Mark Ryan G.

Langit, RPh, MSPharm Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Saint Louis University

• A pharmacist acts with honesty. integrity and professionalism in relationship with the patients and other health professionals. .• A pharmacist respects the rights of patients and upholds confidentiality of patients’ records.

• The pharmacists promote rational use of drugs and ensure the provision of safe. . maintain good health and make the best use of their medications. effective and quality drugs for improved patient care and quality of life.• Pharmacists are health professionals who help individuals protect themselves against diseases.

prepared and supported by pharmacists. . health professionals and the society.• This Code. is intended to state publicly the principles that form the fundamental basis of their roles and responsibilities which are based on moral obligations and virtues and to guide pharmacists in their relationship with patients.


• Member. Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations(FAPA) • Member. International Federation of Pharmacists(FIP) • Member. Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum (WPPF) .


• Department of Health League of Pharmacists • Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacists • Philippine Association of Pharmacists in the Pharmaceutical Industry • Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy • Community Pharmacists Association of the Philippines • Industrial Pharmacists Association of the Philippines • Philippine Association of Pharmacists in the Veterinary Industry • Federation of Junior Chapters of the Philippine Pharmacists Association • Young Pharmacists Group (YPG .

.The pursuit of total well-being of every Filipino through pharmaceutical care in partnership with other health care professionals.

• Actively participate in the formulation and implementation of health care policies. standards and programs in the national and international levels .• Uphold and enhance the nobility of pharmacy as a profession. • Advocate the recognition of pharmacy as an equal yet distinct partner among the health care professions.

• Protect the rights. and promote the well being of its members. affiliate organizations and to network with local and international health care organizations. • Provide opportunities for continuing professional growth and development for its members .• Unite the different local pharmaceutical chapters.


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