Gold Loan Appraisers Terms & Conditions: 1. 2. 3. 4. Minimum Age 18+.

Should have passed 10th Class and able to read and write English & Telugu. He should be a native of Anantapur District. He shall deposit an minimum amount of ₹:5,00,000/- with the bank and pledge the deposit in favour of bank as security duly discharging the same. The fixed deposit shall be handed over to the branch manager concerned. 5. He shall give Surety Bond as performance guarantee through an employee for ₹:5,00,000/- co-terminus with the agreement 6. KYC particulars and PAN details of applicant and sureties are compulsorily. 7. 3 Colour photographers of applicant and surety. 8. A certificate from local Jewellery Association or a certificate accrediting applicant’s professionalism in appraisal of Gold Jewellery/ Ornaments should be submitted. 9. If the applicant is already working as an appraiser with the Bank, in addition to the above Branch Head shall submit a certificate of his credibility and performance certificate for consideration of extension of term. 10. If the applicant has worked previously with other Banks / Financial Institutions he/she shall submit a certificate from the previous employer.

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