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February 6, 2007


• Arnez will go over showroom objectives with Frankie for the week and get floor
ready for Tuesday.
• Arnez will go over floor with Candace, make necessary transfers and check tags.
• Get any pricing needed ready
Tuesday & Friday:
• Frankie will check in all merchandise and tag pick-up items.
• Candace will finalize, call customer pick ups and clean up pending transfer board
• Marina will fill out and hang any price tags
• Marina and Arnez will go over store needs list..
• Arnez will review pending sales with sales person.

*Manager will be taking responsibility for keeping track of incoming and outgoing

*If you need to borrow money it has to come out of the cash box and an IOU slip
needs to be put in there with a manager’s approval*

First thing every morning go into red binder and sign in on your time sheet

Opening Procedures:
• Put furniture out
• Open blinds
• Count the paper money in the cash box
• Deposit checks in the morning
• Review available inventory

Closing Procedures:
• Review sales orders, transfers or any paper work.
• Half our before closing we are going to take out the trash
• Walk and organize the floor
• Close the blinds
• Count paper money in the cash box.
• Bring furniture In
• Sign out on your time sheet