A dragon’s mystical, It lures you into its layer om!letely indi""erent A monster #it$ an intense stare In relentless !ursuit Al#ays mo%ing ne%er sto!!ing &$en you least e'!ect it Your $eads ready "or c$o!!ing Standing at t$e "ront des( A tall slin(y dirty )londe S$e said, I need a room &it$ a "irm mattress, I can rest on S$e !olitely told t$e cler( I*m in to#n "or t$e trade s$o# +unny t$ing a)out cler(s T$ey al#ays tal( a)out #$at t$e (no# S$e t$oug$t to $ersel", I*ll ,ust (ee! "eeding you )a)y And #ait to ma(e my mo%e &$en you are drun( or la-y You see I*m a $it man, Or in t$e case a )eauti"ul lady T$e mar( o" t$is game A greedy )ag man t$at*s s$ady So tonig$t in tig$t s(irt I*ll #al( into t$e )ar at $a!!y $our .a(e mysel" a%aila)le, I (no# t$is man #on*t co#er

.y gun and silencer, Is under my mattress, all loaded He*ll "ollo# me to my room +or t$at $e is #ell noted He comes into my room om!letely unsus!ecting Hands clas! )e$ind $ead Eyes closed and re"lecting I reac$ do#n "or t$e gun /ull it out "rom under t$e )ed &it$ $is eyes still closed I aim and s$oot $im in t$e $ead &it$ !ac( o%ernig$ter I get dress and tidy u! &al( out and loc( t$e door Ti! t$e )ell )oy #it$ a )ig #$ats u! T$en I too( o"" my #ig, O"" came tummy tuc(, made me tiny and !roud And I #al(ed do#n 0oule%ard O" course I melted into t$e cro#d )y Tim T$ayer

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