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Hierarchic: 4 Main Ideas


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September 21, 2013

Jigsaw II
Main idea Main idea

Jigsaw II group is a learning strategy in which individual students become experts on subsections of a topic and teach the subsection to others.
Main idea Main idea





Within the planning of Jigsaw II it should include 5 steps. You should have clear learning objectives; these are just as important as or more important than your content objectives. The learning objectives can be self-direction, acquiring research abilities, and developing social and communication skills. Students need support in the form of study guides, have a study guide for the students. This will help students with their search for information. Creating teams are a good way to accomplish your objective of developing social skills that are needed to work with their classmates. Make sure that though your students might have all the information, you provide the missing pieces, or supplement, that they might be missing.

In implementing student should have “experts”. Either give them the topic or have the students chose the topic themselves. After students have their “experts”, the students then begin an in-depth study at the topic they’ve chosen. They should be given a study guide, and the students will have the ability to obtain the resources they need to gather the information create their presentation. When students present the information to their classmates, experts within each component of the topic should meet and prepare the presentations they will make to their groups. The “experts” will present their information about their topic to their other group members so that group beatifies, and time is saved to move to other assignments.

A quiz or test is the simplest form of assessment which can be used to evaluate the student’s assessment. Another way a teacher can evaluate the students work or progress of the groups is by having the students evaluate themselves and each other within the group. The teacher should assess the depth of knowledge from each expert and how clearly they can explain content according to their grade/age. The other way of assessing the students on the group work would be up to the teacher’s personal notes, scales grading scale, and notes of the group’s progress

The motivation comes from possible the grading system of the particular teacher wither it be quizzes, test, teacher’s group evaluation, and student’s evaluation of the group, student’s self-evaluation, notes, and grading rubric of the teacher. Students are encouraged to better build social skills and learn teamwork, and responsibility this as well is a motivation for students. The teacher’s instructions for group work should be strict. By having group grades, this should encourage all members of the group to work because they share the grade not just having an effect upon their own individual grade.

So what? What is important to understand about this?

The Jigsaw II strategy allows for the students to work in groups on a specific topic, which helps them obtain the content in a different process. It sets students up to learn responsibility, and to work as a team, helping them reach possible learning, and developmental goals that the instructor has set for them.