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History of the Ford Mustang

Christopher Ramsburg
Avery Hodges

The Plan
Ford in 1964 The Mustang I Through the Generations
First Fifth Generation

The Mustang I
Initial prototype for first production Mustang Revealed to public in 1962 Deemed to extreme for mass production

Mustang I Profile Cutaway (McBride) Mustang I (McBride)

Mustang Poetry
A twist of the key, a mechanical whir In the blink of an eye, the engine purrs The clutch goes down, shifter in gear On the street tonight, they've lots to fear 'Cause I'm proud of my ride, it's heritage shines I'm making power, the blower whines Slowly she creeps from her resting place This car is bad, smile on face At once, life forgotten, the road screams by Shifting at 6,000, senses on high No other car can bring joy to a man like the unforgettable, undying love of MUSTANG!


First Generation

The 64 Mustang
Introduced to the public during the 1964 Worlds Fair Sales begun April 17, 1964 Sold nearly a million Mustangs in the first two years Was one of the most successful years for Mustang sales

64 Mustang ("The Mustang Story)

1966 Mustang
Further refinement of the original Mustang Re-designed gauge cluster Goal was to further separate the Mustang from the Falcon

Rebuild Concept drawing (Campbell)

First major redesign of the car Engine bay made larger to allow room for 390 big block First production year for the GT500 with a 428 HP V8 engine

The BOSS comes around

BOSS 302 First introduced in 1969
Created to race in the trans am circuit

Ford had to compete with GM and Chrysler First Track ready Mustang

69 Boss 302 Cartoon (Day)

2012 Brand Loyalty Performance



61.3% 55.5%

Percentage of Customers Who Baught Second Vehicle




51.2% 48.8% 47.0%

40.0% 38.0% 30.0% 36.5%

35.1% 32.9% 29.4%




Auto Manufacturer


Second Generation

The 74
Only Engine options are Four Cylinder or V-6 Exterior length decreased by a foot compared to previous model years 300 pounds heavier than 65 model

74 Mustang (History of the Mustang)

Return of the V-8 Producing 140 Horsepower
Engine known as MPG Stallion

First year for Rallye Package

Provided a more track like car Improved suspension

Car Also available in MPG Model

Four Cylinder power source

First year for optional T-Top Ford attained rights to Cobra Name by Carroll Shelby This is the year the Cobra II was introduced
This was a hatchback model

77 stallion trim package introduced

Aimed for the younger crowd

The 78
Final Year for the Mustang II $1277 price tag for base model Sold 192,410 cars during this model year

78 King Cobra (History of the Mustang)

Third Generation

Fox Body Introduced

Fox body was Introduced in 1979 Optional V-8 Engine equipped with a turbo charger Cobra Performance package available Pace car for Indy 500 in 79 Convertible Returned in 1983 1983 Engine increases to 175 Horses

1979 Fox Body (History of the Mustang)

Yet another engine increase to 205hp for 1985
Standard dual exhaust

87 came labeled as a GT including a ground effect kit

Capable 225hp

90 was first time for a speedometer to read 140 in the Mustang 2000 special edition emerald green Mustangs produced

3 limited editions made Cobra model increased 235 hp Phased out the Fox Body styling

93 Mustang (Cilio)

Fourth Generation

Re-designed body style 95 weighed 3325 pounds
Manual transmission paired with 300 hp

97-99 Ford offered a GT model

Price ranged from $16,500 $29,000

1994 Mustang GT (History of the Mustang)

215,393 cars sold in 2000 2002 model was first year to include MP3 compatibility option Cobra produced 390 hp in 2003 when paired with 6 speed manual
Fastest Mustang produced to date

2004 came standard with 40th anniversary badging

Mustang Drifting (Turner)

News Article (Smith)

Fifth Generation

Throw-back body style Half of all sport cars sold are Mustangs Much more ridged body structure 2006 provided optional Paxton V-6 supercharger produced by Carroll Shelby
Produced 350 horsepower

2007 model year included power package and flat bottom spoiler

Offered in both automatic and manual transmission New paint schemes available 2008-2009 Bullitt styling offered
Styled after car in the movie Bullitt

Return of GT500
Produced 500 hp

2008 Mustang Bullitt (Lieberman)

GT500 upgraded to a 5.4L V-8 producing 550 hp SVT Performance package available in 2012 2013 GT500 upgraded once again
Pumps out 662hp First mustang to break 200 mph

Redesigned front-end
More curved design Custom 2014 Mustang (Ramsburg)


Blue Angel Mustang (Holmes)

Mothers Shine Award ("Shine Award")

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