Location Scouting

I will know show you the locations of where we are going to film our opening sequence. The scene will start with the characters preparing for the heist in a garage of the mobsters house, circled in red. They will then walk down the alleyway, where the car awaits to take them to the heist. The gang enter the vehicle on the road, and then the car travels a short distance to the scene of the ‘Hit’.

This is where the scene of the hit takes place, I have circled some of the locations that the car passes through on the way to the hit. The car takes a left at the train station, drives through the car park and stops at the warehouse at the end. I have highlighted in blue the path the car takes to get to the warehouse. As you can see the warehouse we have chosen is very desolate and a perfect location for a heist.

We took influences from films such as ‘The Dark Night’ and ‘The Town’, they are films with bank heists with elements of comedy in them. Both films involve the bank robbers wearing masks that create humour; also the locations are very urban surroundings and built up areas. We have decided to take influences from these films when picking our location. As you can see we have chosen to start the film in a garage. This will host the ‘gang’ organising their equipment ready for the heist. They will then walk down the ally way towards the car. We chose this spot because when the gang walk down the alley we have a good continuation shot that will follow the gang into the car. As the scene progresses, the gang will begin organising their equipment and masks ready for the heist. We chose to shoot this in the back of the car to create the feeling of mobility and time ticking down to the robbery. As the car approaches the hit it picks up pace along the car park, this builds the suspense leading up to the hit, that is seconds away. The camera is positioned in the corner of the turning, this is useful as the camera will follow the car around the corner from a fixed position. Then as the car come to a stand still the ang will exit the car and enter the factory. We will use a continuation shot to follow behind the mobsters, this also creates suspense and the feeling of mobility.

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