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Earning the Solar System! Grade: 5/6 TEKS: Describe the physical properties, locations, and movements of the Sun, planets, Galilean moons, meteors, asteroids, and comets. • Undesirable Behavior Targeted: Speaking while instruction is being given or while others are talking in a small group setting distracts others around them and class because instructions can be missed and concepts can fail to be understood. • Desirable (Expected) Behavior Targeted: For the student to raise their hand when they wish to share with the class or ask questions and to only allow one person to speak at a time during small group settings. • Types of positive reinforcements- Reinforced- when & how? 1. Immediate R+ When a student displays EB/DB I will draw a star on the board and give behavior specific praise to the student. 2. Delayed R+ When the class reaches five stars they choose a puzzle piece of a planet. 3. Novel Interactive Learning Activity Once five stars are collected the class will draw a piece of a planet from an envelope (each planet in its own envelope). And until all the pieces of a planet are collected I could ask them questions asking which planet they think they are gathering and based off of which characteristics? Then when all the pieces to a planet have been earned the class will then put it together and place it on the bulletin board of the Solar System. 4. Explain How For immediate reinforcements as I walk through the room or throughout the day’s activities I will be observing for my DB/EB and as I witness the behavior I will go to the chalk/white board and draw a star. As well as let them know what action/ behavior they displayed that I liked and I can give bsp by saying “Thank you Bobby for raising your hand and waiting for Lucy to finish talking so I could call on you next. Good job!” For my delayed reinforcements I will keep the envelopes in a designated area to which I could even ask a student to go ahead and bring me the envelope for the day so they get some of the interaction and once all pieces are collected they as a class can work together at the end of the day to figure out which planet it is so that I can place it in our Solar System bulletin board. • Interactive Learning Activity: The class will be expected to learn and practice the expected behavior properly to earn stars to earn a piece of each planet of the Solar System to be able to have the opportunity to express knowledge and understanding of the Solar System and see a full bulletin board of Solar Systems they and their peers contributed to because they signify the effort and hard work each student had to show in order to better the class as a whole by displaying the expected behavior. • Teaching Desired Behaviors: When a undesired behavior is observed by the teacher this plan would come into play you would introduce this and explain it until they acknowledge the process in which you would only after a few days just walk over as a student displays expected behavior and say “Wow! Thank you for doing a good job; can everyone see what Lucy is doing? I like your effort!” And that way each student is eager to do as expected and is in constant practice of desired behavior. • Teaching the Plan: As the problem behaviors arise introduce the procedures and rules for how to earn the immediate and delayed reinforcements but introduce it as an activity in and of itself. Explain that it is in place to help remind us to do the expected behavior. • Across Class Periods (secondary level) OR provide options to extend original plan: This plan could be modified as the units change for example changing the topic to reading as oppose to science. A way this could be done is by continuing using the stars and when the punch card is full they receive a piece of a story picked by the teacher for example Little Red Riding Hood and they fill out the comic strip in the order in which the events occur in the story.