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The liver

The liver

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Published by: rajeshmangal on Nov 21, 2013
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The liver is the largest internal organ.

It lies under your right ribs just beneath your right lung. It is shaped like a pyramid and divided into right and left lobes. The lobes are further divided into segments. Unlike most other organs, the liver gets blood from 2 sources: the hepatic artery supplies the liver with blood rich in oxygen from the heart, and the portal vein brings nutrient-rich blood from the intestines. It has several important functions:  It breaks down and stores many of the nutrients absorbed from the intestine that your body needs to function. Some nutrients must be changed (metabolized) in the liver before they can be used by the rest of the body for energy or to build and repair body tissues.  It makes most of the clotting factors that keep the body from bleeding too much when you are cut or injured.  It secretes bile into the intestines to help absorb nutrients (especially fats).  It filters out and breaks down toxic wastes in the blood, which are then removed from the body.

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