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Subject: Materiales Didácticos en diferentes soportes Teacher : María Laura García Student: Alejandra Ale

Assignment 2: Working with visuals. Webtool review
NAME: National Gallery of Art: “NGAkids Art Zone” URL:

WHAT ID DOES: NGAkids Art Zone interactives offer an entertaining and informative introduction to
art and art history. Featuring a variety of art-making tools that encourage exploration and creativity, these activities are suitable for all ages. You can create animated seascapes, portraits, tropical th landscapes,still life paintings, decorate a a 17 -century dollhouse as you explore the different parts of the house, and create abstract paintings. Furthermore, students can experiment with different, hues, shades, values, visual effects and different materials to create their own works of art. The tool is very interesting since you can save the slides in some of the interactives or print them in all interactives. NGAKIDS INTERACTIVES
               Sea-Saws Brushter Faces&Places Jungle Still Life Dutch House Photo Op Collage Machine Flow Paintbox Swatchbox Wallovers 3-D Twirler Mobile


CLASSROOM USES: 1. Teacher will tell a story to the class and students can choose their favourite character and make a portrait of that person. 2. After working with storytelling, teacher can ask students to work in groups and to create a storyline. As this tool does not give the possibility of adding text, Ss can then tell the story to their peers just telling them what it is about and making up the language. 3. Ss can make a “big book” by printing the slides of the storyline and then adding text. 4. Teacher can read a text that deals with a sequence of events. Students work on text comprehension and have to exemplify the sequence of the story with images. 5. Teacher can ask Ss to draw certain descriptions of settings since these tools give the opportunity of working with different materials, such as wood, plastic, iron etc. 6. Students can create portraits and then they can explain why is it that they chose those elements There are many more uses for NGAkids Art Zone be creative and add your own ideas!

Here is my own wallpaper creation in NGAkids Art Zone within “wallovers”

   NGAkids interactives require Adobe's Shockwave Player and an up-to-date Windows or Mac OS web browser It is suitable for students from all ages

The site does not have a tutorial on how to use these tools, but instead by clicking on each kind of thematic interactive you can click on the “help” button and there is a written explanation with the steps to follow and each of the things you can do with that particular interactive.