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Peace Corps Paraguay Welcome Book | June 2013 'CCD'

Peace Corps Paraguay Welcome Book | June 2013 'CCD'

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Peace Corps Paraguay Welcome Book | June 2013 'CCD'
Peace Corps Paraguay Welcome Book | June 2013 'CCD'

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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Nov 22, 2013
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Most Volunteers live in communities served by a simple dirt road,
which may or may not be close to a paved road. Inexpensive bus
service is available to almost all communities, although heavy rain
can unexpectedly close dirt roads to bus traffic for an
unpredictable length of time. While a community may not be a
great distance from the capital in miles, getting there may involve
a trip of several hours because of the condition of unpaved roads.
You will receive assistance in identifying alternative forms of



transportation (i.e., a private vehicle, taxi, or truck) from your site
in the event of an emergency. Volunteers may, upon request, be
issued a mountain bicycle and helmet.

Peace Corps/Paraguay, as mandated by Peace Corps/Washington,
prohibits Volunteers from driving or riding as a passenger on any
two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicle (such as a motorcycle)
for any reason. Moreover, Volunteers are not allowed to own or
drive private vehicles in Paraguay. These prohibitions are in
response to serious safety concerns, and violation of the policy
will result in the administrative separation of the Volunteer from
Peace Corps service.

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