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erotic role play: a guide for couples violet blue

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xi Introduction: Thrill Me 1 Adventures and Predicaments Scenarios, Roles and Predicaments * How to Bring It Up * Get Started * Who, What, Where and How (Quiz) * Tips for Sex Toys 2 Roles and Scenarios Who Are You? * Everyday Roles and Scenarios (a list) * Fantasy Roles (a list) 3 Erotica: Obscene Phone Call by Scott Wallace 4 Choosing a Role Context * Active Roles * Ideas for Control Roles * Receptive Roles * Ideas for Receptive Roles * Opposite Sex Role Play * Cross Dressing How-To * Cross Dress Roles * Roles With Age Differences 5 Make A Scene The Perfect Plan * Timing is Everything * The Main Event * Hot Locations * Role Play Room Makeovers * La Sexo Loca in Public 6 Erotica: Bad Doggy by Julia Moore 7 Get Motivated Props * Role Play Party Favors (list: props and motivation) 8 Scenarios Sex With a Stranger * Exhibitionism * Forced Sex and Sexual Punishment * Sexual Power * Youth * Gender Swap * Animal Sex 9 Erotica: Rules of the Game by Thomas Roche

Introduction Thrill Me

It started for me several years ago. Single, I got hooked on a late-night hospital TV drama and started fantasizing about a few of the characters. Totally harmless adult female masturbation fantasies, right? Not in a Nurse Betty kind of way, but just in my private fantasies, I allowed myself a bit of a schoolgirl's indulgence in my make-believe sexual fantasies. No one needed to know. Then one day while working the cash register at my job in a sex toy store, it happened. A very attractive young man in scrubs came into the store (we were near a hospital) and purchased two dozen condoms. My hands were shaking as I rung up this gorgeous boy, my mind in overdrive, inappropriately imagining what he was going to do with these condoms. I hoped against hope he'd come back again, soon, but he never did. And so began my erotic fascination with attractive men in scrubs. Because of this, I completely understood my next boyfriend's request that I dress up as a dominatrix and punish him for being a "bad boy." I had never done this sort of thing before, though I'd read about it, and I'll admit that being in charge really excited me. It also scared the hell out of me -- what on Earth was he expecting? What was I supposed to do in the "Mistress" role? There was only one thing to do, and that was to dive in, head first. I purchased items I thought I could wear as his Mistress and still look like my stylish self. I invited him over at a certain time to meet the Mistress, and I sweated bullets for the last half hour before he arrived. When the doorbell rang, I nearly jumped out of my skin, but my corset was so tight that wasn't even possible. In fact, my corset was so tight I could hardly bend over to reach my knees. I actually couldnt breathe. I

was practically hyperventilating! But when I opened the door and saw his face, the stars in his eyes, and he started to obey every command I made, I knew it was working. And it was thrilling to see that I could be the woman to make his fantasies come true. I was his fantasy, in the flesh. This was fun for a while, until I wanted him to be my fantasy in the flesh, too. It never happened, but there was a lot of hot sex in the meantime and I learned a lot of new ways turn on a lover. Years later, I would meet a man who wanted to play with many scenarios, and who wanted to be my fantasy man -- any fantasy I could cook up. Finally, I got my hot boy in scrubs. Role-play is the new sexual frontier for many people, and is an everchanging way to make hot sex hotter. Role-play is the magic ingredient in our sex lives that lets us have our cake and eat it, too -- we can make our wettest, stickiest fantasies into reality in total safety and comfort. And it gives us permission to become our lover's number-one sexual fantasy. You can be shy and role-play. If you feel silly, or think that dressing up for sex is clich, you'll actually really love it when your lover displays his arousal for you, can't keep his hands off of you, when you pick up a feather duster to play "French maid." Hearts and flowers are nice, but us girls know that it's the naughty stuff underneath that will actually get us off. Using romance to fuel a fantasy is wonderful, though we all know we use it to set us free to enjoy sexual firsts, and our very active sexual fantasy lives. Sometimes it's nice to have a reason to get a little more wild and crazy in bed (or in the kitchen, or beyond), and to spice up sexual routine. You can role-play to any degree you feel comfortable. Role-play thrills us by letting us make our fantasies come true, in a totally safe way.

This is the book I wished had been available when I first met a man who wanted to try something different than the same-old stuff. It provides the tools you need to navigate the world of roles, outfits, scenarios and fantasies. And it works -- I know because not only did I try the advice between these pages myself, but also while writing this book I sent the excerpts, exercises and quizzes to couples around the world that have agreed to be my "test bunnies" for sexual experiments. I listened to their feedback, and delighted at their results. This book of role-playing is for everyone. For the sake of simplicity in describing the techniques I have written it from a female-male heterosexual perspective. In truth this book is for everyone, and all genders and orientations are warmly welcome here. So, find out how to talk about it -- and who, what, where and how you want to play in chapter 1. In chapter 2, read about a variety of roles and the naughty things they can do. Refine the power dynamics of your roles, get the 411 on gender and age differences in roles, and get even more ideas for who you want to be in chapter 3. Make a plan, figure out the element of surprise, pick the right location, and decide on an exciting event to happen in your interactions in chapter 4. That's all great, but then what are you going to do once you start playing? Chapter 5 gives you motivations and suggestions for props and costumes to get you going. Chapter 6 spells out the number-one role-playing fantasies and gives every detail needed for making them come true. Find a wealth of reading and shopping resources in chapter 7. Add to all this, saucy stories to get you in the mood sprinkled throughout the chapters. Play on! Violet Blue 2007

Chapter 1 Adventures and Predicaments

Surely you've fantasized about a sexy scenario, such as a naughty doctor visit, pretending to be a stranger with your lover, or even an after-hours office seduction. If you or your lover has ever fantasized about pretending to be anything other than who you are in your daily, ordinary life, then you're ready for the world of erotic role-play fantasies. You're not alone, as these are among the most popular fantasies shared by couples, period. Erotic role-play is when you and your lover play roles and act out sexual fantasies. Role-play makes hot sex even hotter, spices up your love life when it falls into a routine, and adds playfulness and passionate intensity. When you try out fantasy scenarios, you're essentially playing a sexually explicit version of "make believe." Some couples use role-play occasionally for a little bit of kinky fun. Many others enjoy it as part of their regular sex lives, whether it's one reliably hot scenario, or a variety of roles and predicaments. Let the erotic fantasies you already have shape your fantasy role-play scenarios. Scenarios, Roles and Predicaments In erotic role-play, a couple agrees on a scenario that sounds arousing, and plays around with the scenario in whatever ways turn them on the most. A scenario is simply an erotic encounter where one or both of you are behaving differently then usual. This means you are not behaving in your typical sexual roles, and may include introducing an entirely new situation to your regular lovemaking routine. It can be as

simple as adding a different detail to certain sex acts, thus making them into scenarios. This detail might be a blindfold, a pair or restraints, high heels or a business suit. Simply adding a little something extra is great if you're nervous about role-play. Shy lovers who think being in character is more nervewracking than arousing might prefer a single prop much more than the pressure of wearing an outfit and behaving differently. One of you will find one role or another more erotically interesting, and you might find that one person takes the lead in a particular scenario. For instance, at the mention of a school scenario he might say, "My suit looks like a teacher's outfit on me," indicating his interest in playing the teacher role. Some fantasies that turn you on might be about roles such as police, firemen, schoolgirls, teachers or even roles taken form everyday situations. Your fantasies might revolve around sexy uniforms. Do you both linger over the overly sexy uniforms at Halloween? Role-play would be when one or both of you put those uniforms on, and see where your lust leads you. How far you go with setting, costumes, props and character is up to you. Most role-play fantasies will have dominance and submission themes, ranging from barely there to deciding that power play is the whole point of the sexual encounter. For instance, you might notice that one of you finds authority figures a turn-on, and the other one gets excited about being punished or ordered around. It could be the idea of being caught, or catching someone in a compromising position that does the trick -- this is a predicament. You might find catching your boyfriend sniffing your panties an exciting predicament, or your ideal predicament might be getting in trouble for not doing the dishes.

Taken further, a bad "boy" might get spanked for not doing his chores, or a sexy secretary might have to perform oral penance for not doing her boss' filing correctly. You may find that you want to live out scenes that are as realistic as possible, or are totally impossible (such as space travel), or might even be dangerous if they were to happen in real life (such as "forced" sex). There is no "right" way to role-play; you don't need to wear a costume, have fake accents, stay in character or play by anyone's rules except your own. But if wearing the perfect outfit makes it all that much hotter, or a fake French accent makes it funnier (and humor is a turn-on), then dont hesitate to pull out all the stops. How to Bring It Up Often, role play is one person's idea, or one of you decide that you want to take your shared fantasies about that TV show with the superheroes into the bedroom. Asking outright is always a good idea if you already have open sexual communication, but asking doesn't always mean you'll be met with enthusiasm. Also, you might have some pretty specific ideas about what you want to do in your role-play scenario, and it might be hard enough just to get out the words, "I want to..." Our role-playing fantasies come from different parts of ourselves, sometimes deep parts and sometimes not. When a couple shares these fantasies, they're being allowed into each other's private sexual worlds. Often, our role playing ideas come from private masturbation fantasies, so it's easy for the person doing the asking (or sharing) to feel vulnerable.

If it's not you doing the asking, be sympathetic about how revealing this is, and have a loving, supportive response. It's important to have trust when you talk about trying role-play, especially for the first time, because one partner may not understand why the other one has these fantasies. If you have fears or doubts about where this is all coming from, ask. If you're the one bringing it up, tell your lover that this is a fun new sex toy for both of you to share, not a replacement or a fix for an unsatisfying situation. Not everyone is going to feel vulnerable openly stating his or her roleplaying adventures. Most couples will feel finally free to truly express themselves sexually and enjoy sharing playful fantasy sex as part of life's grand sexual buffet shared by two (or more). Being able to let your fantasies run wild together is an experience that makes your relationship strong, vibrant and alive. Role play provides a unique intimacy that is incredibly arousing for many couples. People in long-term relationships will discover that adding role play to their sexual routine opens up a whole new universe of satisfying sex, deep connection and renews their relationship's energy. Pretending that you're strangers and meeting in a public place such as a hotel bar is one supercharged way to feel like you just met, all over again. Asking for what you want in bed is scary, and meeting with shock, surprise, or distaste is even scarier. Mentally prepare yourself for the best reactions, and the worst. If you feel shy about a face-to-face conversation, begin with an email or text exchange, or a telephone conversation. Talking about role-play is also easier when you read a book (out loud or hand the juicy parts to your lover) that has elements of your role-play scenario in it. You can suggest that you enact the sexy details.

Another great way to introduce the idea is to watch movies together that contain your role play fantasy elements, and bring them up after the movie. You can say, "I really liked that scene with the nun. What did you think?" Also, you get the delight and arousal that comes from sharing your fantasy with your sweetie -- or watching their face as they watch (or read) your number one turn-on. Get Started Role play can be spontaneous and simple -- such as a dirty talk scenario -- or can be a detailed, carefully planned and negotiated event. It's up to you! For your first role play encounter, start simple. See if playing around with verbalizing during sex is even for you; if it's not, then now you know. Role play doesn't have to involve talking, but many scenarios might require that you interact with your lover verbally during sex, so ease into it with a little dirty talk. Describe a setting or your clothing (imaginary, or what's actually happening). Tell your lover how you feel. Turn up the heat: tell the point of view of your character or role, such as "I'm a really angry police officer. I've had a really tough day, and your speeding ticket is the last thing I want to deal with. I want you to make it worth my while." Or you can even use your true feelings at that very moment to make your role play authentic, "I've never done this before. Will you show me how to pleasure you?" You can describe (or exaggerate) what you're both currently doing, in the context of a role-play scenario. While having sex you can say, "As a patient, you're responding very well to this treatment. I'll need to perform a few tests. Lay down on your back. Now I'm examining your penis."

Pay careful attention to what your sweetie responds to. If he gets riled up (in a good way) when you call him a "naughty boy," and ask him how he's been naughty. Develop his perspective by egging him on and asking questions, and fit your persona into his erotic world. Nervous about dirty talk? Practice on your own and talk dirty to a mirror. Don't worry about feeling silly; remember that he will be your captive audience and you can distract him with pleasure. Some people find that it's easier to start dirty talk face-to-face when they close their eyes. When you get talking, focus on describing details, such as the way the dog collar looks and how it feels on, and how the buckles look shiny in the light. It's tough to role-play unless you know what role you're supposed to play. For example, if you're to play a police officer, it might be easier to come up with things to say during the "arrest" once you start pretending to put on the handcuffs. One of you will be in the active role and can direct the scenario, though the less active person can give direction, too. Role-playing is just like acting (remember the school play?), and your role will give you clues about how to behave and what to say. When you begin to take role play beyond dirty talk and start to add details, events for your scenario and costumes, it's important to make sure you're both clear about each other's expectations. He might want to be a male prostitute, hoping to be roughly arrested for being sexually promiscuous by a sexy policewoman, while you may think he wants to romantically seduce an officer -- two very different perspectives and outcomes. Talk about it, and plan it. Talking about it won't ruin it or give it away, because you'll never know how the scenario will turn out, or how aroused you'll get once you start playing. But take steps to get the

outcome you really want by telling your lover specifically what turns you on the most in the scenario. You may find it helpful to write down your role play fantasies before talking, and some couples find that writing them down and sharing or exchanging their ideas make their role play experiences more rewarding. Who, What, Where and How Make two copies of the following multiple-choice questions, fill them out, and then exchange your hot homework. Check as many answers as you like, and feel free to fill in anything you feel is missing. In the next chapter you'll find a plethora of specific roles and scenarios, but it's important to have an idea of where you'd like to start. Feel free to fill these out again at a different time, or for new scenarios. I'd like to be: * In charge * Helpless * Someone who gets overpowered * A submissive that turns the tables * Equal My ideal predicament includes: * Punishment * Humiliation * Teasing * Conflict with authority * Getting caught * Being made to do something naughty * Sex! In a scenario, I hope to: * Be sexually "used" by you

* Get spanked or whipped * Have my way with you * Spank or whip you * Have you take total control in bed * Call all the shots when it comes to sex The dirtiest sex act I'd like to try is: * Oral sex * Doggie style * Anal sex * All tied up * Kinky sex (specify) I want our role-play to happen: * In the bedroom * In our imaginations * In public, such as a bar, restaurant, dance club * A different room in the house (specify) * A hotel room * A sex club Ideally, I'd like us to wear: * Uniforms, at least one of us * Regular clothes * Clothing like our roles would wear * Realistic costumes * Nothing! * Sexy lingerie * Very fancy clothing * Bondage gear * Fetish clothing * A very specific item (state)

For me, the most important thing in the scenario will be: * Outfits (specify) * Believability * Being seen in public * Getting in your pants * Being in charge * Your submission * You fighting against me * Not being in control * You being forceful * Having the tables turned on me (or you) * A particular sex act (specify) * Spanking, whipping * Sensory deprivation, such as blindfolding * Restraint * Your fake French accent All of this makes me feel: * Nervous * Incredibly turned on * Silly! * Excited, but still unsure * Very close to you * Like we're going to have a lot of fun The worst thing that could happen is: * One of us will chicken out * We'll laugh too hard * We'll have a clothing malfunction * We'll decide that we don't like it * It might be emotionally intense * I'll disappoint you (specify) * You'll think I look/sound/act like a dork

* We like it so much we do it again * We give up and just have really hot sex instead * We really make each other's fantasies come true * The neighbors hear us/we frighten the pets General Tips for Sex Toys Like having basics like salt and oil in your kitchen, adventurous couples will want to have a few basic adult playthings on hand for general use. Especially if you're planning a role play adventure, which often requires a little improvisation for even the most well-moneyed and well-stocked pleasure seekers. Always get your toys from a trusted seller, and do not pay too much. Shop around, and if you order online read the privacy policy carefully. Recommended toys to have on hand are: * A vibrator good for internal and external use, with a variable speed. * A fingertip vibrator. * Couples should have a vibrating cock ring, for clitoral stimulation during penis-vagina penetration (OMG, sex). * Lubricant, without additives: avoid Nonoxynol-9, glycerin, artificial colors or flavors, and never use Anal Eze or numbing creams. * Anal toys that are made especially for anal use. I recommend having at least one small butt plug made of silicone, which can be sterilized. * A blindfold for surprise, erotic massage, power play, or just to take the pressure off the dominant role. * Restraints of good quality. Scarves are sexy, but can hurt, tighten accidentally or slip off. Get some decent cuffs or buckling bonds.

Chapter 2 Roles and Scenarios

Now it's time for the businessman to loosen his tie -- or straighten it to become a stern and exacting office manager. Deciding who you want to be with each other might come naturally from your everyday roles, or you may want to pull your fantasies from movies, TV, stories, your past, or your imagination. Your role might simply be inspired by the desire to use a ruler as a spanking implement, the twinge of excitement you get from a pair of handcuffs, or thinking about the way your lover might look (or used to look) in army fatigues. Many couples have ideas that they've both been toying with all along, and just as many couples love to seek out new role-playing ideas to keep things fresh and exciting. Feeling a bit odd or even silly when trying on your new sex role is part of the fun. That's all you're doing -- trying on a role for sex like you'd slip into a sexy nightie that you wouldn't wear to bed every night. It might seem strange to consider putting on an outrageous streetwalker outfit and crudely propositioning your own lover for sex; conversely, you'll find that any role you play will have an element that excites you somehow. You may find that the quick and dirty, all-business way that street sex workers have sex makes a quickie with him all that more naughty and fun, and you can play up this element of the encounter to the fullest. Of course, if it sounds like a weird idea or you don't think you can pull off a role that your partner wants you to play, you don't have to do it. But if you really want to try, you can think of a variation that's comfortable for you that will have everyone's needs met. A hustler

might be too crude for you, but playing the part of a super-sensuous high class (and high-priced) call girl in a stunning hotel suite might just be the compromise that works. Who Are You? The world is your inspiration when you want to role play, and the only limits are your imagination. It doesnt matter if you dont look like the person or role you want to play, and you don't need to have the "ideal" body type, or anything else for that matter. What does matter is that the idea of playing the roles, despite physical differences, or even lack of props, excites you both. Plenty of people play movie stars, human animals and even space aliens and science fiction/fantasy creatures in the bedroom. All you need is two willing imaginations, a libido and a sense of erotic adventure. Everyday Roles and Scenarios Roles taken from daily life are the easiest to pull off because they are familiar, easy to research, and props or costumes are easily improvised. These roles are easy to play without any extra detail other than a few spoken words. Are you wanton, willing, suggestive, resistant, curious, shy or aggressive? Let the roles inspire you. Yourself This can be who you are at home or at work, and works great in scenes where you encounter your lover as... someone else. If you're a student in real life, then you can be a student who has a sexual encounter with a school nurse, a stranger, or anyone else you've fantasized about. Stay at home moms can tryst with "the repairman", and salesmen can fraternize with a slutty customer. One of the most popular themes in role-playing fantasies are when you relive a moment from the past -- you can pretend to be yourself at any

age, but now you can crate any sexual outcome you desire. What you can do as yourself: You'll react to any sexually interesting situation you find yourself in as you would in real life. So if you find yourself being seduced by a lusty stranger, your "new boss" makes advances, or your gorgeous nurse has interesting techniques, just react as you might in real life (but with a permissive, and safe twist). Boss You can be a boss in a variety of scenarios; a foreman, office manager, coffee shop owner, corporate bigwig. A boss might: Need to hire new help around the office, have to work late and keep the receptionist after hours, take bad secretaries to task, take liberties with the staff or take the afternoon off with the new assistant. Secretary Male and female secretaries can have a lot of fun with their boss, other secretaries, and delivery personnel. Secretaries excel at: Taking notes and dictation, filing things in the bottom drawer, admitting to mistakes, seeing to all the boss' needs, protesting about fetching coffee, helping with presentations, staying late and doing anything necessary to get a raise. Doctor Nurses and patients always seem to need administering to, and treatments may vary. Doctors can: Give exams, probe a patient's history, run tests, take samples, administer treatment, and/or find out what's under the nurse's uniform. Nurse Assisting doctors can require late hours, and patients always need attention. Nurses are great at: Exams and treatments, sponge baths, temperature-taking, applying and removing bandages, assisting the doctor and helping patients recover.

Patient When you're sick or injured, you should see a doctor or nurse. When you're a patient: Doctors and nurses can help you, dress your wounds, bandage you, take a physical, find out what ails you, and relieve tension. Here, "co-pay" takes on a whole new meaning. Police/Detective Officers come in contact with a variety of people, including criminals, innocent speeders, sex workers, corporate criminals, hackers, femme fatales, sergeants, other officers and regular people. When you have a badge you can: Shake down sex workers and criminals, arrest people, question suspects, capture criminals, give tickets -- and give options for immediate payment. Firefighter They spend a lot of close time with other firefighters, but also save damsels (and gentlemen) in distress. A firefighter might: Rush into danger to save someone, carry you to safety in their arms, get trapped with someone and become horny, wash fire trucks and get really wet, and sneak into someone else's bunk after lights out. Military Close quarters with other soldiers is suggestive, and they may also have encounters with superior officers or civilians. Speaking of bunks after lights out, military service people can also: Follow orders, drop and give twenty, save civilians, enjoy shore leave (and visitation), and entertain officers in inventive ways. Repair/Delivery Personnel It's s clich, but it's awfully fun to have your honey knock on the front door to "deliver a package" or fix the sink. A repair or delivery person can: Arrive unexpectedly and catch someone in their nightie, ask for payment or tips in sexual favors, have a quickie with whoever's home.

School Personnel Janitors, school nurses, teachers, headmasters, principals, coaches and security guards all have to have fun, too. When you "work at a school" you might: Catch students masturbating or undressing in the locker room, punish students for not doing homework, be seduced by slutty students, teach the "birds and bees" in unconventional ways. Student Can be a younger or older student depending on the scenario, and jocks have locker-room fantasies to choose among. Students can: Behave badly, be a teacher's pet, be slutty or prim, do naughty things in locker rooms and under desks, do erotic tasks for extra credit, seduce hapless teachers, molest other students, tryst in cars and have an awful lot of fun with babysitters. Sex Worker Streetwalker, hustler, call girl, male stripper, peep show dancer, private show worker and phone sex operators can fraternize with clients, officers or each other. When you trade sex for money, you might: Fool around with other sex workers, get out of going to jail, let clients take liberties, go all the way with a client, strip, put on a masturbation show, break your "rules" for kissing, oral sex, etc., and have quickies in cars, public places or hotel rooms. Pimp Can have scenes with sex workers (novices to pros) and officers. A pimp can: Break in a new girl (or boy), convince someone to be a "ho", have run-ins with the law. Stranger This role can be played anywhere, anytime and is incredibly versatile. You simply pretend not to know each other, and can play yourselves, or one can play someone different. A stranger might: Proposition or hit on you, be forceful or inappropriate, be romantic and daring, have hot sex with you in a hotel room or in public, and get to know you in a room full of strangers.

Salesman Selling cars, shoes, lingerie -- you name it, it's tough work, especially when your clients are irresistible. In sales, someone can: Help customers try things on, especially in a dressing room where they can undress, convince clients about what they need, take clients into back rooms for sex. Fantasy Roles When your role is someone you can't possibly be in real life, it's a fantasy role. These roles can be enjoyed by any couple with imagination and playfulness, and can be made even more realistic with props, costumes and locations. These roles are especially fun because they take us far away from the ordinary. Like an erotic fantasy vacation for two! Celebrity Do you want to be President, a rock star, famous writer, actor or model? No problem! Celebrities can be (or be seduced by): fans, groupies, agents, directors, makeup personnel, drivers or a lover as themselves; backstage, onstage, in the dressing room, at a bar or party, in their really nice mansion, on a casting couch or after an interview. Hero Saving someone is daring and romantic, especially if they're sexy. Spandex is optional. Heroes can: Save someone, be seduced by an evil villain/ess, get captured and tortured, invite someone sexy to their stronghold, have an erotic encounter on a rooftop, capture and give someone truth serum for information and teach the forces of evil a lesson. Priest/Nun A very taboo fantasy involves people of the faith, who may fall from grace with each other or parishioners. A priest or nun could fall from grace by: Succumbing to a sexy

stranger's confession, giving in to impulses for other priests or nuns, attempt to convert unbelievers, seek solace from others, and may need to go to confession themselves. Cheerleader/Quarterback Roles form the past, or roles you'd wished you'd been in the past are thrilling to create. Cheerleaders might do it with jocks, nerds and coaches, while jocks might fool around with cheerleaders, nerds and babysitters. These fun icons can: Play hard to get, be slutty, pretend it's the first time, do it in cars or under bleachers, fool around in the locker room, get caught showering, get caught watching someone showering, do it in a rush in case someone comes home, have someone show them how to do something dirty. Human Animal/Pet Human pets might be dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, ponies, horses, sheep and exotic animals. Human animals can: Mate with each other and sometimes with owners, get trained, perform tricks or duties, show obedience or willfulness, get punished, fed, groomed (ready for a show), and get washed. Alien Scary and malevolent or curious about humans, aliens always have interesting interactions with humanoids, robots, astronauts and other aliens. An alien from another planet would have fun: Mating with humans, doing experiments on humans, being taught how humans enjoy physical pleasure, using sex robots for relief on long interplanetary rides, taking humans as sex slaves, having encounters with attractive human astronauts. Robot/Human Mannequin Get all images of Kim Cattrall's dismal performance in Mannequin out of your head, and open yourself up to the possibilities of human interactions.

Robots and human mannequins can: Pose provocatively, be programmed for sexual services, and get sexually used in any position while remaining totally still. Evil Villian/Villianess Wicked, devious and just plain bad, playing the villain has lots of fun erotic possibilities, especially when you encounter other nefarious evil-doers, heroes, innocent bystanders and prominent figures that require kidnapping. Evildoers can: Kidnap and hold heiresses and rich prominent figures, torture people for information, seduce heroes, steal diamonds and death rays, have a harem, invite innocents to the castle/secret lair for a few drinks. Cowboy/Cowgirl The range gets lonely, and you might need to partner up with another cowpoke, a bandit, Pony Express rider or city slicker. Cowpokes love to: Share a sleeping bag by a campfire, roll in the hay, have quickies at the rodeo, rustle doggies, save people in gunfights and visit Wild West brothels. Burglar Whether you're a petty pickpocket or a legendary jewel thief, you're bound to have run-ins with security guards, homeowners, officers, heroes, detectives and other thieves. Thieves can: Surprise sleeping homeowners, get caught by security or unsuspecting housewives in lingerie, fail to evade a detective or officer, get discovered and have their identity revealed, and have to trade sex for escape. Thug/Mafia Watch The Sopranos or Goodfellas enough times and you'll start having Mob fantasies. You might be a big Don, a low-rent hoodlum, strong-arm or hit man, with a variety of possibilities in whom you encounter including showgirls, your Mob counterparts and innocent bystanders. Mafioso's might: Have rough sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime they

want; shake down other thugs for cash or negotiate escape from a hit on someone's life. Roles from TV Did you ever watch Gilligan's Island and hope that The Professor got together with Ginger? Now's your chance to create a reality show too hot for TV. Take your pick of roles and scenarios, such as: Kirk/Spock and an alien girl, the cast of Deadwood, Spike and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gomez and Morticia from The Addams Family, Deanna Troy and Data from The Next Generation, Batman and Catwoman Fantasy Creature Now you can be something completely different -and mate with humans or other far-out creatures. Take a page from mythology and become a beast, get inspiration from your favorite sci-fi show or book, or act out cartoon character fantasies. A fantasy creature might: have to inspect every inch of the other creature's (or human's) body, have erotic reactions, and need to mate. Pirate Rich with adventure (especially the sexual kind), a pirate's life takes them into the arms of much claimed, stolen and purchased booty. It's a pirate's life for you if you want to: Cavort with other pirates, wenches, fair maidens and anyone else you please; take over ships and seize their women/men, take your pleasure during shore leave. Queen/King Royalty has its perks. The royal family members must get their sexual needs met somehow, whether with each other, chambermaids, brave knights, citizens, rulers of other countries or prisoners begging for clemency. Royalty can: Get served by gorgeous servants in their chambers, steal away to meet with forbidden lovers, get to know other royalty in exotic locales, let knights show their gratitude, be worshipped from head to

toe and have decadent, debauched sexual escapades. They can also totally afford to throw an impulse orgy at the palace if they feel like it. Slave/Servant When you're owned or under domestic service, you can tryst with your master/mistress, his or her friends, or your fellow slaves/ servants. Servants (maids, butlers) and slaves can: Erotically do their master's bidding, clean something incorrectly for punishment, visit their master after hours in the bedchambers, give massages and relieve tension in all manner of ways, have quickies in the pantry, be taken while scrubbing the floor, and serve their master's every whim.

Chapter 3: Erotica Obscene Phone Call by Scott Wallace

"Hello," I say, not knowing what I'm getting into. "Hi, who's this?" you say. I recognize your voice, which is why it takes me a minute to answer. "The name's Carl." "That's a sexy name. I'm Lexie. How old are you, Carl?" "You know how old I am," I say. You giggle, a giggle that tells me I'm not getting off that easy. Or, maybe, that I'm not getting off that hard. "No, Carl, I don't know how old you are. But I don't really care, either. What do you look like?" "Um....just a second, okay?" "All right." I put on the portable headset, take the phone into the living room, and stretch out on the couch. "You there?" "Yes. So what do you look like, Carl?"

"Ummmmmmm....Okay. Um, Six-one, blue eyes. Long dark hair," I say, running my fingers through my strawberry-blonde crew cut. "Kind of a tall, dark Fabio look." "Wow," you say. "Sounds hot. What are you wearing?" I slip my hands down past the stretched-out waistband of my sweats and adjust my cock, which is getting hard. As silly as this game is, the fact that you've just called me up to play it with no preliminaries has started to turn me on. I clear my throat. "I'm not wearing much anything," I say. "Um, Lexie." "Mmmmm," you sigh. "I'm not wearing much either. Just this little tank top I wear when I'm hanging around the house. You can totally see my tits through it. My nipples are all hard. I'm not wearing any underwear, either. I'm real wet. That's why I called you." "What do you look like?" "Five-one, long blonde hair, blue eyes, thirty-six double-D." My head spins as I remember the last time I felt your body against mine, felt your five-eight, thirty-four B body, ran my fingers through your close-cropped dark hair and looked into your green eyes. I smile. "You shave your pussy, Lexie?" "Yeah, I shave my pussy," you say. "I like it all clean. Want to know a secret?" "Sure," I say.

"When I've just shaved my pussy I can feel my cunt rubbing against my underwear. "You don't say." "That is," you add almost as an afterthought, "when I wear any. Which isn't often. I like to go out all nasty without panties. You know, wear tight jeans or a short skirt with nothing underneath when I go dancing. All shaved and open. And wet. I'm always wet when I go without underwear." "I like that," I say. "You go dancing a lot?" "Yeah," you say. "My boyfriend doesn't know, but I go dancing and sometimes I get all nasty." "Nasty how?" I ask. "Nasty with my girlfriends. We make out on the dance floor. That's why I don't wear any underwear when I go dancing. Makes it easier if my girlfriends and I get all worked up and have to, you know, go into the bathroom stall." "No kidding." "Does that make your dick hard, Carl?" you ask in a breathy whisper. "Yeah," I say, putting my hand down my pants and finding that it has, which I already pretty much knew. "Mmmm. Just telling you about it is making my pussy wet," you tell me. "Do you have a nice big cock, Carl?"

"Yeah," I say, stroking it slowly, feeling the head rub against my sweat pants. "Is it nice and long? How long is it, Carl?" "Ten and a half inches," I say, wondering just how many inches I've just added. I make a mental note to bring a ruler on our next date. "Fuck," you say. "I love big cocks. Ten and a half is so fucking big, Carl. I would love to suck your cock. Is it nice and fat?" "Yeah," I say, stroking it. "Ten and a half inches and real fat." "Fuck," you say. "I would so love to suck that. I wish you were here so I could slide my lips all up and down it. Slide it into my mouth and down my throat. Mmmmmm. Would you like that, Carl? Put your ten-and-ahalf-inch cock all down my throat, Carl?" "Yeah," I say. "I'd love that." "What would you do if I gagged on it?" you ask, breathless, moaning. "I'd just shove it down harder," I say. "I'd make you swallow it." "Oh, yeah, fuck, yeah," you moan. "Get all nasty with me. Tell me how you'd make me suck your cock." I have to grope for the words, which I guess is appropriate. "I'd, ah, I'd grab your hair and force your face down on it." You let out an explosive sigh. "Fuck yeah," you groan. "Shove it down my throat. Fucking make me suck it, Carl, fuck my throat, oh, fuck. What else would you do?"

"Um," I say. "Slap your face with it." "Oh fuck yeah," you say. "Slap my face with your cock?" "Um." I'm about to say, "I guess." I stop myself just in time. "Fuck yeah. Slap your fucking face with my cock," I say, then, meekly, as an addon, "bitch." "Oh god, yeah," you say. "So fucking hot. Make me suck it." "Suck my cock, bitch." "Fuck yeah, Carl. Say it." "Bitch. Suck my cock, bitch." "Fuck, Carl, you're making me so fucking wet. I love sucking your cock. I always swallow, Carl, you want to make me swallow, or you want to fuck my pussy? I'm rubbing my pussy, Carl, are you rubbing your cock?" I am. "Yeah, I'm rubbing my cock." "Fuck. That's so hot. Are you close to shooting your load for me, Carl?" "Yeah," I say, pumping my cock. "I'm close to cumming." I can't help but think in my mind that this kind of cumming is spelled with a "u," something I always thought was stupid until now. "I always fucking swallow cum, Carl, when I suck cock. Do you want to make me swallow your cum or do you want to fuck this wet pussy? My wet, shaved fucking pussy is so fucking shaved and wet for you, it's

wet. Do you want to fuck it?" "Um," I say. "Fuck no. I want to fuck you in the ass." I hear your groan and know I've hit upon a nerve. "Oh fuck, Carl, fuck no, Carl, I'm so tight back there, Carl, your big fat fucking ten-and-ahalf-inch cock is too big for me, Carl, you can't possibly--" "Shut up," I growl. "Bend over. Spread your fucking cheeks, bitch." "But what if it's too big?" you moan. "You better lick it and get it all slick," I growl. "I'm going to, um, I'm, um, going to fucking shove it right up your ass. Um. Bitch!" "Oh God, Carl, it's too big, oh, baby, I'm parting my cheeks, I'm spreading them open, oh, I'm so tight back there, baby, are you going to put it in? Shove it in my ass?" "Yeah," I moan. "I'm grabbing your fucking cheeks and pulling them open and I'm fucking shoving, fucking shoving it, shoving my cock in your ass." "Oh, fuck, Carl, it hurts so bad but I'm cumming. Oh I'm fucking cumming Carl with your cock in my ass--" And then you do, the uncontrolled sounds of your moans matching the ones I heard just last night when I did exactly what we're talking about -- minus the "bitch," plus the lube. "Fuck my ass!" you moan in the middle of your orgasm. "Yeah," I whimper. "I'm fucking your fucking ass, fuck, fuck fucking your ass--" And then I come, hard, staining the front of my sweat pants

as I listen to you finishing your orgasm on the other side of the phone. I pump my cock until it's empty and the front of my sweat pants is soaked. I let out a sigh. "Oh, God, Carl," you moan. "You fucked my ass so good. So good, Carl...." "Thanks," I say. "It's a simple fact," you coo. "No need to thank me." "When are you coming over?" I ask. "I was too horny to make the drive," you tell me. "Thanks for taking care of that. See you in half an hour?" "I saved you some Chinese food," I say. "Lemon chicken?" "Kung Pao tofu. And potstickers." "Oh, fuck, Carl," you croon. "You know what I want. You know what I need." "Don't forget to get gas," I say. "Don't forget to get hard again," you tell me. "Oh, I won't." You hang up.

Chapter 4 Choosing a Role

Now you have an idea of who you want to be in your kinky sex play, and a few ideas about your delightfully wicked sexual motivations. But how are you going to make your roles work, without feeling dorky or having your office sex scenario turn into a dud? Sex play with roles or desired actions requires context. As in, sure he's playing a cop, but what is he doing as a cop? Context for your roles means that circumstances and events create the support for your role. A man can play the repairman, but he's just going to fix the sink and leave unless the housewife reveals that she's too broke to pay the bill -- putting the repairman in a position of power. Developing your roles and giving them context gives your encounter meaning. A spanking is ordinary (or even silly) if you just do it. But it can be ultra-erotic when you make it a punishment, and someone makes it happen because someone else behaved badly. Then the whole thing turns you both on to the point of embarrassment, and beyond, until the one in charge has to take control. That's context, and in role-playing sex, it's absolutely divine. An outfit or a particular piece of clothing may be all you two need to get your motors running into overdrive. But then what happens? One of you has to do something with that object or uniform, and done right, you'll both have a hot, memorable encounter. Context Generally, context falls into two categories: a do-er and a recipient, to

varying degrees. One person takes the lead, takes control, acts, calls the shots, initiates the sex play, or is in control of everything. The recipient receives the action, follows the leader, lets the other person make the decisions about what happens first (or next), is submissive, or watches the scene unfold. When you let the other person take control, you are not necessarily submissive. When you make a decision about what you both will do next, you are not necessarily the dominant. But for some people, being in a submissive role is a turn-on, while others will find that taking charge gives them an erotic charge. Role-reversal makes for riveting adventures, creating a scene where one starts out as a submissive but turns the tables on an authority figure -- or someone in charge winds up in a helpless situation. You have a choice about who has power when it comes to role-play. You can establish power roles and keep them throughout the scenario, or you can agree on a dramatic event in your role-play where the tables are turned, and the submissive (playing a momentarily submissive role) becomes dominant. For instance, let's say a man loves being dominant but knows he wants a spanking, yet he doesn't like being in a submissive role. He can be a stern teacher to his girlfriend's naughty schoolgirl role, and she defies his authority to gives him what he's got coming. And it's about time! Active Roles Being in control means you're in charge, to whatever degree suits you the best. You may find yourself drawn to just being in charge of the sexual interaction, calling the shots step-by-step, a little or a lot. You might be attracted to the position of a full-on dominant who likes verbal and psychological control, telling your lover to perform for you, rub your

feet, give you head, or just bend over. This mode of dominance, without pain or physical punishment, lends itself easily to characterdriven role play, where you play boss to a secretary, teacher to student, corporal to cadet, blogger to a journalist, and so on. And to put being in control into context for sex play, you have a variety of personas, roles and guises to choose from. The scenes can be steamy and complex when you play authority or older figures that demand compromising and sexual favors from whoever's in the submissive role. Imagine the possibilities of dominatrix and businessman, manager and employee, lawyer and blogger. Does the title Master or Mistress suit you? Your persona may revolve around more than the role you play, especially if you find the idea of erotic punishment exciting. In this role you'll treat your submissive as owned property, give them pain, use punishment as a behavioral tool, and you'll be the absolute authority in role-playing scenes. If you're a newcomer in this role, you'll want to learn techniques for bondage and discipline, rope and whip skills, and further study into negotiation and scene dynamics (see the resources chapter for books and videos). Ideas for Control Roles Yourself (in daily life or role at work), master, mistress, dominatrix, millionaire, sex worker client, sex worker, teacher, headmistress, general, femme fatale, criminal mastermind, corporate CEO, police, FBI, kidnapper, jailer, animal trainer, doctor, nurse, sleazy pornographer, boss or manager, judge, babysitter, politician, VC, IT, older sibling, daddy or mommy, biker, football captain, coach, pimp, clergy, rock star, producer. Receptive Roles

Would you feel more comfortable -- or more turned on -- when someone else calls the shots? When you want to give someone else control, there are lots of roles that'll ignite your desires. Being in a submissive role doesnt mean you have to be a masochist. You might get a thrill out of being a love slave, providing anything from foot rubs to oral sex, and more. You could be the silent handmaiden administering to his or her every need, in any costume or role you like, or you can be a sex toy that gets used and discarded. That is, until you're needed for further use. You can be a slave in the literal sense, ever-obedient in collar and slave attire, or you can be subtly owned; "forced" to go without panties or boxers in public, while in private you become your sweetie's serviceable love doll in garters and lace (or nothing at all). Of course, being in the receiving role lends itself especially well to erotic punishment. So if a receiving well-deserved spanking, a lavish erotic whipping, or a down and dirty forced sex scene turns you on, this is definitely the type of role for you. Make sure you know exactly what it is you physically want to have happen to you before you begin. Be clear that you want a caning, clothespins, spanking, being pushed around, a riding crop or your hairbrush. Be equally clear about what you don't want, such as no face-slapping, harsh words, whips, hot wax, or anything else you dont want -- this way, everyone's happy! If you play with pain, make sure you have a safe word or agreed-upon signal that says, "stop." I recommend that you avoid falling back on the word "no" and save it for playful protest! Use a word or signal that is out of the ordinary, and when someone uses it, simply switch activities. Popular choices are stoplight colors: red (for stop now), yellow (for less, please) and green (for more).

Dont let the classic stereotypes limit your imagination! You don't have to be bad to get the spanking you deserve, and you don't have to be a slave to become their living sex toy. Just as submissive roles lend themselves easily to spankings, punishments, humiliations, whippings and more, dominant roles that become submissive (such as the haughty librarian being spanked) make for red-hot fantasies. Ideas for Receptive Roles Slave, submissive (as yourself or your real-life work role), secretary, employee, maid, butler, schoolgirl/boy, criminal, cheerleader, retail slave, Fox News anchor, nurse, victim, patient, military subordinate, prostitute, sex worker client, masseuse, altar boy/girl, housewife, website admin, unsuspecting husband, groupie, "innocent" passer-by, human pet (pony, dog, cat), opposite gender. Role-Playing the Opposite Sex Have you ever wondered what it was like to have sex as the opposite gender? Or maybe just trying something new, such as a guy wanting to squeeze his erection into your panties, or if you put on his boxers and a white undershirt, just for sex play. Having sex while in the clothes, or adopting the mannerisms, of the other gender is hot, hot, hot. Probably everyone has tried something like this at one time or another, and most have wondered what it's like to switch roles, whether a little or a lot. For some, trying these ideas with a lover is one of their number-one fantasies. Playing around with gender might be something you've contemplated once or twice, as a fun new idea. It could be a fantasy that is so intense that you (or your lover) consider it sort of a sexual and

emotional "home" -- familiar, reliable and sublime. Gender play can be as light and simple as a him wearing your lipstick, or as intense as a you undergoing a full transformation to effectively pass as a man, with no makeup, strap-on dildo and men's clothes. Dont worry -- playing with gender is what you make it. For some, gender play is frightening, identity challenging, and uncomfortable. Others don't see it that way at all, because for most it's another playful sex game to share with an adventurous lover. Meanwhile, others embrace the challenges to their sexual identity, allowing gender transformations to shape their sexual identities into configurations that are much more comfortable for them than their original manifestations. Just because you both think Eddie Izzard is sexy doesnt mean your sexual identity is going to change. A hot bout of sex while he wears your lipstick doesnt mean he'll have to wear the lipstick every time you want hot sex. Wearing the clothing and adopting the mannerisms of the opposite sex does not make you into the opposite sex, doesnt make you a transsexual or transgender, will not make you gay or lesbian, or change who you are attracted to, or how you sexually identify. It will also not show you (or your lover) what it's really like to be the opposite sex. Again, it does not mean you are transsexual or transgender, though for those individuals it might be the first step toward feeling comfortable with who they really are. If your lover wants to cross-dress for sex, and it's a new idea that takes you by surprise, suspend your judgment and ask them what turns them on about it. And be sure to find out how you can heighten the experience for them. You might find that "playing lesbian" with your boyfriend -- or sex play as two gay men -- is a total turn-on. If the idea upsets you, tell them as gently as you can and explain why, if possible.

Remember that this was a scary thing for them to ask for. It may be that you've always wanted to see them dress and treat you as a lesbian might. But if you're asking him to wear your panties, keep in mind that your request may be confusing to him as well. He might wonder if you want to simply sleep with a woman, which is not the case at all. Light gender play isn't the wish to be or become something you're not; it's to have the best of both worlds in your bed. Cross Dressing How-To's Dressing for gender play is all about what's hot for you -- you might want to "go all the way" or you might want to play around with inbetween measures, like boys in skirts and eyeliner, but no other feminine signifiers. Same goes for you; he might get hard thinking about you in his clothes, but a strap-on might be going too far (or viceversa: some men like girls in strap-ons as long as they remain distinctly feminine). How about a strap-on, lipstick and heels? Gender play for you might include a man's uniform, male sports outfit, business suit, tool belt, a biker outfit, jeans and wife-beater t-shirt, his underwear, or any attire that is considered masculine and sexy. Makeup can be light, none, or heavy depending on how you're playing (simple lipstick is common); add slicked-back hair, suspenders, men's underwear, stuffed jock strap, tie and hat, dress shoes or boots. For realistic details, false facial hair can be worn, you can be braless, or your breasts can be bound down with an Ace bandage, and a strapon can be worn. For a realistic bulge, get a good quality harness and a dildo that is either suitable for "packing" (a softie), or a firmer model to be used for penetration or receiving fellatio. Ask yourself, is your strapon for sexual function, or gender play, or both?

He can wear your panties, a bra, stretchy slip, and foundation wear such as corsets, stockings, lingerie. Your shoes won't fit, but high heels can certainly be found in larger sizes. Yes, it's unfair how tall he is in heels. He can try skirts, dresses, gowns, wigs, makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, barrettes, false eyelashes, anything that sounds erotically appealing and that will complete the experience. For realism, he can add perfume, lotions, nail polish, even shaving his underarms and legs, in addition to the technique of "tucking" the penis and testicles flat to the body to minimize the bulge (though for some guys the bulge under his skirt is a huge turn-on). Bras can be stuffed with whatever's handy, or prosthesis can be purchased. You can create any type of role-playing scene you like, combining characters and gender in any way the turns you on. Or, gender play can be a sexual "punishment," where one partner is mock-forced into drag. Also, one of you can be "caught" trying on lipstick, boxer shorts, or anything else that sounds fun. Be playful and imaginative in your scenarios. Cross Dress Roles You (as yourselves) trying lipstick (or getting caught trying something that belongs to the other), or any gender-appropriate roles that heighten the effect you're trying to achieve. For instance, if he's crossdressing, he can be a maid, schoolgirl, housewife, nurse, nun -- you name it, as long as it's feminine. You can play as yourself to his feminine role; or the role's counterpart, such as a butler, man of the house, repairman, construction worker, doctor, pool boy, etc. Or you can choose a masculine role while he plays himself, situations perfect for mock man-on-man play between the two of you. Roles With Age Differences

Naughty schoolgirls, anyone? Hey, it's a clich for a good reason. Sex play with age differences is a very common fantasy, and it's pretty much predictable anywhere in the world to walk into a strip club and see dancers dressed in adult schoolgirl attire. Age difference roles are fun for adults because they allow us to play around with sexual initiation fantasies. He can pretend to be a young inexperienced man, while you are the woman that "shows him how." Or, you're the naughty vixen who drives her male teacher over the brink with sexual frustration. You can even both play younger roles, where you both are sexually inexperienced and explore each other's bodies as if for the first time. Age play fantasies can be misunderstood. It's a fantasy whose roots may be disturbing for people who confuse fantasy with reality. Roleplaying where one partner is much younger than the other does not mean that either person actually, truly eroticizes young people. Those who molest children, do so. Criminals do not have anything to do with people who ask their girlfriends to pretend to be the older, sexually experienced babysitter, or women who dress in school uniforms to play act with their boyfriends. And that stripper in plaid has to be old enough to work at the club. Sometimes these fantasies can, however, bring up powerful issues for the consenting adults who enjoy them. While playing "daddy's little girl" you might afterward feel uncomfortable with the associations, memories of past abuse, or personal meanings the fantasy brings up. Sexual fantasies are powerful because their roots in our subconscious and the oft-mysterious working of our libido. If you find that your age (or gender) role play scenarios wake up memories or feelings that disturb you or your lover, read about taking

steps toward sexual healing in Staci Haines' book Healing Sex. Most people are just fine with the hot results from age play scenarios. Pretending to be inexperienced youth opposite experienced older lovers can be a turn-on like no other. Here are some ideas for age play roles and scenes: Young roles allow us to be coy, innocent, bratty, curious, naughty, in need of discipline, protection or tenderness. Boys and girls get spanked, groomed, dressed up (or undressed), taught the facts of life, are seduced by older figures such as teachers, babysitters, strangers, friend's moms or dads. Or even more taboo is to play family members, authority figures or clergy. They get to be "taken care of," and the feeling of not having to be in control is a blissful and incredibly arousing release from daily responsibilities for many. Playing older roles to your "younger" lover is a delightfully dirty way to lavish attention on your sweetie, and appeals to the naughty authority figure in all of us. Playing the seducer (though occasionally the one seduced or overtaken), the role allows you to be the "experienced" one, giving erotic instruction, calling the shots, and enjoying the makebelieve of exploring an unfamiliar body. The scene may be intense, heated and unbelievably arousing, or can verge on hilarity as your lover claims to have "never done that before!"

Chapter 5 Make A Scene

Role play is one of the most flexible, creative ways to spice up your sex life, and make an already-burning love life into an inferno. You can plan out an elaborate scenario, or keep it simple and straightforward. Props are fun, but not necessary. Planning is a good idea, yet spontaneity is still the rule of the day when you're in role. What's essential in planning and role-play is knowing where you want it to go, and deciding how to get there. Because you can pretend to play nurse and patient, fall out of role when you crack up after he asks for a sponge bath, yet still wind up tearing each other's clothes off for an orgasmic finish. All you need is a good strategy for starting the scene. The Perfect Plan One dependable way of getting started is with imaginative dirty talk -no costumes or babysitters are necessary for some hot talk between the sheets. But there is a whole world of sexual expression and adventure around the corner when you add detail, events and surprises. That stripper fantasy will be even hotter with a purchase of a red vinyl bustier, and his eyes will pop out of his head when you set your room up as a stage with a lap dance area. Better yet, that Halloween military uniform will be much more effective if you have a pair of handcuffs, and the experience will be unforgettable if you "take him down" on the hood of his car -- even if it's in your garage. Get a really good idea of what you both want, if possible. Once you've made your fantasies and expectations clear to each other, and covered what both of you don't want to include, you'll have more of an idea of what to wear, what "event" might happen in your scenario, and what

the location will be. This way, you can plan on what to get ahead of time and get creative about setting up the atmosphere. Timing is Everything Determine a date and time, with room allowing the fantasy to run for at least an hour. You'll want plenty of time for the fantasy to play itself out and be able to enjoy taking your time. You'll intentionally want to make it go slow and last as long as possible, so your scene will be effective and have a lasting impression. Make sure there will be no interruptions; that your roommates are definitely away, the kids are gone, and turn off your phone. You don't want any distractions or interruptions to derail your fantasy, and no one wants to risk having to explain their private sex lives to anyone. If your fantasy might get loud, perhaps with yelling, loud music, or the sound of spanking or whipping, be sure to close your windows and doors, that the neighbors are out, or have a cover story ready in case someone "checks in" on you. Give yourself plenty of time to relax afterward as well. Stock your "play" area with plenty of water, sex toys, lube, towels and props. Have snacks and tasty beverages waiting afterward as well -- if your scene is successful it'll feel good to recharge, and if things don't go as planned, you'll have some nourishment to help you both center and regroup. Surprise scenes should be planned out carefully, and your lover should always have some kind of idea about what's coming. What if you deck your apartment out like the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, apply your vampire makeup, and they come home upset and exhausted from an awful day at work? Let them know you want to plan a fantasy surprise,

and give them an indication of which role-play scenario you have in mind. Ask your lover what kind of time frame they have available for a sexy romp, but tell them you want it to ultimately remain a surprise. Give a few examples, such as Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening. It's also okay to give an assigned date and time to come over, or arrive at a certain place -- in fact, you can erotically "command" them! Tell your sweetie to meet you at a certain caf, in their business suit for a surprise job interview. Then adjourn to your "office." Make an ordinary meeting into a special evening when you ask them to come over for the evening, but that you think you need a "pizza delivery." Some surprise scenes will take very careful negotiation, especially if they involve something in public, force or implied threat, or other people. The Main Event One of the most important things you'll want to decide about ahead of time is what the "event" will be in your interaction with your lover. You can have props or be totally naked, in a rented castle or your bathtub, but it's what happens that counts. The event is the turning point in your scene or communication that changes everything. Chances are good that you already know what this event is, and that's why you picked up this book -- to make it happen, or to make it more intense. If the location of your role play is what's hot, such as when you have a public or semi-public scene, the event occurs when you show up. If your turn-on is role play in uniform, then the event is when you get dressed, the ritual of dressing and being watched (or assisted), when you see each other, or when you undress. With goals such as spanking or punishments, the event can be:

* Getting caught doing something forbidden * Acting sassy * Failing to do a chore or follow instructions * A punishment for a transgression that never occurred For power-over or sexual coercion scenes, events can include: * Talking your way out of something * Offering sex in exchange for goods or services * Sex for a coveted job or career advance * Getting out of punishments or jail time * Bribery * Surrendering passwords * Settling a bill on the spot Other events can be psychological, such as: * A learning experience, where one person asks for sexual instruction, or is convinced they need it * Capture * Getting picked up by a stranger * Slavery * Embarrassment * Part of routine examinations * Petting, grooming and playing with (as in human animal role-play) * Being the "special" groupie * Doing something so taboo it's silent and secret Hot Locations Don't get all dressed up and have nowhere to go! Even if you're only going to the living room, or staying in your bedroom, you can make it an exotic and erotic environment that reflects your scenario. Get

creative to make the room you'll have your encounter in just a little bit (or a lot) more special than usual, and it'll add that extra touch to your encounter. Of course, if your scene takes place in a kitchen, bathroom or simply your house, you're all set and ready to go. Anything can be improvised at home. For instance, your bedroom can be anywhere you need it to be. For a doctor's office or nurse's exam room, cover a nightstand with white paper towels and an array of "instruments" and exam items. These can be sex toys, rubber gloves, lubricant, washcloths, and items you dont plan on using but look good anyway. Use a shiny silver butter knife as a tongue depressor, and a butt plug as an anal thermometer. Neaten your bed into an exam table and cover it with a white sheet (get a cheap one at a thrift store if need be). With clipboard in hand, lead your lucky patient into the exam room when it's their turn. A kitchen can be an office with your table standing in for a desk. Face two chairs opposite each other for an interview, and set up props like a phone, papers and a cup full of pens. A kitchen can also double as a restaurant or bar. Your bathroom can be a stand-in for a public bathroom, bathhouse, military or school shower, or grooming area for human pets. Hallways and rooms with two doorways can be an alley or street corner where sex workers ply their wares and get cruised by johns. Your garage can be the scene where a police officer makes an arrest or gives a ticket, or where gritty mechanics make deals in exchange for desperately needed engine work. Role Play Room Makeovers When you want to play but just can't get away (or your fantasy just can't happen safely in the outside world), playing it out at home is an easy fix. Don't even open the door until you've made the room into dreamland.

Scene: Back to School Makeover Room: Kitchen Dcor: Schoolroom. Clear a corner for "time outs" and arrange a table and single chair as a student desk in the middle of the room. Designate a wall as the blackboard. Fix-it Checklist: Wash dishes, hide empty wine bottles and old copies of Martha Stewart's Living. Take photos of your head pasted onto porn star bodies off fridge. Scene: Nurse Nasty Makeover Room: Bedroom. Dcor: Examination room. White sheet on bed, white towels on a surface (like nightstand) for sinister display of exam tools. Add chair for them to put their clothes on. Fix-it Checklist: Stash all dirty underwear and smooth the lumps out of your bed. Clear personal "stage area" in front of full-length mirror where you usually rock out in your underwear. Clean up enormous sex toy collection. Scene: Puppy Training Makeover Room: Living room, bathroom. Dcor: Training area. Clear space on the floor for leash and obedience training, and make area for water bowl. Arrange things to "fetch" such as sex toys and panties from a designated area, like the coffee table or footstool. Fix-it Checklist: Remove all trashy tabloids and natty fashion magazines, empty pizza boxes and hide your DVD box sets of porn and Judas Priest videos. If grooming in the bathroom, flush toilet, hide waterproof vibrators, stash pantyliner boxes. Scene: Caught Speeding Makeover Room: Garage.

Dcor: As is, with enough room for the "officer" to approach the car from behind, pull you out of the car and bend you over the hood. Dont run the car in the garage. Fix-it Checklist: Make sure no one needs to do laundry for a while. Scene: Door-to-Door Debauchery Makeover Room: Entry, hall, and then area where sales can be conducted (or repairs made). Dcor: None needed, except for your bad self. Go the distance with apron and scarf in your hair, or "the full Monty" -- negligee and heels, robe with nothing underneath, or "surprised form the shower" in a towel. Have purse ready to feign lack of money for payment. Fix-it Checklist: Only open door in "horny housewife" outfit if your door does not face the street. If a repairman is coming, make sure there's an area set up for repairs. Scene: Strangers in the Night Makeover Room: Bedroom. Dcor: Cat burglar. Leave "valuable" jewels out on the nightstand. Lights out, you in bed "asleep." Fix-it Checklist: Forgo ratty oversized sleep shirt, old cotton undies and footie pajamas for lacy panties, or nothing at all. Scene: Sir, Yes Sir! Makeover Room: Living room and bedroom. Dcor: Military training and bunks for "lights out" hijinks. Clear the living room for enough space to practice marching and the ubiquitous "drop and give me twenty" routine. Bedroom should have neatly made bed, or make up two military beds on the floor if you're cavorting with another officer. The hard floor adds realism to the feel of real military bedding. Fix-it Checklist: Practice standing up straight in mirror and saluting without injury to self and others. Remove all crud from teeth, freshen

breath, neaten hair. Hide wimpy Carmen Electra Strippersize tapes. Scene: Captain of the Team Makeover Room: Garage, back seat of car. Dcor: Back seat of car sexual explorations require little dcor. Crack a window for air. Pom-poms are a nice touch. Fix-it Checklist: Clean out your car, removing all fast food wrappers and find the thing that's been smelling bad under your car seat. Try not to dwell on items you thought you'd lost. Get all the potato chip bags out of the back seat. Scene: The Secretary Makeover Room: Kitchen, living room, or bedroom (if it has a desk). Dcor: Make any available surface into a desk; kitchen table, coffee table, or actual desk. Ottomans work well, especially for over-the-desk interviews. Get a strategically placed cup of pens to spill, and bogus files for filing in the bottom drawer. Fluorescent lights and drab carpeting are a plus. Fix-it Checklist: Clear room of choice from everyday debris, especially prescription medications, self-help books and fluffy bunny slippers. Practice smoldering, seduce-the-boss-across-the-desk looks in mirror. Scene: Alien Abduction Makeover Room: Bedroom. Dcor: Super-fab spaceship or bizarre faraway planet. Make bedroom into irresistible alien love-lair. Go to the nearest thrift store or fabric outlet and get as much colorful shiny fabric as you can stand. Drape it across your windows, bed and floor. Borrow exotic looking plants from neighbor's yard or nearest corporate parking lot to create a "freaky planet" environment. Get colored light bulbs, which will add a strange glow to your skin. Fix-it Checklist: Remove anything with writing on it -- remember, you speak a strange language that's never even been heard before on this

planet, so you wont need that breast self-exam door hanger. Invent a new way of walking and talking, and consider adding prosthesis to your forehead, nose or chin. In a pinch, carrot sticks in your nose or olives on your fingertips work well, and will provide snacks for your captive human male. La Sexo Loca in Public You dont have to stay in the house if you dont want to. Public roleplay -- especially in everyday roles -- can be a secret thrill you can share right in front of everyone. For instance, you can pretend to meet a total stranger (actually your boyfriend), seduce each other, then adjourn for sex elsewhere, complete with witnesses to cement your roles. Take the roles further and play actual characters, such as in a public job interview at a caf, a sex worker picking up a client at a bar or on a corner, or one of you can pretend to be someone famous who picks up a groupie for a little casual sex. Hotels are excellent places for all kinds of role-play, outside the building, in the lobby and in the room itself. Sometimes just being in a different room, outside your regular bedroom where you have your routine sex, gets the sparks flying. Be sure that you choose your roles wisely and don't put yourself in a position where your boyfriend may be late and you are actually mistaken for a real sex worker, or hotel staff calls the police regarding solicitation in their lobby, or enact any scenarios that may get you in trouble, such as pretend kidnappings, or age play (where one of you plays a young character). Scout out any locations where the public has access ahead of time so you do not expose anyone to your public scene (this is nonconsensual, totally not cool, and could be illegal if you engage in sex acts).

Great places for "public" role-play include: * Rooms in your house * Rooms in your house transformed into other settings appropriate to your scenario * The garage * Deck, patio, backyard * Hotel room, lobby, or outside the building * Parking garage at night * Secluded stretch of beach, desert or woods * Rooftop where you cannot be seen easily * Quiet parking lot or parking garage * Bar or restaurant * Swinger's party or convention * Sex club or public sex play space * Strip clubs, peep booths and video booths * Caf

Chapter 6: Erotica Bad Doggy by Julia Moore

Late last night, I told him what I wanted. Dark. The type of dark that you dont talk about when daylight shines through your windows. The kind of dark dreams youre not even supposed to have when youre the fresh-faced girl that I am. Sweet and innocent. Pure and unmarked. Christ, people are so fucking dense. They get lost on surfaces. They look at me and see all of the light and cheerful adjectives found on your average Hallmark card. But they dont see the real thing. They dont see the flaws or the bruises, or the desperate fantasies. Nobody sees the real me except Justin. You want to what? my boyfriend asked, one strong, tattooed arm tight around my slender body. And when I didnt immediately repeat myself, he insisted, Say it again. I cant. Youd better-- I want to be your pet-- You are my pet, he assured me, nuzzling his face against the back of my neck. His full lips parted, teeth spread, ready to bite. Im not talking about being your good pet, I told him, eyes straight ahead, staring at the red-painted wall in front of me, focused on it so I wouldnt have to look over my shoulder and see his expression change. Not your sweet kitten. Not your puppy dog.

Then what? I want to be-- Say it. I want to be your bad doggy. I felt him stiffen against me. In a single, silent frame, I felt his cock harden, felt his whole body change. From boyfriend to master in just one breath. He sighed, and I felt that warm rush of air against the skin on the nape of my neck, and then I sighed, too, with the relief of confessing. After that, everything happened so quickly that the actions were difficult for me to process. He was moving, standing at my side by the bed, and he was positioning me in the very center of our mattress, on my hands and knees, head up, shoulders back. I moved automatically, accustomed to obeying, but even so, I knew that this was different. Justin admired my stance, and I felt more naked than I ever had before. The way his eyes roamed over my figure, as if he were a judge at one of those high-class dog shows, and I was just another fancy bitch in heat. You look good, Celia, he said before turning away and rummaging through the contents of my dresser, searching for something. I should have guessed what he wanted, but I didnt. He came back with a rhinestone-studded pink leather collar, which he attached as tightly as it would go around my neck. Now, bark like a dog for me.

A little dog or a big dog? I said, and I giggled nervously, even though I knew how serious this whole thing was. Id told him. Id confessed completely. Now, he was giving me what I wanted. I should have been in the part already, not outside looking in, which is how I felt. Poodleblonde hair tousled up in a high ponytail. That cute little collar around my slender throat. Your choice, he said magnanimously. Whatever works for you. I thought about it for a moment. But he was giving me too much freedom of choice. My thoughts wandered. What type of canine was I most like? A fiery-tempered dalmatian? A sweet-natured retriever? A carefully clipped high-end bitch with a haughty little wiggle. My goldenblonde bangs fell dramatically over my forehead, and Justin sweetly pushed the lock out of my eyes so that he could clearly see my face. I dont think I can-- I said, even though I heard the barking sounds in my head. The rough, low growls of a purebred. Make me do this, I wanted to tell him. I cant do it on my own. You do it for me. Justin didnt say a word. Not one word. He simply waited. I closed my eyes and tried to obey. But I couldnt. Here it was. Just the scene Id begged him to give me. I was a bad doggy. I couldnt even bark for my master. Youve already got the collar on, he said, his blue eyes shining as he tricked one finger beneath the thin leather band around my throat, and you like wearing a leash when we go to S/M clubs, so whats the fucking problem? I didnt know. I just couldnt do it. I thought back to my high school days, when Id gone with friends to a rowdy after-school football game.

Everyone routed wildly for the team, screaming whenever we scored a point, but I simply mouthed the cheers, unable to join in the chorus of happy yells. Even today, I find it difficult to raise my voice in public, and sometimes waiters have a hard time hearing me when I place an order. A simple yip he tried next, climbing between my spread thighs and beginning to lick slowly up the inside of my legs. His ginger-red goatee tickled my skin in the most delicious manner. His tongue took tremulous, circuitous journeys on its way northward. Come on, Celia, he urged. Come on, little puppy. Wouldnt you do anything you could to turn me on, Celia? Justin always knows how to bring me pleasure -- pleasure that only comes from playing the most dangerous type of the bedroom games. Hes the one who turned me on to being tied down, the sole boyfriend who ever read the deep, dark wish in my gaze to be a submissive. Others pegged me for a sweet thing, a vanilla chicklet who wouldnt dare break a boundary. Not Justin. He raises the bar each time we fuck, and then he brings it right down on my naked hide, marking me as his own. Woof, I said, and I would have collapsed upon myself in helpless giggles if I wasnt so incredibly nervous. As it was, my body shook dramatically, but that might have been because Justin had reached my clit and was now centered on it with the full attention of his lips and tongue. He made slow, sloppy circles around and around, and I raised my hips up to meet his angelic mouth. Woof, woof, I tried. No, youre not into it, he critiqued, lifting up to look at me. I saw the shimmering gloss of my sex juices spread on his skin, shiny in the

light. You call yourself an actress? Ive never played an animal before. But youve played a whore. Youve played a coke-addict and a school teacher and an alien princess. All thats required of you is a little imagination. So whats the real problem? I didnt have an answer. You know what happens to naughty puppies, dont you? Justin said. Jesus, no, I didnt. But the way he spoke gave me an instant idea of how the night might wind up. I suddenly foresaw what lay in my immediate future. Embarrassment. Arousal. Pain and pleasure. My face pressed into my own filth. And all because I was being disobedient for my master. Bad doggy, Justin said, making a tsk-tsk sound with his tongue on the roof of his mouth. My heart did a flip-flop. My stomach clenched. I felt tears come to my eyes, because he knew. This is what I wanted. This is what Id asked him for. Such a bad little doggy-- he reached up to tug on the collar around my throat, emphasizing his words with each firm pull. Why was I suddenly so wet? Please, I murmured. Tell me what happens to naughty puppies. Try me, he said, keep pressing my limits and you might just find out. And now he rolled me over in the bed. I heard the metallic click as he attached a leash to the collar on my throat, and then he was pulling back on the leather, forcing me to lift my head high. The fine muscles in my back tightened as I arched up. I could see my reflection in the round, gilded mirror over our bed, could see Justin take his position

behind me. He was going to fuck me doggy-style. How appropriate was that? Head up, he insisted, and I worked even harder to keep my balance and stay tall and firm. Belly up, he said next, tapping his fingers along my stomach. I took a deep breath, feeling my body respond to his commands. Now, tail up, he said, a smile in his voice. Come on, Celia. Tail up-- I shifted my hips, raising an imaginary tail high into the air. Then I gave my hips a subtle swivel, as if wagging my tail back and forth. In my head I saw myself as best in show. Youre going to bark, he assured me now. As I fuck you, I want you to bark. Although I was getting into the mode of role-playing, I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks. This was beyond mortifying. How was I supposed to make a sound like a dog? Forget what Id told him. Forget what Id asked for, an image that Id spent years coming to. Forget it. All bets off. My brain couldnt compute. You understand, dont you, Celia? he murmured as he slid his hard, dreamy cock between my thighs. Hed gotten incredibly aroused simply from our bizarre conversation. That should have told me something. When I didnt answer, he pulled on the leash again, jerking my head up, and I nodded quickly. But that wasnt the type of response he was looking for. His hand came down hard on my rear, and I contracted instantly around his cock at the stinging sensation. Bark for me, baby, Justin insisted. Be a good doggy, just this once. I closed my eyes. Again, I tried to see the image in my mind. This is a

trick I do at any audition; picture myself in the role. Lose myself firmly so that the me that is Celia Martin dissolves, to be replaced with the character I am going for. But now my character was a dog. Could I go that route?As Id done before, I worked to get a feel for what type of mutt Id be. A mid-sized pup, I decided. Well-groomed. Well-cared for. With a low voice and a high spirit. A dog who would play Frisbee in the park. Who would chase the neighbors prissy white Persian cat up a tree. Who would bring the newspaper up to her master, but not release it upon request. A playful bitch, one that wasnt completely obedient -not out of disrespect, but out of sheer willfulness. Bark, Justin said, his cock driving hard, his hand slipping around my waist to find my clit. This was the missing link, the piece that I had needed to locate my center. It wasnt a woof, woof, this time. Not a bark, not a yip. I opened my eyes, met his gaze in the mirror, tossed my long turbulent mane of gold hair free from the ponytail holder and gave a deep growl. Every vibration of the sound was animalistic. There was no pretty tow-headed girlfriend in bed with Justin anymore. There was only a canine, a sultry bitch in heat. Thats it, Justin said, obviously surprised. He kept up the motion, his cock working steadily between my legs, but now he unfastened the leash and doubled it in his hand. Thats the girl, he continued, urging me on. My next attempt was more dog-like, an urgent, insistent barking sound. Justin rewarded me by fucking me harder and faster, his fingers plucking a melody out on my clit, taking me higher. And as I grew closer to climax, the barking continued. I couldnt believe it was me making these noises. But maybe it wasnt me. Maybe it was the pet that Id become. As I got louder, Justin took on his proper role as my

owner. Keep it down, girl, he said, a definite retraction of what hed ask me for before. The neighbors will complain. Theyll think we actually have a pet in here. It might actually get to the landlord. That only made me bark louder. I wanted to come. I wanted him to slam into me with everything he had. Bad doggy, he scowled, bringing the doubled-up leash against my ass. I whimpered at the punishing blow. Bad doggy, he said again, smacking the other haunch with the leash. He worked me seriously with the belt, striping my hide over and over. I could picture the instant berry-red welts against my pale skin, and I raised up to reach each blow. Discipline is the magic that holds me together. You listen to your owner. You be a good girl. But I wouldnt. I growled and yipped. I pretended there was a full yellow moon outside, and I threw back my head and howled. Other dogs in the neighborhood answered my wails and soon there was a cacophony of canine noises filling the air. Were going to have to have a few solid lessons in obedience training, Justin scolded me as he dropped the leash and gripped into my hips. A lot of long hours with your head on the floor at my feet, doing exactly what I say. Youre going to have to learn to lie down. To sit. To stay. Youre going to have to learn how to be a good puppy for me. Now, behave-- But no matter how serious his tone of voice, I wouldnt behave as he demanded. I continued to bark, my voice rising, and Justin pulled away from the bed, a frown marring his handsome features. While I watched, he reached for the newspaper on the nightstand and spread the paper

out on the floor. Then he glared at me. Down-- he said. I didnt move. He let the belt land on my ass several times in a row in the hardest strokes Id ever felt. Then he let up and gave me a second chance. Down, he said again, Now. Quickly, I started to move off the bed. Like a dog, he hissed through gritted teeth. So, like a dog, I moved on all fours off the bed to the paper-covered floor. This is your bed tonight. I gazed up at him, concerned, but he wouldnt say another word. Quietly, heart racing, I curled myself up at his feet. Justin gazed down at me, then nodded to himself and retreated to our bed. I heard the mattress moving as he jacked-off, but he didnt ask me to join him. My eyes on the window, I watched the moonlight. My pussy throbbed, but I didnt touch myself. I lay there, breathing softly, until I fell asleep. In the morning, I was surprised to find myself on the spread-out newsprint, surprised to see Justin with his leash in hand, standing at my side. I started to rise, and he put one hand on my shoulder, pushing me back down. With a firm gesture, he locked a leash onto my collar, then tugged me upright. Obedience school begins now, he said. My lips parted, but he shook his head.

Youll be punished, he assured me, for each infraction. Behave yourself, little doggy, if you know whats good for you. I followed after him on hands and knees as he led me from our bedroom down the hall until we reached the french doors leading to our plush backyard. You use the dirt out here, when you need to go, he said, showing me my spot, and when youre finished, you wait for me here. He pointed to a rattan matt hed set out on the wood porch. His eyes were on me, staring hard, and I realized suddenly that he was actually waiting for me to pee in the backyard. Most bizarre situation ever. I wouldnt do it. But he was waiting, and I had to go. I had to. What kept me from standing up and walking down the hall like a grown-up woman to our bathroom? I dont know. The look in his eyes. Maybe. The fact that Id confessed to him this very fantasy the night before. Probably. While Justin watched, I scampered off the porch to a square of dirt and squatted, pissing on the dark earth while he nodded his approval. When I came back to his side, he scratched the back of my head and led me back into our house. I thought he would fuck me. I thought he would give in to the game playing and just fuck me. Rocket inside me and let me transform back into myself. But he was serious about his obedience training, and with the leash still attached to my collar, he led me back to our room and positioned me in front of our mirrors. Down, he said, and I humbly fell to his feet. Now, sit, he commanded, and I easily obeyed. Good girl, he said, now go and fetch my slippers. I crawled to the closet and nudged the door open, then reached for his leather bedroom slippers with my hand.

With your mouth-- Justin demanded. I glanced over my shoulder at him, and saw that he wasnt kidding. I shook my head, and he was on me in an instant. You obey me when I give you an order, he said, and the leather leash was unbuckled from my collar, and I found myself on the receiving end of the ferociously stinging blows. I bent down, cowering, as the leash found my bare ass again and again, and I realized just how much I desired the pain he rained down on me. Again, he said. We try again. But I wouldnt put my mouth on those shoes, so he hauled me back in place for a second brutal encounter with the flailing leather strip of that leash. My ass was on fire. My thighs burning up. Each stripe of the belt made me more of his obedient pet and less of his girlfriend. Behave-- he hissed, and as something seemed to tear inside me, I lowered my head and took one slipper and then the other into my mouth, making two trips to bring my master his shoes. The quality of my surrender made Justin harder than steel. He lifted me onto the bed and took me again, on all fours, exactly as I deserved to be fucked. My pussy was dripping wet; I was as turned on as Id ever been in my life. Justins cock drove inside of me with ease, and I saw myself as exactly who I was -- who Id always wanted to be. His pet. His puppy dog. Subservient to my master. I looked into the mirror again and saw Justin reaching his limits. He lowered his head as the climax built within him, and he continued to fuck me just as hard as I needed it. Right at his peak, he touched my clit, just touched it, and I came with him, the explosions ricocheting back and forth between us. He fell onto the bed and I curled up next to him, licking his lips with my tongue, kissing his face all over. I was still hungry, worked-up, and I

moved down his body until my mouth was poised over his cock. I started slowly, licking the tip, then moving in a line all the way down to lick my sticky juices off his cock. Nuzzling my face against him, I lapped at his slippery pole. Then I took him into my mouth and felt his rod grow quickly hard again. I didnt speak, didnt make any noise at all. I was still his pet, but now I was his humble, subservient pet, and I worked as hard as I could to let him know how pleased I was. He knew. Good doggy, Justin grinned as I sucked him. He petted my long hair as my mouth took him in. Oh, Celia, you know you can be such a good fucking doggy when you try.

Chapter 7 Get Motivated

Now, just get in the role and do it! Um, right. For many people trying role play for the first (or second, sometimes third) time, "just doing it" is the hardest part. Being an erotic actor will seem daunting, but all it takes is a little bravery, courage and hot hot lust to get your role on, let go, and see where it takes you. If you really want to try it, you'll push past any "stage fright" and let lust and passion lead you into (and through) your role play scenes. If you're interested in role play with someone you're attracted to, and the scenario turns you on, getting into the part is the step that may seem the most daunting. Costumes, accessories and setting up a room to reflect the scene help a lot by putting you in the right atmosphere -- sometimes this can be done easily with a single prop, such as a stethoscope, whip, knife, handcuffs, panties, collar or dog bowl. Woof. You're going to be nervous no matter what, and some of us are nervous every single time -- though it gets easier, I promise. I find it's easier if I base my actions and reactions out of my nervousness. If you react based on your butterflies, does that make you even more eager to please, or will you use it to overcompensate with your stern demeanor? Take a minute to give your role some thought: something in the role attracted you, so on some level playing it for them turns you on. Clearly, something in that role resonates inside you. What is it? How does your role express itself: sweet, shy, tough, cold, nervous (easy!), excited, mean, horny, sassy, selfish, frightened, angry, demure? A cold fish on the outside and a sizzling sexpot underneath,

or a nervous newcomer who only wants to please? Give yourself room to have several feelings at once, mingling your real-life feelings with your character's expression. Think about your motivation in the scene to get you started, and let that motivation lead you through the stage fright. Roles tend to break down into two general categories: If you're in a more active role, you'll want to get or obtain something sexual from your lover, and if in the receptive role, you'll be reacting to your partner's innuendo, sexual dominance or advances. Whatever from your role takes, let erotic desire be your primary motivating factor, and nerves spurn you into action. Motivation is why you're there, whether you're playing yourself or a conquering queen from another galaxy. Your main goal is always to turn on your lover and yourself, and for you both to have a great time getting off in a new, exciting way. But the role or character you play also has their own motivations. This motive will be primarily sexual, though sexually different than the role or persona you're used to being with this person (though not likely too different than you'd like to be). So for instance, if you've been asked to be a teacher who spanks the schoolboy, and you dont normally spank your boyfriend in your sexual routines, you probably find that when in the situation (or once you put on your teacher outfit) you'll discover that part of your gets an erotic charge out of erotically dominating your boyfriend. If you're still feeling uncertain but are still willing to play along with the sexual fun and games, you can tap into your eagerness to serve up your lover's number one sexual fantasy on a silver platter. Give him what he wants because you know how much it means to him, and how much it turns him on.

Don't stress about feeling foolish later or acting in a way that is really different than how you usually are. There's nothing wrong with allowing yourself to really get into it, especially if you find it makes sex exciting. Don't worry about feeling silly, either. If you feel like a dork, laugh it up -- and then get down to some serious business having fun, feeling goofy and getting off all at once. If you're worried about your performance, or anything else, remember that the role-play scenario is one momentary, fun thing you're trying, and a little experimentation is just something different, not a commitment. Before you begin, do whatever you need to get into it; read erotica, watch porn, play music, dress in costume, masturbate. Think of fantasies that turn you on, because it's extremely helpful to "make your entrance" into your role-play scene when you're already aroused. Masturbating a little or touching yourself erotically before the scene begins will turn you on and take the edge off of any fear you might be holding onto, and it gives you excellent motivation. If that's going a bit too far, try a simple prop that adds realism to your scene. You'll be surprised at how confident you are as a librarian when you have a stack of books to put away. Props Props and costumes, whether simple or fantastic, are a major part of the fun and erotic excitement of role play. In fact, many people come to the idea of role play just so they can use a fun outfit, item or sex toy they own. For special outfits you'll want to scope out your local costume shops or save up money and wait for Halloween to roll around, stocking up on costumes and accessories. Uniform, medical and army supply stores will sell to the public if you want realism, and stripper and drag queen stores can be found in most major cities if realism (or outrageousness) sounds sexy.

Get creative. Make your own costumes and props; get ideas from movies and books. Fabric, art and craft stores are gold mines for goods -- a few draped pieces of red and purple fabric can turn your bedroom into a pirate ship. Thrift stores have sheets, towels and other items on the cheap, and with a handful of red towels you can recreate a red carpet awards show, and white sheets make excellent morgue sets. Role-Play Party Favors Dress up your scene (and yourself) with all the right trimmings -outfits, props and a decadent to-do list for your role! Roles: Boss, Secretary Style: Impeccable dress, corporate drag. He wears a suit and tie with a briefcase. You'll wear slacks, a skirt, dressy shoes (nothing too slutty unless you want trouble) white shirt, tie, glasses, hair in neat presentation, clean-shaven, slight makeup, and no underwear are all recommended. Glasses are a nice touch, as are garters and stockings. Gear: Briefcase, glasses, pens, post-its, desk, notepads, laptop, iPhone. A steno pad and pencil are good props, as are resumes, briefcases and freshly typed letters full of typos in need of a boss' approval. What to do: Can be a job interview or office work scenario. Secretaries may be desperate for a job, can be the office slut, the new girl around here, trying to please the boss (or just do her job), or simply enjoy the view from beneath the desk. Secretaries also answer phones, take dictation, work late hours, and are willing to do "anything" to get the job. When interviewing, a boss needs to know what the applicant is capable of, and sexual favors in exchange for the job work well. Bosses like to have secretaries take dictation while letting their hands wander, spank bad receptionists for improper dress or attitude

with clients, blackmail workers for sex, and search employees for stolen post-its, pens, or check for appropriate undergarments. Roles: Cheerleader, Football Captain Style: High school uniforms -- from mothballs, an authentic online resource, thrift store, Halloween store or stripper outlet. Gear: Cheerleaders have short skirts, pom-poms, pig- or ponytails, little white socks; football players have jerseys or letterman jackets, helmets. What to do: Cheerleaders can be sexually inexperienced, very experienced, looking for a ride home, observed dressing in the locker room; they can shower with other cheerleaders, get fondled under the bleachers and in the backseat of a car after the big game. Football players are bad boys seeing how far they can get, nervous virgins, or might be frisky in the locker room; they often get caught masturbating in the shower or are forcibly taken by a cheerleader. Role: Doctor, Nurse Style: Classic doctors and nurses wear white uniforms, unless they're in those sexy green surgeon's scrubs. Gear: They have stethoscopes, gloves, tongue depressors, glasses, a clipboard, or various sexual examination tools including lubricant. White sheets and paper gowns for patients are optional. What to do: A butt plug can easily be your rectal thermometer. You can examine patients, take notes, ask questions both proper and inappropriate, test sexual response, give sponge baths and take samples. Role: Patient Style: Patients for medical personnel may dress as usual and appear

to have nothing wrong, have torn clothing, or may opt for bandages that need changing, fake cuts and bruises, makeshift dressings. Gear: Patients in hospital scenarios will want to wear a hospital gown. What to do: Of course, your ailment is probably sexual, and you may require relief treatment, or treatment suited to relieve your attendant. Then again, medical care is expensive and you may want to settle your bill on the spot. Role: Hero, Firefighter Style: Firefighters wear uniforms, while heroes are ordinary citizens who romantically save you when you're in danger, and wear regular clothes. Action heroes wear sexy tight black outfits, torn shirts, and straps and holsters for weapons. He can always opt for a tuxedo, with you in an evening gown. Gear: Easy-to-lift objects to save you from, imaginary foes to escape or defeat. What to do: They are fearless and strong, so they lift large objects (be careful), carry victims to safety, and lovingly take care of those they save with massage, medical treatment, bathing and sensuous sex. Conversely, heroes may find the sexual attraction so intense that once they rescue you, both of you rip each other's clothes off. Role: Human Animal; Dog, Pony, Pet Style: You can decide to dress in your regular clothing, a costume, or nothing at all. In reality, animals wear their birthday suits at all times, though you might like a furry coat, ears, a tail, and socks for "paws" or shoes for "hooves." Gear: Many animals require collars and some leashes, though others such as ponies may be in need of bridles, saddles (or simply blankets, as pony gear is expensive), horsehair butt plugs, and a riding crop. What to do: Animals can be trained, reprimanded, punished for not

going on the paper, made to drink from bowls on the floor, petted and played with, groomed and washed, and fed treats. They can behave well or badly, scratching and biting, being affectionate and licking, rolling around, humping furniture and legs, or people! Role: Military; generals, corporals, privates, Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces, Marines Style: Uniforms! Outfits for military fantasies are easy to put together from online Halloween stores (year-round) and military supply stores. Gear: A trip to a military supply store can have you set for turning your bedroom into boot camp by nightfall -- get hats, belts, canteens, pouches, straps, holsters and gear boxes. What to do: With military scenarios you can play boot camp, go on dangerous missions, give or take orders, save each other from danger, break the rules after "lights out," train new recruits, seduce civilians, take prisoners, or any other fantasy that would get actual service people in a lot of trouble. Role: Sex Slave, Owner Style: Harem girls wear diaphanous veils and no shoes, with kohlrimmed eyes. Harem owners have comfortable clothes and jewels, and a head-wrap. Traditional slaves wear very little other than a leather collar and cuffs, and perhaps underwear. Their owners dress any way they want to, from everyday clothes to menacing leather outfits. Gear: Leashes, collars, whips, chains, ropes, equipment for foot washing and body worship. What to do: Harem girls (and boys) can be captured, chased and purchased. After that, they will need to be cleaned up and taught the ways to service their master, or unruly sex slaves will need to be "broken in."

Roles: Pimp; Prostitute, Sex Worker, John, Client Style: Pimps have money and style, though it's an exaggerated style that often becomes a campy costuming experience; big hats, gold chains, big rings, flashy suits, use your imagination. Prostitutes, highclass call girls, strippers and erotic masseuses can dress in a variety of sexy outfits, from trashy to classy, and especially clothing that is revealing. Johns, or sex worker clients will dress as themselves (a twist is an undercover cop). Gear: Streetwalkers will go for wigs, short skirts, no underwear, heavy makeup, high heels, and a small purse with condoms in it. Strippers and masseuses can wear less, opting for lingerie, wigs and heels; straps make a good place to put tips. Sex workers will want to have lube. Undercover cops only need a "badge," and clients need money. What to do: Pimps or hustlers can be of either gender, and their sexual chattel can be women, men, trannies or anyone the pimp fancies. They persuade their moneymaking staff with sex, coercion and of course, by "breaking them in." They can be rough, gentle and smooth, and this scenario works especially well with opposite roles such as "innocent" street urchins, but can be twice as fun opposite police officer roles. All sex workers will do their best to please the client in any way possible. Tell the client your menu of activities and charges, and your limits, then go beyond for that "special" customer. Role: Police Style: Officers are clad in dark blue uniforms with shiny badges, leather belts and polished shoes. Detectives wear suits, and undercovers wear street clothes (but always shoes that are comfortable to walk in). Gear: Mirrored shades, utility belts, handcuffs, nightsticks, clipboards and hats (fake guns are for indoor play only). A badge is essential. What to do: Officers can stop suspects, ask tough questions, become

suspicious about alibis, investigate, interrogate, frisk and search, cuff and rough up, intimidate, threaten and demand sexual favors. Roles: Burglar, Biker, Outlaw, Thug Style: Outfits include tight, form-fitting all-black cat suits with masks, gloves and boots to "thug" attire, biker leathers (vests, chaps, sunglasses, bandanas, fake tattoos), stockings over the face, or anything that screams "Blackwater." Gear: Burglars, criminals and thieves have sacks of loot and rope (for climbing or binding), bikers have bikes or cans of beer. What to do: Thieves can sneak up from behind or hide in the bedroom, ride into town on loud bikes and "take" what they want, or can be caught in the act of stealing or being bad. They may trade sex for freedom, may take sexual favors as easily as a precious jewel, put you over their bike and have their way with you, or just make great anonymous lovers in darkened rooms, alleys or rooftops. Roles: Clergy Style: Outfits for priests, nuns and Cardinals are best obtained at Halloween, or year-round online Halloween stores. Robes, robes, robes. And wimples! Gear: Robes, incense, a book, wine, wafers, confessional, chambers. What to do: Proper or debauched, they might hear confessions, force a few Hail Mary's out of you, administer spankings, help one find the proper position for worship, lose their virginity, flagellate themselves or others for impure thoughts, or seek other priests/nuns for sexual solace. Roles: Repairman, Deliveryman, housewife (or househusband) Style: Delivery personnel will want brown shirts and shorts, or navy

blue shorts and a crisp white shirt, and a matching hat. Repair people will need work clothes, a badge or patch bearing someone's name, and plenty of tools. Those answering the door can be in regular clothes, sexy underwear, or wrapped in a towel fresh from an interrupted shower. Gear: Clipboard, parcel wrenches, lube, sex toys. What to do: Service people can invite themselves in, deliver a package, be seduced by horny housewives (or househusbands), make advances, demand sexual favors as payment, or be caught masturbating in the bathroom. Roles: Famous Person, groupie Style: Wear something casually glamorous, like leather pants and a trendy shirt. Try to dress like the rock star (or famous actor) your lover finds sexy. If an actor, wear a particular outfit of theirs from a movie or TV show. Gear: Backstage pass, fellatio skills. What to do: Famous people can be sexual users, aggressive seducers, be swept off their feet by gorgeous fans or might even stay in stage character, or play around with their TV or big screen personas. Roles: Teacher, Schoolgirl, schoolboy Style: Teachers dress properly in adult attire such a suit and tie, governess costume, nun outfit, gym teacher attire, or even a janitor's uniform. Adult school kids will wear uniforms such as plaid Catholic skirts and white shirts with ties, or youthful outfits. Gear: Teachers need chalk, blackboards, pens, clipboards, assignments, a janitor's closet and brooms, locker room showers to frolic in, paddles, rulers, or dunce caps. Accessories for students might be apples, pens and pencils, binders, glasses -- or things they're not supposed to have like notes passed in class, cigarettes, condoms,

porn, lipstick, a lack of underwear, alcohol. What to do: Teachers punish, get seduced by students, take advantage of situations, extract favors for grades, give impossible assignments, give rides home from school, or grill students about their sexual experiences. Students are late for class, always in trouble for something, caught doing something bad -- but they usually get spanked, and more. Students might play opposite teachers and principals, but can also interact with roles such as nuns, older people outside school, babysitters, stepparents, older boy- or girlfriends. Roles: Pornographer, model Style: Sleazy with chains, open shirts, polyester slacks, white shoes, sunglasses and comb-overs. Models can be slutty or innocent in dress, in short skirts or prim dresses. Gear: Cameras, both still and digital, and if your budget allows, Polaroids and video cameras so that you'll both have naughty keepsakes from the experience. What to do: A pornographer's motivation is to convince their subjects to remove clothes and perform sexually for the camera. Models are enthusiastic or reluctant, perhaps desperate for money. This scenario is excellent for couples that want to experiment with erotic photography or making their own dirty movies.

Chapter 8 Scenarios

If you have the desire to role play and feel excited by the suggestions so far in this book, but just can't get your party started, then you need to have it all spelled out for you. Sometimes all a couple needs is a pleasure map and some concrete directions to get form point A to point G-spot (or P-spot). Don't despair -- a complete role play script is just what the doctor, or blogger, ordered. With the tips and scripts in this chapter, you'll be a happy officer, nurse or alien space hooker in no time. Here are the most popular role-playing fantasies and every detail to make them happen. Just add yourself, and instant scenario! Dish of the Day: Sex With a Stranger What's Hot: You are. Pretending to not know each other, or meet each other for the first time is thrilling -- and it's far from your usual encounters and regular sexual routines. Plus, you get to re-explore each other's bodies as if for the very first time. Possible Roles: Playing yourself in this role is always exciting. It's like you're meeting and having a one night stand with your lover. Being someone slightly different than yourself (or themself) adds an edge of unpredictability to the meeting. Also good for call girl/hooker roles, detectives and undercover officers, service, delivery and repair people. Locations: Any room of the house can be a meeting place, especially for repair and deliveries. You can also meet your stranger in a bar, caf, restaurant or hotel lobby or room. Prep Work: Decide the location well ahead of time. If you choose a public meeting place, choose one you know well, or pick a new place, but be sure to scout it out first. Make hotel room reservations if needed; don't leave that to chance.

The Invitation: Plan this ahead, and let them know you want to have a sex date a few days in advance. Tell them (or send in an email) the time, date and place that you want to meet -- and that you're meeting for "the first time." If they're game, leave a note the day before with a hint and a hotel room key, such as a note saying, "Meet you in the lobby at seven, sir. I hope your business trip is going well. I am excited to meet you." Or, "I have a friend meeting you at the caf at eight." What to Wear: Dress as your role, as yourself, but as though you were going on the prowl for a one-nighter. If you're a sex worker, decide if you're a streetwalker or high-class. Games to Get Started: You see them from across the room, and smile. Flirt with them like you would a stranger -- a stranger you want to seduce. If they act shy, be aggressive and buy them a drink. If he or she doesn't get it right away in person, prompt them by asking, "Do I know you? I mean, I'd like to" What to Do: Flirt, flirt hard. Or, play hard to get, and make them work for it. Party Favors: Carry lube and a small sex toy in your purse, like a minivibrator. Dish of the Day: Exhibitionism What's Hot: Every move you make. You get to be the complete center of their attention and number-one sex object. You're in control, and you call the shots. Possible Roles: Stripper, exotic dancer, lap dancer, peep show performer, sex instructor, sex toy demonstrator. Locations: At home or in a hotel room. A bedroom, dining room, living room. Prep Work: Do a little research before to decide what you want to be doing. If it's erotic dancing, learn a few moves or watch a video to see what real dancers do. Pick some music and practice a few steps. Remember that your goal is to slowly remove your clothes, and the

end will be sex, so you dont have to go overboard with a complicated routine. If a sex toy show or peep scenario, assemble your toys ahead of time and decide what order you'll use them. Designate a performance area, and get colored light bulbs. The Invitation: A written or verbal invitation to an evening of erotic performance is all you need. Give them a date, time and place. What to Wear: Something sexy! If you're taking it off, give yourself a few layers to go through (but not like winter layers, silly). Always have on sexy undergarments. Decide before you begin if you'll keep your super-sexy bottom layer on or off when you have sex. Games to Get Started: Set up your stage area before they arrive, an open space where they can see you dance or masturbate with toys, and a chair for them to sit in. They could let themselves in and follow your trail of sexy notes leading to the performance area. Or, you can greet them at the door, take thier coat, and get them comfortable in the designated chair. Explain that they have to stay seated unless you say so, and has to keep their hands to themselves, unless you say so. What to Do: Cue the music, and start the show. Dancing or playing with toys, go very, very slow. Make thier eyes follow your hands, slowly teasing. Move, dance, undress, grind, get closer, and then move away. Repeat. Go through your songs and peel it off, or show them in detail how every toy works, and how you get off. If dancing, finish in thier lap, and go as far as you want. Party Favors: An item of your intimate clothing as thier souvenir. Dish of the Day: Forced Sex and Sexual Punishment What's Hot: Every inch of you. You get to surrender control in a completely safe scenario, and you get to fulfill any fantasies of being sexually "used." Can be a great breakthrough for couples to release inhibitions, and makes you feel like the most desirable person on Earth. In this scenario, you're so hot (and so naughty) they lose, or give up, control.

Possible Roles: Strangers, slave and slave owner, criminal or outlaw and damsel in distress, police and perpetrator or innocent, pimp and sex worker. Locations: Home. Be aware of making noise, as a struggle always attracts attention, and no one wants to get in trouble of have to explain their shared adult fantasies to real authority figures. Prep Work: Make sure you both know what's going to happen, and establish any limits. Decide if it's a sexual force scene, a punishment scene, or both. If you dont want your head held down during oral sex, say so before you begin -- and if you do, say so, too. Make sure that if your desired punishment is spanking, your lover is fully aware that this is the main event in the scene for you. This scenario is hot but can be intense if you dont get your details worked out. Make sure no one will come home and interrupt you, and that you've closed your windows. The Invitation: Tell your lover, in person, on the phone or via email, that you want them to make you do something. This is one fantasy you have to ask for directly, and clearly -- be brave. Let them know outright if you're going to fight or struggle, and that it's what you want. Tell them that if you want them to stop, you'll say a safe word like "red" or if you want them to ease up, you'll say "yellow." What to Wear: Disposable clothing, such as a dress or shirt you dont mind having ripped or cut open, and undies that can be torn off. Games to Get Started: Give your lover a hug, and a kiss, and then try to pull away. If they don't take the bait, do it again. Say, "I bet you want more, but you'll have to catch me first!" What to Do: Try to get away, or run around the bed or couch, always running back into your lover. You want it to be fun, but not impossible to take you down. When you both get horizontal, try to squirm away periodically to make them have to work to keep you in place. Party Favors: Punishment implements, if desired, such as hairbrush or paddle. If you're really naughty, handcuffs. They gets to keep your torn undies. They earned it!

Dish of the Day: Sexual Power What's Hot: As His Sex Queen, you decide what's hot. Having absolute sexual control, or even just taking the upper hand in sex, is one of the hottest things you can do. He's at your whim -- you can make him do anything in bed that you want or desire, and he's in the thrilling role of only being able to guess what comes next. The erotic tension shatters any sexual routines you might have. Possible Roles: You can be in any control role (see chapter 3), and fun suggestions are dominatrix, sexual therapist, nurse, schoolteacher, bossy babe such as cheerleader, or authority figure such as officer or boss. He can just be himself, or any other role complimentary to yours that turns you both on. Locations: Home or public sex club. Deck your locale out to fit the theme (see chapter 5 for ideas). Prep Work: Get your costume together and try it on at least once before your scene. Try to decide on a comfortable outfit, because it's a distraction to not be able to bend or breathe in a corset when you're commanding him to service you. If it's restrictive, make sure you can move and do the things you'd like, such as give an exam, make an arrest or wield a whip. The Invitation: If you know he's dying to have you take control, then it's perfectly okay to surprise him with this scene -- if not, then give him fair warning. Sweetly say, "I'd love to be in charge. Tonight." Or, send him an email or text message with a time and place for a sex date where you're in control. What to Wear: Unless your role play calls for a uniform, dress in authoritative black, or business attire. Even though they dont make you very agile, high black boots and a corset just scream sexual power to anyone in the room. Games to Get Started: Make an entrance, or call him in when youre ready. Stand authoritatively (even if you feel silly), and tell him to remove an article of his clothing, to make him feel more vulnerable.

You can always start by telling him he's been very bad and now has to do what you say -- pay the sexual price. If he plays along, ask him how he's been naughty and let him entrap himself. What to Do: Tell him where to stand, sit, kneel or lay down. Move him physically, if you like. Tell him what you want him to do to make you aroused; kiss you, lick your breasts, perform oral sex. Make him watch you please yourself. Tell him exactly what to do every step of the way, to get you off. Party Favors: A blindfold takes the visual pressure off you and makes him a bit helpless. Rope or cuffs make him only able to use his mouth. A riding crop can menace and not be used, or can physically remind him to pay attention. Dish of the Day: Youth What's Hot: Your youthful inexperience -- or your vast sexual knowledge as an older persona. This scenario allows for either of you to "teach" the other about sex, coerce, or be curious about each other's bodies. It's also a vehicle for fantasies about reliving past sexual experiences. Possible Roles: Youth and frisky babysitter, high school sweethearts, schoolgirl and teacher roles, Lolita fantasies, locker room scenes. Locations: No public locations if in costume or speaking in role; only play this scenario private places around the home. Recreate a schoolroom (see chapter 5), or location that your memory took place, like converting your living room into the old den at your parents' house. Prep Work: Mine your past for any unfulfilled sexual fantasies from your youth, and explain them to your sweetie. Find out thiers, too. No surprise scenes here, unless it's a basic schoolgirl outfit worn during sex. Then, set a time and place. The Invitation: Make a predetermined play date if this is a new scenario, or an invitation of any kind, for learning "back to school basics."

What to Wear: Any outfit appropriate to the ages you're playing. Tennis shoes, school uniforms, even retro outfits work great. Games to Get Started: Sassy schoolgirls are late to class, and can stroll in anytime they want. Proudly say, "I can come to class anytime I want!" and see show far that gets you. You can also ask the older person if you look different "down there" from each other. Remember those "truth or dare" games? What to Do: Feign sexual inexperience, or take the lead and show your lover what you know (whether you're playing as older, or younger). Party Favors: Youthful roles can have things they shouldn't from the adult world that they covet, like lipstick, alcohol, cigarettes and their older brother's dirty magazines. This sparks interaction, or gets you in trouble. Dish of the Day: Gender Swap What's Hot: Having sex like he does, or seeing him sexually confident in lipstick. You get to literally wear the pants or the panties, see what it feels like to be in opposite gender clothes. Possible Roles: You can be each other, or adopt different personalities altogether. Model alternates on celebrities, roles they play, or icons like "slutty girl" or "tough guy." Also roles that traditionally personify gender stereotypes, such as prostitute, male gigolo, construction worker, nurse, doctor, maid, cop, biker, etc. Locations: Unless you're going to a costume party, or can "pass" as the other gender, it's best to stay at home. Create any scenario that heightens your play, such as a mock "arrest," or turn your bathroom into an imaginary gay bathhouse or department store makeup counter. You can also simply sit on the bed in front of the closet and try on clothes for each other. A mirror, whether in the bathroom for prep, or next to the bed for sex, is essential. Prep Work: Think about what the highlight is for each of you. If it's

lipstick for him, get a few cheap tubes to play with. If it's panties he wants to wear, let him stretch out ones you dont love. When you want to wear a strap-on, purchase one ahead of time and try it on first. Will you have sex with your outfits on? If so, decide what part of your outfit stays on. The Invitation: Make a date, unless you know he wants to be greeted at the door by a sexy "guy," or yearns to play this way. In this case, you can set the lipstick tubes and a mirror by the bed. What to Wear: What turns you on about the opposite sex? See chapter 3 for a complete list of suggestions. Games to Get Started: When creating a scene, decide if you're going to make an entrance, or get dressed together -- and undress together, or not. Start by making a sexy comment on the difference, either yours or his. If you're in a strap-on, ask, "Do you like my bulge? Want to touch it?" If he's in panties, tell him how sexy the material looks across his ass, and bulge. If he's in a female role, tell him how you love his big, sexy clit. What to Do: Try on new items, compare bulges, and give makeup lessons. Pick each other up as strangers; seduce, flirt, or coerce into sex. Gender play can also be a sexual "punishment," where one partner is mock-forced into drag. Also, one of you can be "caught" trying on lipstick, boxer shorts, or anything else that sounds fun. Party Favors: This is a prop-heavy role-playing scenario, but dont forget that the whole point of this is hot sex! Have lube and sex toys handy. Dish of the Day: Animal Sex What's Hot: Being something completely different than yourself, being pampered, surrendering control or responsibility, ritualized transformation, being completely taken care of, trained, and touched. It's fun to pretend that you can't talk or move like a human. Possible Roles: Puppy, kitten, cat, dog, pony, fox, tiger, fantasy

creature. You can be animals together, or one of you can be a human trainer or caretaker. Locations: Make your home into a training center; your bathroom into a grooming station. Some S/M sex clubs will have places you can play this way, but you do not need to be "into" S/M to have fun with these roles. Prep Work: Make over your space (see chapter 5 for tips), and get any gear you need before your scene. Pick up leashes and collars, toys, water bowls, bridles, blankets, grooming supplies. Make a list of what you plan on doing with your "puppy" or what you'd like to have happen as a "pony." The Invitation: This isn't a scene for surprises! Talk about it first. Send your sweetie a note that you'd like to visit the stable, and have them set a date and time. What to Wear: You can decide to dress in your regular clothing, a costume, or nothing at all. You might like a furry coat, ears, a tail, and socks for "paws" or shoes for "hooves." Games to Get Started: It's easiest if the human role takes the lead and starts telling the "animal" it's a "good dog" or some other form of open acknowledgement that the scene has begun. Or, the animal can start by misbehaving, nudging for a snack, making animal noises, growling, or biting. What to Do: You can train, punish, drink from bowls on the floor, pet and play, groom and wash, and eat treats or food from a bowl. Human animals can behave badly, scratching and biting, humping legs and furniture; or they can be affectionate and lick, roll around. Party Favors: Lube for special training, or tasty treats to put on areas you want the animal to lick.

Chapter 9: Erotica The Rules of the Game by Thomas Roche

I see you across the lobby, and you look incredible. Youre wearing a little electric-blue dress that Ive never seen you wear before -- its so tight and short and low-cut that you look like a high-class callgirl. The black bolero jacket doesnt diminish that impression -- its equally tight, accenting the swell of your full breasts in the snug, low-cut dress. You make such a fetching hooker that I almost guess the rules of the game, but you keep me duped for another few moments as I watch you sauntering toward me, a knowing smile on your full, red-painted lips. Youve got a little string of pearls on, not to mention a pair of black sheer stockings and high-heeled shoes. I understand -- or, rather, I think I understand -- why you asked me here, dressed up in an Armani suit and carrying a roll of hundred-dollar bills, to the lobby of the citys best hotel at 10:00 on a Tuesday night. A late dinner in the hotel restaurant, perhaps -- which has been getting rave reviews lately from the local papers -- and then a booty call in a hotel suite. The idea intrigues me, though I might have been just as happy to meet you in your apartment, where of late Ive had the best sex of my life. Thinking about that, I can feel my cock stirring in my pants, already, before you even take the barstool next to me. This seat taken? you ask, once youre situated comfortably. No, I say, smiling. Im about to say Hi and hug you, call you by your name. But before I can, you speak. Im Simone, you tell me, putting out your hand for me to either shake

it or kiss it. Im taken aback at first: Thats not your name at all. Not a middle name, nickname or alias -- at least, not that I know of. Then it hits me -- what youre doing, you naughty little thing. Pleased to meet you, ah, Simone, I tell you. I take your hand and kiss it. Im....Mike. "Nice to meet you, Mike. Your lips curve around the word with contempt, telling me that you would know it was an alias even if we hadnt been sleeping together for months. In town for the convention? I have to grope for the response, because its just then that Ive realized youre not wearing your usual scent -- instead, its something expensive but tawdry, suggestive and inviting. Yeah, I say nervously. Im in town for the convention. My head spins as I breathe in your scent, excited by the game youre playing. As you shift on the barstool, I see your short dress riding up slightly, and I notice youve got garters attached to your lace-top stockings. I find myself wondering what else youre wearing under that tiny dress. What can I get you? asks the bartender, a pert college-age girl wearing a white tuxedo shirt. You look at me, raise your eyebrows. Can I buy you a drink? I blurt nervously. A charming, gracious smile crosses your face. Id love that. Ill have a cosmopolitan. Of course you will, I think, and I order another Johnnie Walker Black, neat. Youve never ordered a cosmopolitan since Ive known you, but

what else would a high-class whore order? I love the taste of Scotch, you say. Its so sexy on a mans lips. I swallow nervously. This should be easy, smooth -- after all, its no surprise that youve seduced me into another erotic adventure. But I find my breath coming tight in my chest, my heart pounding as if you were really a stranger. Is it the scent? The clothes? Or the lascivious way youre looking at me, telling me that Im nothing more than prey for you to run down, capture, and devour? Do you work around here? I ask. You could say that, you smile. The bartender brings the drinks, and without missing a beat I pay for them and tip her with a five-dollar bill. She thanks me warmly and gives both of us a disapproving look -- but her eyes linger longer on you, the whore of babylon turning this expensive hotel into a two-bit bordello. I drink half the Scotch while you sip gingerly at your cosmo. Thats a very nice suit youre wearing, you tell me. Your wife must help you shop. I laugh uncomfortably, and only half of it is an act. Girlfriend? Well, I say. Ive got a girlfriend. No kidding, you say, your lips toying with the cocktail straw. I guess thats not a surprise with a guy like you. You know what they say.

What do they say? I gulp the rest of the Scotch and the bartender refills it without asking. All the good ones are taken. Your girlfriends obviously a very lucky lady, Mike. Been together long? Almost a year, I say. Then I smile. Shes great, but she could be a little more adventurous. I see your eyes narrow, and I know that with that simple statement Ive changed the rules of the game, hooking you with the promise of forbidden knowledge -- however counterfeit -- and reeling you in before you even know it. But you remain cool, playing it to the hilt. Adventurous, Mike? You bed. Oh, you say, sipping at your drink. Sexually adventurous. Thats right, I say. I hope I havent shocked you. You giggle, your lips pursing as you stare at me. Oh, no, Mike, you sigh. I doubt anything you could say would shock me. Oh, thats a relief, I say. Well, Im sure all sexually potent men such as yourself have some things their wives or girlfriends wont do.For instance, its a well-known

fact that most men need a good hard spanking, isnt it? Is it? Yes, you say, pursing your lips. A really good hard one. Especially when theyre being smart-asses, which certain men do with great regularity. Is that so? Uh-huh. Your tongue teases the cocktail straw, your eyes undressing me over the rim of the glass. The bartender is frowning at us. Another cosmo, Maam? Please, I say. Allow me. Of course. Thank you. You smile at the bartender, and blow her a kiss. She reddens and looks away. So what naughty things do you really want, Mike? You arent fooling me with that comment about the chandeliers. I bet theres something really dirty that youre just dying to try, isnt there? Well, I say. There isnt really anything.... Oh, come now. Something you wouldnt dare ask your wife? I mean girlfriend? Girlfriend, I say. Something you think shed never do?

Well, I say. Come on, you say. Im a total stranger. You can admit everything to me, and no one will ever know. And dont tell me its something like oral sex -- Im sure your girlfriend knows how to provide on that count. Oh yes, I say quickly. Shes....shes incredible. Really, you smile. She gives good head? I glance around surreptitiously, making sure no one can hear. In-fucking-credible, I say. She gives the best head Ive ever had. You giggle. You should never tell that to a woman youve just met, Mike. She might take it as a challenge. No kidding. Come on, you say teasingly. Youre changing the subject. True confessions time. Our eyes meet, and for an instant its almost like I dont know you, like this complex game were playing has opened up a new woman inside you. Are you faithful, Mike? To my girlfriend? Of course. Oh, absolutely, I say.

Because thats what I fantasize about, you say softly, leaning even closer to make sure no one can hear. Finding a man such as yourself, a really....good looking, sexy man, successful... Um, thanks, I say, reddening. A man who would never, ever think about cheating on his girlfriend; a man whos totally, completely trustworthy. And making him go mad with lust, so mad that he cant control himself, that he betrays his girlfriend without even thinking about it. I stare into your eyes, my heart pounding. Dont you think that would be sexy, Mike? I...I dont know. Dont you think it would be sexy to totally lose everything, lose all hope of being the man you want to be, and just totally give yourself over to some slut in a hotel room? Some woman youve never met before? Now Im breathing hard, and when I down the last of my Scotch the bartender doesnt refill it. Shes over on the far end of the bar, polishing glasses and scowling at us. Yes, I say, leaning close and putting my hand in the small of your back. I guess that would be sexy. You sigh, pulling away and reaching back to gently push my hand away. Of course, its just a fantasy, you say, and tip your empty glass to the bartender. She doesnt look happy at all about getting you

another drink, but she sets us both up and I toss a Jackson on the bar. She ignores it. Just a fantasy, you say sadly, your tongue toying with the rim of your glass. It doesnt have to be, I say. You look into my eyes again, smile. Please, I say. Lets get a room. You laugh. Now, Mike....youre not going to tell me youre thinking of cheating on your girlfriend, are you? You just told me she gives you the best head youve ever had. She does, I say. Incredible. Youre going to risk all that for a few hours in a hotel room with a woman you dont even know? You must think Ill give you even better head. My cock is so hard, now, Im afraid I wont be able to walk to the front desk. Please, I say. Ill get a room. On me. Youre so good, I could almost believe you really are a callgirl. Youve reeled me in, and a strong force within me believes that youre really ready to walk out the door leaving me panting with desire, unsatisfied and angry. Its so complicated, so intricate, I want to laugh. But I dont, because this game has gotten serious, and the throbbing of my cock in my pants is telling me that theres no chance, now, that either one of us is willing to lose.

You turn back toward me, arching your back so your breasts stretch invitingly through the fabric of your little blue dress. I can see your nipples, erect, and rather than telling me that youre as turned on as I am, that youre as vulnerable as me, what I see in them is my own inexorable lust, leading me into a manufactured Gehenna of sin and damnation. And I dont care. I just want you, want to wrap my lips around each of those firm nipples and taste them. Want to slide that little blue dress off of you and bear your body, naked, deep into the softness of these expensive hotel beds. Well, you say, leaning toward me again, your hand resting in my lap, your fingertips brushing my cock. Well see about that. How much? How much what, Mike? How much is it worth? Five hundred dollars, you say. Yes, you tell me. Five hundred dollars even. Do you have the cash? Yes, I say. You lean closer, your breath sweet in my face. All right. Bring me back the key and leave the cash by the door when you go in the room. Ill meet you up there in a few minutes. Dont go anywhere, I tell you. Oh, Mike, you say softly, your lips just barely brushing mine. I wouldnt dream of it.

I know its all a game; I made love with you just last night, to our overwhelming mutual satisfaction. But I feel like Ive stumbled into your darkest fantasy, the edge you walk when youre feeling really bad. And youre good at it -- better than I could have dreamed. The strange thing is, I dont care. I dont care that its all artifice, that were lovers and youre as far from being a callgirl as a woman can be. I dont care at all -- I just care that I have to have you, right now, in a hotel room, calling you Simone and paying you $500 to fuck me. When I return to the bar, youre sitting there chatting with the bartender, who seems to have become more friendly since I left. The two of you are laughing together like old friends. I come over to your barstool, take your hand, press the key into it. I lean forward to kiss you, but you turn your face and receive my kiss on your cheek. Your act is impressive -- no moneys changed hands, so I dont get a thing. I smile at you, my cock hard in my pants. See you upstairs? I whisper. Ill just be a few minutes. You wink at the bartender, who blushes. # When I open the door, Im greeted by that familiar smell of a clean hotel room. I shut the door behind me and turn on the light next to the king-sized bed. I angle it toward the wall -- mood lighting.

Im not sure what to do next -- do I greet you with a drink in my hand? Do I take you in my arms as you walk in the door? Either of those would seem hopelessly out of place, so I go with the most direct route I can think of. I take off my clothes. Fishing out the five hundred-dollar bills, I fan them out on the dresser near the door. The smell of the money makes me even harder. My cock feels pained, desperate for your touch. Looking at the five bills, I walk back to the rumpled mess of my suit pants and fish out my wallet. I take out as many twenties as I can find, put ten of them crosswise atop the fanned hundreds. Consider it a tip -- in good faith, because I know this is going to be the fuck of my life. I decide to take a shower; I rinse off quickly, not bothering with soap, then towel dry as I drip my way to the bed. I toss the towel in the corner and peel back the covers. The sheets feel cold against my naked body, rough and starched against my cock. Every inch of my flesh feels alive with sensation and anticipation. My heart pounds as I await the arrival of my well-paid whore. When I hear the key in the door, I cant help but squirm against the sheets. I think in that moment I want you more than Ive ever wanted any woman in my life. My cock pulses with the sound of your key scraping in the lock. You enter the dimly-lit hotel room. When you pick up the money, you sigh. Youre very generous, Mike, you tell me, tucking the bills into your purse. Generous as well as handsome.

Thank you. What do you want to do, Mike? Make love to you. You laugh, bringing your hand to your mouth as if you cant believe Ive just said it. Oh, Mike. I seriously doubt that. All right, I say. I want to fuck you. Really. Is that all? I want to fuck you so hard you scream, I say. I want to fuck your pussy until you come so many times you cry. You smile. Does your girlfriend let you talk like that? She encourages it. She must be a very naughty girl. Naughty and very, very horny. Exceptionally so, Simone. You walk to the side of the bed, setting your purse on the dresser and shrugging off your little jacket. Unzip me, will you? you ask, your voice soft and seductive. I draw your zipper down to the small of your back, exposing the strap of your lacy bra. You walk around to the foot of the bed and peel the dress away, slowly revealing your body. God, its incredible. I always want you when I see you take your clothes off, but now its particularly

acute -- Im practically insane with desire. Your black bra is cut so low and tight that your breasts are spilling out, your nipples having already made their way through the flimsy spray of lace on the edges of the half-cups. Your matching thong is skimpy and descends to the point where I could see your pubic hair if you hadnt trimmed so assiduously. The black garter belt frames your crotch deliciously, and I notice that youve put the thong on over your garters. You crawl onto the bed, straddling me as you make your way up to me and pull down the sheets. Bending down, you brush your breasts against my chest, kissing my neck. I want you to fuck me, you whisper. Any way you want. Im yours for the night. I wrap my arms around you and pull you tight to me. Our lips meet and I taste the vodka, lime and triple sec on your tongue. My hands cradle your bare ass and you push it back into my grasp, arching your back as you draw your breasts up to my face. I suckle your hard nipples gently as you reach under the sheets and take hold of my cock, wrapping your slender fingers around my shaft and squeezing. Hungrily, you begin to stroke me. Before I know it, youve buried yourself under the tangled sheets and I feel your mouth on my cock, hot and slippery. You take me into your mouth and your lips descend until theyre almost wrapped around the base of my shaft. I reach out to grab your waist and guide you around. I pull down your thong and you wriggle out of it; I see that youre not only trimmed, youre shaved. You reverse your position on top of me and spread your legs around my face, gently settling your pussy onto my mouth. I taste your sharp, musky cunt and my tongue finds your clit, teasing it as I hear your moan muffled around the shaft of my cock. Your hips grind back and forth as my lips mold to

yours, your juices flowing as your smooth pussy rides my face. You take your time, because youre an expert. Certainly you know the exact way to make me come, but in this persona you know the way to make any man come, and its clear you dont want me to come yet. Your mouth moves in just the right rhythm to build me close, bringing me to the edge of orgasm as your head bobs up and down on me. Then, without warning, you slow, or slip my cock out of your mouth and tease the head with the very tip of your tongue, letting me cool down so you can savor my hard cock for as long as you want. I, however, am not nearly so charitable. I want you to come, and come now, because Im hungry to feel your body bucking on top of me, your hips pumping your cunt against my face as you desperately suck my cock. I focus on your clit, only licking down to your tight opening so I can taste the flowing juices of your pussy. Youre wet, incredibly wet -I noticed that from the first moment your pussy touched my lips. And I can tell from the way youre moving that youre close; youre going to come. Of course, I know it doesnt matter -- a good whore will always fake an orgasm when her client is eating her out, wont she? Never having had such an experience, I savor the knowledge that even if you werent going to come, youd pretend -- after all, Ive paid for you to enjoy yourself even more than Ive paid for me to enjoy myself, because my ego demands it; my ego demands that you come, moaning, on my face. Except that I know you could never fake it as good as youd have to fake it to convince me, for real. I know you could never fake the way your whole body twists and writhes on top of me, the way your mouth, anxiously seeking my cock, dissolves into a pair of lips thoughtlessly, hopelessly working without the barest hint of control. You could never

fake the way your thighs tighten around my face, the way your back arches, the way your breath comes tight in your throat and you shiver on top of me. You could never fool me with the way you come. Or could you? I dont care. For now, its real, and I want it. I want it so bad I suckle your clit steadily through the whole mounting rise of your climax, my tongue seething against it as you whimper Im going to come.Im going to comedont stop! and then your body goes taut, jerking wildly, and you push your cunt down onto my face, so hard it hurts me, so hard it almost suffocates me as you pump your hips madly. When you slump forward onto me, my cock, slippery with your spit, presses between your breasts, rubbing on the satin lace of your bra. Youre panting desperately. You sound like youre about to cry. Oh God.oh God, you moan. Mike, youre so goodoh god, you eat pussy so goodwhered you learn to eat pussy like that? I place my hands on your hips, lift your body slightly so I can slide out from under you. My cock, hard and slick, glistening in the light from the nightstand, is ready for you. From my girlfriend, I say as I position myself behind you. Shes very demanding. I dont tease you at all; I enter you in one thrust, because I cant stand to be outside of you for one more instant. Your pussy is so wet I can feel the juice dribbling out of it, so tight from your muscles clenching in orgasm that I almost have to force my cock in. But you gasp as I enter you, and you lift your ass in the air, pushing back onto me, shoving

your tight pussy over my cock until I can feel the head grinding against your familiar cervix, until I can feel your lips stretched tight around the base of my shaft. God, it feels incredible. Your pussy is so hot around my cock I feel Im about to be burned, but that doesnt stop me from drawing back almost all the way and then fucking you, hard, a single thrust that sends a spasm through your gorgeous body, and lifts your ass high as you leave your face pressed against the bed and reach back with your hands to spread your lips wide for me, inviting me deeper. I thrust into you again, hard, and your legs spread further, your feet kicking involuntarily and sending the pillows flying to opposite sides of the room. The next thrust brings your ass up still higher, elicits a shuddering moan from your lips and I see a faint stain of spittle on the sheets as your tongue lolls out uncontrollably. Youre still spreading your lips wide, begging me to enter you deeper, to fuck you harder. You whisper, Yes yes yes yes god, Mike, your cocks so big, its so fucking big I almost cant take it, Mikegod, it feels so good, so hugeyour girlfriends such a lucky girl, Mike, to have a guy with such a big cockoh god, its so hugeso fucking huge in my tight, wet pussy Normally you would never talk like that in the middle of lovemaking. But youve adapted the methods of your new persona, and while Simone is lifting her ass high to encourage me deeper into her pussy, shes also telling me how well-hung I am. Strangely, the sound of your voice uttering such obscenities excites me more, and I start fucking you harder, faster, encouraged to new heights of need by each word you utter. I know Im going to come soon, but I want my whore to come, too, to come on my cock as I thrust into her, feeling her pussy clench tight around my shaft. I reach under you and find your clit with my fingertips,

its familiar contour inviting a familiar stroke. But Simone is a different woman, and you whisper Oh Godrub me harder, harder, Mike, rub my clit harder, fuck me harder, fuck my wet pussy harder with your big fat cock! I dont think Ive ever heard you say the words wet pussy or big fat cock in all the time weve been together, and the filthiness, the silliness of it, draws me further in to the illusion; I start rubbing your clit so hard Im afraid I might hurt you, fucking you so hard I know Im going to hurt you if I keep going -- but you just beg me for more, encouraging me deeper into my passion as you pump back against me, your hands long since having left your pussy lips, no longer holding them open, knowing I need no encouragement to slide my cock deep into you. Now, your hands are flat against the bed, helping to push you back onto my cock, to meeet every thrust I give you with one of your own, equally hard, equally demanding. Coaxed by the pressure on your clit and the familiar curve of my cock against your Gspot, I know youre going to come. And this time, as before, Im quite sure youre not faking. You tell me every sensation as it goes through your body. Im coming, Mike.fuckIm coming on your huge cock, coming -- youre hitting my G-spot, Mike, youre hitting me deep -- fuck me harder, fuck me harder! And then your potty mouth disintegrates into incoherent moans of ecstasy, as I feel the muscles of your pussy contracting in rapid motions around my cock, milking me, begging me for my come even as you climax yourself, moaning on my cock. I cant hold back any longer. My fingers still working your clit in time with the thrusts of our sweat-slick bodies, I match the rhythm of my hips to my own needs, the exact speed that will make me come -- and within a few more thrusts, Im doing it, coming deep inside you, hearing you beg for it -- Come inside me, Mike, come inside me, oh yes, give me your come! -- as I let go. When I go rigid and then relax on top of you, I feel my body sliding effortlessly against yours, both of us

sheened with sweat. I kiss the back of your neck. Your girlfriends very lucky, you sigh. Whats her name? Simone, I tell you. You laugh. What a strange coincidence. The same name as me. Isnt it, though? # I get a wake-up call at seven the next morning -- the exact time I would normally get up for work. Youre gone, a faint depression in the bed where your naked body stretched out next to mine, exhausted after wed made love for the third time -- a mere three hours ago. Theres a note, written on hotel stationery in handwriting I dont recognize. Neat trick, that. If you ever need company when youre in town, give me a call, Mike. I had a great time. Your girlfriends a very lucky lady. Hope it lasts. Love, Simone XXXOOOXXX Underneath is written a phone number with a pager code. Its none of the numbers you use, not your work pager, home phone or cell phone. Under the note is your skimpy black lace thong, still moist with the juice of your pussy. #

I resist the urge to call you all day, but Im a little surprised that you dont call me. When I get back to my apartment from work that evening, though, I recognize a telltale scent in the air -- your scent, not Simones. The scent I recognize as your signature, the one I savor as it lingers in my apartment for hours after youve left. The door to my bedroom is closed. There on the coffee table are five hundreds, fanned out. Across them is a stack of twenties, and when I count them, I find theres $400, an extra ten $20 bills from what I tipped you. I smile to myself and look at the closed bedroom door. Tucking the bills into my pocket, I unknot my tie. Clearly youve changed the rules of the game, and upped the ante. But then, the stakes were always higher than a simple $700. I strip off my clothes and walk, nude, into the bedroom.

About the Authors

Violet Blue is the best-selling, award-winning author and editor of over twenty books on sex and sexuality, all currently in print, a number of which have been translated into several languages; she has contributed to a number of nonfiction anthologies. Violet is the sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle with a weekly column titled Open Source Sex, and has a podcast of the same name that frequents iTunes' top ten. Violet is a sex educator who lectures at UC's and community teaching institutions, and writes about erotica, pornography, sexual pleasure and health for major publications and many online media outlets (such as O, The Oprah Magazine and She is a professional sex blogger and fembot; an author at Metroblogging San Francisco (Metblogs); a correspondent for Geek Entertainment Television; she is on the Gawker Media payroll as girl Friday contributor and editor at In January 2007, Violet was named a Forbes Web Celeb 25. Her popular sex blog is at, and her tech blog is Julia Moore is a coauthor of "The Other Rules: Never Wear Panties on a First Date". Her short stories have appeared in both "Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples" and "Sweet Life 2", both "Naughty Stories from A to Z" and "Naughty Stories 2", and on the website Thomas Roche ( is the author of over 200 published short stories and editor of the "Noirotica" series, among many others. A widely-published writer and editor of erotica, horror, fantasy, and crime fiction, occasionally all at once, since 2005 Roche has also been the Managing Editor at Eros Zine, where he says deeply insightful things about movies with very strange names. He has been an editor for such places as, and, and has taught sex ed at San Francisco Sex Information for about a decade. He blogs about sex, drugs and cryptozoology at and, and issues occasional valentines to the listening public at New York resident Scott Wallace's first piece of print-published erotica appeared in "Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples 2", after having work appear on several dark erotica sites such as Fear Time and