Webinar- Real-Time Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing

Webinar- Real-time Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing

Date: December 06‚ 2013 (10:00 am PT/ 1:00 pm ET) Duration: 40 mins

What is powering the shift in the role and responsibility of the CIO at manufacturing companies? From bringing efficiencies and being a business enabler, the CIO’s office can now help to reshape production, products and services to better meet customer needs through the use of real-time predictive analytics. Real-time predictive analytic solutions have the potential to significantly reduce manufacturing defects, improve process yield and asset performance. It can also help in predicting and reducing down-time of field deployed products. Join this Impetus webinar to learn: • The business value of predictive analytics • How real-time analytics is enabling ‘intelligent-data’ driven manufacturing • A Reference Architecture and real world examples based on the experiences of Impetus Big Data architects


Vivek Ganesan, Principal Architect at Impetus Labs

Yue Cathy Chang, Sr. Director of Business Development

Upcoming Webinar • A step-by-step guide for successfully implementing a predictive analytics solution
• Performance Testing Approach for Big Data Applications

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