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Joseph JD Mathis Paea Talivakaola Landon Langston Elle Olsen

Academic & Career Advising

Hub for college advising, both for school and careers (as the name implies) Has the ability to issue things such as tuition waivers for hardship or due to personal situation Administers tests for personality and likely aptitude in career fields Advocates for the individual leading their collegiate future

Disability Resources Center

Strict confidentiality for clients, files are not recorded on personal record so as not to effect job or future school prospects What services are you entitled to under the ADA for each disability?
Different depending on disability, but Center required to provide all students and equal playing field in classes

Certain disabilities require doctors notes, visible ones do not

Financial Aid
Administers grants, loans, scholarships (FAFSA) Financial aid covers the first attendance of a class, repeat classes are not covered Income qualifies each student differently for financial aid Work-study is offered on and off campus (at participating businesses) For information to be released over the phone a password is required

Center for enrolling in the school or returning to school from a prolonged break International students have a special process provided for their registration Provides and accepts transcripts taking two to four weeks to evaluate in-state transcripts and four to six weeks for out of state admissions applications
Transcripts must be sealed to be accepted 8,000 transcripts processed through the enrollment services on a regular basis

Enrollment Services

Student Activities & Clubs

Hub for student lead clubs and groups With clubs, do you have to major in the field a club is dedicated to in order to join it? New clubs can be started online via the OrgSync website (after approval) 60+ clubs on campus (as of November 2013) Each club has its own website off the main one Anyone can start a club but the basic requirements are five members minimum at start and a faculty advisor, plus club center approval Clubs are free to students, some membership fees for non-student members
No, not usually. However on some occasions contacting the advisor first is required.

All members may have to pay club agreed upon fees (for activities, parties, etc.)

Thayne Center for Services & Learning

Place for volunteering at or for the school SLICE
Student Leaders In Civil Engagement Group lead project with specific focus (domestic violence, homelessness)

Some work-study opportunities via Thayne Center Graduations with distinction possible with qualifications

Health & Wellness Services

Fully staffed medical facilities for physical, mental health Can run lab tests (with varying fees depending on test) Main services include:
Mental health counseling HIV/STI testing and birth control Vaccinations and immunizations

Massage therapy (one free hour long massage per semester for each student) Are there services located on other campuses?

Free consultations for alcohol education, personal nutrition, stress management

Yes, on South City and Jordan campuses

Student Employment
Hub for career advisement and job providing for SLCC students If you want a job in a specific area, do you need to be majoring in that area?
No, however for unpaid internships you must be majoring in that field

Will you assist in getting non major related, just-to-paythe-bills types of jobs?
Yes, though this is not their main focus often

Center conducts mock interviews for practice Provides an often updated job board

Student Life & Leadership

Student body and counsel Encourages students to take leadership roles and make social contacts and friendships among the student body Student counsel has powers to bring student concerns to administration

Provides tutoring on writing, mainly through critiquing papers not through teaching writing itself per se To become a writing tutor you must finish Writing 2010 with a B grade or better and have a letter of recommendation Puts on a writing workshop in public libraries in Salt Lake Two locations: one for students one for community at large Writing Center focuses more on content and construction of paper, not proofreading for clients
Applications online or in person

Writing Center

Provide textbooks, books related to academia as well as a selection of leisure books Access to unique research materials for academic purposes Books are checked out on demand basis (greater demand for things like textbooks = shorter checkout time). Up to 10 items of both books, media, etc. to be checked out at one time Non-students can apply for a borrower card to access material at the SLCC Library like a public library Also some non-reading materials can be checked out, such as skeletons for study of anatomy Open till midnight all week days Computer lab provided on both floors, with a computer room on second floor


Learning Center
Tutoring hub Do you have to schedule an appointment for tutoring?
No, but you can make appointments (which go longer than the 30 minute drop-in time) which guarantee you a slot at a set time

Tutoring available in all subjects Dedicated ePortfolio station for all students Tutoring services are free for students