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pg "en "ercheval as Cliff Barnes #2012$ %&''&( character )ortrayed *y %uration "en "ercheval 1+,-.+1, 1++/, 20120 &pril 2, 1+,-

First appearance %igger1s %aughter

Created *y %avid Jaco*s (pin2off appearances %allas: J 6 6eturns )rofile 7ccupation %allas: 3he 4arly 5ears

&ttorney #1+,0s$ 8ead of the 7ffice of 'and 9anagement #1+,+.1+-0$ &ssistant %istrict &ttorney for %allas County #1+-0$ legislative counsel to %ave Culver during his campaign for the : ( (enate #1+-0.1+-1$ legislative counsel to 3e;as (tate (enator Bo**y 4<ing #1+-1$ )resident of Went<orth 3ool = %ie #1+-1.1+-2$ >ice2)resident of 7perations at (tonehurst 7il #1+-2$ 1?@ o<ner?C47 of Barnes2Went<orth 7il #1+-2.1+--$ )artner of 4<ing 7il #1+--.1+-+$ C47 of 4<ing 7il #1++1.200,$ 8ead of the 7il 6egulatory Commission #1++0.1++1$

Cliff <as out of his element <hen dealing in the cutthroat oil *usiness and.2201@$ Bsho<CFamily Clifford DCliffD Barnes. )amela #played *y >ictoria )rincipal$. and the half2*rother of )amela Barnes 4<ing J 6 4<ing #played *y 'arry 8agman$ <as Cliff1s personal nemesisE Cliff and J 6 <ere the only t<o characters to appear throughout the entire run of the series & running gag on the series is Cliff1s fondness for Chinese take2out Contents 1 7riginal series 2 %allas: J 6 6eturns @ %allas #2012 3> series$ F 'egacy G 6eferences / 4. J 6 1s younger *rother . married Bo**y 4<ing #played *y )atrick %uffy$. and takes over 4<ing 7il Cliff1s half2sister.Chief 4. despite repeated attempts. <ould al<ays *e outsmarted and outdone *y his rival J 6 Cliff finally *eats J 6 in the final season.ecutive 7fficer of Barnes Alo*al #1++. not an oil man.ternal links 7riginal series %uring the sho<1s original conception. is a character in the popular &merican television series %allas B1C 3he Barnes family are competitors and sometimes enemies of the 4<ing family Cliff is the son of Willard D%iggerD Barnes and 6e*ecca Barnes Went<orth. he evolved into a *um*ling sad sack <ho <as very much his o<n <orst enemy & la<yer and a *ureaucrat. played *y "en "ercheval. the character of Cliff <as modeled on the late 6o*ert F "ennedy 8o<ever.

Cliff had a romantic relationship <ith J 6 1s <ife. (ue 4llen #played *y 'inda Aray$. and then again during the fifth season . once during the second season of %allas.

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