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All praises are for the almighty, Allah who bestowed me with the ability and potential to complete this internship. I also pay my gratitude to the Almighty for enabling me to complete this Internship Report within due course of time. Words are very few to express enormous humble obligation to my affectionate Parents for their prayers and strong determination to enable me to achieve this job. I ta e this opportunity to record my deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to my Internship Advisor !iss "ahira "auseef, #epartment of $conomics, %ahore college for Women &niversity, %ahore for her constant encouragement and inspiring guidance with her Wisdom. I also appreciate the cordinal co'operation from all my concerned !anagers in the different departments of (." "raders especially to !r Wa)as (anif and !r Waleed (anif for providing me re)uisite information nowledge and cooperation in my internship.


I dedicate this to my *eloved Parents for all their love + attention which has made it possible for me to ma e it up to this point and as well as the Internship Advisor !iss "ahira "auseef, who bestowed me with the courage, the commitment and the awareness to follow the best possible route, by his unmatchable style and by best possible training.


I ,arsam Ilyas #-. !ali Ilyas a student of *s /hons0 in the subject $conomics session 1223'1245 at %ahore collage 6or Women &niversity %ahore, hereby declare that this internship report on (." "raders is my own and has not been printed, published or submitted as research wor or thesis in any form in any university, Research etc in Pa istan or abroad. 77777777777777777777777 8ignature of 8tudent 777777777777777777777 #ate

77777777777777777777777 8ignature of 8upervisor

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