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CSULB ETEC 444 Fall 2013 ryoung

Multimedia Presentation Project - Group (40 points) Deadline: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 5PM
1. This project will demonstrate that you and your group can: Evaluate and select software and electronic resources for their relevance, effectiveness, and alignment with content standards and student needs Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate uses of computer technology in education, including inquiry-based and constructivist approaches Maximize tools that you have learned from the class to make your lectures more visually-oriented and class activities more engaging 2. As a group, decide a topic about your subject-matter to present in class. You and your group will be the teachers. I and your classmates in this class will be your students. 3. The presentation should include the following five components: a. Ice Breaker a fun computer-based activity that can introduce the topic or motivate the students examples: pre-assessment using, scanvenger hunt using library databases b. Lecture a visually-oriented presentation using slides, websites, images and videos when showing videos, a total of two minutes should be observed; for example, 30 seconds for video 1, 60 seconds for video 2 and 30 seconds for video 3; videos should be used to demonstrate the content more effectively not dominate your lecture; you dont have to look for a video with a particular length, you can play only the important parts of the video see suggested websites and applications provided at the end of each chapter in the textbook c. In-Class Activity a computer-based learning experience that will reinforce the topic presented example: drill and practice sites for math, voki for language learners, mobile app for bibliography see suggested websites and applications provided at the end of each chapter in the textbook d. Electronic Handout document with summary and links to resources, slides used in the presentation, or both Provide a link/QR code of the handout in the Discussion Board (Multimedia Presentation Handout) e. Credit all content and materials should be appropriately cited permission should be obtained or Creative Commons license information attributed 4. Presentation should be no less than 15 minutes and no more than 20. 5. Plan as a group so that your presentation is cohesive but divide the components and presentation responsibilities. Generally, you will be graded as a group. However, if a group member is obviously not doing his/her part, I will grade based on individual efforts. 6. In our sign-up sheet, enter the topic of your group and check other group topics to prevent duplicates. Only add and edit your topic. Do not change information for other groups.

Category Exceeds Requirements Meets All (8 points) Requirements (7 points) All five components with All five components additional component(s) appropriate to the presentation (i.e., guest speaker via Skype) Covers topic in-depth with details and examples. Subject knowledge is excellent. Product shows a large amount of original thought. Ideas are creative and inventive. Includes essential knowledge about the topic. Subject knowledge appears to be good. Product shows some original thought. Work shows new ideas and insights. Meets Some Requirements (5 points) One component was missing Meets Few or None of the Requirements (0-4 points) More than one component are missing Five Components (ice breaker, lecture, in-class activity, electronic handout, credit) Content

Includes essential information about the topic but there is one unclear point.

Content is minimal OR there are several unclear points.


Uses other people's ideas Uses other people's but one work is original. ideas, products and work. Delivery not smooth, but Delivery not smooth and able to maintain interest audience attention often of the audience most of lost. the time. 10-14 minutes Less than 10 minutes Page 1 of 2


Well-rehearsed with Rehearsed with fairly smooth delivery that smooth delivery that holds audience attention. holds audience attention most of the time. 16-20 minutes 15 minutes

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