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Success & Completion Examining the Equity Gap in Engineering Pre & Post STEM Grant

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Success & Completion Example #2

Biology instructor is concerned that English 255 students are enrolling in his Human Anatomy (BIO-5) course before completing the recommended English 100 prerequisite. Research question: Looking at the last 5 years, what is the success rate in BIO-5 for English 255 students that have not completed English 100 compared to those who have completed English 100? Time: Fall 2008 Spring 2013

Term by Term Retention

Coordinator of the Puente learning community: How many Puente students from the Fall 2008 cohort were still enrolled at Cabrillo during Spring 2013?

Student Progress & Attainment

Puente Coordinator, follow up question: How many Puente students from the Fall 2008 cohort transferred to a four-year college as of Spring 2013?

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