.

6.5. Based on t!e $ollo(in% t!ickness measurement in$ormation& (!at is t!e s!ortest remainin% li$e o$ t!e pipin% s)stem* Kears o$ 8peration 0 2 6 a+ 7 )ears "+ 2... !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% need not "e considered in speci$)in% pipin% $or ori%inal installation* a+:tresses caused ") ot!er loads "+-!reads c+Corrosion allo(ance d+API 570 s)stem classi$ication . A "olt is considered $ull) en%a%ed pro'ided7 a+ It extends completel) t!rou%! t!e nut (it! a minimum o$ one t!read exposed "+ It extends completel) t!rou%! t!e nut (it! a minimum o$ t(o t!reads exposed c+ It extends t!rou%! t!e nut so it is no more t!an one t!read s!ort d+ It extends t!rou%! t!e nut so it is no more t!an t(o t!reads s!ort .00 0. -!e o(ner decides to conduct a pneumatic pressure test in stead o$ a !)drostatic test.5 )ears c+ . !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% pro'ides accepta"le e'idence t!at a radio%rap!ic examination tec!ni#ue is in accordance (it! A:5E :ection I* a+ Personnel are certi$ied to A:. -!e s)stem is desi%ned $or 200psi (it! an allo(a"le stress 'alue at desi%n temperature o$ I 2000psi and .5 )ears d+ 5 )ears all -!ickness 0. due to t!e installed pipin% s)stem9s in a"ilit) to support t!e (ei%!t o$ li#uid t!at (ould "e used $or t!e test. !at is t!e accepta"le pneumatic test pressure* a+ 200psi "+ 220psi c+ 501psi .-C 1A "+ :uccess$ul completion o$ t!e s)stem pressure test c+ Proo$ t!at t!e IBI and densit) are (it!in t!e limits o$ t!e code d+ Accepta"le radio%rap!ic $ilm ima%es (it! no re?ected de$ects in production and repair (elds .6.6..2100.6150 .. A pipin% s)stem !as a calculated minimum re#uired t!ickness o$ 0..0000psi at test temperature.2.6550 0.

o (eldin% is permitted "elo( 20JH "+ . -!e s)stem is reported to "e A-52 and t!e pipe is lined.00 "+ 1.o( =)dro%en c+ .0. =o( o$ten must t!e risk "ased inspection assessment $or an API-570 Class I pipin% s)stem& "e made* a+ 3isk "ased inspection is not permitted on Class I s)stems "+ E'er) t!ree )ears c+ E'er) $i'e )ears d+ E'er) ten )ears . !at is t!e maximum production plate t!ickness #uali$ied $or a :5A procedure speci$ication i$ t!e test coupon t!ickness (as 5110* a+ 1. A $illet (elded external patc!& to "e installed o'er a pipin% s)stem de$ect7 a+ 5ust "e desi%ned ") a pipin% en%ineer "+ Is ne'er permitted c+ Is considered a permanent repair d+ Foes not re#uire rounded corners 20.. B pipe. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% electrode must "e used* a+ . -!e am"ient temperature is "elo( 2..50 c+ 1. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% (ould )ou attri"ute t!e (all loss to* a+ all t!innin% is expected in acid ser'ice "+ -!e pipe manu$acturer $a"ricated t!e pipe outside t!e permitted under tolerance c+ -!e linin% !as $ailed d+ -ur"ulence due to t!e $lan%ed ?oint 21.50 d+ 0.o( ductilit) 2.50 . -!ickness measurements on a sul$uric acid pipin% circuit indicate se'ere internal (all loss ?ust do(nstream o$ a $lan%ed ?unction.o( allo) d+ . elded repairs are to "e made on A-52 Lr.7.@.JH and t!e electrode diameter (ill not exceed 5D2.d+ 6@0psi .6. An imper$ection o$ a t)pe or ma%nitude exceedin% t!e accepta"le criteria is kno(n as aDan7 (eldin% .1.

. a+ =a'e t!e s!oes replaced (it! lon%er s!oes "+ Consult a pipin% en%ineer to e'aluate t!e stresses in t!e pipe c+ 3ecommend anc!ors and stops in t!e pipin% support s)stem d+ :peci$) a re-desi%n o$ t!e supports to permit more mo'ement 25. !en is t!e next t!ickness measurement re#uired to "e sc!eduled on t!is Class 2 pipin% s)stem* a+ -!ree )ears "+ Hi'e )ears c+ -en )ears d+ Hi$teen )ears .00.5JH "+ 100JH c+ . In pipe caps& corroded areas e'idenced ") local t!innin%7 a+ 5a) "e i%nored in small "ore pipin% "+ 5a) "e i%nored pro'ided t!e) are less t!an 10G o$ total area o$ t!e cap c+ 5a) "e e'aluated usin% t!e principles o$ API-57@ d+ 5a) "e i%nored pro'ided t!e) do not decrease t!e cap t!ickness more t!an 50G o$ t!e ori%inal t!ickness 27.5JH d+ 0JH 26. !at (ould "e t!e most appropriate action $or an inspector to take (!en inspection re'eals t!at t!e pipe s!oes on a line !a'e mo'ed o$$ t!e primar) supports and are !an%in% on t!e "eams* -!is is pre'entin% t!e line to return to its cold position. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% $luid ser'ices is speci$icall) API-570 applica"le to* a+ 3a(& intermediate& and $inis!ed petroleum products "+ Cate%or) MF0 $luid ser'ice as de$ined in A:5E B2 1. !at is t!e permitted temperature 'ariance "et(een t!e cali"ration "lock and t!e part to "e examined in ultrasonic examination* a+ 1.a+Fiscontinuit) "+$Ia( c+ Indication d+ de$ect 22.250& t!e minimum re#uired t!ickness is 0.2 c+ condensate d+ utilit) streams 26. Actual measured t!ickness is 0.50 per )ear.50& and t!e corrosion rate !as "een determined to "e 0.

Li'en t!e $ollo(in%& (!at s!ould t!e ne( t!ickness measurement inter'al "e* .5JH and .1@.00JH* a+ Cltrasonic t!ickness measurements "+ Pressure testin% c+ Edd) current testin% d+ 3adio%rap!ic pro$ile 60.0JH and . Current measured t!ickness7 0.P: 1& car"on steel pipin% s)stem& and t!at operates at .5 )ears .50JH "+ Bet(een .0 Pro?ected corrosion rate7 0.i#uid penetrant or ma%netic particle examination o$ t!e root pass and completed (eld "+ -!e closure (eld must "e a $ull penetration c+ -!e pipin% en%ineer s!all per$orm $inite element anal)sis o$ t!e (eld d+ -!e rest o$ t!e ne( pipin% must "e pressure tested 61. -!e pre'ious inter'al& $or t!ickness measurements& (as 6 )ears.0010 per )ear a+ 6 )ears "+ 2 )ears c+ 1. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is not a re#uirement $or acceptance o$ a $inal closure (eld in a modi$ied s)stem pipin% t!at (ill "e pressure tested* a+ .o 3BI (as per$ormed. !ic! inspection tec!ni#ue is most appropriate $or a Class 1& .50JH d+ Bet(een 150JH and 600JH 6.ack o$ side(all $usion c+ Incomplete $illin% o$ t!e (eld root d+ Cndercut 2@. Car"on steel pipin% s)stems are most suscepti"le to corrosion under insulation (!en t!e) operate (it!in (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% temperature ran%es* a+ Bet(een -..50J H c+ Bet(een 150JH and .600 5inimum re#uired t!ickness7 0.. An in ser'ice pipin% s)stem is "ein% re-classi$ied to Class 1. NA %roo'e in t!e "ase metal at t!e toe o$ t!e (eld0 is t!e de$inition o$ (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in%* a+ Incomplete penetration "+ . )ears d+ 1.21.

-!e >anuar) .2* a+ Brinell test "+ Impact test c+ Luided "end test d+ =)drostatic test 66.60. Hlamma"le petroleum process pipin% s)stems ma) "e classi$ied as Class 2 pro'ided t!e s)stem contains7 a+ Hinis!ed product "ein% pumped to a remote "ooster station "+ aste %as used to $uel an on site !eater c+ 8n site nap!t!a (it! no !)dro%en sul$ide d+ An!)drous !)dro%en c!loride 65.00l0per)ear "+ 0..0600 per )ear 61. Cltrasonic t!ickness measurement accurac) is a$$ected ") all "ut (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in%* . At t!e time o$ installation& "aseline t!ickness measurements indicated t!e pipe (all to "e 0.0 per )ear c+ 0.0 and six mont!s later t!ickness measurements (ere taken a%ain (it! a resultin% (all t!ickness o$ . . :u"stitutin% nondestructi'e examination $or a pressure test $ollo(in% an alteration7 a+ Is ne'er permitted "+ Lenerall) accepta"le c+ 3e#uires consultation (it! t!e inspector and pipin% en%ineer d+ 5ust compl) (it! B21.00.62. In >anuar) o$ 1@@1 t!ickness measurements re'ealed a (all t!ickness o$ 0.P: 6pipin% s)stem (as installed in >une 1@1@.006 inspection re'ealed t!e (all t!ickness to "e ..0020 per )ear d+ 0.00. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% notc! tou%!ness testin% met!od is used $or compliance (it! A:5E B21.otc! tou%!ness testin% is to "e per$ormed in t!e #uali$ication o$ a (eldin% procedure.1@0. Based on t!is in$ormation& (!at is t!e lon% term corrosion rate* a+ 0. An . it! re%ard to ne( connections& "ein% installed in an existin% pipin% s)stem& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is t!e correct statement* a+ -!ese connections are al(a)s considered an alteration "+ Hull radio%rap!) is re#uired c+ -!e) must "e located do(nstream o$ an) control 'al'e d+ -!e) s!all "e desi%ned in accordance (it! t!e applica"le Code 67..2 66..

Cnder certain conditions& en'ironmental crackin% o$ car"on steel can occur in t!e presence o$7 a+ C!loride "+ Amine c+ .o ima%e c+ Fark ima%e d+ .ap!t!enic acid d+ Pol)t!ionic acid 50. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% (ould "e "est suited $or $indin% an o"struction in pipin%* a+ 5a%netic particle examination "+ Acoustic emission testin% c+ 3adio%rap!) d+ Cltrasonic 52.. Furin% t!e inspection o$ a section o$ "uried pipin%& a trenc! ei%!t $eet deep is du% to expose t!e pipe. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is cause $or re?ection o$ t!e NB0 ima%e on an 3. Prior to personnel enterin% t!e trenc! to take t!ickness measurements& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% must "e done* a+ Conduct soil resisti'it) sur'e) (it!in ten $eet o$ t!e exca'ation "+ Ensure t!e (alls o$ t!e trenc! are properl) s!ored c+ Conduct a li#uid pressure test d+ Clean all loose paint and scale o$$ t!e entire len%t! o$ exposed pipe 51. Accordin% to :ection IA& (elders (!o pass t!e re#uired tests in t!e 6-L position are #uali$ied $or7 .i%!t ima%e 5. !at is t!e maximum inter'al $or t!ickness measurements (!en risk "ased inspection met!ods are not used* a+ -!ree )ears "+ Hi'e )ears c+ -en )ears d+ Fetermined ") pipin% classi$ication 56.a+ -emperature a"o'e 150H "+ External coatin% c+ -!ickness %reater t!an 1D10 d+ Instrument cali"ration 6@.$ilm* a+ An) ima%e "+ .

a+ Lroo'e and $illet (elds onl) in t!e 6-L position "+ Lroo'e and $illet (elds in all positions c+ Lroo'e (elds in t!e 6-L position and $illet (elds onl) in t!e . . !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% pipin% s)stems is excluded $rom API-570* a+ Primar) process pipin% s)stems less t!an .ot less t!an 10 minutes c+ .e'el II 3.-L position d+ Lroo'e (elds onl) in t!e .P: .examiners 5@.ot more t!at 10 minutes "+ . !at s!ould "e done as a minimum* a+ Exercise care i$ t!e pipin% s)stem is in ser'ice .2 and API-570& !)drostatic tests s!all "e !eld $or7 a+ . "+ :econdar) process pipin% s)stems %reater t!an . Accordin% to API-570& (!en detectin% interior sur$ace "reakin% planar $la(s& (!en inspectin% $rom t!e external sur$ace& t!e o(nerDuser s!all speci$)7 a+ Industr) #uali$ied C.strai%!t-"eam examiners c+ .s!ear-(a'e examiners "+ Industr) #uali$ied C. Accordin% to A:5E B21.ocali<ed pittin% ma) "e temporaril) repaired usin% a $illet (eld patc! pro'idin%7 a+ -!e minimum speci$ied )ield stren%t! o$ t!e pipe material is O60000psi "+ -!e minimum speci$ied )ield stren%t! o$ t!e pipe material is P 60000psi c+ -!e maximum si<e o$ t!e patc! is O100 s#uare inc!es d+ -!e remainin% pipe (all t!ickness "elo( t!e pit is P 50G o$ t!e re#uired t!ickness 57.-0 position and $illet (elds in all positions 55. In radio%rap!ic examination& t!e ima%e #ualit) indicator is selected "ased on (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in%* a+ :i<e o$ t!e IBI !ole in t!e !ole t)pe "+ Fiameter o$ t!e (ire in t!e (ire t)pe c+ :ource to $ilm distance d+ -!ickness o$ t!e material (elded 51. li$tin% o$$ suc! supports ma) "e re#uired $or inspection.ot less t!an one !our 56.P: 6 c+ Hlare pipin% d+ Hire(ater pipin% 60.ot more t!an one !our d+ .e'el II P. !en corrosion product "uildup is noted at pipe support contact areas.examiners d+ .

FE procedures d+ Focument co'erin% sa$et) procedures $or o(nerDusers 65. In re'ie(in% t!e pre'ious inspection report& )ou disco'er t!at t!e corrosion rate (as calculated incorrectl).o action is necessar) until t!e corrosion rate is con$irmed at t!e next inspection 66.2& (eldin% s!all not "e per$ormed i$ t!e (eld area is7 a+ Belo( 609H . Cnder (!ic! circumstance ma) a (elder "e #uali$ied ") a 3."+ -ake t!e pipin% s)stem out o$ ser'ice c+ -!e area must "e a"rasi'e "last cleaned to permit proper inspection d+ As lon% as no leaka%e is e'ident li$tin% o$ t!e pipe is not recommended 61.FE personnel #uali$ications c+ Focument co'erin% ..3ecommended Practice :. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% t)pe o$ 'al'e (ould make pi%%in% impossi"le* a+ Ball 'al'e "+ Late 'al'e c+ Llo"e 'al'e d+ :lide 'al'e 66. !at t)pe o$ document is A:.and !e onl) (elds :BP pipin% s)stems 62.---C-1A* a+ :tandard set o$ .o$ a production (eld in stead o$ on a coupon* a+ !en t!e (elder9s $irst 1. Accordin% to A:5E :ection I& !o( are (ire t)pe IBIs to "e placed* a+ 8n t!e (eld so t!at t!e len%t! o$ t!e (ire is parallel to t!e (eld "+ 8n t!e (eld so t!at t!e len%t! o$ t!e (ire is perpendicular to t!e (eld c+ Ad?acent to t!e (eld so t!at t!e len%t! o$ t!e (ire is parallel to t!e (eld d+ Ad?acent to t!e (eld so t!at t!e len%t! o$ t!e (ire is perpendicular to t!e (eld 6.FE procedures t!at are pre-#uali$ied "+ Focument co'erin% . !at rate must "e used $or t!e next inspection period* a+ -!e rate s!ould "e c!an%ed to t!e actual rate $ound "+ -!e rate s!ould "e "ased on t!e s!ort term rate $rom t!e report c+ -!e rate s!ould "e "ased on t!e a'era%e s!ort and lon% term rates $rom t!e report d+ ..0 o$ production (eld pass 3"+ elders can not "e #uali$ied t!is (a) $or pipe (eldin% c+ !en t!e (elders $irst 60 o$ production (eld pass 3d+ !en t!e (elder9s $irst 60 o$ production (eld pass 3. Accordin% to API-570 and A:5E B21.

initial t!ickness measurements s!ould "e taken (it!in7 a+ 2 mont!s "+ 6 mont!s c+ @ mont!s d+ 1. mont!s c+ 11 mont!s d+ Based on t!e soil corrosi'it) 61. mont!s 6@. !at is t!e (all t!ickness 'alue to "e used (!en recalculatin% t!e 5A P o$ an inser'ice pipin% s)stem* .0JH c+ In an inert atmosp!ere d+ Hrosted or (et 67.5 times t!e 5A P c+ -!e (eld %roo'e completel) remo'es t!e de$ect and is t!en $illed (it! (eld metal d+ A "ox t)pe enclosure is installed 71.. -!e supports $or t!is s)stem (ere not desi%ned $or a !)drostatic test. API-570 recommends t!at t!e sur$ace conditions o$ "uried pipeline pat!s "e 'isuall) sur'e)ed at (!at inter'al* a+ 6 mont!s "+ 1. A crack repair can "e considered permanent i$7 a+ A $ull encirclement split slee'e is installed per API-570 "+ -!e pipin% component is pressure tested to 1. !ic! i$ t!e $ollo(in% metals is most suscepti"le to se'ere metal loss under !i%! 'elocit) conditions* a+ Aluminum and copper "+ 200 series stainless steel c+ 5onel d+ -itanium 7. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is an accepta"le alternati'e to t!e !)drostatic test* a+ :ensiti'e leak test "+ Pneumatic test c+ Iacuum test d+ C. !en t!e corrosion rate $or a pipin% s)stem cannot "e determined ") similar ser'ice.s!ear-(a'e o$ all (elds 70. A pipin% s)stem used in 'apor ser'ice re#uires pressure testin%."+ A"o'e 1.

elds on in-ser'ice pipin% s)stems are o$ten inspected $or corrosion usin%7 a+ . Pipin% inspection records t!at pro'ide desi%n in$ormation and dra(in%s s!all "e updated prior to7 a+ 3e-ratin% t!e pipin% s)stem "+ Completion o$ a !)drostatic test c+ 3epair a portion o$ t!e s)stem t!at corroded to "elo( minimum t!ickness d+ -akin% t!ickness measurements on t!e pipin% s)stem 75. In radio%rap!)& location markers t!at are to appear as radio%rap!ic ima%es s!all "e placed7 a+ 8n t!e "ack o$ t!e $ilm !older "+ 8n or ad?acent to t!e (eld next to t!e IBI c+ Bet(een t!e $ilm and t!e part "ein% radio%rap!ed d+ 8n t!e part "ein% radio%rap!ed 76.a+ -!e actual t!ickness measured "+ -!e actual t!ickness measured minus t!e estimated corrosion loss "e$ore t!e next inspection c+ -!e actual t!ickness measured minus t(ice t!e estimated corrosion loss "e$ore t!e next inspection d+ -!e actual t!ickness measured minus $our times t!e estimated corrosion loss "e$ore t!e next inspection 72.ar%e "ore c+ 3elati'el) !ea') (alled d+ 3elati'el) t!in (alled .i#uid penetrant examination "+ Pro$ile 3c+ :trai%!t "eam ultrasonic d+ 5a%netic particle 77. Brittle $racture $ailure is usuall) not a concern (it! (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% pipin%* a+ 600 series stainless "+ . In addition to t!e inspector9s aut!ori<ation& alterations on a pipin% s)stem must "e appro'ed ") alan7 a+ Cnit inspector "+ 5aintenance super'isor c+ Pipin% en%ineer d+ .ead operator 76.

.ar%e diameter pipin% 12. $eet upstream o$ t!e in?ection point c+ 8n t!e in?ection no<<le "e$ore t!e in?ection occurs d+ .2 to 6. a+ "+ c+ d+ !at are t!e t!ree N<ones0 o$ a (eldment* eld metal& $usion line& !eat a$$ected eld metal& !eat a$$ected& and "ase metal eld metal& !eat a$$ected& and residual stress eld root& intermediate passes.5 $eet do(nstream $rom t!e second c!an%e in $lo( direction 10. !en esta"lis!in% -5. Accordin% to A:5E :ection I& (!at is t!e $ilm densit) ran%e $or sin%le $ilm 'ie(in% $or radio%rap!s made (it! a %amma ra) source* a+ .0 7@.0 c+ 1.0 to 6.1 to 6. it! re%ard to inad'ertent su"stitution o$ non-speci$ied material& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is least suscepti"le* a+ Boltin% "+ arm-up lines c+ :mall diameter pipin% 4:BP+ d+ .05 to 6.s in an in?ect circuit& (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is t!e most important* a+ Fo(nstream $rom t!e in?ected $luid on t!e pipe (all "+ 1. it! re%ard to t!e $re#uenc) and extent o$ inspection& (!at is t!e classi$ication o$ pipin% s)stems usuall) "ased on* a+ :e'erit) o$ conse#uences resultin% $rom a component $ailure "+ Potential $or re'enue loss due to unsc!eduled maintenance s!utdo(ns c+ Pressure and temperature o$ t!e $luid !andled d+ A%e o$ t!e limitin% component and t!e likeli!ood o$ component $ailure ..71. Completed repairs and alterations o$ in-ser'ice pipin% s)stems must "e appro'ed ") t!e7 a+ 3epair or%ani<ation "+ API-570 certi$ied inspector c+ Pipin% en%ineer in accordance (it! API-570 d+ Certi$ied inspector and a pipin% en%ineer 1.0 "+ 1. and (eld cap or cro(n 11.0 d+ .

55o "+ 200 series stainless c+ Car"on steel d+ 5onel 15. Lenerall)& t!e lo(er t!e soil resisti'it)& t!e7 a+ .oti$) t!e pressure 'essel inspector t!at !eDs!e ma) !a'e a pro"lem and $or%et it "+ 3ecommend an immediate s!utdo(n o$ t!e unit c+ C!eck $or pipin% misali%nment .s durin% inspection o$ small "ore t!readed connections* a+ -5.s are not mandator) $or small "ore t!readed connections "+ -5. -!e inspector9s most appropriate response is to7 a+ 3ecalculate t!e pipin% circuit a'era%e corrosion rate "+ :c!edule t!e next inspection (it!in six mont!s c+ 3eport t!e c!an%e to t!e maintenance department d+ 3ecalculate t!e inspection inter'al o$ t!e s)stem 16.o(er t!e potential $or soil moisture retention "+ -!e %reater t!e inspection inter'al c+ =i%!er t!e external corrosion rate d+ . !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% is most correct re%ardin% t!e placement o$ -5. Fe$ormation o$ a pressure 'essel (all& in t!e 'icinit) o$ a pipe attac!ment& is noticed durin% an inspection.ess need $or cat!odic protection 1@. 8$ t!e $ollo(in% (!o can appro'e exceptions to pre!eat temperature used in makin% repairs* a+ -!e inspector "+ -!e o(nerDuser c+ -!e pipin% en%ineer d+ A metallur%ist 11. -5.s t!at can !a'e insulation plu%s remo'ed durin% sc!eduled inspections 17.16. API-570 states t!at pota"le (ater s!ould "e used in !)drostatic testin% o$ (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% materials* a+ 5Cr-. readin%s on a pipin% s)stem indicate t!at t!e corrosion rate !as increased.s t!at can "e radio%rap!ed durin% sc!eduled inspections d+ C!oose onl) t!e -5. !at is t!e most appropriate action to take* a+ .s are not re#uired on insulated pipin% a"o'e 200:H c+ C!oose onl) t!e -5. 8n "uried pipin%.

@6. .d+ Ieri$) t!e allo(a"le de$ormation in accordance (it! A:5E :ection IIII& Fi'.ma) "e considered $or pipin% repairs under all o$ t!e $ollo(in% conditions except (!en t!e7 a+ 5aterial !as !i%!er t!an @G c!rome "+ Pipin% s)stem is %reater t!an .P: 1. primar) pipin% "+ 8utside t!e scope o$ API-570 c+ Per$ormed at t!e same inter'als as in?ection points d+ 8ptional @5. c+ -!ickness o$ t!e pipin% (all is %reater t!an 0. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% (ould normall) "e included durin% $urt!er inspection* a+ Internal 'isual inspection "+ .is $or en'ironmental crackin% @1. or "ot! @..ocal P =.50 d+ P =. In $ield positi'e material identi$ication acti'it)& all o$ t!e $ollo(in% met!ods ma) "e used except7 a+ A-ra) $luorescent anal)<ers "+ C!emical spot testin% c+ et $luorescent ma%netic particle .eed $or coatin% repairs "+ -!e e$$ecti'eness o$ cat!odic protection c+ Coatin% t!ickness d+ -!e need $or additional anodes @2. Inspection o$ Class .2 d+ A:5E :ection IIII& Fi'ision . !en an area o$ metal loss& t!at exceeds t!e corrosion allo(ance& it s!ould "e e'aluated in accordance (it! t!e principles o$ (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in%* a+ API-57@ "+ A:5E :ection IIII& Fi'ision I c+ A:5E B2l.i#uid penetrant examination c+ et $luorescent ma%netic particle examination d+ eld #ualit) 3-& C-. =olida) sur'e)s are used to e'aluate7 a+ . secondar) process small "ore pipin% is7 a+ Per$ormed at t!e same inter'als as Class . 3.Pro$ile examination o$ an in-ser'ice pipin% s)stem re'eals crack like indications. I @0.

d+ 8ptical spectro%rap!ic @6. Cnless risk-"ased inspection met!ods are used& 'isual external inspection o$ pipin% s)stems s!ould "e conducted at no more t!an (!ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% inter'als* a+ Hi'e )ears $or Class I or Class . s)stems d+ -!ree )ears $or Class 1 s)stems . s)stems "+ Hi'e )ears $or Class 2 s)stems c+ -en )ears $or Class . -!e appro'al o$ a pipin% en%ineer is not re#uired (!en7 a+ Pressure testin% a$ter repairs "+ 3epairin% dama%ed areas (it! $ull encirclement (elded split slee'es c+ 3e-ratin% a pipin% s)stem d+ Appl)in% pre-!eat in lieu o$ P =@1. !ic! o$ t!e $ollo(in% (ould not "e appropriate $or measurin% skin temperature o$ !ot spots in pipin% s)stems* a+ -emperature indicatin% paints "+ =i%! temperature ultrasonic examination c+ -!ermo%rap!) d+ Porta"le t!ermocouple @7.

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