Do Quoc Trung SAT 41 Subject: Slumdog Millionaire (a film by Danny Boyle) Themes Theses Details • Conscience • The most

cruel erson still • Salim& #ho #as used to causing have conscience tragedies to others& had atonement %inall$' (e died %or his brother!s ha iness' • Love • Love nourishes eo le!s • )ith love %or Latika& *amal soul overcame all o% terrible events in the slumdog #orld #ithout losing his honest$' • Background • "egardless #here $ou • Being a slumdog bo$& *amal descend %rom& $ou can still eventuall$ had a ha $ ending #ith have a good li%e bright %uture' Subject: Wall-E (directed by Andrew Stanton) Themes Theses Details • Love • Love sometimes needs no • )all/+ and +ve had a romantic #ord 0and cute.1 love stor$ although the$ hardl$ s oke' Actions #ere more im ortant' • +nvironment • The earth is d$ing i% eo le • 233 $ears later there #ill be no kee on destro$ing the li%e on earth' 4t!s a #arning %rom the environment director' • ,ortitude • -ever give u . • +ven #hen having been nearl$ destro$ed& )all/+ still tried his best to rotect the bud #hich #as the ke$ back to the earth o% humankind' Subject: Click (directed by Frank Coraci) Themes Theses Details • ,amil$ • ,amil$ is the most • 6ichael #as al#a$s bus$ #ith im ortant #ork and had little time %or %amil$' But he reali7ed that he #ould gro# old being lonel$ and athetic #ithout his %amil$' • Care makes %amil$ • 6ichael aid little attention to his ha iness daughter and son!s desires or his #i%e!s discom%ort so there #ere more and more troubles in his %am' • 5arents! care ma$ make • 6ichael %elt anno$ed #hen his $ou anno$ed sometimes& but %ather considered him a child' But $ou have to cosset it& or u #hen 6 kne# that his %ather had #ill regret #hen u can!t taste died #ithout seeing him the last it an$more' time& it #as such an agon$'

Subject: Walter Elia Di ney (!"#!-!"$$) Themes Theses • Success • ,ailure is the mother o% success

• Successes need determination and risk • ,amil$ • ,amil$ is the most im ortant

Details • )alt Disne$ did e8 erience such %ailure: his %irst com an$ #ent bankru ted& he #as taken advantage o% b$ his %irst coo erative com an$ and he himsel% admitted: 9)ell& 4:d sa$ it:s been m$ biggest roblem all m$ li%e' 6;-+<'= • )alt invested 1'4>>'333? and risked his career %or the roject 9Sno# )hite=' 4t made great success later' • @A man should never neglect his %amil$ %or business'@ A The legendar$ )alt Disne$ said' Details • *ack!s #inning the gamble led to his death but he #asn!t regret because it gave him the o ortunit$ to meet "ose' • "ose came back to the sinking shi to save *ack although she could get on the rescue board right then' • Cal& the man #hom "ose #as betrothed to& is ver$ rich& but it!s sure that "ose as #ell as the audience can not like such a mean gu$ like him' Details • Little Sungha #hose guitar is nearl$ as big as he is has been racticing #ith all his assion since he #as B' At the age o% 13 he #as a henomenon& the ride o% Corea' • Des ite being %amous all over the #orld& Sungha is al#a$s modest' Duitar is his assion& not sth to sho# o%%' • Sungha!s assion %or guitar budded %ortuitousl$ #hen he sa# his %ather la$ing' But that %ortuit$ led to a rodig$'

Subject: %itanic by &ame Cameron Themes Theses • Love • )hen one has %ound his real love& his li%e does have a meaning • 4nclement challenges give chances %or love to be sho#n • )ealth • 6one$ is not ever$thing

Subject: Sung'a &ung ( )orean guitar *rodigy Themes Theses • 5ractice • 5ractice makes u er%ect

• (umilit$

• Conceit doesn!t make a star • Childhood!s dream can come true

• Dream

Subject: +f tomorrow come by Sidney S'eldon Themes Theses • ,ortitude • The oint is not ho# the traged$ came& but ho# to get over it

• Character

• Circumstances have much e%%ect on eo le!s character

Details • Trac$ )hitne$ #as on to o% the #orld& but she lost ever$thing in one night& and tragedies %looded her li%e' (o#ever& she didn!t succumb her %ate and started her ne# li%e a%ter man$ challenges' • (arsh circumstances ulled gentle Trac$ into the li%e o% a trick$ cul rit'

Subject: +n de ert and wilderne by ,enryk SienkiewicThemes Theses Details • Braver$ • Braver$ can magicall$ • The 14/$ear/old Stas overcame come %rom eo le!s desire to ever$ a#esome challenges #ith rotect the ones the$ love one/and/onl$ motivation: bring little -el back sa%e' • 6r' "o#lison and 6r' Tarko#ski • Trust • -ever easil$ believe in le%t Stas and -el %or the servant #ho eo le #ith s#eet #ords #as al#a$s s#eet to the kids' The$ had to regret later' • Cali& an A%rican bo$& can easil$ be • Strength • +ver$one has his o#n conEuered b$ the #hite %rom strength modern civili7ation& but in the adventure in desert& he is the most e8 erienced' Subject: .ride and .re/udice by &ane Au ten Themes Theses Details • 4m ression • ,irst im ressions u on • +li7abeth and Darc$ detested each someone are not al#a$s e8act other at %irst& but #hen the$ had understood each other better& hatred turned into love' th • 6arriage • )omen in late 1F and • 0,a**ine in marriage i entirely th earl$ 1> centur$ didn!t a matter of c'ance01 6arriages like usuall$ have chances to Charlotte Lucas!s and man$ others! marr$ their right ones #ere merel$ based on the %actor o% ossession' • Luck • Things #hich are luck to • 5eo le thought that +li7abeth #as the majorit$ ma$ not be the real luck so luck$ to be ro osed b$ a #ealth$ man A 6r' Bingle$ but it #ould have been such a disaster %or her to marr$ that shallo# and boast%ul man' Subject: 2irl wit' a *earl earring by %racy C'e3alier Themes Theses Details • "ealit$ • "ealit$ does not al#a$s • Driet used to %ind the butcher!s

match #ith #hat u #ant • Art • Luck • Language o% the art is cr$ tic but o ulent • +ven in the most tragic light& the beaut$ in human!s soul can al#a$s gro#

li%e disgusting& but she eventuall$ had to become a butcher!s #i%e' • Trac$ Chevalier inter reted *ohannes Gemeer!s ic into a com lete stor$' • Doing a mediocre job& Driet #as never mediocre' She amorousl$ loved the beaut$ o% the art' She has her o#n ride and sel%/esteem'

-ame: Dao Thi Hoa Class: SAT 39 Assignment: 10 Sources Summaries.
No Themes Theses Details 1 Subject: Gone with the wind A Margaret Mitchell Love 4o3e i ometime 'ard to A%ter so man$ $ears living in the imaginar$ shado# ee1 o% love #ith Ashle$& late in li%e& Scarlett!s %inall$ sa# her true love is "hett Loss .eo*le often reali-e t'e true ;nl$ #hen 6elanie #as going& Scarlett!s reali7ed 3alue of omebody or the strength o% 6elanie u on #hich she had relied omet'ing only w'en t'ey unkno#ingl$ %or so man$ $ears and asked hersel% lo e1 #h$ had she not reali7ed be%ore this ho# much she loved and needed 6elanieH Dlor$ and 2lory and fortune are To easil$ get ossession& Scarlett!s %inds #a$s to %ortune ometime more e teemed seduce and get married ,rank Cenned$& a #ell/o%% t'an emotion 1 merchant& #ho is also the %iancI o% Suellen / Scarlett!s $ounger sister' 6arriage Marriage 'ould not be Scarlett!s acce ted ro ose %rom Charles (amilton *laced on attem*t 1 to make Ashle$ jealous and revenge (one$ )ilkes A engaged #i%e o% Charles #ho had de%amed her' J Subject: Doctor Zhivago - Boris Leonido ich !asterna" 6arriage Adultery i t'e *oi on of )hen Strelnikov& Lara!s husband& %ound out the marriage and t'e origin of truth that Lara had committed adulter$ #ith <uri& he wretc'edne 1 %elt e8tremel$ #retched and eventuall$& he %ound a release' 6aterial and %'e tem*tation of material The su l$ and tem tations o% material %rom s iritual may make *eo*le lo e Comarovsk$ made Lara da77led and lose her to %all t'em el3e 1 into Comarovsk$!s arms' Love Foundation of lo3e mig't be The s$m ath$ bet#een eo le su%%ering %rom so t'e ym*at'y1 man$ #ounds and losses in love and %amil$ has looked a%ter love graduall$' 5ne minute in Lara had been so gullible to believe in Comarovsk$ credulou ne mig't cau e a and then she had to su%%er %rom his domineer and lifetime of regret1 contem t to miser$ that makes her le%t hal%/li%e al#a$s in regret'

K Subject: Vietnamese Famine o# 19$% Starvation Died of tar3ation i t'e mo t terrifying deat' of any creature1 (umanit$ ,umanity may di i*ate in tar3ation1 %ime 'a ela* ed but *ainful memorie can not be era ed1


6ietname e Famine caused a consternating traged$' The death comes slo#l$ and graduall$& ravenousne ss constantl$ tram les u on& maltreats bodies in sores& humiliation and %ears' 4n hunger& there #ere %athers having killed their children %or breadL there #ere mothers desolating ne#born children& there #ere $oung eo le snatching %ood o% the elderl$M -earl$ 23 $ears have gone b$ but in man$ eo le!s memories& vestiges and angs o% the dark eriod still can not be obliterated& the$ still make eo le ob sessive and sorro#%ul'

4 Subject7 The man in the shell / Anton &he"ho 1'9' Li%est$le Con er3ati3e8 feeble and "ussian societ$ o% late 1>th centur$ #as su%%ocated fearful life tyle need in the autocrac$ #hich brought so man$ kinds o% c'anging1 bi7arre eo le #ho had the disease o% %ears and conservativeness& the t$ ical is Belikov' Changes C'ange ne3er come if +ver$bod$ in "ussian societ$ is a#are o% stu%%iness *eo*le /u t *ercei3e but do but no one o% them dares to rise u against it' not'ing1 ,ear Sim*le fear combining Belikov died o% mediocre %ears& died o% con%idential toget'er can be a murderer1 nature& as misleading to think seriousl$ about living standards& ''' N Subject: War and peace - Le Ni"ola(e ich Tolsto( )1'*% + 1'*9, ,riendshi Friend 'i* could com*letely Andrei Bolkonsk$ #ho is labored to reasons and e9i t de *ite difference 1 adores roles strangel$ becomes %riend #ith 5ierre& a liberal and vibrant erson' Love 4o3e bring c'ange and (ave #itnessed the death o% the darling #i%e #hile mar3elou trengt' giving birth& Andrei #as dee l$ des erate but #hen he met -atasha& the love o% li%e and the true love brought him miraculous strength to revive' Onit$ :nity i t'e ine ;ua non of "ussia reoccu ied 6oskva a%ter several %ierce battle 3ictory1 in a united e%%ort' Onit$ had hel ed them overcome so man$ di%%iculties and challenges' 5aternal love %rain dro* of blood o3er a Although 5ierre #as born and gre# u #ithout water *ond1 %ather!s love& #hile #itnessing the death o% earl Be7oukhov A the %ather #ho had not acce ted the illegitimate child like 5ierre& he could not hel cr$ing' B Subject: And Quiet Flows the Don - Michail Ale"sandro ich Sholo"ho )191- + 19--, (uman ,uman may own many Aksinia is attractive& intense& %ights to the end to instinct 3irtue but ne3er o3ercome #in the love but she could not hel being through in tinct1 the minutes %loating loneliness& des eration and #omen instinct'

)ar Love

War alway cau e e*aration1 4o3e alway 'old elfi 'ne

Through the stor$& Dregori has never get a eace%ul li%e' (e is al#a$s se arated %rom his love and also& his %amil$ A -atalia and t#o children' )hen Dregori and Aksinia %all in love #ith each other& des ite having engaged #ith -atalia& Dregori has %led #ith Aksinia and le%t -atalia behind& made she live in resent and disgrace'

2 Subject: The Last Lea + ./ 0enr( Belie% ,a3e belief8 we could get great *irit to o3ercome c'allenge of t'e life1 (umanit$ Between *eo*le alway need lo3e

(aving severe neumonia& *ohns$ is nearl$ ho eless to survive but just b$ little belie% in the e8istence o% the lea%& *ohns$ has #in the Death' 6r' Behrman is a senile and lonely person, he has s ent most enthusiastic& sacri%ice to the last icture& bringing %aith& ho e and li%e %or *ohns$ Art Art bring mar3el 1 Thank to 6r' Behrman!s last icture o% the lea%& *ohns$ has overcome ho elessness& %ound ne# vitalit$' 4t!s like a marvel as her neumonia #as e8tremel$ severe' F Subject: The !ussian "cto#er !evolution $ 1ussia2 1913 Dood olic$ 2ain t'e u**ort from t'e The causes o% the victor$ o% the "evolution are #a$ *ublic8 re3olution ine3itably and correct %ighting strategies o% the Bolshevik gain t'e win1 art$ leadershi A Lenin & taking advantage o% the masses! o#er #ho are su%%ering %rom miser$ o% the im erialist #ar' 5lan 2ood *lan i t'e 'alf of Sur rising attack lan A 1 da$ earl$& hel ed 3ictory1 Bolshevik to ca ture the #hole 5etrograd& surrounded )inter 5alace& #hich has virtuall$ no losses' 013PJ4P1>121 Leadershi E3ery 3ictory need mart The "evolution took lace around onl$ J da$s but leader 1 the leaders o% it had taken a ver$ long time to re are' Thank to the sagacious leader A G'4' Lenin and other comrades& the "evolution got great success' > Subject: Don 4ui5ote + Miguel de &er antes Saa edra 4deal E9ceedingly ideali-ing may Qui8ada al#a$s ideali7es his li%e like adventures o% be di a trou a knight' (e assigns a ne# name as Don Qui8ote de la 6ancha and goes #andering' ;n the lains o% 6ontiel he %ought the #indmills that in his e$es& are aggressive giants' +ventuall$& he is severel$ injured' Thought 5b olete t'oug't need Through the #ork& Cervantes mocked the remnants c'anging1 o% the Eui8otic ideal A knights! adventures in the %eudalismL critici7e trivial li%est$le that is common in ublic' Belie% Be careful to et your belief Qui8ada sets his belie% on knights! stories #hich are on omet'ing1 just imaginar$ thesis' 4n the end& a%ter man$

adventures& #ear$ sadness& des air and beaten& Don Qui8ote back home within an inch of his life. 13 Subject: The 6ad#l( A 7thel Lilian 8o(nich "eligion <eligion ometime Arthur Burton loves Demma but because o% become 'indrance of lo3e1 di%%erent religions& Arthur and Demma met so man$ serious di%%iculties to come toget'er' Ambition 4ife need ideal 8 ambition Des ite oncoming death Arthur %elt eace%ul because he had live a ha $ li%e& %ought and died %or the ideals& beauti%ull$ high ambitions that his li%e #as devoted to ursue' Death Deat' often re cue *irit1 Arthur!s death has le%t 6ontaneli in torment and great miser$' +ventuall$& death came and brought him tranEuilit$ in s irit and eace %or his mind' "evenge <e3enge i t'e li3ing Taking revenge %or ever$thing that had lied him& doubled- ided moti3e *ower Arthur seems to have ne# sa to come back 4talia of 'uman1 and struggle %or his ideals'

(a Thanh Lan


Titanic by James Cameron

Themes Lo e Social status

Sacri#ice 9reedom 1elia:ilit(

Theses Details 5eo le in love can overcome Although "ose and *ack #ere im eded b$ ever$thing "ose!s %iancI& the$ didn!t give u their love' 4n J3th centur$ +ngland& one!s "ose!s mother hindered *ack %rom being status in societ$ de ended on #ith "ose because o% his descent' breeding rather than abilit$' )hen it comes to death and li%e& )hen other boats have gone a#a$& onl$ one eo le act as #hat their instinct boat came back to save the others' tell them' )omen didn!t have choices in the "ose had to marr$ her %iancI though she J3th centur$' didn!t #ant to' 5eo le can!t be sure about Titanic #as said to be 9The unsinkable ever$thing shi =' (o#ever& as this shi bum ed into a rock& it sank'

Su:;ect Themes Mone( Sacri#ice

-01Theses 4n J1th centur$ America& mone$ can hel eo le sta$ alive' )hen it comes to death and li%e& eo le act as #hat their instinct tell them Details Some billionaires s ent million dollars to be in a sa%e s aceshi ' Scientists allo# more eo le to be in the s aceshi so those eo le can live'


Leaders are res onsible %or their Some leaders& the resident o% the O'S'A %or citi7ens' instance& decided to sta$ #ith their citi7ens as the catastro he occured'

Su:;ect Themes =ntelligence Lurid >orld Attem<t Mone( 1elia:ilit(

=# tomorro> comes :( Sidne( Sheldon Theses Details 5eo le kno# ho# to use their Oses her intelligence to get intelligence #ill be succeed' revenge o% those #ho killed her mother' Along #ith this dail$ li%e& there is (as to %ace man$ lesbians in a lurid #orld that eo le can rison' never imagine' 4n order to have a better li%e& a Tried man$ #a$s to get out o% erson need to overcome rison and she succeeded' ever$thing' 5eo le can do ever$thing because Because o% mone$& o% mone$' eo le can never be sure about )as betra$ed b$ her la#$er' She an$thing' had to go to the rison'

Su:;ect Themes Talent

Ta(lor s>i#t Theses Talented eo le can do lots o% things' &hances <oung eo le should be given chances to do their best !ersonalities A singer should have a good attitude to#ard her %an' 9riendshi< ,riendshi is im ortant& even %or a celebrit$'

Details Ta$lor S#i%t is success%ul in acting& singing and com osing' Although Ta$lor S#i%t is $oung& she has received man$ honorable a#ards' Ta$lor al#a$s gives her %an a #elcome smile #hich makes her %an reall$ ha $' Ta$lor has made %riends #ith 6ile$ C$rus %or such a long time' The$ reall$ love each other'

Subject Themes Love ,aith%ul ,riendshi

1omeo and ?uliet :( Sha"es<ears Theses Details 5eo le in love can overcome 4ns ite o% their %amil$!s hatred& ever$thing "omeo and *uliet still loves each other' Some eo le in love are Euite *uliet chose to die #hen "omeo %aith%ul' died' Some eo le are #illing to s#a T$balt/ *uliet!s cousin had killed their lives to hel their %riends' 6ercutio/ "omeo!s best %riend in a %ra$' "omeo #as chased %or killing T$balt as a revenge %or his best %riend'


)omen in 6iddle Ages didn!t have %reedom'

*uliet #as %orced to marr$ 5aris although she loved "omeo'

Su:;ect Themes !ro#icienc(

Bill 6ates Theses Details There are man$ ro%icient eo le Bill Dates is the chairman o% 6icroso%t/ #ho hel to develo the countr$' one o% the biggest so%t#are com an$ in the #orld' &harita:leness Some eo le can hel the others Bill Dates s ent a lot o% mone$ %or #ith mone$ or clothesM charit$ #orks' &hances Students should be given chances Bill Dates created a %oundation o% to stud$' scholarshi %or oor students' =nde<endence 5eo le should #ork b$ Bill gates #ill contribute all o% his mone$ themselves' %or charit$ #orks #hen he dies' (is children #ill have to live on their o#n'

Su:;ect Themes Love
Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind

0amlet :( Sha"es<ears Theses Love bet#een %ather and son is reliable 5eo le #ho did bad things #on!t have a eace%ul li%e'


4ntelligence sometimes can save a erson!s li%e' 5eo le can do an$thing to have more o#er' 4n order to get revenge& a erson has to sacri%ice something'

5o#er Sacri%ice

Details 4n order to get revenge %or his %ather& (amlet has overcome man$ di%%iculties' Although Claudius has tried to kill (amlet several times& Claudius has never succeeded' At the end& Claudius has been killed b$ his o#n rival/ (amlet' Although (amlet has been harmed so man$ times& he still sta$ed alive until the end because o% his intelligence' Claudius killed his brother to get his brother!s realm' (amlet #anted to get revenge in silence so he didn!t tell his lover/ ; helia' She #as so dole%ul' As a result& she died'

Su:;ect Mama mia@ Themes Theses Details Lo es :et>een A child is #illing to do an$thing So hie sent her #edding invitations to her a mother and a %or her mother' mother!s e8/lover to make her mother child ha $'

Sacri#ice Lo e 9riendshi<

A mother can do an$thing %or Although Donna #as told to abandon So hie/ her her o#n children' o#n child& she didn!t do it' As a result& Donna had to leave home and lived on her o#n' Age means nothing in the matter Donna %ound her love #hen she!s over %ort$' o% heart' A erson!s best %riend #ill Although Donna and her best %riends #ere a art al#a$s sta$ b$ her side' %or such a long time& her best %riends #ere still #illing to hel her to hold So hie!s #edding'

Su:;ect Themes Death

Details 6ore than J33'333 ersons died because o% an earthEuake in (aiti' Children lost their %amiliesM Lost An earthEuake turned (aiti %rom a beauti%ul countr$ into a li%eless countr$' Bnit( +ver$ countr$ contributed their o#n mone$ %or (aiti' Singers sang 9)e are the #orld= to sho# their su orts' Sacri#ice )hen it comes to death and li%e& Because all o% the hos itals #ere destro$ed& eo le act as #hat their instincts doctors took atients to their house to take care o% tell them' the atients' There are about a hundred eo le in a small house' Su:;ect Themes Talent &harita:leness &hange Mar el Michael ?ac"son Theses There are man$ talented ersons in the #orld' 5eo le can do an$thing to hel to the oor' A erson can change his destin$ i% he #ants'

7 ent: -010 0aiti earthAua"e Theses A catastro he can take eo le!s lives a#a$' A disaster can bring man$ horrible things' 4n a disaster& eo le are #illing to hel the others'


Details 6ichael *ackson is such a talented erson' (e had sold several records in man$ $ears' 6ichael donated millions dollars %or the oor in the #orld' Although he!s a black erson& 6ichael made eo le in the #orld change their o inions about the black b$ his talent' There are eo le #ho can do 6ichael is the one #ho created the 9moon#alk= #onder%ul things' dance& the music video or the 9robot= danceM' (e ins ired man$ illustrious singers such as Britne$ S ears or *ustin TimberlakeM 5eo le reali7e the im ortance o% Billions o% eo le cried #hen the$ heard that a erson onl$ #hen that erson 6ichael #as dead' died' T07M7S Love T07S7S ,inding true love is a long di%%icult adventure' D7TA=L Scarlett is so obbsessed b$ her desire to #in Ashle$!s love that she cannot reali7e her

Le 6inh (u$en SBB?7&T 6one >ith the >ind )Margaret Mitchell,


9A%ter all& tomorro# is another da$'=


There!s a limit to one!s atience'


Onthinking decisions are o%ten %alse'

The memoirs o# a geisha )Arthur 6olden,


(istrionics is sometimes an necessar$ #a$ to e8ist'

dee %eelings' 4n the end o% the stor$& Scarlett %inall$ understands that her true love is "hett& a%ter a long time #ithout care %or him' Onder the threat o% starvation and even death& Scarlett is determined to survive b$ ever$ ossible means' She restarts her entire lantation& runs her business& uses her beaut$ as a #ea on and even kills a man' "hett %alls in love #ith Scarlett' (e can do ever$ thing %or her #ith all his %ondness' But Scarlett!s obsession #ith Ashle$ tires him' "hett eventuatel$ decides to leave her even though Scarlett reali7es that she loves him' The indiscriminate marriage #ith Charles to take revenge o% Ashle$ makes Scarlett %inds nothing but disa ointment' A geisha is #hether success or not den endentl$ on ho# she controls and dis la$s her emotions' She has to kee a cold/tem ered head& a grace%ul smile and a s#eet conce t #ith the men #ho she even hates'


Destin$ is un redictable and almost im ossible to change'

Cunning Beaut$

To "ill a moc"ing:ird )0ar<er Lee,

The nature



,rom an innocent and oor countr$ girl& nobod$ can redict that Chi$o #ill become a glamorous geisha as Sa$uri' The stream o% destin$ makes her accidentall$ meet Tanaka& #ho sells her to Dion #here she!s trained to be a geisha' The env$ at (atsumomo to use Sa$uri!s success cunning to harm motivates Sa$uri!s re utation' Beaut$ is al#a$s The beaut$ o% Sa$uri a reciated' gives her golden advantage to become the most %amous geisha in Dion' Almost eo le are Although being ke t good' Some o% a#a$ %rom the them seem bad societ$ as a threat& totall$ because onl$ Boo "adle$ is a trul$ a %e# ones can good erson %rom the understand all their inside' (e gives the intrinsic values' children gi%ts& silentl$ hel s them and tries to rotect them %rom the Bob +#ell!s attack' 5eo le can struggle Onable to abide the bravel$ %or the to#n:s racial reason' rejudice& Atticus agrees to de%end Tom "obinson& a black man' Atticus:s action makes him the object o% scorn in 6a$comb& but he is sim l$ too im ressive a %igure to be scorned %or long' The maturit$ ,rom an innocent and graduall$ im roves good/hearted child #ith time' #ithout an$ e8 eriences o% evils& Scout develo s her

The last lea# 0. 0 7N1C,

Des eration

;ccasionall$& eo le lost all belie%s in li%e'

ers ective as the stor$ rogresses' She learns the coe8istence o% good and evil as #ell as the #a$ to judge them tolerantl$ but e8actl$' *ohns$& getting neumonia that is hard$ cured& la$ all da$ on her bed a#aiting her death& looking out o% the #indo# listlessl$ and thinking that #hen the last lea% %alls o%%& her li%etime #ill end' A%ter *ohns$ reali7es 94t is a sin to #ant to die= because 6r' Behrman died to aint the lea% as i% he created the destin$ %or her& she de%eats the disease and gets #ell again' The lea%& obviousl$& is just an e8cuse o% her love o% li%e' 6r' BuhrmanQ elderl$ Derman artist& %riend and do#nstairs neighbor o% *ohns$ and SusieQ ainted the lea% on the #all %or *ohns$& then got neumonia& and died just to li%t *ohns$!s s irits' Detting over the hatred bet#een the t#o %amilies& "omeo and *uliet came to each other #ith a ure love'

As iration %or li%e

(uman beings! as iration %or li%e is e8cessivel$ vehement'


(uman beings! sacri%ice or altruism is indeed lo%t$: the$ can risk even their o#n li%e %or another'

"omeo and *uliet 0)illiam Shakes ear1


-othing can sto love



Death ma$ not onl$ The death o% "omeo the end but also a and *uliette mediated ke$ to another door' the long/standing grudge bet#een the t#o %amilies )hen time asses *uliet has gro#n u b$& eo le have besides her arents become more and she had intention mature' o% taking their arrangement %or her marriage' But #hen she meets "omeo& she!s changed her o inion and ursues her o#n ha iness' The 1st rank eo le ;ver B3R o% the 1st is high rated than rank guests #ere the Jnd or Krd eo le' saved #hile J4R o% the Jnd rank guests #ere Love esi8ts in all "ose and *ack loved rank o% eo le each other ver$ much& ho#ever the$ belong t#o di%%erent rank in the societ$ 5eo le sometime live not because o% their li%e The idea that %aith Although "obert in Dod is rooted in Langdong sa$s that ignorance o% the erha s the secrets o% truth is the Drail should be unacce table' reserved in order to allo# eo le to kee their %aith&he also think that eo le #ho believe in Dod #ill be able to acce t the idea that the Bible is %ull o% meta hors&not literal transcri t o% the truth' Success reEuires risks' At 1F& Bill Date decided to dro out %rom (avard to o en a so%t#are

Titanic )?ames &ameron,

Social status


+8istence The Da 8inci &ode )Dan Bro>n, ,aith and Cno#ledge

Bill 6ates


com an$&though at that time& 4n%ormation Technolog$ #as still in its earl$ stage' 5assion 5assion is necessar$ to success' 4n the eighth grade& Bill began to use com uter %or rogramming'(e soon reali7ed that he loved this job& so he chose to stick #ith it'


4% one kno#s ho# to learn %rom his mistake& that means he has taken one ste closer to success'

; ortuneness

A%ter his %ailure #ith his %irst com an$& Tra%/;/Data& Bill Dates learned a lot about trading com uter& #hich hel ed him in his business #ith the second one& the 6icroso%t' )hen one is born is The time Bill began im ortant& as it can his career #as #hen decide his li%e in 4n%ormation the %uture' Technolog$ #as still inci ient& so there #ere man$ chances %or him' 5eo le do ever$thing %or mone$&even kill each other *amai!s mother #as killed in a %ighted bet#een 6uslims and (indus'Then he and his brother #ere kidna ed n$ the J strangers #ho al#a$s tra children and blind their e$es in order to make them be beggars to earn mone$' *amai and Salim&his brother&esca e %rom the kidna ers! lace

Slumdog 6illionare The truth about 4ndia societ$ )Dann( Bo(le,


The o#er o% love gives eo le strenght to continue

the destin$

but the$ leave Latika&their girl%riend'Cannot be %orgiven %or himsel%&*amai decided to came back to %ind Latika'Love has given him strenght to %ind her'Although the$ %aced man$ dangerous&the$ crossed it and %inall$ be together *amai&#ho #as born in a slum&lost mother since the age o% N&and cannot go to school&has #on J3m ru ee and become a milionaire'That!s the dream o% man$ oor eo le in 4ndia #ho #ere said to be oored %or #hole li%e' In the end of the movie, Shrek, along with Cat, Donkey and his friends won over the tricky fairy God Mother and her son_ Prince Charming to resc e !iona. !iona ref ses to "e t rned into a normally "ea tif l princess. She kissed Shrek to ret rn to "e a shrek, too. %ence, she co ld live happily with Shrek.

The oor eo le small dream about li%e changes

The bo$ #ho cannot go to school and living in the slum can be a millionaire

Shrek (part 2Ray addell

Dood and +vils

Good always dominates the evils

The s$mbol o% love

Sacrifice sym"oli#es one$s care for one$s love

True %riends

&he friend in need is the friend indeed

'ltho gh Shrek had to s ffer many dangero s sit ations, he was always accompanied "y Cat and Donkey. &hese two friends shared with him his hopelessness, anger and fear on his way resc ing !iona. &hey also helped Shrek to fight against the !airy God Mother

Le (uong Diang
Source Summaries Subject 1' The American "evolution Theme Tenacit$ Thesis eo le #ith a cause %ight #ith tenacit$' The more noble the cause& the greater the tenacit$ Details The states had chosen to govern themselves& #hich meant %acing a lot o% roblems: %reedom might become chaos& chaos might necessitate dictatorshi to restore& #hich meant American #ouldn!t become the land o% %reedom and love #here human could %lourish' There are times that As the truth turns out& American tr$ men!s soul has become one o% the strongest nations in the #orld' -o one is induced Because each state o% the OSA to sacri%ice until the #as not #illing to sacri%ice its ain%ul necessit$ to o#er %or the congress and do so is less ain%ul instead claimed the rights to than the enalt$ %or govern itsel%: collecting its o#n not doing so ta8& raising its o#n militar$ and constitution& regulating its o#n trading olic$& etc American endured the critical eriod 12F1/ 12F>' Success and ,or more than 133 $ears (a iness don!t American de ended on the



Success and (a iness

necessaril$ de end on the circumstances but rather on the %actors be$ond our control "es onsibilit$ )e should e8 ect each individual to take more res onsibilit$ in solving roblems that a%%ect their societ$ and nation rather than entirel$ rel$ on the government' 4t!s #hen #e are %ree that #e are reEuired the greatest disci line


+ngland to govern them and utting them under intolerable acts' (ad the colonist not stood u and united together to make a revolution the$ #ould never achieve %reedom and ha iness the$!re rejoicing toda$' 4n The Declaration o% 4nde endence b$ Thomas *e%%erson& he #rote: 4% a government %ails to rotect those rights o% mankind& the eo le have the right and dut$ to alter or abolish that government=' Acting accordingl$ to the declaration& the colonists #on the revolution and set u their o#n government& #hich is & the Onited States o% America' +ven #hen America States became inde endent& each state #as reEuired to obe$ the Congress in order to remain %reedom' The me 4n order to bu$ his #i%e a comb %or her long beauti%ul hair a Smas resent& the husband sold his gold clock' )hen he returned home& it turned out as the #i%e cut her hair and used the mone$ to bu$ him a chain %or the gold clock' *ohns$ su%%ered %rom a seemed/ to/be incurable disease' She relied her o#n li%e and destin$ on the last lea% outside& thinking that #hen it lel% the tree #as #hen she #as about to dead' To her sur rise& the lea% remained still even a%ter the storm and brought *ohns$ belie%& o timism and courage to %ight against the disease' The last lea% b$ Berman #as not

J' The Di%t ;% The 6agi b$ ;! (enr$

(a iness Sacri%ice

K' The Last Lea% b$ ;! (enr$

; timism and (o e

5eo le can choose to be ha $ )hen eo le give u their o#n ha iness %or other!s is #hen the$ %ind the truest ha iness To give is to receive ; timism can be the best treatment to all diseases

The value o%

)hen art is served

art Sacri%ice

(onest$ Death

%or moral ur ose& its beaut$ is multi lied' 6one$ is not the onl$ thing #e can sacri%ice to hel others Onder certain circumstances #hite lie is needed ;ne should treasure his li%e and should not reject the right to live'

onl$ a master iece but also a miracle that can save one!s li%e Berman #as a oor old artist but he had talent and most o% all his heart to sacri%ice' The last lea% b$ Berman #as a %ake one but it saved *ohns$!s li%e *ohns$ said:= 4t is a sin to #ant to die=' (er des eration and tendenc$ to death #ere the reason #h$ 6r' Berman had to risk his li%e to make her ho e again'

4' Thomas Alva +dison


)e can bene%it %rom ever$ single %ailure


4ndividual #ork

5ersistence Creativit$

4t!s took +dison $ears and thousands o% e8 eriments be%ore he %ound out the a ro riate materials to make the lightning bulb' According to #hat he said& #ith each %ailed e8 eriment& he had eliminated an obscure to his success Testing is not the During school time +dison #as onl$ #a$ to ermanentl$ e8 elled %rom measure one!s school %or his su osed/to/be/ intelligence stu idit$ and naughtiness' 4t sur rised a lot o% eo le asking +dison #hich Oniversit$ he graduated %rom as he took out the letter o% e8 elling #hich his arents received %rom his rimar$ school' 5eo le can achieve )hen +dison #as stud$ing at best #hen allo#ed school he #as not allo#ed to do to do things in their h$sical and chemical o#n #a$s e8 eriments' (e saved his mone$ to bu$ him the eEui ment needed and that!s ho# he became one o% the greatest inventors' 5ersistence a$s o%% Des ite a lot o% di%%iculties& %inall$ +dison managed to get over and %ound his #a$ to success' Sometimes ideas )hen +dison he used to ask considered cra7$ Euestions that even his arents and in%easible b$ couldn!t ans#er& such as : (o#

others can ver$ #ell be a genius one'

N' "omeo and *uliet b$ )illiam Shakes eare



Thinking over


Sacri%ices is meaning%ul' 4t!s a sacri%ice that starts another li%e' A long/standing %eud brings miser$ to consecutivel$ generations' 4t never have a good end' ;ne should think over be%ore doing an$thing and sure about his res onsibilit$' 4t!s not %orce but love that leads to marriage'

can eo le record sound and image& ho# can #e kee track o% time& ho# can #e make communication easier etc' Later he invented the tele hone& cd la$er& recorder and made the %irst short movie #ith sound and image' "omIo and *uliet died& but it led to the reunion o% the J %amilies a%ter a ver$ long time' 6ontague and Ca ulet are inimical %amilies' The old Euarreled noisil$ on the streets #hile the $oung %ought at ublic lace& #hich kill some eo le' A%ter T$balt!s death& "omIo reali7ed his daring and tried to %lee'


B' The adventure o% (uckleberr$ ,inn


+8 erience

*uliet!s %amil$ %orced her into marriage #ith 5aris' *uliet& ho#ever& #as against the unreasonable until she died #ith love %or "omIo Love overcomes Although the t#o %amil$ are ever$ ga ' inimical in generations& the love o% "omeo and *uliet lasts %orever' Their love lasts until their death' ;ne should not be *im is a black bo$ and a slave but judged and he ossessed man$ virtues' condemned b$ Along his journe$ #ith (uck his background ,inn he revealed his beaut$ in his heart and mind )e can learn %rom (uck esca ed %rom the )ido# li%e and other Douglas& #ho tried to %riends rather civili7e him& and %rom his than rel$ on o#n %ather' Along #ith *im school and he %ound out man$ great %amil$ lessons and e8 eriences education about li%e& #hich #ere b$ %ar


Braver$ and Sel%/ conscienc e



2' Tess o% The d!Orbervilles


more recious than the lessons about %ood& cloths and religion at home' *im taught (uck right and #rong& and an emotional bond develo s through the course o% their journe$ do#n the river' B$ the last segment o% the novel& (uck has learned to think like a man instead o% a bo$' Sometimes #hat is During (uck!s eriod& hel ing a #idel$ hunted slave and not #illing considered b$ to betra$ him to the slave/ the societ$ catcher is a serious crime' moral still be The #hole societ$ #as #rong heavil$ obsessed #ith the a#%ul sacredness o% slave/ ro ert$' )e should act 6ore than once (uck chose to 9 according to go to hell= & the unishment our o#n he #as about to receive as he e8 erience& our hel ed *im& rather than go o#n sense o% along #ith the rules he had logic and #hat been taught and betra$ *im' our develo ing conscience tells us' Being +ver$ child going to school #as kno#ledgeable taught about slave/ ro ert$ can sometimes and the commercial bene%its be an obscure it brought' The$ gre# u to our bringing that in mind and rece tiveness there%ore #ere not o en enough to the immoral side o% slaver$' Sometimes lies can During his journe$ (uck had be either good made u lots o% stories in or bad order to hel *im esca e de ending on %rom the slave/catcher' its ur ose' (o#ever& he also %ound out that a lot o% things #hich he #as taught at Sunda$ school turned out to be h$ ocritical and contradict to #hat he learnt %rom li%e' )omen are assive )hen& a%ter Angel reveals that he to#ard re%ers Tess& Tess!s %riend

dominant men

"ett$ attem ts suicide and her %riend 6arian becomes an alcoholic' This devotion is not merel$ %anci%ul love& but unhealth$ obsession' These girls a ear utterl$ dominated b$ a desire %or a man #ho does not even reali7e that the$ are interested in him' +ven Angel!s love %or Tess& as ure and gentle as it seems& dominates her in an unhealth$ #a$' Angel substitutes an ideali7ed icture o% Tess!s countr$ urit$ %or the real/li%e #oman that he continuall$ re%uses to get to kno# 0 that is& she #as ra ed b$ Alec1' )hen Angel calls Tess names like 9Daughter o% -ature= and 9Artemis&= #e %eel that he ma$ be den$ing her true sel% in %avor o% a mental image that he re%ers Tess does not mean to kill 5rince& but she is unished an$#a$& just as she is un%airl$ unished %or her o#n ra e b$ Alec' / Scarlett is cunning& and mani ulates men #ith ease' She runs Tara #hen her %ather %alls ill& and eventuall$ reali7es that she has a better head %or business than most men' She becomes a ver$ success%ul mill o#ner& running ever$ as ect o% the business and utting her #eak& incom etent husband to shame' / 6elanie rovides much o% Scarlett:s strength& although Scarlett reali7es this onl$ at the end o% the novel' 6elanie also rotects Ashle$ %rom the #orld he cannot %ace' Des ite her humble means& she single/ handedl$ %acilitates the


F' Done #ith the #ind

,emale intelligence and abilit$

,rom time to time #e doubt the e8istence o% justice and %airness' )omen is as intelligent' The$ can do ever$thing as #ell as men' Sometimes& the$ even more success%ul than male'


5rostitution isn!t com letel$ bad and not all rostitutes are des icable'


True love reEuires harshi '


5eo le should dare to dream and dare to make their dreams come true

>' )uthering (eights


4n the mid o% 1>th centur$ +ngland& class is considered heavil$

restoration o% Atlanta societ$' / ;ld 6iss ,ontaine and +llen also demonstrate strength and intelligence' She acts as the head o% the %amil$& and the narrator describes +llen as the true mind and strength behind Tara' Belle )alting& a rositute& #hich is hated b$ almost ever$one has the ideal aristocrat:s im ulse to hel the need$L she saves Atlanta:s Cu Clu8 Clan members %rom rosecution b$ roviding an alibi %or them' She gives mone$ to hel the just #ar' To %ind her true love& Scarllet ;! (ara has to go through man$ di%%iculties' Scarllet has man$ lovers' She gets married #ith t#o men she doesn!t love' )hen being #i%e o% "hert& she still kee s loving Ahsle$' A%ter that& she reali7es the true love o% her %or "hert / Scarlett manages to overcome adversit$ through brute strength o% #ill' She emerges as a %eminist heroine because she relies on hersel% alone and survives the Civil )ar and "econstruction unaided' She rebuilds Tara a%ter the <ankee invasion and #orks her #a$ u in the ne# olitical order& taking care o% hel less %amil$ members and %riends along the #a$' 6itchell suggests that overcoming adversit$ sometimes reEuires ruthlessness' Scarlett becomes a cruel business#oman and a domineering #i%e& #illingl$ coarsening hersel% in order to succeed' The residents o% )uthering (eights seem to be o% a lo#er class than the Lintons at Thrushcross Drange' +ven though she loves him& Catherine


Li%e #ith revenge is a li%e #ithout ha iness and eace%ulness


)hen love goes #rong& traged$ ha ens'


,ate can change eo le!s li%e magicall$'

#ill not marr$ (eathcli%% a%ter he has been degraded& and instead marries into the rich Linton %amil$& causing all o% the major con%lict in the novel' The Lintons are o% a higher class both because the$ have more mone$ and don:t seem to have to #ork& and because the$ are better educated' (eathcli%% is described as lotting revenge #ho is dominated b$ (eathcli%%:s revenge against (indle$ and his descendants %or his mistreatment o% him and against +dgar and his descendants %or Catherine:s death' (eathcli%%:s revenge a%%ects ever$one in the novel& and he seems to think that i% he can revenge Catherine:s death& he can be #ith her' (o#ever& revenge makes him lose ever$thing: ha iness& eace%ulness& lovers and even his o#n son' Cath$ loves (eathcli%% but marries +dgar Linton' (eathcli%% loves Cath$ but marries 4sabella Linton' 6r' +arnsha# loves his ado ted son& (eathcli%%& better than his biological son& (indle$& causing (indle$ to des ise (eathcli%%' Linton and $oung Cath$ are %orced to marr$' These things cause a terrible traged$ o% #uthering heights #ith the death o% Cath$& (indle$& Linton& (eathcli%% and the sadness o% Catherine& (areton' 6r' +arnsha# ha ens u on an or han child& (eathcli%%& on a street in Liver ool and returns #ith him to )uthering (eights' A%ter the death o% 6r' +arsha#& (ealthcli%% disa eared' Then he came back #ith mone$ and o#er to make the li%e o% eo le in the novel con%used'

13' Lion Cing

De ravation

Bread and butter ma$ de rave eo le!s ersonalities' Sometimes curiousness brings troubles to eo le'



+lusions nevers solve but #orsen roblems' ,eud makes eo le be more strong'



5o#er ambition coming %rom humanit$ has good result' 5o#er ambition coming %rom sel%ishness #orsens the #hole communit$'

The h$enas& #hich #ere ra#/ boned because o% hunger& agreed #ith Scar about killing 6u%asa because Scar romised to give them meat' Simba:s scheming uncle Scar tells him about the elephant grave%ard& a lace #here 6u%asa has #arned Simba not to go' Because o% curiousness& Simba %orget his romise and he& #ith -ala& are met b$ h%enas #ho tr$ to kill them& but the$ are rescued b$ 6u%asa' Simba had decided to go %ar a#a$ %rom his kingdom to %orget his 9%ault=& but in the end his res onsibilit$ made him come back to save his kingdom' As Simba dangles over the edge o% 5ride "ock& Scar roudl$ but Euietl$ reveals to Simba that he killed 6u%asa' +nraged& Simba lea s u and narro#l$ esca es o% death' (e ins Scar to the ground& %orcing him to admit the truth to the ride' 6u%asa thinks %or others in his kingdom& so he brings his kingdom into ros erit$' Scar& ho#ever& #ants to live lu8uriousl$ and be o#er%ul' There%ore& the 5ride lands becomes deserted and oor'

!17!A17 D=T0 S.B1&7 SBMMA1=7S
b$ Ngu(en 0oang M( Linh A Class SAT39 S "(ect Finding Nemo by !ndrew Stanton

Themes +nvironment

Theses %'e nature i 3ery beautiful1 .eo*le are de troying t'e en3ironment1


Family member lo3e eac' ot'er and t'at= t'e mo t beautiful and con tant lo3e in life1


5ne cannot ur3i3e wit'out 'i friend > friend 'el* 'im wit' almo t e3eryt'ing in life1

Details There are thousands o% animals be$ond the sea and li%e under#ater is reall$ livel$& color%ul and lenti%ul' 5eo le catch beauti%ul marine animals 0-emo& Star%ish'''1 just to satis%$ their lu8ur$ hobbies or to do their job and don!t care about ho# the li%e o% the animal #ould change' )hen -emo is caught& his %ather& 6arlin& is ver$ #orried and he decides to travel around the under#ater #orld to %ind his onl$ sonL at the same time& -emo is also ver$ u set because he doesn!t kno# ho# his %ather is and he thinks that he can never see his %ather again' )ithout %riends: Dor$& *acEues& the grou o% %ishes& the %lock o% turtles& -igel& Dill& 5each'''& the t#o -emo and 6arlin could never see each other again'

S "(ect Themes Love

Social con%licts

4nde endence

Romeo and Juliet by illiam Shakespeare Theses Details 4o3e i w'en *eo*le ;vercoming the con%lict bet#een the o3ercome any difficultie 6ontagues and Ca ulets& "omeo and *uliet to lo3e1 both give the other the love %rom the bottom o% their hearts' Social conflict are not The con%lict bet#een the 6ontagues and good to 'a**en becau e Ca ulets has not onl$ brought death to t'ey re ult in a lot of Tibalt A a cousin o% *uliet!s& 6ercutio A trouble and u* et t'e "omeo!s cousin and best %riend& "omeo *eo*le of all *o ition1 and *uliet but also destro$ed the beauti%ul true love o% the $oung cou le: "omeo and *uliet' .eo*le 'a3e t'eir Because o% the con%lict bet#een the freedom of marrying 6ontagues and the Ca ulets& *uliet is not w'oe3er t'ey lo3e and no onl$ revented %rom seeing and %alling in one can make t'em get love #ith "omeo but also %orced to marr$ married if t'ey don=t to Count$ 5aris A the man that she!ll never want to1 %all in love #ith'

S "(ect Themes ,riends

Othello by illiam Shakespeare Theses Details C'oo ing a real good 4ago A ;thello!s best %riend makes ;thello friend i 3ery im*ortant> think that his #i%e A Desdemona/ is not

belie3ing in wrong *er on may lead to really bad con e;uence 1


%rue lo3e need fait' and /ealou y i t'e enemy of lo3e1


Women at t'e !$t' century de*ended on t'eir 'u band 1 %'ey were weak and 'ad to obey w'ate3er t'eir 'u band wanted> and t'ey were not li tened1

%aith%ul' ;thello is more con%ident in 4ago than in his o#n virtuous #i%e so he kills Desdemona' 4t is until +millia A 4ago!s #i%e/ tells ;thello the truths that he reali7es the real %ace o% 4ago and Desdemona!s innocence' ;thello %inall$ decides to make 4ago live the rest o% his li%e in ain but to kill himsel% #ith a dagger' Although ;thello is so in love #ith Desdemona& he still kills her because o% his unjusti%ied jealous$' (e uts his truths in the #rong erson' 4nstead o% believing in his o#n #i%e& he trusts in 4ago!s sa$ing& #hich leads to all the traged$' +millia!s #eak character is one o% the biggest reasons %or Desdemona!s unjustl$ death' +millia is al#a$s scared o% his husband A 4ago& #ho o%ten disdains and hits her' 4n love #ith Desdemona but ;thello does not give her a chance to e8 lain the #rong things' (e just sim l$ has the right to set the death do#n to her'

S "(ect Themes +nvironment



6aternal love

Whispers: An Elephant’s Tale by Dereck Joubert Theses Details .eo*le are badly 4n%ormation %rom the movie: ,rom 1>J3& de troying t'e eo le have killed over 1 million ele hants en3ironment to get their tusksL no# there are onl$ about B33'333 ele hants le%t in A%rica' 4o3e i integral for any Should it not be %or the love and care o% li3ing creature to Droove& the bab$ ele hant )his ers #ould ur3i3e1 die because o% the hast$ #eather and the hunters' A bra3e action of an The ele hant herd o% ;ne A Tusk are saved indi3idual can do b$ )his ers #hen he #arn them about the miraculou t'ing 1 hunters #ith a roaring& #hich gives them time to cross the river and get %ar %rom the hunters' Maternal lo3e i t'e (aving to be %ar %rom his mother #hen tronge t lo3e in t'i life1 ver$ little& )his ers al#a$s has a #ish o% %inding his lost mother A Dentle (eart A one da$L the love he gives to his mother is ver$ large' At the same time& Dentle (eart also travels around A%rica to %ind her lost son' ,inall$& the$ t#o meet each other& #hich is the biggest ha iness o% their in li%e'

S "(ect Themes Strong determination

Naruto by "asashi Theses Wit' enoug' trong determination8 not'ing i im*o ible1

#ishimoto Details To be mistreated %rom the ver$ earl$ age& #ithout arents& the bo$ ninja O7umaki -aruto al#a$s has a dream o% becoming a hokage A the leader o% Lea% Gillage' Training hard and overcoming countless di%%iculties and even dangerousities& he %inall$ becomes the 2th hokage A the strongest and $oungest hokage ever' To rotect the Lea% villagers %rom being attacked b$ ;rochimaru!s and Sound Gillage!s soldiers& not onl$ man$ ninjas but also the Krd hokage o% the village are dead' This hokage %ights until death to kill& or at least& #eaken a lot the o#er o% ;rochimaru' (e almost does that until suddenl$ he is thrust #ith a s#ord b$ ;rochimaru' An$#a$& he has succeeded in taking all o% ;rochimaru!s abilit$ to use magic and rotecting his beloved village' Although lack o% love and care& -aruto is luck$ to be taught b$ J good and caring teachers: sensei 4ruka and sannin *ira$a' The$ both love their little mischievous student' The$ not onl$ teach him a lot o% things to use his abilit$ e%%ectivel$ and to rotect himsel% but also save him and give him love and care' 4n return& -aruto al#a$s looks u to and loves his J teachers ver$ much' To him& the$!re like his %athers'


%o be bra3e in many circum tance i 3ery dangerou > ometime t'e bra3e 'ero ne3er come back after truggling1

Teacher A student love

%'e entiment between teac'er and tudent are beautiful and re *ect ( wort'y1

S "(ect Themes ,riends



Harry Potter by Joanne #athleen Rowlin$ Theses Details 5ne cannot ur3i3e 9(arr$ 5otter and the Deathl$ (allo#s=: wit'out 'i friend > )hen (arr$ jum s into a ond to get the friend 'el* 'im wit' s#ord o% Dodric Dr$%%indor he is garroted almo t e3eryt'ing in life1 b$ a (orcru8 o% Lord Goldemort' 4i "on A (arr$!s best %riend A didn!t jum into the %ree7ing ond& too at midnight to save (arr$& (arr$ #ould be killed' +n *ecial ca e 8 acting To maintain the source o% in%ormation a a negati3e *o ition to about Lord Goldermort %or 5ro%essor do t'e duty i t'e bra3e t Dumbledore and the 5hoeni8& 5ro%essor action1 Severus Sna e has to act as a close insider o% Lord Goldermort %or 12 $ears& #hich is a ver$ dangerous missionL he also acce ts the death to rotect (arr$ 5otter and the 5hoeni8' Being famou i not a 9(arr$ 5otter and the Doblet o% ,ire=: comfortable a a lot of ,amous as he is& (arr$ hardl$ has an$time *eo*le t'ink it i 1 %or himsel%' A lot o% eo le #ant to make %riends #ith him and anno$ him ever$#here #hile some others tr$ to injure him' -ot onl$ that but he also becomes the victim o% rags about his ersonal li%e and his unha $ ast' All o% those things make (arr$ %eel both tired and e8hausted' The Tale of ieu by %$uyen Du Theses Details Filial lo3e i alway Thu$ Cieu decides to sell hersel% and re *ect ( wort'y1 becomes a harlot to save her %ather and brother %rom rison and death' -ot onl$ that& #hen she is %ar %rom home& she!s al#a$s #orried about her arents& #onders i% there are an$one taking good care o% them or i% the$ are %ine or not' Cieu is such a duti%ul daughter' %o many *eo*le8 t'e fir t To Thu$ Cieu& the %irst love #ith Cim lo3e i t'e mo t beautiful Trong is such beauti%ul memor$ that she and unforgettable lo3e1 %inds it hard to %orget' At di%%icult times during her a#a$ A %rom A home li%e& Cim Trong is almost al#a$s the %irst one Cieu thinks o% and misses' Cim Trong also loves Cieu ver$ much: #hen he kno#s Cieu!s gone& he cries a lotL des ite getting married to Thu$ Gan A Cieu!s sister A Cim Trong still misses Cieu a lot and tries as hard as

S "(ect Themes ,ilial love

,irst love


Money ometime 'a bad effect on *eo*le1

ossible to %ind Thu$ Cieu' Because o% mone$& 6a Diam Sinh& Tu Ba& Bac Ba and Bac (anh are #illing to #ork as rocurers A a hideous job' Because o% mone$' Because o% mone$& Ong and Chu$en are read$ to treat mercilessl$ to Cieu A a #eak #oman' Because o% %uture mone$& Thu$ Cieu unintentionall$ ushes Tu (ai to death'

S "(ect Themes ,riends

,ilial love


aleidos!ope by %$uyen %hat !nh Theses Details Friend are t'e mo t The threesome Qu$& (anh and Long la$ 3aluable t'ing we 'a3e #ith each other since the$ #ere still in life1 rimar$ school studentL the$ la$ together& hel each other #ith the house#ork& the studies& even the ersonal roblemsL the$!re read$ to devote an$thing to save their %riends& even sometimes the$ set themselves in dangerous situations' Filial lo3e i not only 4n 94 love $ou& grandma=: Long acts as Do between *arent and Le!s brother& #ho gets troubles in an illegal c'ildren or among matter and cannot go home' -ot #anting ibling but al o between grandma to be sad& Le begs Long to hel grand*arent and him' Acting as Le!s brother& Long is grandkid 1 im ressed b$ the #arm and caring sentiments Le!s grandma gives to her grandsons and the sentiment Le gives to her in return' Brot'er and little i ter 4n 9Tedd$ bears=: ;anh A Long!s little often argue8 but t'ey till sister& al#a$s #ishes a tedd$ bear' Being gi3e t'e ibling big lo3e1 a#are o% the overt$ o% %amil$& Long loves ;anh ver$ much and #ants to give her a tedd$ bear one da$' +ver$da$ he ractices thro#ing ball to get the a#ard A a tedd$ bear A at a la$ing stand in the ark to give his sister' Alough the ractice sets him in di%%icult situations %or man$ times he kee s racticing' ,inall$& his great abilit$ to thro# ball brings ;anh not onl$ 1 but B beauti%ul big tedd$ bears Among *et 8 dog eem 4n 94 am sorr$& Large +ar=: (anh has a cute to be t'e mo t loyal and dog named Large +ar' At start& Tung& intelligent one to *eo*le1 (anh!s little brother& doesn!t like him at all and he does some cruel things to him' 4t is not until Large +ar saves Tung %rom J thieves and gets injured that Tung begin to loves him ver$ much'

S "(ect Themes Love

Social status


Titani! by James Cameron Theses Details 4o3e i fair among ;n the shi Titanic& the u er class "ose *eo*le8 regardle of De)itt Bukater %alls in love #ith oor *ack t'eir ocial tatu and Da#son although she!s been made to financial circum tance1 engage to Caledon (ockle$' *ack and "ose both %ind their real love at the other and the$ love #ith their all #arm assionate heart' +n t'e early decade of The u er A class on the Titanic sta$s on t' t'e ?# century8 t'e the u er holds o% the shi & eats e8 ensive ocial tatu of *eo*le i %ood and is served care%ull$ #hile the 'ig'ly e3aluated7 t'e lo#er A class sta$s at the bottom holds& u**er ( cla recei3e #ith chea and le%tover %ood and is not great 'onor w'ile t'e cared about' lower ( cla i not cared )hen Caledon kno#s *ack A a lo#er A about and badly treated1 class man A is the one #ho saves "ose A his %uture #i%e A %rom %alling into the ocean he disdains *ack& and intends to thank *ack #ith a little small mone$' At t'at time8 women till To be saved the com an$ o% her %ather& 'ad to be de*endent on "ose has to acce t the ro osal o% Caledon t'eir family and men> A a rich and arbitrar$ man that "ose doesn!t t'ey don=t 'a3e c'oice love at all' She tries to %ind her %reedom o% of t'eir own lo3e8 t'eir love at *ack but almost killed b$ her o#n own life1 %uture husband' 4n the end& she!s success%ul in %inding her %reedom at the -e# Land& but #ithout *ack because he has died to save her %rom %ree7ing to death'

S "(ect Themes 5overt$

,ilial love


"ao Ha! by %am Cao Theses Details Before t'e Augu t Because o% overt$& Lao (ac!s son cannot re3olution8 6ietname e marr$ to the girl he loves and then he farmer were 3ery *oor> leaves Lao (ac to go to #ork in co%%ee t'ey e3en didn=t 'a3e lantation' enoug' money to kee* Because o% overt$& lao (ac has to sell ur3i3ing1 Dold A his beloved et dog to save mone$ %or his son' Because o% overt$& Lao (ac has to die not to become de raved' Son are lo3ed mo t by Lao (ac loves his son ver$ much' )hen t'eir own fat'er 1 his son is not home to #ork in co%%ee lantation& he romises himsel% to #ork as hard as ossible to save %or his son some mone$ to get married' On%ortunatel$& he gets sick and has to s end all o% his savings on medicines' 6one$less& he has to sell his best %riend A the dog named Dold and even suicides to save the mone$ %or his son' %o many *eo*le8 a *et i At beginning& Lao (ac bu$s Dold %or his not im*ly a *et but al o son' )ithout son at home& Lao Dold has no t'eir be t friend t'at t'ey one to share #ith but the dog' (e eats #ith can 'are e3eryt'ing Dold& bathes him and talks to him like real wit'1 %riends' )hen having to sell Dold& Lao (ac is ver$ u set' (e loves the dog so much that #hen he suicides& he chooses the most ain%ul #a$ as a #a$ to a ologi7e to the dog'

-gu$en (/Qu$en A SAT K> Source Summar$ Themes Thesis Details

&' Animal arm (&)*+, #% George "rwell sel%ishness ersonal in%luence Sel%ness s onsors evils' A erson can make big changes' The igs gets all the ro%its #hile un%airl$ %orcing others to #ork their aTT o%%' ;ld major& a character based on Carl 6ar8& the old boar on the 6anor ,arm calls the other animals on the ,arm %or a

sel% belie%

Sel% belie% strengthen eo le

meeting& #here he com ares the humans to arasites and teaches the animals a revolutionar$ song& @Beasts o% +ngland@' (e also talks about animalism& #hich a%%ect others to desire and to act %or %reedom' +ven the ver$ small animals still can #in the %reedom because the$ believe in themselves' )ith sel%lessness& the animals revolt and drive 6r *ones %rom the %arm success%ull$'

-. 1omeo and ?uliet + Dilliam Sha"es<eare Love Love is the most o#er%ul' "omeo and *uliette encounter countless number o% obstruct 0%amil$& rejudice& etcM1 but the$ still love each other' At the end& the$ even died %or love' A ur ose make Because the$ believed in love& "omeo a erson!s li%e and *uliette dedicated and struggled more meaning%ul unabated %or love& #hich make their li%e more meaning%ul' ,or the %irst time o% their lives& the$ understand the meaning o% 9sacri%ice 9' 4m rudence and )hen "omeo heard that *uliet had been haste results in dead& he returned to Ca ulet cr$ t disastrous e%%ects immediatel$' Although he did not tr$ to understand the situation& he acts too hastil$' (e killed 5aris #hen he encounters 5aris #ho has come to mourn *uliet rivatel$' Still believing *uliet to be dead& "omeo suicide' An$one can Be%ore "omeo met *uliet& he had been in change' love #ith "osaline' A%ter the meeting onl$ a da$& "omeo easil$ %elt in love #ith *uliet and leave "osaline' The o#er o% love is unlimited Although 6r' Darc$ seriousl$ has rejudices against 6s' +li7abeth Bennet!s %amil$& he still #ants to marr$ 6s'

ur ose



3. !ride and !re;udice + ?ane Austen Love

Social status

Social status doesn!t guarantee virtual values


5ride obstructs a %riendl$ communication bet#een nobles and humbles


5rejudice o%ten led to #rong judges'

+li7abeth' 4n addition& because o% love& 6r' Darc$ is #illing to hel +li7abeth!s sister #ithout #aiting re a$' 6s' Bingle$ al#a$s considers hersel% sociall$ su erior to 6s' +li7abeth' 6s' Bingle$ even thre# 6s +li7abeth a contem tuous glance #hen 6s +li7abeth visits her sister& 6s' *ane Bennet' 6s' Bingle$ tries man$ #a$s to attract 6r' Darc$' (o#ever& she %ailed' 4nstead& 6r' Darc$ #as attracted b$ 6s +li7abeth' 6r' Darc$& a noble #ho has ver$ high ride al#a$s has di%%iculties in getting acEuainted #ith ordinar$ eo le' +s eciall$& in his ro osal to 6s Bennet& instead o% go straight to the oint gentl$& he s ends to much to talk a bout her in%erior social status' As the result& he receives a re%usal' Because o% rejudice against Bennet %amil$& 6r' Darc$ judges 6s' *ane Bennet too strictl$' Although 6s' *ane is so dee in love #ith 6r' Bingle$& a %riend o% 6r' Darc$!s& 6r' Darc$ doesn!t reali7e that' (e even advises 6r' Bingle$ not to marr$ her'

$. Toto-chan: The little girl at the Dindo> :( Tetsu"o Euro(anagi Lies Sometime a lie can encourages eo le to live better' )hen Toto Chan got e8 elled in her old school& her mother did not tell her the truth' 4nstead& her mother said that she needed to move to a s ecial school' This lie did not onl$ encourage her to go to school& but also rotect her %rom u set and loosing con%idence' 4n some case& At the %irst time 6r' Caba$ashi met toto listening and Chan& he #as listening to her attentivel$ kee ing silence and atientl$ during 4 hours& #hich are the best #a$s makes her %eel ha $ and believe in 6r'


-arro# mind

to gain trust' )hen eo le can see onl$ one side o% a matter& the$ o%ten make mistake'

Love and %riendshi

Children!s love and %riendshi teach them to do the right things'

Caba$ashi' A teacher assumes that Toto Chan is a naught$ u il because Toto chan did not a$ attention in class and because she invited street musicians to the class disru ting her classmates' (o#ever& the teacher did not understand that all o% Toto Chan!s activities #ere the results o% curious' Toto chan liked <ashukichan& a handica ed bo$' So she tries her best to hel him get acEuainted #ith classmates' She also teaches him to climb and la$s #ith him' )hen the bo$ is dead& she cries a lot' ,or the %irst time o% her li%e& she is a#are o% loss and ain'

%. Titanic Social status Social status doesn!t guarantee good human character' *ack& a oor bo$& and "ose& a daughter o% noble %amil$ both have a common: benevolent' Des ite o% danger& the$ tried to save oor eo le #ho #ere stuck #hen the Shi encounter an accident' 4n contrast& Ca elin& "ose! %iancI retend to hel a child %or a dirt$ ur ose: to get a lace in a rescuer boat' Love is %ar *ack #as just a oor bo$ #ho #ork on the be$ond the limits Shi ' "ose #as born in a noble %amil$' o% social status Des ite o% rejudices and other obstructs& and social the$ still love each other dee l$' rejudice' A erson #ho is )hen the Titanic encounters an accident& trul$ in love almost eo le #ant to go on a rescuer kno#s ho# to boat' (o#ever "ose re%use to go to the sacri%ice' boat #ith her mother' 4nstead& she come back to save *ack des ite o% danger'

5o#er o% love


(uman mistake

4m rudence can result in catastro hic accident'

Because no one think the Titanic can sink& the number o% rescuer boat #as reduced' There%ore& there are not enough boats %or eo le in accident'

*. 9inding Nemo ;ver rotect 5arents! Because o% his %ather!s over rotect& -emo over rotect o%ten #as embarrassed in his %irst da$ at school' led to bad results' (is %ather& 6arline& #arns him about the danger o% the ;cean all the time& #hich %rustrates him' To rove that his %ather #as #rong& -emo s#im out to the #ater and then get caught& endangering himsel%' ,reedom There!s nothing -emo and other %ishes tr$ man$ #a$s to more recious return to the sea' Although at %irst than %reedom' attem t& -emo #as ver$ close to the death& he still kee s tr$ing unabated' Careless -ot listening to Because -emo didn!t listen to his %ather!s adult!s advises& he s#am out to the #ater& then e8 eriences is get caught' (e act stu idl$ and jeo ardi7e not #ise' himsel%' +%%ort +%%ort is the ke$ )hen -emo get caught& he tries man$ o% success' #a$s to esca e' Although he must %ace #ith obstructs& %ailures& etcM he still kee tr$ing #ithout rela8ing' Because he ut all he e%%ort on esca ing& eventuall$ he succeeds

3. Martin Luther Eing
Doal o% li%e 5ersistent ursuit %or a goal o% li%e makes ever$one great' 6artin Luther Cing dedicated his #hole li%e %or the ideal o% eEual social' (e su orted the black eEualit$' (e %ought %or his idea until his last breath' (e #as dead a%ter making a %amous s eech o% human right eEualit$ named 9 4 have a dream=' There!s no o#er Although man$ #hite eo le #ho have can de%eat one!s o#ers %orces 6LC to sto #hat he #as #ill' doing& he did not scared' (e bravel$ continues to su ort Civil right movements even #hen bad gu$s tried to murder him'

Strong o% #ill'

Sacri%ice The immortalit$

+ver$ achievement reEuires sacri%ice rebellious eo le are remembered in histor$ An$ child can succeed in the %uture' +%%ort is the ke$ o% success

To be success%ul in career& 6LC had to sacri%ice his li%e and even his %amil$' )ithout %ighting %or such a di%%icult movement& 6LC #ould be no more than an ordinar$ 5riest' )hen he #as small& *ack London o%ten hung out #ith thieves and he has stolen' (e did not care about stud$ing' (o#ever& #hen he gre# u & he gained success' (e is one o% the most %amous #riter o% OSA' )hen *L entered high school at the age o% 1>& he #orked ver$ hard' (e %ocused on stud$ing so ersistentl$ that he %orgot to eat and to slee ' (e #orked ver$ hard to have mone$ to go to school 0 #ashing the dishes& cleaning the house& etcM1 ConseEuentl$& he gain #hat he deserved' (e com leted the 4/$ears rogram in onl$ K months& then he entered college' *L!s childhood #as so di%%icult' (e s ent most o% his time on stealing' (e has even been in rison' (o#ever& he still can succeed in the %uture'

'. ?ac" London



Background has nothing to do #ith a erson!s achievement'

)' -arie .urie

4o ,ard-work


can lead to great ac'ie3ement1 Succe re;uire 'ard-work

Ac'ie3ement Succe

.eo*le get w'at t'ey de er3e Succe re;uire *er i tence

Marie= deat' on &uly @8 !"A@ wa from a *la tic anemia almo t certainly contracted from e9*o ure to radiation From t'e early age8 after t'e deat' of 'er i ter and mot'er8 'e ab orbed in t'e tudy1 Sometime 8 'e doe not eat and lee* in order to 'ead on t'e tudy1 %'u 'e 'ad a Bner3ou breakdownC about ! year1 Becau e of 'ard-work and dedication for cienti t8 Marie Curie got w'at 'e de er3e (? Dobel *ri-e )1 Becau e of being a woman 8 Marie wa not allowed to a**ly any uni3er itie in <u ia1 ,owe3er8 finally wit' t'e *er i tence and t'e 'el* of 'er i ter8 'e tudied in Sorbonne1


Dorld >ar ==
+conomic ro%it can cause violence The #hole #orld su%%ered because o% some individual!s ur ose' -uclear is a dangerous& highl$ anti A ersonal #ea onL an$ use o% it is a crime against human' 4m rudence Some countr$ launched the #ar in order to rotect and increase their economic ro%it' Those countries ho e to use the victor$ to changes the #orld!s arrangement& 4n )) 44& Countless number o% cities #ere destro$ed& B3 million eo le died in the #ar& including about J3 million soldiers and 43 million civilians' To ut an end to the ))44& the O'S government decided to thro# J atomic bombs to (iroshima and -agasaki& J cities o% *a an& #hich killed over 143 thousand eo le' 4n %act& i% the O'S hadn!t attacked& *a an still #ould have succumbed December 2& 1>41& on 5earl (arbor&



4m rudence

leads to de%eat'

(a#aii& the OS arm$ #as totall$ shocked because o% *a anese sudden attack' The$ underestimated *a anese arm$& #hich led to OS arm$!s de%eat'

-gu$en Quang Tien 1. Subject: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell Friends and enemies Keep your friends close and your enemies closer Scarlett loved Ashley Wilkes, but when he married Melanie instead of her, she did what any headstrong Southern lady would do. She married Melanie s brother !harles so she could be part of their inner circle. Scarlett became a cruel businesswoman and a domineering wife, willingly coarsening herself in order to succeed. At the end of GWTW, after Melanie dies, leaving Ashley free to be with Scarlett, "hett walks out and Scarlett reali%es she loves him, but it was too late. Scarlett # 'ara flirted and wore her se(uality with pride, $uestioning what it mean to be a lady, not caring what the other more uptight and )udgmental women thought.


#vercoming adversity sometimes re$uires ruthlessness. Appreciate what you ve got


&adies pride

Flirt with anything and everything, because you can

2. Subject: The old man and the sea by *rnest 'emingway +hemes Success +heses Success is only for who pursues it to the end. ,etails +he old man had to spend three days and three nights to fight and beat the mammoth swordfish - his big dream, with his big patience and his determination. +he #ld Man was not young or strong anymore. but in the end, he could achieve his intention. For the #ld Man, the swordfish s skeleton was not such a big achievement. but the fighting e(perience with the whales would

Age *(perience

+he age is not to decide the success. Successes can be learned from failures.

help him beating the group of sea lions some day. 3. Subject: The Last Leaf by #.'enry +hemes &ove +heses Masterpieces are created by love ,etails +he last leaf, also the last masterpiece of /ehrman, is really a transition of love, a symbol of humanity. +he last leaf itself makes 0ohnsy alive, gives her chances to hope about 1aples /ay. /ut is costs e(pensive price. /ehrman pay a invaluable price by his life &osing all her hope, 0ohnsy lessen her chance of recovery to one in ten. 'owever, after seeing that the last leaf still clung in the wall, she felt optimistic and gradually recovered. ,espite his ages, /ehrman went out in the adverse weather to paint the last leaf, which then saved the life of 0ohnsy, but he died after that. +he two girl neighbors helped each other a lot to live through the days. +heir neighbor, /ehrman, e(changed his life for 0ohnsy s life.


'ope is the key to happiness

2ersonal sacrifice 'umanity

#ne s sacrifice can save others lives 2eople help one another when they meet difficulties

4. Subject: 1apoleon /onaparte +hemes Family +heses 2arents impact deeply on their children. 1othing is impossible ,etails Since he was a child, 1apoleon was trained strickly by his mother, which made him become a disciplined and firm person. 1apoleon s army had to cross Apls in a e(tremely harsh weather condition. 3t seemed impossible when the snowy storm was intimidating his troops. /ut 1apoleon ultimately did it. 'e tried to and he succeeded. Along the perfect plans, 1apoleon s success is contributed greatly by golden opportunities. When 1apoleon focused on time and system, he won his tronger


#pportunity 2lan

Ability is nothing without opportunity. +ime and system are the strongest weapons.

enemies. When he forgot them, the disaster came. +he tireless, sleepless activity of his earlier victories would have made Waterloo the type of victory, not as now of defeat. 5. Subject: /ill 4ates +hemes "isk +heses Success re$uires risks. ,etails At 56, /ill 4ate decided to drop out from 'avard to open a software company,though at that time, 3nformation +echnology was still in its early stage. 3n the eighth grade, /ill began to use computer for programming.'e soon reali%ed that he loved this )ob, so he chose to stick with it. +he time /ill began his career was when 3nformation +echnology was still incipient, so there were many chances for him. After his failure with his first company, +raf7#7,ata, /ill 4ates learned a lot about trading computer, which helped him in his business with the second one, the Microsoft.


2assion is necessary to success.


When one is born is important, as it can decide his life in the future. 3f one knows how to learn from his mistake, that means he has taken one step closer to success.


6. Subject: The three musketeers by Ale(ander ,umas +hemes 8nion +hese 8nion between people brings great successes. Woman s attraction may deceive man and leads to several conse$uences. ,etails d9Artagnan and his three friends, with their wit and belief in each other, defeated many enemies by their union. Felton was persuaded by Milady to help her assassinate the ,uke of /uckingham, )ust because he thought a beautiful woman like Milady must not have been so sinned.



&ove is an e(alted state and revere honor.

2eople always want to seek for their fortune.

, Artagnan fall in love with !onstance /onacieu( and gets into any number of dangerous situations when he tries to protect her from their mutual enemies. Athos, who once loved a woman, was forever scarred when she turned out to be a thief and liar who betrayed him. , Artagnan is of noble birth but humble circumstance and must rely on his own wits and talent to rise to the level of his destiny.

7. Subject: Robinson Crusoe by ,aniel ,efoe +hemes !hallenges +heses 2overty is mother of invention ,etails 'e builds himself a habitation, makes a calendar from a piece of wood, hunts, grows corn, learns how to make pottery, raises goats: 'e survives in this isolated land for ;6 years and ; months and 5< days. "obinson !rusoe spends months making a boat and finally succeeds. When "obinson was on the island, he helped a prisoner to escape from the cannibals, naming his new companion =Friday= after the day of the week he appeared. !rusoe then teaches him *nglish and converts him to !hristianity. +hen, Friday helped "obinson to come back to &ondon +he !aptain of a 2ortuguese ship off the western coast of Africa befriended "obinson when he managed to escape the Moor.

2erseverance /ravery

1obody can succeed without perseverance /ravery pays off


+rue friends never leave you even in dark time.

8. Subject: Peter Pan by 0.M./arrie 'iding 'umans tend to run away from their actual life since they are afraid of being responsible. Although Wendy e(plains to 2eter that he will have a chance to study, to work and to have a stable family, 2eter strongly repudiates as he wants to be a




child forever as well as have fun 3magination adds taste to 3n the meal of the children, there our daily life are )ust empty dishes and empty bowls, they imagine that they smell the food and are eating them. +his creation make 2eter s and his children s life more interesting 'appiness stimulates one to 2eter 2an can fly since he keep going on their life always thinks of happy things. *specially, 2eter is strongly affected by Wendy s happy ending fairy tales. therefore, he returns to his life when Wendy kisses him after captain 0ames 'ook pours sad things to 2eter s mind Although one can live When Wendy, Michael and 0ohn individually , they are not come back to their home, all of able to survive without the 2eter s children want to go with care of family her. Finally, when they met Wendy s family, they are too happy because they are adopted by Wendy s parents and her aunt.

9. Subject: 2012

Themes Societ$

Theses Social injustice


Di%%iculties connect eo le'

,amil$ ,athers can do attachment ever$thing %or their children

Details ;nl$ eo le #ho had 1million euro to a$ could gain a ticket %or getting into the shi #hich could rotect them %rom the disaster' 5oor eo le #ho made this shi #eren!t allo#ed to come into the shi ' And Satnam& the scientist #ho had %ound out and #arned the earth about the disaster& #asn!t icked u to the shi & either' *ackson Curtis& a normal erson among B'F billion eo le in the #orld& rents a lane to rescue his children& his e8/#i%e and her bo$%riend' +ver$ nations unite #ith each other to %ight against the disaster' <uri& a cunning "ussia billionaire& eventuall$ died a%ter his attem t to hel his son get into the shi '


To accom lish Des ite the danger& even the death& *ackson Curtis great things& #e dived into the hold %illed #ith #ater to ull out an must conEuer our object that revents the gate %rom closing' Then he %ears' successes and comes back to the shi '

10. Subject> +homas *dison

Themes Theses +ducation Dood education creates good eo le Assiduit$ Success reEuires assiduit$

Details Thomas +dison received com rehensible education %rom his mother -anc$' )hen he #as $oung& +dison asked %or arents! allo#ance to go to #ork' )hile #orking& he also took time to read K books er da$' (e reads books tirelessl$' A%ter a hard/#orking da$& he came home and continued his e8 eriments until midnight' )hen he #as going to school& +dison al#a$s asked #eird Euestions instead o% ans#ering the teacher!s Euestions' (e had the #orst mark at class and #as thought to be a stu id u il' ,inall$& he turned out to be a great man' Thomas +dison said that: 96$ countr$ is the #orld and m$ religion is to do good'=

Behavior )eird behavior indicates e8traordinar$ erson (umanit$ Dreat scientist must have clear conscience
-gu$en Thu$ Anh

7ssa( e5am<le <re<aration
Su:;ect 1.To "ill the moc"ing:ird :( 0ar<er Lee )19*0, Themes "acial 4njustice Theses Black eo le #as cheated uneEuall$ in America a%ter Civil )ar Details


Stand u %or #hat $ou believe in

Com assion

Consider things %rom others! ers ective

Tom "obinson& a black man is accused o% ra ing 6a$ella +#ell& a $oung #oman' Although man$ o% 6a$comb!s citi7ens disa rove& Atticus still de%ends Tom to the best o% his abilities' At the court& Atticus makes it clear that 6a$ella an% her %arther are l$ing' Des ite signi%ication evidences %or Tom!s innocence& the jur$ still convicts h just because he!s black' As a result& Tom is shot and killed #hile tr$i to esca e %rom rison' Atticus is the er%ect e8am le' )hen he is a ointed to de%end %or Tom& he meets a lot o% di%%iculties' (e not onl$ receives disa roval %rom others but also be insulted & be ut in such danger o% being kille or taking revenge b$ rotecting Tom' But in s ite o% all those things& Atticus still does the best o% his a titudes to save Tom & and more im ortant The novel contains great moral lessons about com assion' )hen Sco embarrasses her oorer classmate& she is unished b$ her %arther'4n th

regardless o% status& gender or racial''


Al#a$s kee $oursel% calm

Death o% innocence

-. ?ane 7(re :( &harlotte Bronte )1'$3,

Love versus Autonom$

Daining love doesn!t mean losing $our autonom$


,ight %or judicious and integrit$

Social class

3. The Solitude o# <rime num:ers :( !aolo 6iordano )-00',


Childhood a%%ections ,ear

A bad childhood can a%%ect badl$ on one!s li%e' ,ear o% being hurt or %ear o% taking risk to

court& Attticus makes 6a$ella con%used b$ asking her i% she has an$ %riends' Onlike the other eo le #ho onl$ charges each others b$ cla or racial& Atticus al#a$s teaches his chilren to see things %rom others ers ective as he once said to Scout : 9 <ou never reall$ understand erson until $ou consider things %rom his oint o% vie#& until $ou climb around in his skin and #alk around in it= 4n the stor$& sometime Scout %ights #ith an$ o% her %riends #ho tease her or insult her %arther' +ach time she does that& she received strictl$ unishment and admonishment %rom her %arther' So as *em& #hen he inveighed b$ 6rs Dubose& #ho called Atticus 9nigger/lover=& *em can!t kee atient and ra7ed her garden' But still& Atticus! un#ritten la# is ine8orable' A%ter that& *em must s end more than a month goi to 6rs Dubose!s house and reading books %or her' The lesson about toleration in the book is Euite clear and signi%ication to all o% us' The mockingbird is a #eigh s$mbolic details a ear man$ times in th book' 4t re resents the idea o% innocence' Thus& to kill a mocking bird is to kill the innocence' Through out the books& a lot o% characters ca be identi%ied as mockingbirds Ucause the$!re injured or destro$ed b$ interacting #ith devils' The$!re Tom "obinson& Boo "adle$& *emM' B$ using the mockingbird as a s$mbol o% innocence& (ar er Lee mentioned ho# cruel and harsh it is to kill such things in this racist #orld as she indicated in the novel 96ockingbirds don!t do one thing but ' ' ' sing their hearts out %or us' That!s #h$ it!s a sin to kill a mockingbird= *ane is al#a$s looking %or& not just a romantic love but also %or a sen o% being valued& o% belonging' (er %ear o% losing autonom$ motivate her re%usal to "ochester!s ro osal' She believes that getting married to him #hile he!s legall$ tied to Bertha #ill sacri%ice her integrit$ %or the sake o% emotional grati%ication' The second time she turned do#n St *ohn!s ro osal is because o% de%initel$ o osite reasons' St *ohn #ill just rovide her chances to e8ercise her talents but kee all the %eelings inside' Since *ane #as a kid she used to %ight %or her judicious even i% she kne# that the unishments #aiting %or her are al#a$s hard and ruthless' )hen *ane gro#s u & she has to co e #ith such situations #hich nee her braver$' Turning do#n "ochester!s ro osal& %or e8am le is a ha decision to make because dee do#n inside& *ane kno#s that she lov "ochester' "eading through this cha ter& eo le can!t hel admiring the little girl& #ho dared to #in the matter o% heart to live true to her integrit$' &ane Eyre is critical o% Gictorian +ngland!s strict social hierarch$' *a is a %igure o% ambiguous class standing' As a tutor& *ane is more or le treated as servants' That!s #h$ she!s totall$ o#erless and looked do#n on at Thorn%ield' All the characters in the book have to encounter #ith solitude' Alice& 6attia & Denis and even Giolet have their o#n innermost %eelings tha no matter #hat masks the$ choose to #ear in %ront o% the cro#d& the$ can!t esca e %rom their solitude to %it in' This is the main theme o% th stor$ #hich re resents a negative as ect o% modern li%e on $oung eo le' Both Alice and 6attia met terrible e8 eriences #hen the$!re kids& #hich com along #ith them %or the rest o% their li%es'This detail directl$ oints out to us ho# horrible a bad childhood can a%%ect one! li%e and that #e should care more %or our generation to come' ,earness is the main reason #h$ Alice and 6attia can be together' Alice never sure o% 6attia!s %eelings about her& scared that she!ll hur

o en $our heart #ill eventuall$ lead to bad results

Desire %or being loved

+ver$one needs to be loved

$.6one >ith the >ind :( Margaret Mitchell ) 193*1 %..ld man and the sea :( 7rnest 0eming>a(


Love does need similarities and s$m ath$


hersel% because a love #hich!ll never be returned' So& she decided to let 6attia go and get married #ith another man #ho loved her' She naivel$ believes that this love #ill be 9enough %or both=' As a result& she has later regretted about her decision and reali7ed #ho she reall$ needs' 6attia& also& scares that man like him & #ith so much ain%ul memori can never bring ha iness to Alice'6oreover& he %eels dee l$ hurt on hearing Alice!ll love another gu$' 6attia le%t #ith the belie% that Alive!s going to be ha $' Though this statement is never reall$ made in the stor$& #e can see it Euite clear through J main characters' To Alice the desire %or being loved is so strong and so assionate that she can even e8 ect love %ro a erson like Giolet' This desire is not e8 ressed that clear& b$ 6attia but still it e8ists' ;n the graduation& once in his li%e& 6attia does #ish somebod$ #ere there b$ his side& to share all the jo$%ulness #ith him The genius brain and his talents bring him successes but also& make him more solitude' Dee do#n inside & 6attia longs %or a con%idance and consolation just like ever$one else' Throught out the novel& Scarlett e8 eriences lessons about love' She married Charles& just to take revenge o% Ashle$' Secondl$& she marrie ,rank Cenned$ just because she needs his mone$ to save Tara' She al#a$s hold a blind and cra7$ love %or Ashle$ but never reali7es "he is the onl$ one #ho is similar to her & and loves her & %or the sake o% h good and bad things until the end o% the stor$' Santiago& an unluck$ %isherman& s ent totall$ three da$s struggling #ith the largest marlin he had ever seen' Des ite the tiredness and delirium& he used all his strength and got the big %ish


Sometimes great e%%ort is not enough' )e need good luck to get success%ul

*.Lolita :( 8ladimir Na:o"o

Blindness in love

Love has a o#er to blind eo le!s mind

Santiago& an unluck$ %isherman& #ent F4 da$s #ithout catching an$ %ish at all des ite his e%%orts' ;n the eight$/%i%th da$& he set out alone and %ound out a large marlin took his bait' 4t took him totall$ three da$s to get the large %ish on the shore' (e then had to deal #ith shark #hich #ere attracted b$ the marlin!s blood' Des ite all his travails& th sharks devoured the marlin at last and Santiago #ent home #ith the marlin!s skeleton onl$' Charlotte #as in love #ith (umbert and %orced him to get married to her' ;nl$ a%ter their marriage did Charlotte reali7e that (umbert onl$ loved her daughter& Lolita' She ran across the street in a state o% shoc and #as run over b$ a motorist'

(umbert #as madl$ in love #ith Lolita' (e %orbade Lolita to associa #ith bo$s or take art in a%ter/school activities' (o#ever& Lolita then le%t him and ran a#a$ #ith another gu$& #hich made (umbert go %rantic' Several $ears later& #hen %inding out that Lolita!s husband treated her badl$& (umbert got angr$ and murdered that man' 3.7ast o# 7den :( ?ohn Stein:ec" 4nhumanit$ Dreed can turn eo le into devils

Cath$ Ames& described as a monster #ithout conscience& got married to Adam Trask because o% his mone$ and shot him a%ter she against h e8 ectation gave birth to t#in bo$s' She abandoned her kids& %led a#a$& killed the o#ner o% a %amous brothel and inherited the busines

*ealous$ The cost %or a moment o% jealous$ can be reall$ great

A%ter being critici7ed b$ the %ather %or earning mone$ b$ e8 loiting oor %armers& Caleb got jealous o% his brother& Aron& #ho in contrast #as raised on the rogress at school' Caleb deliberatel$ let Aron kno# a terrible secret& #hich made Aron disheartened and enlist in th arm$' Aron then #as killed in the battle

'.6reat e5<ectations :( &harles Dic"ens 9.&rime and <unishment :( 9(odor Dostoe s"(



Doing against one!s conscience means to destro$ this one!s o#n li%e Love can cause eo le to kill themselves

5i & a seven/$ear old or han reluctantl$ hel ed an esca ed convict& 6ag#itch #hile he #as in di%%icult$' 5i !s kindness made a great im ression on 6ag#itch and man$ $ears later& 6ag#itch anon$mousl$ sent oor 5i a large amount o% mone$ in return' "askolnikov& a dro /out student& murdered and robbed an un leasant elderl$ mone$/lender Alena as #ell as her hal% sister Li7aveta' Since then he had al#a$s been in a %everish state and haunted b$ the murdering scene'


"askolnikov had a big secret that he #as a murderer' Svidriga$lov& #ho #as in love #ith "askolnikov!s sister& Dun$a& intended to use th secret to make Dun$a love him' (o#ever& a%ter reali7ing Dun$a coul never love him& Svidriga$lov killed himsel%'

10.Lo e in the time o# cholera :( 6a:riel 6arcFa MGrAueH

True love

True love is de%ined b$ time

,lorentino Ari7a and ,ermina Da7a #ere in love #ith each other in their $outh' (o#ever& reali7ing the naivet$ o% their %irst romance& ,ermina decided to get married to another man& #ho could give her love and securit$' (er husband #as not totall$ %aith%ul to her and the he died #hile Ari7a #as still #aiting %or her' ,ermina reali7ed her tru love and allo#ed that love to blossom'

,ull name: Tam 6inh Dang School: C-Class: SAT K>

S.B1&7 SBMMA1=7S
Su:;ect Themes Love "ank Braver$ "uthlessness 5erem toriness ; osition Titanic :( ?ames &ameron Theses Love is %or nature& not %or mone$' Societ$ behaved men according to their classes' Love makes eo le become brave incredibl$' 5eo le!s lives de end on their ranks' Being rich& man$ eo le consider themselves kings o% others' The behavior o% the oor to the rich!s is the %rankness to the Details Des ite di%%erent ranks& love bet#een *ack and "ose #as so ardent that nothing could se arate them' ;n Titanic shi & the third/class men couldn!t go u stairs #hich #as %or the %irst/class ones' To rescue *ack %rom being dro#ned& "ose ran back to the Titanic shi des ite danger and death' )hen the Titanic shi #as sinking& the rich #ere allo#ed to esca e #hereas the oor #ere constrained' (ockle$ A "ose!s rich %iancI al#a$s %orced her to obe$ him violentl$' The third/class eo le la$ed and danced together jo$%ull$ and naturall$

"omance "egret

%alseness' )hen love comes& romance a ears on its o#n #a$' )hen eo le reali7e the true ha iness& it!s too late' (a iness can disa ear un redictabl$' To save asset& eo le can take ha iness %rom others'

Traged$ Sel%ishness

#hereas the rich did o ositel$' ;n the board o% the shi & "ose stood #ith *ack and had her hands e8tended to 9%l$= in the sunset' )hen "ose!s mother kne# that she #ould lose her daughter %orever& the old lad$ understood that "ose #as her most recious treasure' (aving imagined about their ha $ %uture in the OSA& *ack le%t "ose behind because o% his death' Because o% greed& "ose!s mother %orced her daughter to marr$ (ockle$ des ite "ose!s disagreement'

Su:;ect Themes D$namic

Thomas 7dison Theses D$namic eo le al#a$s have man$ ideas to com lete ever$ time' Sel%/education 4% eo le stud$ themselves e%%ectivel$& the$ can achieve ama7ing results' Creativeness *ealous$ Creativeness makes eo le to #ork assionall$' Being jealous o% others! success is one!s motivation to develo ' 4% one!s time %or #ork isn!t adeEuate to his time %or %amil$& he surel$ loses balance' ;ne!s braver$ can save other!s li%e' 5ractical eo le just do things to their ro%it& not to theories in books'


Braver$ 5ragmatism

Assiduousness Assiduousness is a %actor o% success'

Details +dison had done man$ jobs in his li%e such as vendor on the trains& telegra her& inventor and merchant' A%ter being %lunked out& +dison learned himsel% at home b$ reading books assionall$ #ith his mother!s hel ' 4n +dison!s #hole li%e& he created 13>K inventions use%ul %rom his creative ideas' Being jealous o% Draham Bell!s gramo hone model& +dison #ent on %inding #a$s to make his model the best one' +dison #as %amous %or s ending almost time at his research lab #hereas he didn!t care about his %amil$& so his %amil$ relationshi #as not ver$ good' ;ne time& +dison himsel% saved three/$ear/old son o% 6acCen7ie %rom being struck b$ a runa#a$ train' +dison stated: 9An$thing that #on:t sell& 4 don:t #ant to invent' 4ts sale is roo% o% utilit$& and utilit$ is success'= +dison!s %amous Euote is: 9Denius is one ercent ins iration and ninet$/ nine ercent ers iration'=

Saving time ;vercoming ,ailure

Sometimes& ragmatic eo le save time %ulsomel$' +ver$ #rong attem t discarded is another ste %or#ard.

6arr$ A +dison!s %irst #i%e #as allo#ed to agree or disagree #ith +dison!s ro osal in N minutes' The more %ailures +dison received& the more e%%orts he #ould make to reach success as soon as ossible'

Su:;ect Themes Love Braver$ Li%e Traged$

&asa:lanca :( Michael &urtiH Theses Love is sacri%ice& not ossession' ,or love& a erson can risk his li%e to save his lover' 4n #ar& eo le!s lives #ere chea ' Love triangle is Eualmish %orever'

Details "ich let 4lsa go #ith La77lo to the OSA although he loved 4lsa so much' B$ all means& "ich %ound #a$s to hel La77lo and 4lsa to esca e although "ich himsel% #as in danger' 6an$ eo le #ere constrained and killed in Casablanca' 4lsa didn!t kno# ho# to solve relationshi roblem among "ich& La77lo and her correctl$' Des ite a long time& "ich couldn!t think o% other girls but 4lsa& her love and her betra$al' Behind glacial %ace and behavior& "ich im licitl$ hel ed a #oman!s %amil$ to go to the OSA' 4lsa #ished she #ouldn!t have loved "ich much so that nobod$ #ould be ain%ul and Eualmish' )ar destro$ed li%eL #ar destro$ed love bet#een "ich and 4lsaL #ar se arated them %orever'

,aith%ulness ,aith%ulness to lost love makes eo le ain%ul' Cindness "egret )ar Cindness is %rom action& not just %rom s eech' Sometimes& love shouldn!t come' )ar destro$s man$ beauti%ul things in li%e'

Su:;ect Themes ,riendshi

The dog o# 9landers :( Marie Louise Theses Details ,riendshi is the most recious )hen Aloise gre# u & she lived in gi%t o% eo le in li%e' the monaster$ so as to kee her %riendshi memor$ entire %orever' Talent Although talent is develo ed b$ -ello!s ainting had no skillL racticing& it comes %rom ho#ever& an artist a reciated o% his innateness' innate abilit$ and #arm heart' ,aith%ulness 4% eo le love their animals& the )hen -ello le%t 5atrasche at animals surel$ love them& too' Aloise!s house& the dog still returned to -ello des ite sno#$ #eather' "uthlessness 6an$ eo le take other!s li%e The old o#ner o% 5atrasche %orced a#a$ just %or their mone$' his dogs to #ord hard b$ beating them violentl$' 5urit$ The childhood %riendshi is ver$ -ello liked dra#ing Aloise #hen beauti%ul and im artial. the$ #ere la$ing in the %orest& and she #as ver$ eager to see -ello!s ictures' 5oorness The oor earn mone$ so hard& but To earn mone$& -ello and his the$ still can!t live com%ortabl$' grand%ather had to carr$ milk to the cit$ %rom earl$ morning' Candor Truth%ul erson %inall$ #ill be )hen reali7ing -ello!s kindness& understood trul$ b$ others' Aloise!s %ather #as ashamed o% his bad behavior to -ello' Traged$ Sometimes& although eo le are 4% -ello had sta$ed at Aloise!s ver$ close to success& the$ can!t house until he met artist Ais& reach it %orever' ever$thing bad #ould not have come to him' 5rejudice Almost the rich don!t #ant to Aloise!s %ather didn!t #ant his contact #ith the oor' daughter to meet -ello just because o% his oorness' 6otivation Sometimes& reason can!t Strangel$& -ello couldn!t remember encourage men to com lete his grand%ather!s %ace& but -ello something& but %eeling can do it' could dra# because o% his love to


)hen com leting dream& eo le have nothing to regret'

grand%ather' Although being about to die& -ello %elt ha $ because he could see his %avorite artist!s ainting %inall$'

Su:;ect Themes ,ate Talent 5atience Cindness ,riendshi (a iness 5eace

0elen Eeller Theses Disaster comes suddenl$' Although there are man$ obstacles& talent %inall$ #ill shine' 5atience leads eo le to success' Cindness #arms others! hearts' True %riendshi can hel eo le #in the %ate' Being able to do an im ossible thing onesel% is ha $'

4% each erson do something %or eace& the #orld #ill be much better' S iritedness S iritedness is the best #ea on to #in ever$ enem$' Devotion 5assion Devotion embellishes li%e' 5assion motivates eo le to create ama7ing things' 4% children are educated in a right #a$& the$ #ill achieve man$ good things'


Details Although (elen didn!t have an innate disease& she became blind and dea% because o% a hot %ever' (elen!s %irst #riting #as highl$ a reciated b$ man$ %amous #riters' A%ter a long time o% stud$ing& (elen #as admitted b$ the "adcli%%e College #ith a high score' (elen visited man$ #ounded soldiers %rom battle and encouraged them to move on' 6rs' Sullivan devoted her o#n li%e to hel (elen become a good erson' Sa$ing 9Dad=& 96om=& and 9Sister= to her %amil$ at the %irst time& (elen cried %or ha iness' (elen Celler had a lot o% s eeches in K> countries to save the #orld!s eace' (elen got over all her obstacles in li%e to live #ell& to bring ha iness and ho e to others' (elen devoted her #hole li%e to her hel ing the disabled in the OSA' Because o% devotion to the literar$& (elen Celler #as a#arded the literar$ ri7e %or her ama7ing #ritings& es eciall$ 9The stor$ o% m$ li%e=' 4% it hadn!t been %or 6rs' Sullivan!s education method& (elen couldn!t have done things she did'

Su:;ect Themes Talent

Marie &urie Theses Talent can be %ound in sim le things' Assiduousness Being assiduous #ill be res ected b$ all' 5atriotism S iritedness Braver$ "es onsibilit$ Curiosit$ 5atience 5eace Balance )hatever a atriotic erson does& he al#a$s does %or his countr$' S iritedness leads eo le to success' ,or assion& a erson is #illing to receive danger to devote' Sacri%icing onesel% to %amil$!s %uture is ver$ laudable' Curiosit$ motivates eo le to e8 lore and understand care%ull$' 5atience makes success. 5eace is al#a$s saved b$ #arm/ hearted eo le' )hen time %or #ork is adeEuate to time %or %amil$& it!s the best thing'

Details Little 6arie could read book %luentl$ #hile her sister couldn!t do that' At the Oniversit$& 6arie learned so hard that all schoolbo$s #ere so sur rised o% her oint' A%ter %inding a ne# element& 6arie Curie named it 95olonium= meaning 5oland A her countr$' Although being a #oman& beside %amil$& 6arie Curie tried to stud$ science hard' ,or science& 6arie #orked #ith radioactive elements so much that she died o% being in%ected #ith them' To hel her sister stud$ medicine& 6arie tried her best to earn enough mone$ b$ teaching children' )hen 6arie!s %ather did e8 eriment& she al#a$s #atched it care%ull$ and asked him man$ things about that' 6arie Curie is the onl$ #oman in histor$ receiving J -obel ri7es in di%%erent %ields' 6arie Curie bought her t#o -obel ri7es to give mone$ to #ounded soldiers' Although being ver$ bus$ #ith #ork& 6arie #as still a #onder%ul mother o% her children& a good #i%e o% 5ierre Curie'

Su:;ect Themes ,alse ste )orr$ Tautness Change Con%lict S$m ath$ Shame (a iness ;bsession ; inion

?uno :( ?ason 1eitman Theses ;ne %alse ste & one regret li%e. Children!s %aults surel$ drive arents mad' (iding %ault %rom others is reall$ oor' Big roblems can cause big changes' A %ault$ %amil$ easil$ has con%lict' )hatever children do #rongl$& arents are al#a$s #ith them' Big %ault costs a erson dear b$ others! %lout' Abiotic %amilies are ver$ ha $ to have babies' A%ter big trouble& eo le never %orget that disaster' -o#ada$s& the $outh have man$ %alse thought o% love'

Details ;ne time& because o% %ooler$& *uno had %etus #ith his bo$%riend #hen she #as 1B $ears old' B$ all means& *uno!s arents %ound an abiotic %amil$ to give them *uno!s bab$' *uno tried her best to tell the truth o% the %etus to her arents' (aving %etus means that *uno could not go on stud$ing at school' Because o% being abiotic& the %amil$ receiving *uno!s bab$ decided to unmarr$' A%ter seeing the truth& not onl$ did *uno!s arents not malign her but the$ also took care o% her care%ull$' )hen kno#ing about *uno!s roblem& ever$ student at school disdained *uno so bitterl$' Being given a bab$ %rom *uno& that %amil$ %elt so ha $ that nothing can be com ared #ith' The old disaster taught *uno that she had to be care%ul #ith ever$ relationshi ' 6an$ teenagers like *uno are too eas$ o% relationshi s'

Su:;ect Themes Love 5ain ;bsession Devotion 6emor$ 4nabilit$ +sca e

!S = Lo e Cou :( &ecelia Ahern Theses Love can end a ain%ul li%e to o en a #hole ne# one to ever$bod$' The more ardentl$ #e love& the more %ear%ul #e %eel #hen losing love' ;bsession is eo le!s obstacle on the #a$ o% %inding ha iness' Devoting to %amil$ is the ha iest thing' Beauti%ul memories can molli%$ eo le!s ain o% %act' 4% a erson onl$ can see others go on a #rong #a$& he #ill %eel inca able' +sca e is negative'


"omance #arms other!s heart'

,uss S$m ath$

The best is the enem$ o% the good' )henever a erson %eels lonel$& there #ill be eo le to be #ith her'

Details ,ollo#ing Derr$!s lead& (oll$ #as graduall$ revented %rom ain o% loss to have ha iness in li%e' A%ter losing Derr$ %orever& (oll$ #as so ain%ul that she #ent mad and closed her heart to ever$thing' )hatever (oll$ sa# and did& she imagined that Derr$ #as there to encourage her' Derr$!s biggest volition #as to see (oll$ ever$ morning& not to make a lot o% mone$' 4nstructions that Derr$ gave (oll$ made her remember their beauti%ul memories o% love ha il$' (oll$!s mother %elt ain%ul because she sa# (oll$ do same mistake but the old #oman couldn!t sto her' (oll$ thought o% committing suicideL ho#ever& %inall$& she %ound that #hat Derr$ #anted to see #as her ha iness' ;n the #hole #a$ to hel (oll$& Derr$ #rote letters im assionedl$& es eciall$ their last lines 95'S' 4 Love <ou.= (oll$ didn!t #ant to have a bab$ just because she didn!t earn much mone$ to re are %or her bab$ er%ectl$' A%ter the ain o% losing Derr$& (oll$ reali7ed that her mother and %riends had hel ed her so much to hel her get over that ain'

Su:;ect B<to>n girls :( BoaH Ca"in Themes Theses 5ro%ligac$ 6an$ eo le are so rich that the$ have mone$ to burn' 4nde endence Traged$ ,riendshi Loneliness 5recociousness +sca e 4nde endence hel s eo le control their lives themselves' Traged$ ma$ ha en %rom the sa%est things' A %riend in need is a %riend indeed' Loneliness can change a erson!s li%e negativel$' 6an$ children become recocious because o% their sad lives' To esca e the a%raid& man$ eo le did man$ #eird things' A lot o% miracles are not onl$ in %air$ tales but also in li%e' )hen having em ath$& eo le #ill %eel li%e much better' 5eo le should give love to their children trul$'


+m ath$

"es onsibilit$

Details 6oll$ #asted mone$ %rom her dead %ather!s asset so much in entertainment and arties' -ot to de end on her %riend!s hel & 6oll$ made mone$ hersel% to bu$ a small house' 6oll$ suddenl$ became oor because o% her accountant!s trick' T#o %riends o% 6oll$ hel ed her to %ind jobs and allo#ed 6oll$ to live in their house' Living lonel$& "ae shut others out o% her li%e and didn!t #ant to talk to them' Because o% living in no love& little "ae became much more recocious than her %riends did' )henever being a%raid& 6oll$ al#a$s ran to the ark to la$ s inning/tea/cu so that she couldn!t see an$thing bad' ,rom a ro%ligate girl& 6oll$ became a res onsible& hard/ #orking& and inde endent girl having a lot o% ha iness in li%e' Although 6oll$ and "ae had had a lot o% con%lict be%ore& the$ became good %riends because o% the em ath$ and understanding' To avoid react against "ae& her mother al#a$s rovided her #ith man$ beauti%ul to$s and valuable things instead o% love'

The <arent tra< :( Nanc( Me(ers Themes Theses Coincidence Ama7ing coincidence can o en an attractive stor$' Divorce Temerit$ (a iness Trick (atred ,amil$ ,aith%ulness "omance Cruelt$ (ot tem er in the $outh is a %actor o% divorce' Temerit$ can change man$ eo le!s lives' The ha iness is tangible %or these eo le& but not %or others' Sometimes& children!s tricks are not onl$ creative but also meticulous' -obod$ #ants to have a ste mother' (aving %ull o% members builds a ha $ %amil$' ,aith%ulness makes other eo le athetic' "omance has a o#er to revive dead love' Cruelt$ #ill be aid b$ a bad ending'

Details 4n a summer cam & Annie and (allie reali7ed that the$ #ere t#in sisters a%ter over 11 $earsL so the stor$ began' Because o% collide& a%ter thro#ing hair/ dr$er to -ick!s head& +li7abeth decided to go a#a$ %rom him %orever' Because Annie and (allie #anted to see their arents& the$ e8changed their ositions' )hen %irstl$ seeing their %ather and mother& Annie and (allie #ere ver$ ha $' To become each other& Annie had hair cut so that she and (allie #ould be alike entirel$' Annie and (allie thought o% ever$ trick to tease and %rustrate 6iss' 6eredith' Annie and (allie!s %amil$ trul$ had entire ha iness #hen their arents #ere remarr$ each other' 11 $ears a%ter divorce& -ick still ke t the #ine that he and +li7abeth had drunk in their #edding' Annie and (allie made a romantic date %or their arents on a beauti%ul A%ter behaving badl$ to Annie and (allie& 6eredith #as ousted b$ children!s %ather'

Dinh -goc Anh

Subject themes

Done #ith the #ind b$ 6argeret 6itchell theses details


blind love al#a$s makes eo le %eel dee grie%

Scarlett al#a$s begs Ashle$ %or acce ting her love Scarlett marriages #ith Charles (amilton just to make Ashle$ envious She onl$ can reali7e that she al#a$s loved "hett and never truthl$ loved Ashle$ a%ter "hett leaves her alone and de arts %rom her %orever 6an$ eo le are killed in the #ar&including Scarlett:s%irst husband and some o% her %amil$:s members Although Tara is endangered man$ times& Scarlett al#a$s tries her best to %ind #a$ to save it' ,innal$&she becomes the real o#ner o% Tara' Scarlett manages the %actor$ ver$ success%ull$ but it also brings her objection because it:s not considered a job %or #oman'


#ar causes man$ deaths and damage man$ eo le:s lives

tenaciousness the tenaciousness hel eo le to overcome man$ di%%iculties and dangerousness ,eminism the thought that o eration %actor$ is onl$ %or man is untruth


(o# the steel #as tem ered b$ -ikolai Ale8eevich ;strovsk$

themes noble ideal

theses noble ideal isn:t de%eated b$ an$thing

details Although 5avel has to sacri%ice his love and su%%ers %rom hardshi and deseases& he still devotes his li%e to revolution' The love o% a nurse %or 5avel hel s him to overcome man$ deseases such as t$ hus& olio''' to believe in ne# love and to begin to #rite novel Tonia and 5avel loved each other ver$ much #hen the$ #ere teenagers' (o#ever& this changed as she gre# u & as she became more a#are o% her a earance and social status o% each others'


love creates the belie% in li%e

social status

the di%%erences in social status obliterates the love'

Subject themes o ression

The gra es o% )rath b$ *ohn Steinbeck theses American %armers #ere o ressed strongl$ b$ the o#ners in the 1>K3s details ,armers had to #ork reall$ hard but the$ #ere aid %or their labour un%airl$

miserableness trouble social situation man$ %armers became unem lo$ed makes eo le:s lives because o% industriali7ation' The$ tr$ mis%ortune and miserable to maintain their lives b$ onl$ little %ood' The$ drag out a miserable e8istence da$ b$ da$' gullibilit$ gullibilit$ leads to regret and des ire Tom:s %amil$ bases on onl$ a single sheet about ne# otential economic 7ones& the$ immediatel$ move to Cali%onia' This trek brings them strong regret and des ire )hen "o7chan is cold& $oung man is #illing to give her his onl$ blanket' "o7chan overcoming all sh$ness decides to breast %eed an old man too sick %rom starvation to eat solid %ood


humanit$ makes eo le more closer and hel s eo le to overcome di%%iculties


Beaut$ and the Beast

themes ,ilial iet$

theses iet$ leads to the sacri%ice

details Belle:s %ather loses his #a$ and he is im risoned b$ the beast' Belle o%%ers to take her %ather:s lace although she kno#s she:ll be endangered' Although Belle is a beauti%ul #oman and rince is under the cover o% ugl$ Beast& the$ still become good %riends' As the Beast dies %rom his injuries& Belle #his ers that she loves him&breaking the s ell just be%ore the last etal dro s' The Beast comes back to li%e and the$ live ha il$ %orever'


,riendshi isn:t hindered b$ the a earance


love can create magic thing

Subject themes Daring

Bill gates theses daring hel eo le to achive great success details Onlike man$ eo le& Bill gates le%t (avart Oniversit$ and he s ent time to establish 6icrosort/ one o% the biggest com an$ in the #orld' (e set u a big charit$ %und named @Bill and 6alinda Dates@' (e 7ealousl$ takes art in the humanitarian activities and su orts the large amount o% mone$ %or man$ charitable organi7ation' Bill gates cares strongl$ about education'he contributes his ideas to im rove the American education' (e also a#ards man$ scholarshi s to gi%ted students all over the #orld'


charit$ %und save man$ eo le:s lives


education is much cared no#

Subject themes discrimina/ tion

Les 6isIrable B$ Gicto (ugo theses 4t:s un%air that eo le are evaluated just b$ #rong thing the$ did in the ast details O on being released& *ean Galiean is reEuired to carr$ a $ello# ass ort that marks him as a convict' So he is rejected b$ innkee ers& #ho do not #ant to take in a convict& Galjean slee s on the street' This makes him even more angr$ and bitter' V onine loved 6arius and she decided to tell him to go to the barricade& in ho ing that the t#o #ould die together' ,inall$& she re lacing him received the bullet and died' Galjean loves Cosette/his %oster daughter so much'Galjean loses the #ill to live and takes to his bed #hen he thinks that Cosette no longer needs him'


love is blind and irrational

%amil$ sentiment

the love bet#een %amil$ members is dee

Subject themes braver$

Cing Cong 6ovie b$ 5eter *ackson theses braver$ hel s eo le to do great things details )hen ann is arrested&*ack Discroll ignores man$ dangerousness in the jungle to rescue her although man$ eo le came back'


love can create the magic 4t:s unbelievable that Cing Cong/ a thing %erocious animal love a normal girl' (e can combat #ith dinasour to rotect her' Although Cing Cong kno#s that he:ll be killed&it still climb u the to o% +m ire State just to sho# Ann the beauti%ul sunset' ,riendshi can:t be obliterated be mone$ Although Ann #ill be aid much mone$ to act the beaut$ o% the Beast in the theater& she re%uses this role because she doesn:t #ant to betra$ her %riendshi #ith Cing kong' )hen being arrested& Ann is ver$ com osed'She reali7es Cong:s curiosit$ about her& so she manages to entertain Cong #ith juggling and dancing %rom her old theater routine' A%terthat&Cong cannot bring himsel% to kill her&instead&he leaves her b$ hersel%'



eo le have to be com osed to %ind the best solution

Subject themes #ar

6ulan b$ )alt Disne$ theses #ar is unjust and al#a$s causes man$ loss %or eo le details The +m eror o% China orders each %amil$ to have one man to serve in the arm$' So the #ar se arates the members %rom one another' 6an$ eo le are also be killed in #ar


braver$ hel s eo le to do 6ulan disguises hersel% as a man to great things re lace her %ather to go to the arm$' 4n the #ar& she has a heroic %ighting s irit in an$ case' 4n the Cingdom&6ulan isn:t greeted and congratulated @the hero o% China@ and no one listens to her #arning just because she is a #oman'

Discrimination )omen #ere not evaluated e8actl$ b$ #hat the$ had done just because the$ are )omen

Subject themes Destin$

Slumdog 6illionaire b$ Dann$ Bo$le theses -o one can kno# #hat is going to ha en ne8t' details *amal gre# in the Slums' Su risingl$& he comes the la$er o% the Dame 9)ho #ants to be a 6illionaireH=' 6ore over&he #ins the highest ri7e #ith t#ent$ million ru ees in the sho#'

+8 rience

+8 rience in li%e hel to succeed'

eo le The e8 eriences #hen *amal #as or haned at an earl$ age and #hen he had to %ight to survive on the streets hel him to ans#er all the Euestions in the sho#' Luckil$& all the Euestions in the sho# match #ith the things he has kno#n be%ore' So& he can ans#er all the Euestions and reach the %irst ri7e' 5eo le including man$ children in the countr$ have to live in the Slums' The$ don:t have chance to go to class' The$ even don:t have the most minimum neccessar$ things to live'


Luck$ hel eo le much to reach the success'


There are man$ eo le #ho have to live in oor condition'

Subject themes Conjugal love

O b$ 5eter Doctor theses Conjugal love is ver$ deed and erminent details Carl ,redrickson and +llie are married'' Carl ,redrickson al#a$s loves +llie so much #hether or not she lives' A%ter +llie dies& Carl tries his best to kee his romise he made to her' "ussell hel s Carl to make Carl:s dream come true' (e also hel Cevin coming back to her children unconditionall$ des ite o% man$ di%%iculties and dangerousness' Although Cevin hurts in one led' she still tries her best to ass the di%%iculties to bring the %ood to her children'


Someone hel eo le #ithout being re aid

,amil$ sentiment

6other al#a$s does an$thing %or her children

(oang Thao -gu$en -gu$en/ SAT K> Oncle Tom:s cabin Theme Thesis racism people treated nigger as an ob)ect not human

Detail 8ncle +om and many other servants were marched down to a slavehouse to await the convenience of traders who was going to make up a lot for

auction. friendship friendship cannot be stopped by age, colour or class mother can do everything for her child *va helped +om write while +om sang song to the little mistress. +he friendship grew up with the child9s growth After hearing all the master nd missis talked about her son, imediately *li%a decided to carry off her son so nobody could take him from her Detail !hristine was looking for her son until she died 1ot caring what others say, she still believed that her son was out there waiting for her *ven when the police wanted to hide their mistakes so !aptain 0ones sended !hristine to an asylum to intimidate her but she didn9t change her mind when Sanford was sitting in a waiting room with other kids, he saw one of them keep banging a ruler up and down, causing Sanford to recall the scence of a man with an a(e hitting something and covering himself with blood every time the ruler comes down.

Mother 9s love

Challenging Theme Mother9s love 'ope /ravery

Thesis 1othing can be compared to the love of mother 1ever lose your hope Mother9s love can con$uer all the fear


when people do evil thing, they 9ll be obsessed all their lifes

Little )omen 0or 6eg& *o& Beth and Am$1 b$ Louisa 6a$ Alcott Theme piousness Thesis !hildren must show respect toward their parents Detail At !hrismas, instead of thinking for themselves, the girls decided to make a surprise for her mother. *ach of them bought a small gift for her mother by their money 'aving not been allowed to go out with /eth and 0o, Amy was angry

selfishness /eing selfish 9ll make a regret later


+rue love can9t be seperated

that she threw 0o9s draft into fire. after discovering that, 0o slapped Amy9s face. &ater both Amy and 0o feel regretful ,espit the ob)ection of the Maiden Aunt, Meg still decidedto love 0ohn

Sans %amille 0-obod$:s Bo$1 b$ (ector 6alot Theme Friendship Thesis good friend is the one who always thinks of your thought first /ehind one9 success is the support of many people Detail When Mr. *spinassous convinced Mattia to stay and learn music with him, Mattia still chose the way of accompanying his friend 7 "emi after reuniting with the family and becoming rich, "emi didn9t forget to repay kindness of people who went with him through hard and )oy like Mattia, the Ac$uins,etc. /ecause &ise was dumb, she and "emi couldn9t speak to each other. +hey communicated by glint of eyes 3n +oulouse, a sad incident landed ?italis into )ail. 3t was not easy for a ten7year7old to feed himself and four animals under his care, and they nearly starved, when they met the =Swan= 7 a little river ship owned by Mrs. Milligan and her ill son Arthur. +hey took "emi in to entertain the sick boy, but soon started seeing a person in "emi, and he became part of the family


&ove Sense of mercy

love doesn9t need any means of communication Seeing others9predicament, no one can9t give a hand

The last lea% b$ ;' (enr$ Theme ,epression 'ope Thesis When one gets depression, she9ll rely on everything she can &ittle hope doesn9t means the end of )ourney Detail 0ohnsy counts every leaves left on the tree, waiting for the last leave one to fall and she 9ll die looking a the ivy leaf clinging to its stem against the wall, 0ohnsy takes back her hope to paint the /ay of 1aples Fourty years /ehrman has always

Masterpiece Masterpiece not only

re$uires the talent but also the heart of the artists

about to paint a masterpiece, but has never yet begun it. 'owever, during the last days of his life, the old man made one. +hat is the last leaf on the wall which he has to bet his life to draw

O Theme &oyalty

Thesis +rue love need loyalty


&ife is a chain of adventure.


4ood friend is the one who always beside you everytime you need

Detail After the death of his wife, !arl, a stereotypical old man obsesses with preserving his home and its environment as a monument to his wife. 'e then comes up with a scheme to keep his promise to *llie> by turning his house into a makeshift airship, using tens of thousands of helium balloons to lift it off its foundations to the summit of 2aradise Falls +o save te house, !arl has to let Munt% catch Kevin. /ut then after reviewing *llie9s childhood scrapbook, he realises that he has to start a new )ourney which doesn9t have *llen. !arl lightens the weight of his house by dumping his old furniture and other sentimental possessions so that he can rescue Kevin and "ussell When "ussell9s father misses his son9s Senior *(plorer ceremony, !arl fulfills that role himself to proudly present "ussell with his final badge, the grape soda badge that *llie presented to !arl when they first met

"omeo and *uliet b$ )illiam Shakes eare Theme &ove Thesis Sometimes, love is lind and unpredictable Detail "omeo attends the ball at the !apulet house in hopes of meeting "osaline. 'owever, "omeo instead meets and falls in love with 0uliet belonging to !apiulet

3ndependence love is independence . 3t help people have courage to fight for their belief &oyalty loyalty is one aspect of love

oppposite to his family Montagues ,espite the ob)ection of the two family, lovers still believe in their love /elieving 0uliet to be dead, "omeo drinks the poison. 0uliet then awakens finding "omeo dead, stabs herself with his dagger.

)ild child Theme *nvironment Thesis When coming to a new place, people usually have difficulty in adopting the new. &ove is unpredictable Detail When 2oppy comes to Abbey Mount, which is totally opposite with her life in America, she tries every way to be e(pelled. When none of their plans works they decide to seduce the headmistress9s son Freddie so that she can be e(pelled. /ut later, 2oppy finds her fall in love with Freddie 'er roommates give their ideas on how she can get e(pelled, act as a group and let her take the blame. +his brings the girls closer and closer. Detail +his precocious youth, Madison 2ettis, transforms 0oe Kingman9s life from an egotistical, promiscuous bachelor to a loving father. Kingman is always indifferent to her daughter but when 2ayton accidentally eats her allergen, 0oe immediately run with payton on his arm to get her to ther hospital. When being interviewed after the game, 0oe announces that he will take his daughter home, thus ignoring the endorsement with Fanny9s /urgers which can bring him @;A million, saying that he would rather stay with 2eyton



Friend is the one who helps you all the time without asking repayment

The Dame 5lan Theme Thesis !hange *verything can change even it 9s the charecteristic

Father9s love

8nlike mother9s love, the love of father is not obvious.


+here are many things that are greater than money. Family is one of them

6ulan Theme /rave Thesis /rave can encourage people to do great thing Detail Fa Bhou, having no son to fight, is forced to enlist despite his age and disability Ca limp from a previous warD. Mulan poses as a man and flees to )oin the army in his place. After a struggle, Mulan eventually overcomes Shan Fu by luring him into the path of fireworks to his apparent death bringing peace to !hina. Shang begins a grueling training schedule and is visibly disappointed at his new troop9s lack of abilities. 'e is most disappointed by Mulan, whom he eventually orders to return home. /ut instead, she tries to pratice a lot and finlly impresses Shang by retrieving an arrow from a tall pole while weighed down with brass amulets


*veryone has right and duty to protect herEhis country.


+o achieve thing, people must have a great effort.

Le (ai Dang +8am le 4 : The 4ncredibles Themes Theses (eroism is not al#a$s a reciated Details 6r' 4ncredible saved a man #ho #as committing sucideL and in return& the man sued 6r' 4ncredible back %or breaking his neck' • Dash& 6r' 4ncredible!s son& has the abilit$ to run #ith su er s eed' ConseEuentl$& he can!t take art in an$ s ort or else eo le #ill be cogni7ant o% his o#er' • Giolet& 6r' 4ncredible!s daughter& has the abilit$ to turn invisible' This makes her head 9disa ear=

(aving s ecials abilities is not al#a$s good'

-ostalgia is a serious #eakness and can be easil$ taken advantage o%'

Disres ect o%ten leads to hatred'

ever$time Giolet sees the bo$ #hich she has a crush on' Although heroism #as banned a long time ago& Bob A 6r' 4ncredibles still $earns %or those good da$s' )hen 6r' 4ncredible is o%%ered the chance to la$ the role o% a hero again b$ a m$sterious in%ormant& he jum s at the o ortunit$& and then reali7ed that it is just a tra ' Budd$ 5ine& a $oung chatterbo8 %anatic o% 6r' 4ncredible& tried to hel the su er hero %ight crimes' (o#ever& the su er hero considered him as a big obstacle and handed the bo$ to the olice' Dro#ing u & Budd$ became a villain and #anted to revenge'

+8am le 44: Chicken Little Themes

Theses 5rejudices have serious e%%ects'

Details ;ne da$& an acorn %ell o% the tree and hit Chicken Little!s head& making him think that the sk$ #as actuall$ %alling' Chicken Little rang the school bell& and cried %or ever$one to run %or their lives' A%ter the truth #as revealed& Chicken Little became the laughing stock

,riends re%lect one!s sel%

o% the to#n& and ever$thing he did a%ter#ards are considered maniac' The rejudice made his dad lose all ho e& ride and %aith in the oor $oung chicken' Chicken Little!s %riends are all outcasts like himsel%: Abb$ 6allard A The Ogl$ Duckling& "unt o% the Litter A The e8tremel$ large ig& and ,ish out o% )ater& #ho #ears a helmet %ull o% ta #ater' Chicken Little al#a$s #anted to make his dad roud and %orget about the bad memories& so he took art in baseball A the s ort in #hich his dad #as a cham ion' On%ortunatel$& Chicken Little did not have the talent like his dad' ;n a ver$ im ortant match& Chicken Little #as reluctantl$ called to bat b$ the coach& even though he #as certain that he #ould lose the game %or them' (o#ever& Little scored an inside/the/ ark home run& and #as hailed as a hero'

An in/time luck has great e%%ects'

+8am le 444: ,inding -emo Themes Geneer

Theses Things ma$ not be like #hat the$ seem'

Details 6arlin the clo#n %ish& is not %unn$ at all' (e is not able to tell a single joke& and is such a neurotic %ish& #orr$ing about ever$thing'

-othing can stand against the rules o% nature'

(ard e%%orts #ill come u #ith good results'

+8 erience

There are man$ things that cant be learned at home'

(e even ordered his son A -emo not to go into the ocean' Bruce the shark romised to be a vegetarian' (o#ever& #hen he smells blood %rom Dor$!s nose& his rage %or meat surges u and Bruce goes on chasing 6arlin and Dor$' The stor$ o% 6arlin %inding -emo s reads out throughout the ocean' Thus& 6arlin receives hel s %rom ever$one on his #a$ and %inall$ manages to meet his son' -emo& 6arlin and Dor$ managed to esca e the %ishing net thanks to the trick that -emo learned %rom Dill A an e8 erienced %ish' Details 5o& a big %at anda& manages to become the Dragon )arrior' The recondite Dragon Scroll %or the Dragon )arrior is blank& indicating that there is no secret techniEue other than the #arrior:s belie% in himsel%' (aving reali7ed this& 5o becomes read$ to %ight Tai Lung A a dangerous criminal and eventuall$ gains victor$' 5o could not learn kung%u until he is motivated b$ %ood' Shi%u A a kung%u master& laced all o% his ho e and love on Tai Lung& his %ormer u il and %oster son' (o#ever& Tai Lung turned out to be a megalomaniac& a

+8am le 4G: Cung%u 5anda Themes

Theses (eroes can come %rom the most mundane ones' Belie% has great o#er'

6otivation is #hat one needs to success' +8cessive coddling ma$ s oil eo le'

dangerous %elon' +8am le G: "atatouille Themes Abilit$ Theses -othing is im ossible to do #hen eo le are im assioned' Details (aving been through a m$riad o% troubles and challenges& "em$ A an ordinar$ rat& %inall$ managed to become a great che%' "em$ and Linguini A a clums$ bo$& became %riends des ite the %act that rats are the latent adversar$ o% human' Anton +go& a ungent %ood critic& order the restaurant to serve him an$thing that it dares to' "em$& #ho is the che% no#& decides to make "atatouille A a traditional ste#ed vegetable dish %or +go' +go is ama7ed b$ the dish& #hich evokes childhood memories o% his mother:s cooking' ;n the ne8t da$& he #rites a glo#ing revie# o% the meal& declaring "em$ to be @nothing less than the %inest che% in ,rance'@ Skinner& the current o#ner o% Dusteau:s restaurant& discovers that Linguini is actuall$ Dusteau:s son and b$ Dusteau:s #ill& is the right%ul o#ner o% the restaurant' This revelation #ould ruin Skinner:s lans to use Dusteau:s name to market a line o% micro#aveable meals& so he decides to conceal the truth' "em$& as a rat& discovers the documents and takes them to Linguini& #ho subseEuentl$ %ires Skinner and takes control o% the restaurant'

5rejudices can be ignored #ith ease'

Sometimes sim licit$ is the most suitable solution to a roblem'

-o secret could be hidden %orever'

+8am le G4: Aladin Themes

Theses Doing things #ithout an$ remise is risk$'

+ver$thing has it!s #eaknesses

The best #a$ to hold is to let loose'

Dood things comes #ith their bad sides'

Details Des ite kno#ing that *a%a the evil Denie is e8tremel$ cunning& a thie%& being romised to be granted three #ishes& still #orks ver$ hard %or him' 4n the end& *a%a does grant the thie% the #ishes& but all o% them turns out to be disasters' *a%a the evil Denie is uissant and unbeatable' (o#ever& Aladin %inds out that i% he destro$s the lam & *a%a #ill disa ear %orever' Aladin s ent his last #ish to %ree Denie' Denie #as moved and decides to become Aladin!s %riend& hel ing him #henever Aladin is in trouble' The (and ;% 6idas has the abilit$ to turn ever$thing it touches into gold' That is the reason #h$ man$ eo le s end their lives looking %or the hand' (o#ever& the$ do not notice that i% the$ touch the (and #ith their bare hands& its them #ho #ill be turned into gold' Aladin and his %ather manages to esca e %rom the thieves thanks to this'

+8am le G44: "omeo and *uliet Themes Theses (atred (atred can result in death


Traged$ is ain%ul'

Details A long/standing (atred o% t#o %amilies resulted in heart/breaking death o% "omeo and *uliet' Because "omeo didn!t kno# that *uliet #as still alive& he drank oison and died' *uliet #as ain%ul because o% "omeo!s death& she ut an end to her li%e' This love traged$ makes ever$one in J %amilies dole%ul' Because o% 6ercutio!s death& "omeo killed T$balt in revenge #ithout thinking care%ull$ so he #as e8iled %rom Gerona Because o% 6ercutio!s death& "omeo killed T$balt in revenge #ithout thinking care%ull$ so he #as e8iled %rom Gerona


Careless thought can make eo le commit crimes'


Careless thought can make eo le commit crimes'

+8am le G444: A Bug!s Li%e Themes Theses ,ear can control and #eaken eo le'

+ver$ beginning is di%%icult'

Des erate diseases must have des erate remedies'

<ou ma$ miss man$ details i% $ou judge things just through its a earance'

Details An ant colon$ has to harvest %ood %or a 6a%ia/like bunch o% grassho ers& although the number o% ants are much more voluminous than that o% the bullies' ,lik is the %irst ant daring to stand against the grassho ers' (e is beaten viciousl$& but his action encourages the colon$ to re ulse the invaders' The grassho ers are a%raid o% birds& so the ants take advantage o% this and build a %ake bird in order to scare the invaders a#a$' ,lik!s inventions are belittled because o% his clumsiness' (o#ever& #hen ,lik becomes the hero o% the colon$& all o% the dis araged inventions also become #ell/ultili7ed'

+8am le 4S: Lion Cing Themes ,riendshi

Theses A real %riend is the one #ho hel s $ou to overcome troubles'

"es onsibilit$

+ver$one be res onsible %or #hat the$ do'


The love bet#een %ather and son is interminable

Details Simba& Timon and 5umbaa gre# u together and became best%riends' )hen Simba came back to his island& Timon and 5umbaa %ollo#ed him and hel ed him to %ight against Scar' )hen Simba reali7ed that Scar made the island #orse& he decided to come back to overthro# Scar' Then Simba became the lion king' The love o% 6u%asa al#a$s %ollo#s Simba' And b$

De ravation

5eo le #ill become de raved i% the$ live %or themselves'

remembering his %ather!s lesson& Simba has the determination to %ight %or his kingdom' The h$enas agreed to hel Scar kill 6u%asa because Scar romised to give them meat'

+8am le S: ,orrest Dum Themes (eroism

Theses -ormal eo le could do heroic actions in s ecial cases'


5eo le tend to discriminate the one #ho is abnormal

Details During an attack& ,orrest saves much o% his latoon& including his latoon leader& Second Lieutenant Dan Ta$lor& #ho has lost both his legs as a result o% injuries' ,orrest is a#arded the 6edal o% (onor %or his heroism' ,orrest #as al#a$s teased b$ his %riends at school due to his belo# average 4Q


True %riendshi lasts %orever )hen ,orrest enlists in the arm$& he makes %riends #ith a black man named Bubba& #ho convinces ,orrest to go into the shrim business #ith him #hen the #ar is over' Long a%ter Bubba!s dead& ,orrest uses his mone$ to bu$ a shrim ing boat to %ul%ill his romise to Bubba' (e also donates a large ortion o% his mone$ to Bubba!s %amil$ and also returns home to see the last da$ o% Bubba!s mother'

Le 6inh thu (a Subject : Treasure 4sland b$ "obert Le#is Themes Theses +8 erience +8 eriences in real li%e a%%ect one!s character' Details As he #ent through man$ events& *im changed %rom a Euiet and obedient bo$ to a clever& courageous& mature and ers ective erson' Ben #as the one to %ind the Desire does not al#a$s treasure& but he #as a hal%/ bring about ha iness in the mad man and lived alone on end' an island' *im #asn!t reall$ satis%ied #ith the art o% the treasure that Silver had le%t behind' -o good li%e can be attained through greed and bloodshed' 5irates in the stor$ are o%ten associated #ith death& Adventures seem to ha en disease and disa earance' in the ast onl$ 4t means that as time goes b$& the irates are vanished' But #ithout the charisma& s irit and o#er o% irates& adventures are no#here to be %ound' Silver #as a greed but charismatic character' Throughout the stor$& he +ver$one gro#s u on the had sho#n great interest in

The %utilit$ o% desire

Lack o% adventure in modern age

The search %or heroic role


basis o% a aragon

*im' )hen looking at *im& he remembered his childhood' (e ins ired *im' "ather than an$one else& Silver sha ed *im!s identit$& ho es and dreams' Details Goldemort #anted to kill (arr$!s entire %amil$ because the$ disobe$ed the Dark Lord' )hen he came& (arr$!s mother sacri%iced her o#n li%e& leaving a curse on (arr$!s bod$' O on the curse& Goldemort could never touch (arr$' 4n volume B& Dumbledore drank the liEuid in the obsecure cave #here Goldemort hid his (oll$ Croa8' )hen he had drunk the #hole thing& the Croa8 sho#ed itsel%' The$ need it to destro$ the Dark Lord %orever' (ermione Dranger #as a 6uggle in (og#arts' Draco 6al%o$ des ised her because o% her background' (o#ever& she had %ound the %riends o% her li%e A (arr$ and "on' The$ #ere %riends because the$ liked one another& regardless o% their %amil$ histor$' Deneral Waro%% de%eated an$ rare animals& but he soon got bored because the$ didn!t reason' So he came u #ith a ne# game' The most dangerous game A to hunt human' "ains%ord didn!t agree #ith the #a$ Deneral Waro%% hunted' (e thought it #as such a horrible thing to kill

Subject: (arr$ 5orter b$ *'C' "o#ling Themes Theses 6other and Son Love A mother is #illing to sacri%ice ever$thing %or her beloved child'


4n order to achieve greater goals& something must be sacri%iced'


True %riendshi is not based on one!s background'

Subject: The most dangerous game / H Challenges Com etitive hunters al#a$s %ind ins iration in ne# huntees that are di%%icult to de%eat'

Cilling is not right

Cilling human is unacce table

Brain strength

(uman uses his brain to survive

human just to satis%$ an interest and strongl$ o osed the Deneral!s action' "ains%ord made use o% his e8 erience& bravel$ %ought against the Deneral and his tricks in the jungle' At the end& he esca ed %rom the Deneral!s istol and #on the game' (e managed to survive'

Subject: The call o% the )ild A *ack London Themes Theses Ada tibilit$ ;ne has to change to %it to the environment instead o% changing it'

Details 4n order to survive in <ukon& Buck must learn Uthe la# o% club and %ang!: bite or biten& mastered or be mastered' Lo$alt$ A beast can be e8tremel$ Buck ut all his e%%ort into lo$al to his master' rotecting his master& *ohn Thornton' But one da$& *ohn #as murdered b$ <eehats' Buck got revenge and %ound out ho# vulnerable humans are' +ven though he lived in ;riginalit$ +ver$thing in this #orld has human societ$& Buck #as a beginning oint' al#a$s attracted b$ the call o% the )ild' (e missed the %orest& the %ree li%e& and his )ild nature' Subject: Di%t o% the 6agi b$ ;! (enri Themes Theses Details Love Love& a give and take a%%air& Della and *im lived ha il$ still e8ists in overt$' in a oor a artment' Being side b$ side& that!s enough' Della #anted to give *im a gi%t on Christmas and so did *im A even though the$ don!t have a enn$' Di%t comes %rom one!s heart Della sold her hair to bu$ Di%t and contains good *im a chain %or his recious memories' #atch& but *im sold his #atch to bu$ Della a comb' The$ cherished each other and #ant to get the best %or their love' The gi%ts are not

(a iness

(a iness is not something can be seen but something can be %elt'

so #onder%ul& but the$ are the rooves %or their caring and %eeling' Della and *im #ere ha $ to %eel their love %or each other through the sacri%ice the$ had made to bring ha iness %or the other' The$ #eren!t ha $ because o% the gi%t& but because o% the %eeling the$ shared together' Details uncle Tom #as tear%ull$ se erated %rom his #i%e and children' Carr$!s children are being sold a#a$ %rom her' +va a ears to give her li%e %or anti/slaver$ cause' Tom converts Sambo and Quimbo to Christianit$ as he dies at their hands' +li7a set u as model o% iet$ and moral is light/ skinned' Deorge& an e8am le o% honor and decend$ is light/skinned' Dark/skinned %igures like To s$& Blacksan seemed more like stock characters' Details <oung!d Artagnan set out %or 5aris and #anted to be 6uskateer& but must %irst rove himsel% #orth$ o% the osition' Because o% his curiosit$ and ride& Artagnan #as dra#n into a #eb o% intrigue tat eventuall$ allo#ed him to gain success' Artagnan %ell in love #ith 6adame Bonacieu8 and got into a number o% dangerous situations #hen he tried to

Subject: Oncle Tom!s Cabin A (arriet Beeches Sto#e Themes Theses (uman "ights Slaver$ tra ed human in a hell #ith no rights'

Dod and "eligion

Christianit$ is linked to moralit$& humaneness and generousit$'


Characters are de%ined in large arts b$ the color o% their skin

Subject: The three 6uskateers A Ale8andre Dumas Themes Theses The Quest ;ne has to set goals and seek his o#n %ortune'


All o% the 6uskateers vie# love as an e8alted state and reserve chivalr$ and honor'

Amoralit$ Subject: )uthering (eights Themes Love

Des ite their interest in true love& eo le can be curiousl$ amoral' Theses +ven i% one dies& Love #ill never change'

rotect her %rom their mutual enemies' 4% a noman is married& this is no obstacle to true love& the$ #ill ha il$ have an a%%air #ith her i% she!s attractive enough' Details (eathcli%% got a#a$ %or $ears and #hen he came back& Catherine had belonged to someone else and later died' But his love %or her had never changed' (eathcli%% tried to get revenge over those #ho had made him su%%er' But he still lost the love o% his li%e and he could never be ha $' -ell$ critici7es both Catherine and (eathcli%% harshl$& condemning their assion as immoral' Details The Dark 5riest had sought the 6agic Tea ot %or several $ears and he tricked Aladin into getting it %or him' (o#ever& he didn!t get it in the end because he tried to kill Aladin' Aladin got married #ith 5rincess *asmine& but he #as critici7ed b$ the citi7ens because he #as once a Ustreet mouse!' 4n the end& #ith the hel o% the Denie& Aladin managed to #in the Dark 5riest and marr$ the 5rincess' Details 5aranoid that unidenti%ied Uthe$! are tr$ing to kill him& <ossarian %eigns insanit$&


"evenge got eo le miser$& not satis%actor$


Love bet#een eo le o% di%%erent classes is not acce ted b$ the societ$' Subject: Aladin and the 6agic Tea ot Themes Theses Dreed Dreed ma$ bring miser$


5eo le %rom di%%erent classes in the comminunit$ are critici7ed distinctivel$' Dood al#a$s de%eat Devil'

*ustice Subject: Catch A JJ b$ *ose h (eller Themes Theses Survival (uman has to struggle to esca e death and reserve a meaning%ul code o%


(o e

Des ite living in an absurd universe& an individual can a%%irm honor& integrit$& and com assion'


Loss o% li%e is not limited to the batter%ield'

seeks re%uge in the hos ital& oisons his sEuadron #ith soa o#der and moves a bomb line on a ma ' Although labled cra7ied& <ossarian is sane in believing his li%e endangered' <ossarian is ins ired b$ ;rr!s esca e to S#eden' (e comes to a sense o% res onsibilit$ and rejects the o%%er to go back home bearing ro/militar$ ro aganda and instead heads to#ard "ome to rescue -atel$!s rostitute!s kid sister' <ossarian eventuall$ %ound salvation b$ seeking %reedom and acce ting res onsibilit$' <ossarian discovered that Uthe s irit gone& man is garbage! #hen his gunner Sno#den died' (ungr$ *oe is su%%ocated in his slee b$ her cat' Aa%r$ %lings a servant girl %rom a #indo# to her death on the avement belo#' (eller hauntingl$ de icts scenes o% #ar'

-gu$en Cong Thu$ Duong /!0/A!0 W1T2 3"4!.0 34--A!103 Subject Themes Love

6one >ith the >ind - Margaret Mitchell.
Thesis Love is blind and it is di%%icult to reali7e' Details Because Scarlett kno# she is giving Ashle$ an unilateral love& she decides to marr$ J other men to revenge Ashle$' 6an$ $ears later& Scarlett reali7es that she has al#a$s loved "hett and never trul$ loved Ashle$' )hile the ;ld Southern societ$ sees the #ar as a disaster that is tearing their #orld a art& "hett sees it as an o ortunit$ to make mone$' Scarlett sei7es the o ortunit$ to make mone$ out o% the


(umans can do ever$thing to survive'


Land is the onl$ thing in the #orld that amounts to an$thing' )ar can change human!s li%e and even the role o% men and #omen in societ$


hardshi s o% the #ar #hen she goes into the lumber trade a%ter the <ankees have burnt Atlanta and eo le are beginning to rebuild' Scarlett ri7es land even over love' )hen Ashle$ rejects Scarlett!s ro osed a%%air& he gives her a hand%ul o% Tara!s dirt and reminds her that she loves Tara more than she loves him' The #ar destro$s the lantations& the traditional economic and social s$stems' 6oreover& the #ar also makes Scarlett begin to talk and act like a man& takes charge at Tara& su orts Ashle$ and his %amil$& and em lo$s Ashle$ at her mill& all activities that are traditionall$ the reserve o% the male Details S it7 al#a$s rushes %or#ard to %ight and kill Buck #henever he has a chance because S it7 thinks that Buck is com eting the right to lead the herd #ith him' Buck learns ho# to ull the ricksha# %or his boss& to %ight other dogs to ossess meat #ithout being %ound out& to dig a hold under sno# to slee )hen the ends o% the ro e around Buck!s neck are laced into the hand o% a stranger& Buck #ith his ride as a king gro#led menacingl$& struggled' Buck do not dance attention u on the man #ho uses club to hurt Buck like others dogs' The kidna er continuousl$ hurls do#n Buck #ith his clubL don!t sto until Buck reall$ %eels aint%ul #ith blood/stained nose and %aints

Subject Themes "ivalr$

The call o# the >ild + ?ac" London

Thesis The rivalr$ among animals& es ecial #ild animals like #ol% is ver$ serious and drastic' 4ntelligence -ot onl$ eo le& animals also have a great observation and can learn %rom others Euickl$' 5ride X sel%/ Both eo le and res ect animals have right to rotect ride and sel%/ res ect "uthlessness 6an$ eo le treat animals ruthlessl$ and savagel$ Subject Themes ,oolish belie% (igh/ mindedness A artheid

.thello + Dilliam Sha"es<eare
Thesis "el$ing heavil$ on #hat others sa$ ma$ lead to a serious result ;ne can do ever$thing #hether right or #rong to rotect her lover' a dark/skinned %oreigner hardl$ receives a res ect and Details ;thello believes in 4ago that Desdemona is un%aith%ul because she begs %or reinstating Cassio& secretl$ gives her handkerchie% to that man' As a result o% %oolish belie%& ;thello come to kill Desdemona' Desdemona tells that she kills hersel%& it is not ;thello!s %ault' She does that to rotect ;thello li%e although ;thello is misunderstanding and behaving cruell$ to#ards Desdemona' Although ;thello/ a dark/skinned %oreigner #ith di%%erent set o% belie%s and customs is a strong general& he is not acce ted into mainstream Genetian societ$'

love %rom eo le in other cultures'

Brabantio sho#s o en rejudices to#ards him and Brabantio can not believe that Desdemona married ;thello o% her o#n #ill' This is art o% #h$ 4ago can mani ulate him so easil$' Details 6r'Buhrman& the last time in his li%e& aints the lea% on the #all to give *ohns$ ho e' Then he catches neumonia and dies' *ohns$ counts the rest leaves and tells Sue that she #ill leave her li%e #hen the last lea% %ell' Sue looks a%ter& encourags *ohns$ to de%eat the death and does not tell about ho# serious *ohns$!s neumonia is to make *ohns$ have belie% in li%e'

Subject Themes Sacri%ice

The last lea# - .li ier 0enr(
Thesis Sometimes& %or a lo%t$ and beauti%ul ideal& eo le agree to sacri%ice their li%e' )hen the dead is coming ver$ nearl$& a erson usuall$ has negative thought A real %riend al#a$s sta$s side b$ side $ou #henever $ou get into trouble or $ou need Thesis +ver$ one& in all class& has his o#n ride' -othing can revent the love (a iness is %ound b$ living a li%e in accordance #ith dignit$& #hich is a li%e in accordance #ith virtue 6an$ marriages #as made in order to gain %inancial securit$

(o eless


Subject Themes 5ride Love

!ride I !re;udice + ?ane Austen
Details *ane loves Bingle$ but she doesn!t #ant to sho# others her love' +li7abeth rejected dacing invitation %rom Darc$ and 6r' )illiam Des ite 6iss Bingle$!s& Lad$ Catherine!sM bad #ords about +li7abeth& although +li7abeth does not come %rom a rich %amil$& Darc$ still has a %antastic love #ith +li7abeth +li7abeth:s %oll$ in her misjudgments o% Darc$ and )ickham is that her vanit$ has revented her %rom reasoning objectivel$' L$dia seems almost com letel$ devoid o% virtue because she has never trained hersel% to disci line her assions or %ormed her judgment such that she is ca able o% making sound moral decisions' 6rs' Bennet onl$ #ants *ane to get married #ith 6r'Bingle$& +li7abeth #ith Darc$ because these t#o men are ver$ rich'



Subject Themes Love

1omeo I ?uliet + Dilliam Sha"es<eare
Thesis Love is blind and ma$ come to a erson at the %irst sight (uman can!t control and master the %ate Details "omeo starts his love #ith *uliet #hen he comes to Ca ulet!s art$ due to her beaut$ and charming' "omeo drinks oisonous because he thinks that *uliet died' )hen *uliet a#akes& kno#s about "omeo!s death& she uses a kni%e to kill hersel%' "omeo and *uliet are %ated to kno# each other and die together'


Time Animosit$

The ha iest time al#a$s asses b$ ver$ Euickl$ Animosit$ can!t lead to an$thing good'

Bet#een J ancestries: Ca ulet and 6ontague& there is an animosit$ so the$ didn!t acce t the love bet#een "omeo and *uliet' The Ca ulet makes *uliet marr$ another man b$ %orce' ,riar La#rence hel s *uliet to die retendedl$' On%ortunatel$& "omeo thinks *uliet!s death is true so he decides to ut an end to his li%e' Details 6r' Creakle& the domitor$ manager sa$s that he #ill do ever$thing he #ants' (e is kno#n as the most ruthless man among all teachers& al#a$s unishes ul ils even though it is onl$ a ver$ small %ault' 6r' 6urdstone announces that he intends to raise David %irml$& assumes control o% the household';ne da$ #hen David does badl$ at his lessons and 6urdstone beats himL David bites his ste %ather:s hand in the rocess and is con%ine to his room %or %ive da$s'Then& 6r 6urdstone sends David to alms/house' David!s mom has no o#er in that house' Although 6iss Trot#ood doesn!t like a bo$& she still agree to bring u David and doesn!t let him %ollo# 6r' 6urdstone' She also takes David to Canterbur$ #here he #ill no# attend school' 6r' 6urdstone!s attem ts to im rove David!s mother!s character& %or e8am le& onl$ crush her s irit' 6r' 6urdstone %orces Clara into submission in the name o% im roving her& #hich leaves her meek and voiceless' 4n contrast& although Doctor Strong does attem t to im rove Annie!s character& he does so not out o% a desire to sho# his moral su eriorit$ but rather out o% love and res ect %or Annie' Details The Queen Titania is ersuaded b$ Bottom!s voice' She does ever$thing to lease Bottom 5uck has a mistake #hen he dri s m$stical #ater onto L$sandre!s e$es' This mistake makes L$sandre love (IlIna and hate (ermia' Cing ;bIron and Queen Titania have man$ Euarrel because o% the bab$ o% Queen Titania!s escort' And on Cing ;bIron!s dream& he dreams about Queen Titania is charming a strange man and he made her to give him the bab$ she is carr$ing'

Subject Themes 4m erious

Da id &o<<er#ield + &harles Dic"ens
Thesis An im erious erson al#a$s does ever$thing he #ants and doesn!t care about others -earl$ all ste %athers or ste mothers treat badl$ to their ste son or ste daughter'


Cindness and charit$

+Eualit$ in marriage

Des ite dislikeness& sometime eo le can!t den$ and do against their com assion and common sense' )omen are #orth$ o% having eEualit$ in marriage'

Subject Themes Love 6agic Dream

A Midsummer NightJs Dream + Dilliam Sha"es<ear
Thesis Carelessness in using magic usuall$ leads to serious result 4t is di%icult to e8 lain a dream' 4t is bi77are& magical or connects to the real li%e

Subject Themes Callousness +8ertion (ungr$

Lo e o# li#e + ?ac" London
Thesis 4n di%%icult situations& eo le o%ten sho# their sel%ishness& even the$ are close %riends To#ard the li%e& eo le can tr$ their best to do save it' )hen someone is ver$ hungr$& he #ill do ever$thing to get %ood to eat& does not mind it is good or not Thesis The love bet#een eo le having the same blood is so dee The real %riends #ill ull each other out o% danger #ith their heart A %ather can do ever$thing to save his bab$ Details Bil le%t his %riend on the river #hen that %riend is getting hurt due to his ankle' Des ite being hurt in ankle and hungr$& that man still tries his best to #alk along the slo e& to use his brain to %ind the right #a$& to %ind his callous %riend That man has to eat chicken and %ishes ra# to revent his stomachache %rom maltreating him

Subject Themes Love ,riendshi Braver$

9inding Nemo + 6ar( North
Details The dad in that %ilm is ver$ atient in %inding his bab$& he goes to ever$#here& ask ever$one until he %inds out his bab$' Dill and man$ other %riends hel -emo out o% the aEuarium& come back to the ocean to %ind his Dad Dor$ hel s 6arlin to %ind -emo 6arlin s#ims across man$ oceans& sometime& he seem to be eaten b$ the sharks on the #a$ to %ind -emo

-gu$en (ong 6inh Chau

9inding Nemo Themes
5arental love

-othing is more recious than arental love& it al#a$s gives arents an unbelievable strength to rotect their children' ;ver rotection means to e8 unge one!s children!s chances to standing on their o#n %eet'

Because o% %inding and saving his son& 6arlin & a small %ish s#ims a ver$ long #a$ around the ocean and asses endless troubles and dangers' 6arlin!s over rotection makes -emo %rustrated and embarrassed' But -emo!s %inall$ rove to his %ather that he can totall$ deal #ith troubles b$ himsel%'

;ver rotection


Beside one!s o#n e%%orts& other!s hel s are also ver$ im ortant' )e can!t reall$ %ace hardshi s #ithout being brave'

Thanks to Dor$ and some %riends along the #a$ to S$dne$& 6arlin manages to %ind his sonL and thanks to some %riends in the %ish tank& -emo manages to get back to the ocean and meet his %ather' )ithout courage& 6arlin can!t s#im around the ocean to %ind -emo& and -emo can!t get out o% the %ish tank and get back to the ocean' Det out o% the %ish tank and human!s control& -emo %eels more res ect about his ordinar$ li%e at home #ith his %ather& and the$ all start a ne# ha $ li%e'



,reedom brings ha

$ li%e'


; timism

)hen Dor$ is caught in a %ishing net along #ith a school o% grou er' -emo has an idea to save her b$ telling the %ish caught in the Being united makes eo le net to s#im do#n& a trick the other %ish in stronger' the tank had tried to use to save him %rom being scoo ed u in the dentist:s net' Thanks to being united& the$ manage to get out o% the net' Dor$ al#a$s laughs a lot and is enthusiastic Being o timistic makes about ever$thing around' And so& her li%e hardshi s become easier seems much easier and her %riendliness and li%e become more sometimes hel s her and -emo get out o% interesting' troubles' ;ne can make man$ unbelievable things b$ con%idence' Although one o% -emo:s %ins is much smaller and #eaker than the other due to the damage to his egg& he has enough con%idence to jam the tank:s #ater %ilter so as to be able to esca e' And a%ter t#o times tr$ing& he %inall$ succeeds'



6arlin has constantl$ #arned -emo about the dangers o% the ocean Disobe$ing his Children should obe$ their %ather& -emo deliberatel$ s#ims out to arents or else the$ can o en #ater& in the rocess& he is ca tured b$ easil$ be caused into a scuba diver' trouble'

Su:;ect: Marie Antoinette Themes
Dut$ as a ro$alt$



;ne is seldom a#are o% the At the age o% 1N& she has to marr$ a stranger as a harsh res onsibilities that #a$ to %ul%ill her dut$ #ith Austria and never to come #ith o#er and #ealth' return home again' O set #ith her cold and Euite husband& #hose onl$ interest is making ke$s& 6arie Antoinette easil$ %alls in love #ith another man and cheats on her husband'


Love is irrational and cannot be controlled'


6arie Antoinette tries her best to have a child because o% the ressure to have a male heir %rom 4n the ast& children are used ,rance and %rom her o#n mother& #ho #ants to declare o#er' nothing more than to rotect her osition in the ro$al %amil$' As the Queen o% ,rance& she neglects her dut$ and instead s ends mone$ on lu8urious things and gambling' She #as e8ecuted on 1Bth ;ctober 12>K'


5o#er laced in the #rong hand causes great detriment'

-gu$en Thu (u$en 5. Sub)ect> 2ride and 2re)udice by 0ane Austen +hemes &ove +heses When one falls in love, she should follow the voice of her heart. Sometime people have to put their pride aside in order to e(periment new things !hange is one of the most important ,etails Although Mr. !harles /ingley has came back to ,erbyshire to married another women, 0ane /ennet always has an inconsolable feelings that /ingley would come back to find her. When ,arcy first met *li%abeth, he has to try to restrain himself from the wanting of dancing with *li%abeth. 'is pride is too great to invite a normal girl for a dance. At the end of the story, Mr. ,arcy and Mr. /ingley , two aristocracy, have came



elements of life. "eality 2eople sometime have to satisfy the reality not the imaginary Mary /ennet has married Mr. !ollin for a protection. She does not want to be a burden of her family. She has no money, prospective engaged with Mr. !ollin is the best way she can do to help her family even though she doesn t love Mr. !ollin

;. Sub)ect> *mma by 0ane Austen +hemes Social status +heses 3n 5<th7century *ngland, status is related closely to marriage. 2eople sometimes good at imagining which are always wrong Marrige can improve social status. ,etails *mma tries to match Mr. *lton with 'arriet whom she believes to have noble blood. /ut when she knows that 'arriet is the daughter of a tradesman, she thinks Mr. Martin, a farmer, is more appropriate for her friend. *mma mistakes Mr. *lton9s behavior as he loves 'arriet. Meanwhile, *mma s behavior is considered as encouragement by Mr. *lton. Mr. Weston s first marriage to Miss !hurchill had been a good move for him, because she came from a wealthy and well7 connected family CMr. Weston is a tradesmanD, but the ine$uality of the relationship caused hardship to both. 'is second marriage to Mrs. Weston is happier because their social statuses are more e$ual GMrs. Weston is a governess.



H. Sub)ect> +he !hronicles of 1arnia> +he &ion, +he Witch and the Wardrobe by !.S.&ewis +hemes +heses ,etails Faith 2eople can do 2eter and Susan don t believe in &ucy s

anything when they believe.

story about 1arnia, so they can t go to 1arnia through wardrobe. /ut when they have a faith in this land, they are in 1arnia. 2eter, Susan, *dmund and &ucy have faiths in Aslan to defeat the White Witch. 2eter e(hibits his valor by killing the grey wolf to protect everyone. 3n the battle, *dmund also shows his courage by smashing White Witch s wand. When *dmund is rescued from certain death at the hand of the White Witch, *dmund is forgiven by Aslan, as well as his brother and sisters, all of whom agree that the past is the past. And then they are altogether to defeat the White Witch.


+o defeat evil, we must show our bravery. Forgiveness for past mistakes is the way that relationships heal and strengthen.


I. Sub)ect> Slumdog Millionaire +hemes Society +heses Many people are living in destitute and dangerous places. ,etail 0amal K.Mak had a wretched childhood in Mumbai, 3ndia. 'is mother died in an ethnic ?iolence.'e, his brotherCSalimD and his loverC&atikaD escaped from their home but each period of their lives were difficulties which they had to solve. 0amal K.Mak won "s.;J,JJJ,JJJ on the 3ndian version of 2rogramme = Who Wants to be a Millionaire=. 'e could answer all the $uestions because each $uestion was one of his memories that was full of pain. Salim becam a murderer because of money and be enticed by gangland. 'e prevented the love between 0aml and &atika and forced &atika to serve for him and his gangland. 0amal )oined this programme to find &atika , as a result, she saw him in the +?. +hey met each other with Salim9s help. After all, Salim reali%ed his situation and he


2eople9s knowledge is came from their e(periences in their life. 2eople can be easily changed by bad traps. 2eople who lives honestly will have an happy ending .



decided to help &atika , then he died.

A. Sub)ect> Finding 1emo +hemes Father and son +heses Father may be strict but he always protects his son. *bullience results in unsoundable conse$uences Friendship e(ists in difficulty #nly after e(priencing obstacles does one understand the importance of family ,etail 1emo s father always wants to protect 1emo against bad things. +herefore, he prevented 1emo from e(ploring the world. Father s restraint annoyed 1emo. 'e tried to get out of this prevention. 'e was caught by human beings when e(ploring the ocean. When having to live in a cistern in a clinic, 1emo met a lot of friends there who tried to help him get out of the cistern "eturning home after a hard time, 1emo understood how much his father loved him and why his father wanted to prevent 1emo from e(ploring the ocean .




K. Sub)ect> Wall * -film +hemes &ove +he disadvantage of using much technology +heses &ove can convert people When technology replace people to do all works , people can be passive and dependent. ,etails +he love between Wall * and *ve made people change their thoughts and come back to protect the earth. After destroying the earth with rubbish, people can9t know how to tidy up and they make robots help, then remove to other planet to live. 'owever, in new environment, they depend on robots to eat, sleep, and specially love.+hay can9t


+he earth is destroyed by people.

think and do by themselves. 2eople throw lots of litter into the environment. +hey don9t care about conse$uences and accept to remove to other places to live.

L. Sub)ect> 'arry 2otter by 0.K. "owling +hemes Friendship +heses A good friendship is the one that it overcomes challenges and difficult tasks. ,etails 'arry, "on and 'ermione always face up with difficulties together. With "on and 'ermione s helps, 'arry can get through the challenges to keep ?oldemort from finding the Sorcerer9s Stone. Friendship makes 'arry different from ?oldemort. +he love of his mother gives 'arry ability to survive ?oldemort s killing curse. /y sacrificing her own life, &ily gave 'arry a protection that protected him form the curse and destroyed the dark wi%ard. 2rofessor ,umbledore is willing to die by Snape s curse. 3t is his plan that ?oldemort will believe Snape s loyalty.


&ove is powerful.


,eath is not fearful. ,eath is a part of the natural cycle of life.

L. Sub)ect> +itanic +hemes &ove +heses A beautiful love will be forever, although the lovers do not live with each other. #ne person can help another although they do not know each other. ,etails 0ack scarified his own life to make "ose live. Much later on, "ose always remembers 0ack and all the things that they e(perienced together. 0ack ,awson saved "ose when she was intending to skip out from the ship to kill herself.


Social status

3n early ;Jth7century, the class discrimination e(isted, status in society, money were more respectable than the human s life

When the ship was sinking gradually, the aristocracy was taken to the lifeboat first. Moreover, they locked the door to prevent the commoners to go out because they was afraid the commoners would wrest their last chances to live

6. Sub)ect> Sense and Sensibility by 0ane Austen +hemes Women s standing +heses Women have to depend on men instead of deciding her own. &ove is blind. Sense makes people wise but sometimes stupid. Money rules the society. ,etails *linor and Marianne can not inherit because they are women. Mrs. ,ashwood and her daughters have to move out their house. Marianne loves Willoughby cra%ily despite of her sister s advice. 8sing her sense to ponder, *linor can make everything under control. /ut because of her sense, she loses chance to reach her happiness. After the Mr.,ashwood s death, *linor and Marianne are not respected anymore because of lacking money. And they can not have prospects for marriage.

&ove Sense


<. Sub)ect> Kungfu 2anda +hemes +alent +heses +alent is the innate ability which determines one s success and power later on ,etails +he 2anda, was chosen by master #ogway deliberately, who could see his talent. &ater on , the 2anda showed his incredible progress in Kungfu skill and beat +ai &ong in the end



*nthusiasm and target of one s life generate one s toughness and patience #ne can turn his back on his master due to his desire for power.

+he 2anda showed that he was a dreamer. 'e always dreamt about and grasped at every chance he had. And 'e made it become the Warrior of &egend M +ai &ong possessed great great talent even more than the 2anda at first sight, but #ogway saw darkness in his mind so he refused +ai &ong to be the &agendary Warrior. +hen +ai &ong s wrath bursted into real action> 'e was to take the ,ragon scroll by force and harmed villagers, friends and even his Foster Father - Master Shifu NFou )ust have to believeO 3t was the secret in the scroll and in every word of Master #ogway. 2anda kept believing in himself and finally succeeded.


/elief is the invincible strength

5J. Sub)ect> +he last leaf by # 'enry +hemes Friendship +hesis A friend in need is a friend indeed. Sacrifice makes magic ,etail When 0ohnsy has a disease, Sue, 0ohnsy s roommate, has to do some )obs to earn money to cure 0ohnsy. Mr. /ehrman, who is an old man living in the same house with 0ohnsy, determined to draw a leaf in the wall opposite of 0ohnsy wall to increase her belief in life. As the result, /ehman died after that night and 0ohnsy recovered her health. &ooking at the last leaf, 0ohnsy reali%es her hope for life and has an optimistic behavior. +hat leads to an outstanding change of her disease and gives her chance to live



#ne with hope can overcome many challenges

5han Anh Su:;ect Themes Theses Details

Slumdog Millionaire




6emories hel eo le in their e%%ort to learn %rom the ast and succeed in the resent' 4t is sometimes better to take risks than to %ollo# reasonable course o% action' True learning occurs #hen #e e8 erience di%%iculties'

*amal #ins "s' J3&333&333 b$ recalling the events he e8 erienced in the ast' *amal success%ull$ rescues Latika des ite dangers' *amal can ans#er the all Euestions o% 9)ho )ant To Be A 6illionaire= b$ remembering the events he e8 reienced through his di%%icult li%e' 6aman retends to run an or hanage in order to @collect@ street children to beg mone$ %or him' Cno#ledge hel s *amal #in the game' *amal can ans#er the all Euestions o% 9)ho )ant To Be A 6illionaire= b$ remembering the events he e8 reienced through his di%%icult li%e' *amal and Latika met each other and no# the$ are a cou le'


Cno#ledge (ardshi

6odern societ$ should be critici7ed %or being materialistic' Cno#ledge is a bene%it rather than a birden' 5eo le trul$ bene%it %rom hardshi and mis%ortune'


4ncidents %rom ast continue to in%luence the resent'





A trong commitment to tec'nological *rogre cau e a ociety neglect ot'er 3alue uc' a t'e *rotection of t'e en3ironment1 Modern ad3ancement truly im*ro3e t'e 'uman= li3e 1 .eo*le ac'ie3e more ucce by coo*eration t'an by com*etition1 +ncident from *a t continue to influence t'e *re ent1 %'ere are benefit to be gained from a3oiding u ing tec'nology1 +t i ometime better to take ri k t'an to follow rea onable cour e of action1

%'e de3elo*ment of tec'nology e3erly damage t'e Eart'1 %'erefore8 'umanbeing 'a3e to lea3e t'e Eart' to li3e in t'e *ace1 %'ere are many kind of robot to ati fy t'e demand of 'uman %'e robot ucceed in coming back to t'e Eart' by coo*erating wit' eac' ot'er1 %'e damage in t'e Eart' make *eo*le li3e in t'e *ace and make t'em e3ol3e into t'e different 'a*e 1 +f t'e tec'nology didn=t de3elo* t'at fa t8 t'e eart' wouldn=t be damaged o e3erly1 De *ite a lot of critici m8 5bama ran economic timulation and t'e re ult of t'i timulation i o*timi tic1 5bama= i ue are con ideredbeing ucce ful t'ey are not *erfect1 +n order to make ucce ful i ue 8 5bama 'a to li ten to 'i coun elor = ad3ice 1




<i k


.eo*le can ucceed e3en t'oug' t'ey are not *erfect1 .eo*le are not likely to ucceed w'en t'ey ignore t'e o*inion of ot'er1



+t i nece ary to find new olution to *roblem 1 ,a**ine de*end on factor out ide rat'er t'an c'oice *eo*le make1 +t i better to c'ange one= attitude t'an to c'ange one= circumtance 1 +t i nece ary to find new olution to *roblem 1 4o3e i blind and irrational1

!omeo and 5uliet


+f 5bama doe not find olution to 'el* im*ro3e :S economic8 :S will corru*t1 <omeo and &uliet can be 'a**y if t'e ? clan do not 'a3e conflict1 %'e cou*le doe not 'a3e to die if t'ey do not lo3e one anot'er1 %'ey cannot ol3e t'e conflict t'em el3e 1 %o *rotect t'eir 'a**ine 8 <omeo and &uliet 'ould find t'e olution to ol3e t'e conflict1 <omeo lo3e &uliet immediately alt'oug' t'ey don not know one anot'er1 Sayuri i not born to be a gei 'a1 S'e c'oo e to be a gei 'a1 %o be t'e mo t famou gei 'a8 Sayuri 'a to find and e9*o e 'er beauty and talent 1 Sayuri 'a to c'oo e one *er on among many guy to be 'er future 'u band alt'oug' t'ey are not 'er true lo3er1 Sayuri= uni;uene make 'er famou 1




The -emmoir so A Geisha


+dentity i omet'ing *eo*le create t'em el3e 1 .eo*le ac'ie3e greatne only by finding w'at t'ey e *ecially good at1 ,a3ing a lot of o*tion to c'oo e doe n=t make *eo*le 'a**y1 .eo*le are more 3aluable if t'ey are uni;ue1





+ncident from *a t continue to influence t'e *re ent1 )nowledge i a benefit rat'er t'an a birden1 Ca*itali m doe not make *eo*le more callou to eac' ot'er1 .eo*le ac'ie3e greatne only by finding w'at t'ey e *ecially good at1 +dentity i omet'ing *eo*le create t'em el3e 1 .eo*le ac'ie3e more ucce by coo*eration t'an by com*etition1 .eo*le *lace too muc' em*'a i on winning1

6ill Gate


+di3iduali m

%'e C'airman= effort to 'el* Sayuri become a gei 'a make t'ey lo3e one anot'er1 2ate= knowledge make 'im t'e ric'e t *eo*le on t'e Eart'1 Bill 2ate *end a lot of money one c'arity1 Bill 2ate knew t'at 'e i good at tec'nology o 'e ucceeded in tec'nology ma/or1 Bill 2ate wa born t'e ric'e t *er on of our *lanet8 'e create t'i 'im elf1 %'e animal= rebellion ucceeded a all animal coo*erate wit' eac' ot'er1 %'e *ig declaim c'am*ion alt'oug' t'e animal lo e a lot of t'ing 1 %'ey ne3er acce*t t'eir failure1 %'e *ig rai e t'e dog in order to gain control and *ower o3er t'e farm1 %'e *ig ad/u t t'e law of t'e farm for t'e ake of t'e *ig 1



Animal Farm




Selfi 'ne

.eo*le= action are mo3i3ated *rimarily by a de ire for *ower o3er ot'er1 .eo*le tend to be elfi ' if omet'ing 'arm t'eir benefit 1

Finding 7emo

53er *rotectio n

E3eryone need t'e freedom to growt' u* in a natural way1


E3en in t'e mo t difficult circum tance8 e3eryone mu t 'a3e a *er *icaciou analy i of t'e *roblem. +n t'e realm of 'a**ine 8 no one can li3e alone1 .eo*le cannot li3e wit'out freedom1




.ower of brain i incredible1

The =ncredi:les


Family i e9tremely im*ortant to a *er on1

Becau e of t'e o3er *rotection of 'i fat'er8 Demo took ri k by doing t'e contrary of 'i fat'er in order to identify Demo= ability1 W'en a flock of fi 'e wa caug't and nearly ga3e u*8 Demo 'ad an idea t'at u ed t'e *ower of t'e w'ole1 %'e re ult i all wa out of t'e web by Demo= *er *icaciou 1 -emo& a $oung %ish& could not esca e alone& #ithout the advices& lanning o% all the %ishes in the tank' To#ard a %reedom li%e& all the %ishes in the tank tried man$ #a$s to get out o% eo le& came back to nature/ a #onder%ul li%e #ith %reedom' )ith its o#n intelligent and adroit& the bird brought -emo!s %amil$ to overcome the %lock o% hungr$ birds' )o" reali#es how important his family is, once he "elieves they died "y Syndrome*s hand. ! rthermore, as )o" and his family look to overcome the villain, all their a"ilities come together to win.

Friend 'i*

Friend 'i* i *reciou alt'oug' ometime it 'a trouble 1


Being unite and bra3e i an im*ortant way to face trouble 1 %alent 'ould be u ed for *o iti3e *ur*o e1


4uciu Be t (or Fro-one) i Mr1 +ncredible= be t friend and 'e= alway 'el*ing %'e +ncredible w'ene3er t'ey need 'im1 B$ being uniter and brave& The 4ncredibles and ,ro7one manage to destro$ the evil robot and S$ndrom' Some *eo*le like Syndrom u e t'eir *ower to do wrong t'ing but ome *eo*le like t'i +ncredible u e t'eir talent for rig't t'ing 1





Book and torie about unreal c'aracter and e3ent can teac' *eo*le u eful t'ing 1 Circumtance determine w'et'er or not we 'ould tell t'e trut'1 +mage and im*re ion 'a3e too muc' of and effect on *eo*le1

B:*C alt'oug' i unreal8 it teac'e u loyalty and morality1 A <u o tell t'e trut' to Munt-8 t'e li3e of )e3in8 Fedrick on and 'im are in danger1 %'e image of Mr 1 Fedrick on make Mr1 Fedrick on doe e3eryt'ing to *rotect t'e 'ou e and goe to .aradi e Fall 1 Mr1 Fedrick on effort to go to .aradi e Fall i failed8 'e can make friend wit' <u o and learn a lot about friend 'i*1


%'e effort in3ol3er in *uru ing any goal 3aluable e3en if t'e goal i not reac'ed1

Dao (ong (anh Sub)ect +hemes

Atonement - 3an Mc*wan +heses


+he carelessness can cause "obbie, the housekeeper s son, misunderstanding and a lot of writes several drafts of letters to troubles. !ecilia, the host s daughter, to apology for breaking her vase. "obbie asks /riony, !ecilia s sister, to deliver his letter, only to realise too late that he has mistakenly given her the prurient one. /riony secretly reads the letter and thinks

Fantasy +he fantasy can lead people to wrong conclusions.

that "obbie is a =se( maniac=. 8pon reading !ecilia s letter,




se(ual actions between "obbie and !ecilia, /riony accuses "obbie of attacking her relation. So that, "obbie is arrested and sends to the Atonement A fault is not always atoned. battlefield. 'e is separated from his lover - !ecilia and cannot become a doctor as he aspires. /riony unintentionally destroys her sister s happiness and "obbie s future by accusing him upon her wrong fantasy. When /riony and reali%es her fault, "obbie and die in the WW 33.

!ecilia both refuse to forgive her

Sub)ect +hemes

/ecoming 0ane - //! Films +heses
Women can do things they want as well as men.

0ane Austen, the youngest daughter of the Austens, wishes to be a writer. ,espite the ob)ection of her mother and the unappreciated attitudes of other people, she keeps her dream and becomes one of the best *nglish writers.


1othing can destroy the spirit like poverty. /ecause of the poverty, Mrs. Austen becomes a materialist. She asks 0ane to marry a rich husband even though 0ane doesn t want to do it.


2eople must have responsibility for their actions. 0ane refuses to run away with her lover because she knows that he has a duty with his family and if their

love destroys his family, then it will destroy &ove &ove can make a person self7 fish. /ecause of his love to 0ane, Mr. Warren 7 a friend of the Austens 7 sends an erroneous )udgment about 0ane to her lover s uncle. 3t prevents 0ane from marrying with her lover and causes a profound sadness for 0ane. blame. itself in a long, slow degradation of guilt and regret and

Sub)ect +hemes
Social status

2ride and 2re)udice by 0ane Austen +heses ,etails
+he social status can make Mr. people arrogant. ,arcy, a wealthy young gentleman, is invited to a country ball. While everybody welcomes him very much, ,arcy is cold and shows a disdainful attitude to the country people.


+he social pre)udice put a big impact on people s decisions. !harlotte &ucas, a ;L years old girl, is poor, not beautiful. She easily accepts a clergyman s proposal even though she doesn t love him because of the social pre)udice with


+he shyness can take away old unmarried woman. many opportunities 0ane /annet, the eldest /ennet sister, is shy and rarely shows her feeling with her lover - Mr. /ingley. ,arcy thinks that 0ane is indifferent to his friend. thus he separates them to protect /ingley from heartache.

Sub)ect +hemes

Saving private "yan CfilmD +heses
hurts, separations and deaths.

of the "yan family have all died within days of each other and that their mother will receive all three notices on the same day. +he fourth son, 2rivate 0ames Francis "yan is missing in action somewhere in

+he war brings nothing e(cept 3n WW 33, three of the four brothers


!ompensating the war s loss is a 1ormandy. hard, difficult work. !aptain Miller sacrifices himself to find, save and send 2rivate "yan


!onfidence is one of the most home important keys for a person s successfulness.



"yan s


mother s loss in the war. With no information about "yan9s whereabouts, !aptain Miller and his colleagues obey orders from their battalion commander to find "yan. ,espite the deaths of his colleagues, the long hopeless trip, Miller is still confident of finding "yan. At last, he finds "yan, protects and send him safely home.

Sub)ect +hemes

+he 3ncredible 'ulk CfilmD +heses
makes people careless

confident about the and e(periment s victory, ,r. /anner tests the e(periment s production on himself. 8nfortunately, fails, the e(periment transforming

Sometimes, the self7confidence /e leads to bad results.

/anner into the monstrous hulk, !onservative !onservativeness can hurt many and in)uring his girlfriend. people and cause a lot of bad


3nsisting on continuing a military research, 4eneral "oss indirectly makes ,r. /anner be poisoned by gamma radiation and become the hulk. 3t hurts 4eneral "oss s


2ower cannot help people win in daughter - ,r. /anner s lover. every situation. Want to be uncon$uerable, /lonsky agrees to be in)ected with a small amount of a new super soldier serum. Although succeeding in becoming a dangerous fighter, he )ust uses his power to kill as well as to destroy the city and at last, /lonsky is defeated by the real hulk of ,r. /anner.

Sub)ect +hemes
?ital force &ove

+he is 2ianist CfilmD &ife beautiful CfilmD +heses


2arents +he strong can vital do everything force helps to 4uido, *ven a though 0ew, and S%pilman, his son 7 a 0oshua 0ew people their defeat the panic and are pianist, nearly due to )aundice protect children. taken to a dies concentration camp. believes in life. 3n and anmalnutrition attempt to in keep theup WW 0oshua9s 33, he still believes in a bright future. spirits, 4uido convinces 0oshua that the +herefore, camp is he)ust triesato game, survive and and the at last S%ipilman succeeds coming $uietest boy will win a in tank. +o further back with prove histhat normal the camp life as is a

&ove ,ifficulty real characteristics. Music Music /elief communicates helps fear the souls. belief +he overcome difficulties.

pianist.he pretends to translate the game +he &ovelife has difficulties e(traordinary show power. people s guard9s instructions. +he love to music and the desire to ,espite play piano the arrestment in peace of encourage her 0ew S%ipilman to son tackle difficulties to husband and in WW 33, ,ora still people s loves survive. her husband and her son and people believes in their family reunion. and life 'osenfeld, a 1a%i s captain, finds S%ipilman. in &oving 0ew s /elieving his the father s pianist game, 0oshua isn t afraid of terrible things in the 1a%i s prison, keeps his laugh, survives mother. and reunites with his

talent, 'osenfeld protects S%ipilman from the 4ermany army, feeds him and saves the pianist s life.

Sub)ect +hemes

+he blind side CfilmD +heses
&ove warms our hearts up.

With a warm, sympathetic, enthusiastic heart, &eigh Anne mother of ; children - cheers Micheal, a homeless child, up and gives him a real family.

+alent endeavor

and +alent and endeavor will bring us to successfulness. Micheal is sent to a !hristian school although he has talent in football. Micheal tries to prove his talent and finally becomes a member of the football team and gets scholarship


+he diligence is essential to succeed.

in a professional football school. Micheal aspires to get a scholarship in a professional football school. +o gain the scholarship, he must improve his 42A score to ;.A. Although Mecheal is not intelligent, he learns diligently and finally gets ;.A; 42A and wins the scholarship.

Sub)ect +hemes

1obody s boy by 'ector Malot +heses
Animal is a good and loyal friend.

!api, a dog of ?italis and "emi s traveling circus, is very smart and loyal. 'e never leaves the circus even though he has nothing to eat. !api saves "emi life by keeping

"emi warm in a snowstorm night and stays with "emi until he dies. &ove +he act of love can cost one s 'aving no money to rent a room, life. ?italis and "emi collapse in the snowstorm under a fence. +o protect "emi, ?italis arranges straw carefully around "emi and asks him to hug !api. 3n the morning, "emi is Friendship safe while ?italis is free%e to death. +he friendship is strengthened +he mine where "emi is working is by life difficulties. flooded and "emi and some workers are trapped. 1obody knows if the rescue works are taking place. +he workers spend a fortnight underground, hungry, beaten, but optimistic 7 and at last are saved. Mattia is in tears. 'e says he never believed that "emi could be dead, and "emi is proud of his friend9s strong belief in him. +his incident serves to bring closer "emi and Mattia. Since that incident they are friends for life and death.

Sub)ect +hemes

4one with the wind 7 Margaret Mitchell +heses ,etails
+he sanguineness makes people Scarlett, a beautiful stubborn lady, strong and helps people en)oy always life. thinks that after all, tomorrow is another day. +herefore, she is strong and overcomes the life difficulties such as> war, poverty and unhappy love.



can change

a good +o have money to keep her land, Scarlett can do anything, inclusive of appealing her sister s lover.

person to a cunning one. &ove &ove is blind

Although "hett - Scarlett s Hrd husband 7 knows that Scarlett is a spoiled woman and doesn t love him, he still tries to find any opportunity to be close to her and to marry her.

Source Summaries- Đỗ Th !h "h#! Sub)ect> $o %hi &i!h +hemes +heses &ifestyle People holding great power usually lead a different lu!urious life from the normal people" *ducation Getting higher edu#ation is not the ultimate path to su##ess" Learning life e!perien#e is usually more important" $n indi%idual&s #hoi#es #an determine a so#iety&s future


,etails CAgainstD'!M lived )ust like a normal ?ietnamese person at that time. 'e wore the same clothes, had the same shoes, eat the same kind of food. '!M left ?ietnam for France and there, he learnt about the most valuable thing which determined the whole future of ?ietnam> ?ladimir &enin s thesis about N3mperial !apitalismO Although there had been some people who wanted to liberate ?ietnam, '!M was the only one who succeeded because he had the right choice of leading ?1 to communism ,etails Mia is always occupied of various things> her mother and step7father, her brother, her best friend, her

Sub)ect> 'ri!cess (iaries the series +hemes +heses 2eople $doles#en#e is usually the most #onfusing and #ompli#ated period of a person

2eople School

'owadays it is normal for teenagers to ha%e se! before marriage Academic results are usually not appreciated in high schools. 3nstead, e(tra7 curricular activities, especially sports, are


(tudents nowadays spend too mu#h time on unne#essary things and often negle#t their studies

boyfriend,etc Mia usually e(aggerate her problems without reali%ing her doing so> 7 7 Michael even had se( with one friend of his in grade 5J Michael is a student who e(cels at studying. 'e is, according to Mia and her friends, also $uite hot. 'owever, he is not popular in school while 0osh7 a basketballer and a player with bad academic results is. Mia and her friends spend days choosing the right dress, doing their nails and making up for proms even when they were only <th graders

Sub)ect> $arr) 'otter +hemes +heses Friendship )riendship howe%er deep it #an be may e!perien#e disagreement


Lu#k is also one person&s ability


Great power #omes great possibility


People who promise not to tell usually are those who will re%eal

,etails 3n book I, when 'arry was selected for the +riwi%ard +ournament, "on became )ealous because "on had never been popular and outstanding as 'arry. 3n book 5, when 'arry is about to be killed by ?oldermort, or e(actly Puirrel 'arry is known to be Nthe boy who livedO, Nthe chosen oneO because of his famous scar. 'e also. 'owever, he had to face a lot of troubles and hardships )ust because of his legendary scar and mysterious power. 'agrid has e(posed secrets many times,

the truth

especially in book 5> 'e accidentally told 'arry, "on, 'ermione and 2rofessor Puirrel about guard dog Fluffy. 'e also disclosed about the sorcerer s stone. ,etails Mr. 8eno and his wife at first were hesitant to take 'achiko home, since they were afraid that, when 'achiko dies , they will have to go through the sadness that they have e(perienced before. 'achiko is a loyal dog> even after Mr. 8eno died, he still went to the train station every afternoon, waiting for Mr.8eno even though the man never comes back. Mr.8eno really took good care of 'achiko and 'achiko always walk him home to and from the train station

Sub)ect> $achi*o &o!o+atari +hemes +heses &ove (ome people who ha%e got hurt tend to a%oid other meetings"


$nimals ha%e some similar #hara#teristi#s to human


When an animal is well*treated it will pay the owner ba#k with all its power

Sub)ect> ,utheri!+ $ei+hts +hemes +heses 2eople +atred #an #ause people to do anything

,etails 'eathcliff, infuriated by 'indley s ill manner toward him and !atherine s marriage, decided to take revenge on 'indley s son and !atherine s daughter. 'e raised 'areton C'indley s sonD as a reckless and illiterate boy, he also intended to lock !athy C!atherine s daughterD in


Poor people in old so#ieties were always maltreated and looked down on People are willing to help one another* whether or not they are #lose or not" (o#ial status is the biggest obsta#le in lo%e



his castle forever. 'eathcliff was always beaten up by 'indley and shooed away by the &inton family. Mr. *arnshaw took 'eathcliff home when he saw the boy being abandoned on the street. !atherine, though really loved 'eathcliff, decided to get married to *dgar &inton since she thought it was degrading to be with 'eathcliff. ,etails +sunami is the result of the change in weather of the *arth, which is created by human. +he earth$uake, together with a tsunami, killed thousands of people, swept away houses, leaving conse$uences which take years to bear. ,etails Michael is always admired and adored because of his beautiful voice and his graceful movements that hardly anyone can imitate. Michael 0ackson was sued twice for se(ually harassing kids.

Sub)ect> 2004 -!.ia! /cea! earth0ua*e +hemes +heses Weather People reap what they sow


'atural disasters #an #ause #atastrophes"

Sub)ect> &ichae1 2ac*so! +hemes +heses Society Talented people should always be wel#ome sin#e they are the pre#ious properties of humankind 2eople People with great talents usually ha%e bad habits

Sub)ect> 3i!.i!+ "emo +hemes &ove

+heses )amily lo%e is always the most pre#ious and

,etails 1emo s father7 Marlin7 had always been afraid to

sa#red thing


People tend to do things they are prohibited to"


People are willing to help one another* whether or not they are #lose

swim to open water. 'owever, right after he saw 1emo being caught by a scuba diver in the ocean, he desperately chased after the man without reali%ing that he had gone to the dangerous area 1emo, despite his father s constant warning about open water, still tried to reach the dangerous area. 7,ory7a )ellyfish that Marlin )ust met on the way to search for 1emo7 helped him find his son 71igel who 1emo met in the doctor s fish tank7 and the rest of the fish helped 1emo find way home.

fddsfdsf fddsfdsf Sub)ect> Tita!ic +hemes &ove +heses Lo%e #an happen anywhere any time ,etails "ose and 0ack )ust meets each other on +itanic in some hours.3n addition, "ose has already had a fiance. however, "ose and 0ack have already fallen in love deeply. When "ose s mother finds out that she is in love with 0ack, "ose and 0ack are separated because 0ack is )ust a poor boy compared to the noble "ose. When 0ack and "ose are left in the sea with a panel, 0ack decides to make "ose get on it in order for her to be safe while he eventually dies because of the cold sea


The old so#iety pla#ed an emphasis on so#ial status


People in lo%e #an sa#rifi#e themsel%es for one another


,oney #an&t buy e%erything

!al7 "ose s fiancQ7 cannot get onto a lifeboat even after he bribes the officer controlling lifeboats

Sub)ect> Sa*ura 42a5a!ese 61o7eri!+ cherr)8 a!. $a!ami 4the 5ractice o6 61o7er 9ie7i!+8 +hemes +heses ,etails Society -eauty is usually Sakura, famous for its transient pink and thin petals, only blossomes in ; weeks then $uickly dies. /elief -eliefs #an en#ourage ,uring World War 33, people to fight hard for 0apanese pilots would themsel%es" paint sakura on the sides of their planes before embarking on a suicide mission, or even take branches of the trees with them on their missions. Society Traditions #an be +here are slight #hanged but hardly differences in the disappear activities in today s hanami and the 'eian period s hanami. 'owever, the traditional meaning of the practice which is celebrating the beauty of the cherry blossom remains the same. &e 'oang ?an 5. +he call of the wild - 0ack &ondon +hemes &aw +heses "ule of this wild land is club and fang. ,etails +his land had neither peace nor rest, nor a moment s safety. +hey were savages, all of them, who knew no law but the law of club and fang. 1o fair play. #ne down, that is the end of you.


+he dog saved his boss s life.


,og was in bad condition when he lived with a bad person. +he dog longed for finding his origin.



"eal love comes from good and positive reason

When they were lining poling boat down Forty Mile !reek, +hornton flung sheer out and was carried down7stream toward the worst part of the rapid. /uck had sprung in on the instant and saved +horn s life. When /uck belonged to 'an, a fool and cruel man, it s the worst time in /uck s life. +he dogs grew weak, no rest enough, ride on overload and always was hit. /uck dreamed about his ancestor s life, this life obsessed him. /uck started desiring something he hadn t understood. #nce, he heard the call and run hastily toward it. 3t s the call of a wolf, he made friend and romp with the wolf like brothers. /uck found out his feeling about +hornton isn t from duty sense but from love sense. +hornton was a perfect boss. 'e saved /uck s life, he took care of it and he loved it. /uck worshiped him and never let its eyes away of him.

+hemes ,ream

?alue &ife

# Al$uimista - 2aulo !oelho C 1ha )a kimD +heses ,etails *ach person has his +he sale man dreams about traveling own way to make his to Mecca land but he likes to think dream comes true. about it in spite of doing it. +he young man, in the other hand, sold all his sheep to make a )ourney to find his own destiny. *verything is simple but Maybe, 4od creates huge deserts for meaningful. human who travel on understand value of date7trees. What people do with 'e lives. When eating, he eats. their life. When going, he goes. 'e does



nothing e(cept what he is doing. 3n his opinion, life is a party and it means the moment he lives. Future has known is When the young man sees the the future need ominous, he know that he is the changed. chosen and he has to warn the tribe about the fight in the future. +hey have to prepare for war. *very work has its own Sometimes, a raiser has to lead his difficulties and cattle pass through dangerous land. everyone should accept however, he is a raiser and the it as part of )ob sheep is cattle, they have to accept whatever will probably come.

H. &es enfants de la liberte - Marc &evy C !hildren of freedom D +hemes Fear +heses +hey always live in fear. ,etails *very day, every time, they are fear. +hey are fear when they sleep. Walking on the street, they fear. +heir enemy can appear anytime to kill them. *ach time, when she meets him to give the order on the bridge, it is the greatest moment in his life. Seeing her brings him reason to continue living. Members of NHAO were not France but they fight for France s freedom. +hey do whatever they can to destroy the weapons of France s enemy but when the France knew about the plot of its enemy, they did not warn the N HAO about the dangerous coming. When they )oin the organi%ation, they have to accept one simple thing that each of them might be the ne(t person. +hey are frighten of the often coming news notice that their friends never come back again .


&ove e(ists every where


+hey didn t receive what they deserved.


3n war, death is so easy.


+hey fight for what they believe.

1one of members thought of themselves as heroes, they )ust stood up for what they believed in and fought to protected a way of life that they believe.

I. *vil and 2rym - 2aulo !oelho. +hemes Automatic recompense /elief +heses 2eople have to receive the conse$uences of their behavior. 2eople challenge others to improve the true of what they believe. ,etails +he man runs on a weapon business. +he kidnap kill his family by the guns traded by his company. +he man takes gold to challenge people in the village. After all pain, he still believes that kindness truly e(ists. 'e wants to improve that most human is nice and they do not do everything for money. +he imprudence of one Mr. /etar is a hunter. #nce he touch person can have a a rich man who had no e(perience harmful influence on the used the gun. +he first lesson is others. careful aiming, prudent and understand what a hunter must do. 'owever, the man is an arrogant person. 'e didn t pay any attention for what he should learn, therefore, he made big mistake when he used gun. 'e killed Mr. /etar by his missing bullet. 3n fighting, balance is +he man with fire in his hand look e(ist when both side into the wolf s eyes. 1ow, he can can frighten the other. see not the enemy weapons but the enemy itself. +hey are in balance. *ach trap has its own When all people are silent, the ma)or potential pray. reali%es that all of them are making a trap for him. 3f the police find out, everything is his order.




A. &ittle 2rince - Antoine ,e Saint.

+hemes 3mportant

+heses *very person has different important things.





,etails &ittle 2rince loves his only flower. 'e is angry when everyone thinks a flower is tiny and unimportant, sheep eat flower or grass are the same things. With him, his flower is the most important, he always thinks about it N My flower is somewhereO With a king, everyone When the king sees him the first is so simple. time, the says> My people. *veryone he sees is his people because he is a king. 3n all normal thing, what 'is rose is as the other rose, it is belongs to person very normal. 'owever, it is his rose, becomes uni$ue. this makes it become special and different from the others. +he time a person 'e misses all time he was by her spend for what he loves side, took care of her and talked to makes it meaningful her. +he far he goes, the more he misses her. 'e reali%e that she is so meaning to him. 2eople who know what When he sees the people in the train, they are looking for is he asks the man for what people are lucky chasing hastily. +he man said they are chasing for nothing because nothing makes them satisfy. #nly the children who spend time with things seem unimportant know what they are looking for, they are the lucky people.

K. Wolf +otem 7 Khuong 1hung. +hemes Savage +heses 'uman is the most savage kind. +o entertain, human do whatever they want in spite of its results. A young wolf can ,etails When the group see a wolf, they follow him, drive behind him as fast and enormous as possible until he is e(hausted and death while running. 2eople like hunting, they hunt as many wolf as they want to satisfy themselves. When all the wolves go, herbal animal reproduce rapidly and lead to form more and more deserts. +he little wolf digs a burrow on the




manage his own life by own innate skills. *ach kind longs to its own world to live naturally.

ground to avoid the sun s heat. +ran +ran find an infant wolf, he brings it back and praises it. 3t grows up like other dogs in his house but it a wolf. 3t tends to act as a real wolf and find way to come back to its world. 3t dead for its returning. +r. +ran sees his wolf leaving day by day. 'e can t suffer from this pain. +he more he loves it, the darker he feels and the more he regret.


3t s suffering when someone sees his love leaves away.

L. Michelangelo +hemes "estrain +heses &ack of restraint in small disagreement can lead to a big mistake. ,etails 3n his class, Mi. is better and receives more attention from teacher than +origiano. this makes +or. hates him so much and usually picks $uarrel with him. #nce time, Mi. doesn t restrain in a small talk with +o. +origiano hit Michelangelo on his face, destroyed his nose and damage the handsome performance of Mi. Mi. Rs talent makes 4uilio 33 pay more attention to him than the other artist. +his make /ramante, a gift artist, envy. therefore, he does anything to restrict and destroy Mi s work. Michelangelo received a big money to build the masterpiece. 'e paid the workers high salary because he thought about the children who would feel happy when their fathers came back home with much better food than usual. 2eople don t use their own heart to decide whether it is true or not. +hey only agree with what the crowd say to ad)udge Mi s work. +herefore, Mi who works with his heart often


+alent sometimes brings restriction.


+o be kind with other people brings happiness for the giver.


Sometime, life is unfair.


2eople have their different reasons to pay attention to art.

doesn t receive what he deserves. Mi is a true artist, he works for art but no any other purpose. #n the other hand, 4uilio 33 hired Mi. worked for church to improve his status and power.

6. Forest 4ump +hemes #pportunity +heses 4od gives us presence in his particular way ,etails Forest buys a ship for business but he has neither e(perience nor education about fishing. Suddenly, a storm comes, while all other ships are broken, his ship still runs on and he catches a lot of fish. Forest loves 4inny. She is his first and the only women he loves. *very time, everywhere he goes, he thinks about her. 'e writes for her when he is in army, when he travels. 'e finds her wherever he goes. 'is life is her. 'e runs only because he likes it but other people make up many reasons for his running. +hey say he runs for peace, e$ual: Forest promises with /aba, they will go fishing together after war. Although /aba dead in war, Forest still keeps his promise and go fishing. After that, he is so lucky in fishing and becomes rich. When Forest )oin the army, 4inny tells him runs when he is in dangerous. When his group is attacked, remembering what 4inny said, he runs as fast as possible. Moreover, he takes his friends out of danger. +his makes him become hero.


What we love made of our world.


2eople often make thing become comple(. "ich comes to when people can do like they say.



'e acts without thinking but the result is never bad.

/ui 'oang Minh 5. Sub)ect :eo7u16 by an anonymous .nglishman /$nglo*(a!on poet0" +hemes 'eroism +heses An eminent hero sacrifices himself to protect citi%en. A feeling of )ealousy can make someone became muddle and hurt other people. ,etails /eowulf, regardless his old age with bad health, he goes to fight the dragon, which makes a great destruction upon the 4eats. 4rendel, a monstrous creature, is guided by human emotions that he feels isolated by the )ubilant noise from 'eorot, a great mead7hall. +herefore, he terrori%es the ,anes every night, killing them and defeating their efforts to fight back. Wiglaf, /eowulf s kinsman, is a brave warrior who helps /eowulf fight again the dragon. 'e is also willing to die to save his lord s life. 4rendel s mother becomes cra%y when she hears that 4rendel was killed by warrior /eowulf. She forthwith takes revenge.



For a supporter, one of the essential $ualities is loyal. For all creatures, love always e(ists.


;. Sub)ect The %a11 /6 The ,i1. by 1a#k London +hemes +heses ,etails &ove /uck, a brave dog, becomes very angry because of 0ohn +hornton s death. +his dog s inner voice leads him to revenge the people, Feehats, who killed his owner, 0ohn +hornton. 1atural 3n spite of living in When /uck is living with 0ohn instinct another environment, an +hornton, his final owner, it reali%es animal always that it belongs to the forest and recogni%es its origin and sometimes e(plores the forest, hunt essence. the largest moose in a passing herb. *nvironmental &iving condition is very /uck had been sold on a summer day condition important to form one s in 5<6L and then he had to live in a characteristic and cold, icy place unlike where he had strength. grown up. +his condition gave him a miraculous strength and a constant bravery. Although it not sensible as well as human, an animal also has its love for his owner.

,ifficulty and fortune

#ne usually confronts with obstacles will finally be lucky and change his or her life.

Suffering torture and mistreatment by three ine(perienced American pioneers named !harles, 'al, and a woman, Mercedes, /uck has too many difficulties. 'owever, it is lucky that he was saved by 0ohn +hornton.

H. Sub)ect The $u!chbac* o6 "otre (ame by 2i#tor +ugo +hemes +heses ,etails !rime Although one person is usually the incarnation of virtue, he can not escape from his lust. !onsciousness When people a kind person recogni%e the essence of crime, he can sacrifice his relative for )ustice. Kindness Kindness is shown when a person helps co nsciously one another without benefit or repayment. A bigot does not understand the essence of a bad person. A priest named !laude feels )ealous of *smeralda and 2hoebus s love. 'e is too angry and assassinates them. Fortunately, they survive. Puasimodo, a hunchback, finally perceives that his foster7father is a se(7starved priest. 'e kills his foster7 father by pushing him down off the church. *smeralda is a beautiful girl who gives the hunchback some water when he is roped and very thirsty. *verybody despises him but she does not. &ooking at 2hoebus s appearance, *smeralda fells in love with him and believes that he is a polish man. 'owever, 2hoebus is )ust a womani%er. 'e ignores her on the street when she is at the point of death


I. Sub)ect ;omeo a!. 2u1iet by William (hakespeare +hemes +heses ,etails Animosity Animosity makes people become hysterical and "omeo feels angry about Mercutio s death and takes revenge of

kill each other.

+ybalt C0uliet s cousin and nephew of &ord !apuletD. 'e kills +ybalt by a stroke of sword. "omeo and 0uliet, regardless the animosity between their family C+he !apulets and the MontaguesD, e(press their love to each other and become spouse secretly. Finally, the &ord Montague and !apulet perceive that their animosity led to "omeo and 0uliet s death. "omeo drinks poison and 0uliet Friar &aurence and 0uliet s nurse are "omeo and 0uliet s confidant. +hey help "omeo and 0uliet come close to and get married with each other.


Felling in love with each other, people overcome any distance to come close to their love. When people get a big mistake, their late reali%ation is impossible to save the situation. Supporter is the important element that makes the success for any goal.

&ate reali%ation Support

A. Sub)ect ,utheri!+ $ei+hts by .mily -ronte +hemes +heses ,etails Wickedness For the aim of revenge, one refuses nothing, even uses the most despicable trickery Some love deemed as beautiful and true is served for the aim of revenge. 'eathcliff, the main character, always remembers the trample of 'indley *arnshaw to him and sets a long7term plan to revenge. Finally, he usurps all 'indley s property 3sabella &inton is *dgar &inton s younger sister. She falls in love with 'eathcliff but this love is )ust histrionic that makes by 'eathcliff in order to usurp *dgar &inton s property. When 3sabella recogni%es the truth, she is very wretched. When seeing 'eathcliff, an orphaned child, Mr. *arnshaw, who is !atherine and 'indley s father, takes pity on him C'eathcliffD. Mr.*arnshaw brings this child to his home and nurtures him. 3n spite of the fact that they are not in blood relationship, he loves 'eathcliff so much. 1elly ,ean and *dgar &inton have reali%ed the spirit the evil in 'eathcliff, who wants to usurp *dgar &inton s property. *ven when 'eathcliff shows

/lind love


+here are many people with their pity for disable and poor children.


Sometimes, people recogni%e evil around them but they can not do anything to stop it.

his rude laugh and tells her about his plan to revenge, 1elly can not prevent him. Finally, 'eathcliff gains what he wants. 'e becomes a very rich man.

K. Sub)ect Tita!ic CAn *nglish film made from the truth of a shipwreck in ;J th centuryD by 1ames Cameron +hemes +heses ,etails &ove A genuine love can overcome the large distance among social classes. Sub)ectivity causes serious disasters. "ose was aristocracy whereas her love, 0ack, was a commoner. 3t is very difficult for them to come close to each other but finally nothing could preclude their love. +he +itanic was considered as an impeccable ship that never sank. "idiculously, the +itanic disaster made everybody feel surprised because they had to die. +he orchestra on the +itanic has been playing music until the last moment, regardless the ship was sinking, in order to help people stay calm and forget the fateful death. +here is )ust one small piece of the +itanic for one person. +herefore, 0ack soaks himself into the sea, sacrifice his life for "ose.



Standing on a narrow margin of death, courageous people feel optimistic and happy. 2eople can sacrifice themselves for their love.


L. Sub)ect 'ri.e a!. ' by 1ane $usten +hemes +heses ,etails First impression +he first impression might not be true. +he first impression of *li%abeth and ,arcy on each other made them completely separated while the truth was the contrary. /ecause of the situation of *li%abeth s family, at first, ,arcy had a pre)udice on her and wanted to stay away from her *li%abeth and ,arcy love budded as together they got over challenges and e(isting pre)udices to understand and

Social status

,uring the 5<th century in *ngland, human beings had been )udged by classes and properties. +rue love has to be based on the understanding and


sympathy of each other. /lindness #ne has to consider carefully before proceed to do anything.

sympathi%e with each other. /lindly believing in Wickham, &ydia decided to get away with the rogue and nearly got into a hard situation.

6. Sub)ect <!c1e Tom=s cabi! by +arriet -ee#her (towe" +hemes +heses ,etails &oyalty #ne has to suffer from miserableness because of his loyalty. *li%a, one another slave, convinced 8ncle +om to save himself and flee with her via the Nunderground railroadO, which was a secret network of people who usher run away slaves to freedom in the 1orth. 'owever, 8ncle +om decided to remain loyal to 'aley, his master, despite his cruelty. +om befriended an angelic little girl, *va. 'e saved little *va from drowning so she convinced her father to buy +om for her own family. &itlle *va was a lovely girl with a benevolent heart but she was unfortunately died by illness /eing a slave, +om was beaten by his owners> 'aley and &egreeCa drunkard personD.


#ne who is suffered from miserableness is always kind7hearted. A kind person does not always have a good destiny. Fate is unavoidable. 3n 5<th century, slavery was still a big problem in society.



<. Sub)ect> The o1. ma! a!. the sea by .rnest +emingway +hemes +heses ,etails +he value of For without dreams, a human At the end of the story, the human remains a mere physical Santiego, inspite of his great dreams presence in the universe, with loss, physical pain, and no creative or spiritual e(haustion, is still dreaming dimension. about the lions - the same ones he saw in Africa when he was younger and would like to see again.


Against the seeming indifference of the universe, love is often the only force that endures.

2ride as the source of greatness and determination +he honor in struggle, defeat and death.

#ver the years, Santiago has taught Manolin to fish and given him a sense of self worth that Manolin failed to get from his own father. Manolin in return shows his love for Santiago by bringing him food and planning to take care of him during the winter. 2ride can be the greatest Santiago s 6I days run of bad strength and motivation which luck is an affront to his pride as help people to accomplish a masterful fisherman, and that something they want. his attempt to bear out his skills by sailing far into the gulf waters leads to disaster. ,eath is inevitable, but the For three days, he holds fast to best men will struggle to the line that links him to the defeat the enemy until the fish, even though it cuts deeply last second. into his palms, causes a crippling cramp in his left hand, and ruin it back. 'e feels that he is a worthy fisherman only when he tries his best on the fight.

5J. Sub)ect> :i11 >ates +hemes Audacity +heses Audacity is prelude to success. 'elping other makes one happy. Money ,whether is good or bad depends on the way people use it. +o become e(pert, one must have passion with his field. ,etails When in college, /ill 4ates dropped out of 'avard &aw school and went into software business. /ill 4ates, together with his wife, established the /ill S Melinda 4ates Foundation to help people on the world. /ill 4ates uses his money to give scholarship to students, help poor country against diseases like '3?. /ill 4ates studies computer passionately and becomes an e(pert in programming.




,ang +rung Kien

Sub)ect> Titanic Themes &ove

Theses Lo%e has nothing to do with so#ial status or wealth" Lu#k may turn out to be misfortune" $ rash de#ision is %ery likely to result in a disaster"

&uck +houghtlessness


,oney doesn&t happiness"


(etai1s "ose - member of a wealthy noble family - fell in love with 0ack - a poor man of humble birth. 0ack s luckily winning Titani# ticket later led to his death as the ship sank. A decision to reduce the number of life7boats on Titani#, which then proved to be tragically wrong, was made because of the misconception that the ship couldn t sink. "ose intended to commit suicide when she was engaged to !al 'ockley - a wealthy person. (etai1s After #liver +wist escaped from Mr.Sowerberry s house, he took a visit to the cottage where he used to live to say goodbye to his closed friend - ,ick. !laypole 1oah taunted #liver +wist because the former was )ealous of the latter s becoming their master s favour. #liver +wist escaped from Mr.Sowerberry s house because he couldn t stand the malicious slander on him of the people there. #liver +wist bursted into anger and wrestled 1oah - a bulky boy to the ground when 1oah scoffed at #liver +wist s mother.

Sub)ect> Oliver Twist b) %har1es (ic*e! Themes Theses Friendship People usually think of their #losed friends when they en#ounter diffi#ulties"


1ealousy gal%ani3es people into misbeha%ior"


When people #annot bear something anymore they will rebel against it"

&ove between Lo%e between mother and mother and son son #an bring in great power"

Sub)ect> The Da Vinci Code b) (a! :ro7! Themes Theses +ruth The truth is not always what most people belie%e in" #pinion People #onsider things in different ways" Telling lies is not always bad" ,is#on#eption is likely to lead to sad e%ents"

&ies Misconception

(etai1s "obert &angdon and Sophie 1eveu found out that a large number of widely held theories about !hrist 0esus were misconceptions. Some people had low opinion on the &ouvre 2yramid while the other praised it. Members of 2riory of Sion lied to Silas in order to keep their secret. Sophie 1eveu kept away from her grandfather because she didn t understand the ceremony in which he participated.

Sub)ect> Dances With Wolves b) &ichea1 :1a*e Themes Theses (etai1s &ove Lo%e #an o%er#ome ,ubar and Stands With A language barrier" Fist fell in love with each other though they didn t much understand the other s language. !onse$uence People ha%e to pay for After killing numerous what they ha%e done" people, the 2awnee - a tribe which was e(tremely barbarous - was beaten by the Siou(. Adaptation People need to adapt to ,ubar adapted to the Siou( new en%ironments to in order to be able to live sur%i%e" harmoniously with them. Sacrifice People #an sa#rifi#e their ,ubar decided to leave the interests for their Siou( - the tribe he loved #ommunity" so as to save it from being attacked by the whites. Sub)ect> Sherlock Holmes b) %o!a! (o)1e Themes Theses Appearance People shouldn&t be 4udged by their appearan#e" Mistakes People learn from their mistakes"

(etai1s /ert Stevens, a killer who begged 'olmes for help, looked e(tremely honest. 'olmes told 'opkins, a young policeman> NWe learn

,etails *motion

The smallest detail may be of utmost importan#e" .motion may people&s work" affe#t

from e(perienceO after the young man apologi%ed for having made a foolish mistake. 'olmes always looked for small details when solving a case. 'olmes never fell in love because he believed that love would affect his deduction. (etai1s "obinson managed to go to the sea despite his family s disapproval. 'aving a strong will, "obinson overcame all his difficulties during his living on the desert island. #n the island, "obinson worked hard to better his life. "obinson and Friday became friends though they had many differences in human race, language, customs and so on. (etai1s /ill 4ates attracted attention of M3+S by claiming that he had been writing code for Altair 66JJ, but in fact he had not. /ill 4ates proved that his firm decision to leave 'avard 8niversity so as to go on his own business was right after he and his company had achieve great success. When /ill 4ates was young, he once did the )ob of reordering books for a library with such enthusiasm that he always completed his task.

Sub)ect> Robinson Crusoe b) (a!ie1 (e6oe Themes Theses Ambition People try their best to a#hie%e their ambition" Will (trong will helps us to o%er#ome diffi#ulties" People #an rea#h their goals by working hard" People #an make friends with those who are distin#tly different from them"

'ard work Friendship

Sub)ect> :i11 >ates Themes Theses "isk People may ha%e to take risk to a#hie%e su##ess


To a#hie%e su##ess one should be de#isi%e"


People work effe#ti%ely enthusiasm"

more with

Sub)ect> Animal Farm b) >eor+e /r7e11 Themes Theses 8nity People #an a#hie%e great su##ess if they #o*operate well with others" Failure People #an a#hie%e su##ess by not being dis#ouraged by their failure" Loyalty sometimes fools people" To a#hie%e su##ess one may suffer from great loss"



(etai1s !o7operating well with the others, animals in the farm won the -attle of the Cowshed" Animals in the farm built a stronger second windmill after the first one was toppled. /o(er was e(tremely loyal to 1apoleon though his master was cruel to him as well as other animals. +hough animals in the farm won the -attle of the Cowshed, one sheep died in the battle. (etai1s 2risoners of A%kaban were likely to die because all their feelings of happiness were taken away by the ,ementors. +hough 1eville &ongbottom was considered a silly boy, he was still good at studying herbs. Mr.Filch tried to be strict to students so that they couldn t reali%e that he wasn t capable of using magic. ,umbledore, the respectful principle of 'ogwart, went back on his promise about e(pelling 'arry and "on if they broke any school rules after the two boys had violated many rules in order to save the school.

Sub)ect> Harry otter b) 2.?.;o71i!+ Themes Theses 'appiness People #an&t li%e without happiness"

StrengthsE Weaknesses Weaknesses

.%erybody has his own strengths and weaknesses" People tend to hide their weaknesses" .%eryone e%en the most reliable may not keep their promise"


Sub)ect> The boo* series The dark is risin! b) Susa! %oo5er Themes Theses (etai1s !uriosity Curiosity is likely to lead to /arney and Simon were so troubles" curious that they follow their dog to a strange house


5ne deser%es punishment for disloyal" Carefulness needed in situations"

harsh being


is always dangerous


The greedier people are the less they a#hie%e"

where they were tricked by their enemy. 'awkin had to become a wanderer and bring along the bron3e sign after betraying the Light. 3n the house of the strange man, Simon was so careful that he didn t, but pretended to, drink the poisoned orange )uice that the man offerred so that the boy avoided being into(icated. 1ot only wanting to complete his task but also desiring to rival his masters, the strange man failed.

,o Anh +ung Sense and Sensibility by 0ane Austen +hemes +heses 2artiality &ove /igot !upidity "egret Women shouldn t accept the bigamy. Stealthy love makes people lovesick and miserable. 8n$uestioning love brings pain and collapse. &oveless and false marriage should be critici%ed. &ate regret won t deserve any forgiveness. ,etails +he money of 'enry ,ashwood was all came into his first wife s son while his second wife s three daughters had none. *linor was shocked and pained to learn that &ucy was secretly engaged to her own beloved *dward. Willoughby, a man with callousness and debauchery, cruelly rebuffed Marianne who was in full of love with him. Willoughby s$uandered his fortune to engage to the wealthy heiress Miss 4rey. Willoughby misconduct and solicited forgiveness, but Marianne refused.

2ride and 2re)udice by 0ane Austen +hemes +heses Arrogance Arrogance makes people obno(ious. "ating ?isual rating is sometimes peccable. Marriage False marriage won t bring true

,etails Mr. ,arcy haughtily refused to dance with *li%abeth. 3n order to tend to the ill 0ane, *li%abeth hiked through muddy fields and arrived with a spattered dress, much to the disdain of the snobbish Miss /ingley. !harlotte &ucas, *li%abeth s best friend,

happiness. &ove +rue love brings the value of life.

'appy ending Sincere desire will always be responded. 2ersuasion by 0ane Austen +hemes +heses #ver7 8nmanageable spending leads to e(penditure an unmanageable life. 3ncitement !alculation 8ndying love !onse$uence shouldn t be over the love. !alculations in love are totally unappreciated. +rue and constant love is undying love.

e(plained that she was getting older and needed the match for financial reasons. /ingley pressed his suit and proposed to 0ane in despite of ,arcy s urge. 0ane, *li%abeth and &ydia finally got married to their own true love /ingley, ,arcy and Wickham. ,etails ,ue to Sir Walter *lliot s lavish overspending, the *lliots had to move to rent a family estate, Kellynch 'all. Anne called off the engagement to !aptain Wentworth )ust because of his low conse$uence. Mr. *lliot, Anne s cousin, proposed to her to maintain his heir from Sir Walter. !aptain Wentworth wrote a love letter to thrill Anne and they became engaged again. ,etails 0ane *yre, an orphan, was brought up by her cruel, wealthy Mrs. "eed. 3n spite of being a servant, /essie provided 0ane with some kindnesses. +hree unknown siblings Mary, ,iana and St. 0ohn "ivers took the penniless 0ane in undoubtedly. 0ane refused 0ohn s proposal and reali%ed who she truly loved. 0ane *yre wrote that she had been married to "ochester for ten blissful years and they were perfectly e$ual in their life. ,etails King 'amlet was murdered by his brother, !laudius, who then inherited the throne and married the king widow, Pueen 4ertrude. #phelia went mad with grief and drowned into the river because her father, 2olonius, was dead. !laudius was stabbed the poisoned sword through and forced to drink the poisoned wine. 2rince 'amlet achieved his revenge.

0ane *yre by !harlotte /ronte +hemes +heses !ruelty !ruelty still e(ists in social relations, and even blood relation. !ompassion &ove brings the value of life dramatically. !ompassion is always pity. At the bottom of the heart *ndless love &ove can t be pressured. !oncluded that true love will definitely return even if it is abandoned.

'amlet by William Shakespeare +hemes +heses Merciless "oyal tragedy is tormenting. !onse$uence 8nhappy effect of revenge. "etaliatory 0ustice wins the match all the time.


A heart7rending ending

2rince 'amlet finally achieved revenge and did )ustice as soon as he lost his youth, his love and his life. ,etails Macbeth and his wife managed to kill King ,uncan. Macbeth hired a group of murderer to ambush to kill /an$uo and his son Fleance in order to maintain his throne. ,ue to the witches prophecy, Macbeth ordered that Macduff s castle would be sei%ed and most cruelly, that &ady Macduff and her children would be murdered. Macbeth died in the result of his cruel, tyrannical and murderous behavior. ,etails !assius and /rutus, both longtime intimates of !aesar, concurred that !aesar was treated like a god though he was merely a man. !assius hatched a plot to draw /rutus into conspiracy against !aesar. +he conspirators encircled !aesar, one by one, they stabbed him to death. /oth /rutus and !assius were killed by their comrades in such a misunderstanding situation. !aesar was finally avenged. ,etails +he schoolboys succeeded in igniting some dead wood by focusing sunlight through the lenses of 2iggy s eyeglasses. 0ust because of an imagination, the boys were divided into two groups> 0ack s and "alph s, and then led to a bloody strife. /oys began to fight after "alph killed Simon with his bare hands and teeth. 2iggy, "alph s accomplice, was then killed. /oys were rescued from the island and overwhelmed with the knowledge that they were safe but thinking about their bloodthirsty actions, they began to sob.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare +hemes +heses !raftiness !upidity makes people blind. Artfulness !ruelty +here are people who can do anything for fame. 0ealousness leads to nothing but cruelty. !ruelty and )ealousness must pay.

Falsehood s result

0ulius !aesar by William Shakespeare +hemes +heses 0ealousness *ven best friends can be )ealous of others success. Artfulness 4ood planning !ruelty Friendship needs considering. 2lanning pays off. !ruelty must pay.

&ord of the Flies by William 4olding +hemes +heses 3ntelligence +he smart shines in the plight. 3magination !ruelty "escue Separation is silly. /east doesn t e(ist e(ternally but rather within each individual boy. /lood thirst among savage fellow creature leads to late regret.

4one with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell +hemes +heses Spitefulness Meaningless marriage brings unhappiness. Alternative /ad habit isn t always meant bad face person. /etrayal A southern woman will do anything to save her own plantation. 2light 0ust in the plight, people reali%e who they truly love. +he !all of the Wild by 0ack &ondon +hemes +heses !ruelty !ruelty to animals is not a humane behavior.

,etails Scarlett # 'ara spitefully agreed to marry !harles 'amilton to hurt Ashley. +he blunt, mockery Mr. "hett helped Scarlett and the pregnant Melanie to escape Fankees. Scarlett betrayed her sister and married Frank Kennedy to save +ara. 3n the plight of /onnie s death, Scarlett reali%ed that she truly loved "hett. ,etails /uck was kidnapped, forced and beaten to obey the dog traders and, subse$uently, shipped north to Klondike. !urly, another dog from the ship, got off the boat and a pack of huskies violently attacked and killed her. +hornton knocked a knife from 'al, /uck s old master, and cut /uck loose. /uck once saved +hornton from drowning into a river and being attacked by a man in the bar. /uck, 4host ,og, a legendary figure, fathered countless cubs and inspired fear in the Feehats.

!ompassion &oyalty +he !all of the Wild

!ompassion isn t placed only on humans. Animals loyalty is sometimes uncountable. A spirit of the Wild is alive.

"ame: $a Tha!h Tu!+ 1.The o1. ma! a!. the sea

Themes 'onor

Theses +he honor in being dead but not defeated

(etai1s /oth Santiag and the marlin displayed the desire not making the oponent win, on the other hand, they took part in a kill7or7be7killed battle +he useless persistent resist of the old man to sharks devouring the marlin he caught before &ives without relying on anyone, does not accept borrowing money from others, and makes his own living.

2ride !ontentment

+he une$ual battle between a man and nature +he carefree way of living

/elieves in his baseball team.

2.@ 1itt1e 5ri!cess

Themes &ove

Theses &ove between different situation children

(etai1s Friendship between Sara !rewe and /ecky, *rmengarde Food sharing from Sara !rewe to /ecky, Sara cared to &ottie, helps from the unknown to Sara !rewe


8nselfish, public7spirited


Foreseen !onse$uence

Sara, the girl suppoused by Minchin a poor girl turned out to be a heir of a wealthy man

3.AThe ta1e o6 the 3isherma! a!. the 3ishB b) @1eCa!.er 'ush*i!.


Theses When you receive someone help, you should e(press your deep gratitude to him. +oo greed will $uell anything.

(etai1s When the man lets the fish go, it gifts the man any wishes. Although some wishes of the man s wife is very incongruous, the fish still accepts because of its gratitude to the man. 8nlimited greed leds the wife of the man wish to be a "uler of the Sea so that the fish punishes her greed by putting her back in the poor situation. Although the man don t want to wish anything, his husband forces him to come back the sea and recall the fish to wish what she wants.




Marriage forces people do something they don t want.

4.The ca11 o6 the 7i1.B b) 2ac* Do!.o!


Theses 'uman7 pet relationship can be very deep and so ama%ing.

(etai1s /uck loves 0ohn +hornton, saves his life twice and wins a bet that allows him to pay off all his dept. After his death, though returned to the primitive world, each year /uck visits the valley where 0ohn +hornton died, mourning his dearest lost friend. /uck after being pulled from the civili%ed world, finally reali%es he instincts and wild tendency. he eventually returned to where his ancestor had been> the wild.

'uman7 pet relationship

1atural character

+he natural character of an animal can never be fully eliminated.

5.@1a..i! a!. the ma+ica1 1am5 b) ,a1t (is!e) Themes Theses 2erson who abnormal desire power will pay heavy price. (etai1s 0afar wants to be the most powerful person in the world, and he wishes to be more powerful than the 4enie so that he becomes an other 4enie but is instantly sucked into his new black lamp. Aladdin returns to the palace, smashing 0afar9s staff and revealing the vi%ier9s plot to 0asmine and the Sultan. 0afar reali%es Aladdin9s identity, and escapes from the Sultan9s personal bodyguards. /ecause of Aladdin9s bravery, Sultan and 0asmine admire him so much.



/ravery can leads to the success.

6.Subject: A@!ima1 3armB b) >eor+e /r7e11 Themes #ppression Theses Anywhere there is oppression, there are also struggles (etai1s #&, MA0#", A 2"3B*7W311314 /#A", gathers the animals of the Manor Farm for a meeting in the big barn. 'e tells them of a dream he has had in which all animals live

against it.

together with no human beings to oppress or control them. 'e tells the animals that they must work toward such a paradise and teaches them a song called N/easts of *ngland,O in which his dream vision is lyrically described. +he animals greet Ma)or9s vision with great enthusiasm. &ate one night, the animals manage to defeat the farmer Mr. 0ones in a battle, running him off the land. +hey rename the property Animal Farm and dedicate themselves to achieving Ma)or9s dream. As time passes, however, 1apoleon and Snowball increasingly $uibble over the future of the farm, and they begin to struggle with each other for power and influence among the other animals. +o get the power, 1apoleon makes nine attack dogsGthe puppies that 1apoleon had confiscated in order to NeducateOGburst into the barn and chase Snowball from the farm. 1apoleon assumes leadership of Animal Farm and declares that there will be no more meetings. 1apoleon begins e(panding his powers, rewriting history to make Snowball a villain. S$uealer, 1apoleon9s propagandist, )ustifies every action to the other animals, convincing them that 1apoleon is a great leader and is making things better for everyoneGdespite the fact that the common animals are cold, hungry, and overworked.

,ictatorshi p

,ictatorship usually violates human rights and comes with demagogues.

Superstitio n

Superstition in an 8ncertain World

7.The 1ast 1ea6 b) /. $e!r) Themes Theses (etai1s +he last leaf, also the last marterpiece of /ehrman, is really a transition of love, a symbol of humanity. +he last leaf itself makes 0ohnsy alive, gives her chances to hope about 1aples /ay. /ut it costs e(pensive price. /ehrman pay a invaluable price by his life. /ehrman himself gets pneumonia, and he is also dying. however, he goes beyond difiiculties to work passionately. +he result thieves his life but brings about 0ohnsy hope and happiness. &osing all her hope, 0ohnsy lessen her chance of recovery to one in ten.


&ove can be a livesaver

2assion 'ope 'ope is the key to happiness

2ersonal sacrifice

#ne s sacrifice can save others lives.

'owever, after seeing that the last leaf still clung in the wall, she felt optimistic and gradually recovered. ,espite his ages, /ehrman went out in the adverse weather to paint the last leaf, which then saved the life of 0ohnsy, but he died after that.

8.The 6isherma! a!. the +o1.6ish b) @1eCa!.er 'ush*i! +he fisherman s wife was so greedy that she could not be satisfied by anything she told her husband to ask /eing greedy can result 4reedy the goldfish to repay for his releasing it in losing everything. to the sea. Finally, the magic goldfish took everything it had given to her, she has nothing left but an old cottage.

9.>o!e 7ith the ,i!. b) &ar+aret &itche11 /efore the war, the plantation owners are at the top of the social hierarchy. After plantations have been ruined and slaves freed, those who were high are brought low, and those who were low but have some useful skill are able to rise in the newly fluid society. Scarlett relies on herself alone and survives the !ivil War and "econstruction unaided. She rebuilds +ara after the Fankee invasion and works her way up in the new political order, taking care of helpless family members and friends along the way. Scarlett and "hett are survivors because

!lass Structure

+he traditional rigid class structure of the South is broken up during !ivil War.

#vercoming Adversity with Willpower Adaptation

We can overcome adversity through strength of will. Some people come through


+he 3mportance of &and


they adapt to the changes brought about by the war and "econstruction. While the #ld catastrophes because they find Southern society sees the war as a disaster out, adapt and take advantage that is tearing their world apart, "hett and of the changes. Scarlett sei%e the opportunity to make money out of the hardships of the war. #vercoming adversity Scarlett becomes a cruel businesswoman sometimes re$uires and a domineering wife, willingly ruthlessness. coarsening herself in order to succeed. When Ashley re)ects Scarlett9s proposed affair, he gives her a clump of +ara9s dirt and reminds her that she loves +ara more than she loves him. Feeling the dirt in her &and is the only thing in the hand, Scarlett reali%es that Ashley is right. world that amounts to anything. At the end of the novel, when all else is lost, Scarlett thinks of +ara and finds strength and comfort in its enduring presence. Scarlett9s obsession with Ashley prevents her from appreciating that "hett is the Sometimes, you only recogni%e perfect match for her. 2aralleling this is the how much you value something irony that Ashley only reali%es how much when you are about to lose it. he loves and relies upon Melanie when she is dying.

10.'ri.e a!. ' - 2a!e @uste! 2ride is one of the main barriers that creates an obstacle to *li%abeth and ,arcy9s marriage. ,arcy9s pride in his position in society leads him initially to scorn anyone outside of his own social circle. *li%abeth9s vanity clouds her )udgment, making her prone to think ill of ,arcy and to think well of Wickham. ,arcy, having been brought up in such a way that he began to scorn all those


2ride sometimes hinders us from having better things.


2re)udice refines our views.


8pper class doesn9t mean true superiority.


Sometimes, people don9t get married for love.

outside his own social circle, must overcome his pre)udice in order to see that *li%abeth would be a good wife for him and to win *li%abeth9s heart. ,arcy9s inordinate pride is based on his e(treme class7consciousness. Fet eventually he sees that factors other than wealth determine who truly belongs in the aristocracy. !harlotte &ucas decides to marry Mr. !ollins out of interest in his estate rather than his personality while *li%abeth /ennet is happy by refusing to marry for financial purposes and only marrying a man whom she truly loves and esteems.

$oa!+ :ui &i!h 'ho!+ S@T 30 1. 3i!.i!+ "emo- @ca.em) @7ar. 6or :est @!imate. 3eature 2003 Themes Family9s love Theses (etai1s

&ove between family members Marlin9s love for his son made him travel can give us strength to do through the ocean and overcome all anything obstacles such as sharks, )ellyfish, a flock of hungry seagulls.... #ver7protection sometimes is bad /ecause of Marlin9s over7protection, 1emo deliberately swim out to open water and was caught by the scuba diver. Since Marlin did not trust and understand ,ory because of her short term memory loss even though she had tried to warned him about trench leading to *ast Australian !urrent, they were nearly stung to death by )ellyfish. Although fish in the tank were caught for a long time and there seems to be no hope for them to escape, they worked together to )am the filter and make the tank dirty. Finally, the plan worked. /y traveling through the ocean, Marlin learned and observed many things such as sharks, turtles.... +herefore, after his return,

#ver7 protection

+rust and We should have understand understanding and faith in our friends and family.


With unity, nothing is impossible


+ravel helps us gain knowledge

he won the respect of his neighbors and even his son for his e(perience. 2. ,a11-E @ca.em) @7ar. 6or :est @!imate. 3eature 2008 !uriosity !uriosity and desire to know Wall7* is always curious and interested in everything makes our life much everything he has found such as items in more interesting. garbage, a lone cockroach... and even becomes fascinated by a love movie scene although he lives on a planet covered in trash in ;5JA.

3ndependence ,ependence on others or 73n ;5JA, humans relies too much on machine may make us passive machinery around them, making them and suffer from conse$uences. suffer from severe bone loss, obese, unable to walk and totally depended on machines. 7+he captain can not stop the robot Auto. #nly when he tries his best to stand unaided can he deactivate the robot. Sacrifice Sincere sacrifice can move people, making them return. *?* comes to understand WA&&7*9s love after learning his selfless dedication of protecting her while she was inactive. +hen, she reali%es that she loves him back and even tries to repair the damaged WA&&7*. 7 A seedling plant in the film was protected carefully since it is the signal of life on *arth for humans at that time and helps restore the planet. 7 Although a cockroach and items in the garbage are very normal, they always makes Wall7* curious since he appreciates them.


?alues of trivial things can be found with appreciation.

3. ;atatoui11e @ca.em) @7ar. 6or :est @!imate. 3eature 2007 ,reams ,reams can only come true by "emy is a rat gifted a keen sense of smell daring to overcome obstacles. and taste. 'e dares to overcome the barrier of human language, his father9s discouragement and dangers in human world to fulfill his desire to cook. 'e ended up working with his human friends, &inguini and !olette. in a restaurant featuring dining areas for both humans and rats. 1o matter how different we are, we can always find friendship. Although "emy is a rat while &inguini is humans, they still become friends since they helps each other. +hey ended up


working together in a restaurant where there is no discrimination for both humans and rats to en)oy "emy9s dishes. Absoluteness 1othing is absolute because Although "emy is a rat, a symbol of dirt, he good sides always contain bad has an inborn talent of cooking and is the ones and vice verse. main character. #n the other hand, &inguini is actually the the son of the restaurant9s owner. however. he can not cook. *verything made up of dedication definitely leads to successful results. "emy, &inguini, !olette and the rest of "emy9s pack were very dedicated to make the best dish for the food critic, *go. +hrough *go9s ama%ed face and his glowing review of the meal that day, they knew that they were successful.


4. ,hit 3a!+ F 2ac* Do!.o! *(ploration *(ploration of outside world gives us knowledge about it /y e(ploring the world outside his cave, White Fang learned basic things about his wild world. 'e knew what NhurtO and that he could not walk on water since it moved and was wet when he fell in a stream. 'e also learned what NhumansO is when he was caught by them. Although 4ray /eaver was a cold and fierce person, after a long time, White Fang admitted that he was his master and missed him while he were away. When White Fang escaped from his new master7 /eauty Smith, he returned to 4ray When Scott fed White Fang, he killed another dog trying to get his meat and ripped open Matt9s leg. After being tamed by Scott in kindness, he grew to love Scott and was less aggressive. 'e also got used to the city life as following his master to San Francisco. Since Scott tamed White Fang with deep love, this dog trust in him and was very faithful. +herefore, he selflessly protected Scott9s family from a convict trying to get revenge.


Affection can come from gradual attachment


&ove makes us change in a good way

4ive and receive

3f we give others our love, we can regain much more than that.

5. Di6e o6 'i F Ga!! &arte1


Accepting the worst possibility 2i is certain that this tiger definitely will kill makes us less paraly%ing and him, making him cheer up a bit since it is enables us to take action. the last thing to happen regardless of how terrible the situation is. +herefore, he took actions such as drinking water on the boat, building a raft to put some distance between him and the tiger and tame him. At first 2i was a vegetarian, a pacifist and an animal lover. 'owever, he needed food to survive. +hat made him became a skillful fish catcher without a sort of guilt. Moreover, he also drank a turtle blood and ate seabirds.

!ircumstances !ircumstances can change people

+he will to live

&iving creatures will often do 7 #range 0uice, the peaceful orangutan, e(traordinary, une(pected and fights ferociously against the hyena when even heroic things to survive. the hyena attacked her on the lifeboat. 7 2i abandons being a vegetarian and eat fish to sustain himself. #ptimism and faith help us overcome all predicaments. 2i always kept a diary, wrote down his observations and carried out religious rituals. 'e did these things as a routine to sustain himself. 7After finding out the island he and "ichard had landed was carnivorous, 2i intended to escape immediately but decided to wait for the tiger to board the lifeboat. 7 When their boat reached a Me(ican beach, "ichard bounded into the )ungle. +his caused 2i to feel at the loss of his comrade and sad that he was unable to say a satisfying farewell.

#ptimism and /elief


Affection can come from sharing difficulties with each other.

6. The 1itt1e 5ri!ce - @!toi!e .e Sai!t F ECu5er) &ife &ooking constantly for seeds of 7 +he prince remembered a la%y man. 'e obstacles in our life is always procrastinated and ignored three important to uproot them early. small baobab bushes that eventually overtook his tiny planet. 1arrow7mindedness can cause 7After his discovery that his rose is $uite misunderstanding ordinary, the little prince feel painful and thought that he had lived like a vain man. 7 /ecause the three7petaled flower had spent its whole life in the desert, it incorrectly reported to the prince that *arth contained very few humans and that they

1arrow7 mindedness

were rootless, drifting people. "elationship ,evoting time to another can create the special bonds between different beings. *ven though the rose was not a uni$ue type of flower, she was uni$ue to him since he had cared for her and loved her.

7. &ai! Street-Si!c1air De7is 2oint of view What one sees depends on who one is While walking to inspect 4opher 2rairie town, !arol found it ugly and dull as she was a modern, enthusiastic woman studying the big city. #n the contrary, her maid, /ea Sorenson, coming the town the first time felt awestruck by everything she saw as she came from a farm All !arol wanted to do was to change the whole town into a modern and liberal one. 'owever, she was critici%ed by people in the town because they thought she showed off her clothes and intellect and their thoughts were inveterate.


*(pressing ourselves in a different way from others makes us isolate from them.


3n the real life, 'umans contain 7Kennicott, !arol9s husband, was both admirable $ualities and described as a skillful physician and flaws humanitarian. 'e did not charge high fees or force his patients to pay fess on time. 3n contrast, he was also unimaginative, practical, materialistic and didn9t speak 4erman fluently and correctly. 7Although !arol had a heroic ambition to revolutioni%e the town, she seemed to be silly and superficial as she did not notice that this was a common issue for every town in America at that time. /esides, she was also childish when she always cared about what others thought about her and desire their acceptance. &ove can come from sympathy +he first time !arol met *rik, she shared and admiration. her love for beautiful things and drama. /esides, *rik really admired her and regarded her as a teacher. After that, *rik e(pressed his love for her and !arol also felt the same. 'owever, she distressingly walked away from him as she had married. /ig changes need more than one person. While living in 4opher 2rairie, !arol tries her best to change the town and its residents. 'owever, after a few years, she



gradually gave up her ambition and left the town. When she returned, she accepted it and feel sympathy as well as understanding. Marriage Marriage is not a fairy tale While !arol supports social reform and embodies change, her husband embodies resistance to change. !arol yearns for beautiful and noble things but he r husband is unimaginative and materialistic. +hese differences led to their struggle and made !arol leave the town.

8. <!c1e TomHs cabi!- $arriet :eecher Sto7e +he importance Women have a powerful of women influence over men, whether timidly or forcefully. 7Mrs Shelby declares that slavery is a sin and wishes that she could something to stop it. She offers to sell her watch to save 'arry, a slave. 'owever, her husband apologi%es to her since the papers are already signed. Afraid that her son will be sold, *l%a bring him with her to escape. She travels all night and reaches the #hio river. When she faces the ice river, she springs from one side to another, ignoring all pain and cold, until reaching the other side. +o make her son get out of being sold, *li%a takes him with her, glide into the night and bravely spring though the ice river, oblivious to pain and cold. 7When St.!lare made a free papers for a slave, the slave ripped them since he felt grateful to St. !lare, who cared for him and tamed him. 7Although 8ncle +om and *va have ; different background. #ne is slave, the other is a daughter of a master of a huge plantation, they become close friends since +om saved *va 7*ven before being sold, 8ncle +om was still trust in 4od and told his wife to do so. 7After *va9s funeral, St. !lare finds himself incapable of believing in anything. 'owever, when he hears +om prays, he almost feels the awakening of faith inside

Mother9s love

Mother9s love has a uni$ue power


Freedom needs intrepidity.


&ove among people can breaks every barrier.


"eligion gives us strength

him. 9. @ %hristmas caro1 -%har1es (ic*e!s Themes 'olidays Theses 'olidays like !hristmas are the time of the year for people to gather and share happy moments but sadly there e(ist people who ignore that Four inconsideration will bring along the loneliness +he past is a big picture of fleeting things which can t be restored. We can only retrospect and take e(periences. +he presence is the clearest scene and also the vaguest one. +he future is unseen, unpredictable but we can do our best to create our own future 1o act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. 3f you want to be loved, first of all, love the others (etai1s Mr.Scrooge s life devotes to business and making money, even at !hristmas time, all he cares about are working, counting money and paying bills. Although he doesn t notice, Mr.Scrooge is boycotted by other people for being a mean and parsimonious man. &ooking back at his past, Mr.Scrooge saw all the mistakes he made and he feels remorseful

3nconsideration and loneliness +he past

+he presence

+he future

Kindness and love

+he ghost takes Mr.Scrooge to the party on !hristmas night, he sees people gathering and having fun. 'e reali%es he has forgotten an important part of life #nly when the last 4host shows him how his future would be if he keeps on being greedy and mean does Mr.Scrooge reali%e that he has to change otherwise he would end up being a lonely dead man. After three ghosts have taught him three lessons, Mr.Scrooge becomes a kind man. 'e gives love and he helps others.

10. 'ri.e a!. - 2a!e @uste! Themes Social status +enacious Theses Most marriage were arranged and based on properties 1ot everybody is tenacious enough to have their own opinions 'uman pride is human weakness (etai1s Mrs./ennet always tells her daughters to make ac$uaintances with officers or rich men. *li%abeth - the second daughter of the /ennets does not agree to marry Mr.!ollins who her mother has chosen for her *li%abeth7 with the pride of a daughter in the used7to7be high class family ignores


Mr.,arcy even though she has fallen for him. Mr.,arcy lets his pride grow bigger 18 Subject To *i11 a moc*i!+bir. by Har-er #ee than his feelings by not e(plaining the *li%abeth s misunderstanding about him Themes Theses (etai1s and how he really her. 1atural )ustice +he evil eventually gets retribution Although +om *wellfeels won about his case which Audacity for its deed 2eople need to dare love, ,isregarding of the pre)udice and self7 it should not be, he finally was killed by dare to do what they have to /oo pride, *li%abeth and Mr.,arcy ultimately "adley for his crime. married /enign instinct of +he kinddo people always have the 3ngets spite of dreadry gossip about Atticus, +rue love +rue love is not easy to be After hard time, finally *li%abeth finds her people hunch of the truth 0em and Scout continuously believe that found. 3t takes time, patience their truefather love7 always Mr.,arcy. do the right things. and sincerity "acialism 2eople should try to remove bias of Atticus, a lawyer defy preconception of colored people negro, stand to defend +om "obinson, a black man was accused of raping Mayella *well, a white woman. ,eceitful Appearance cannot indicate who you /oo "adley is consider as a freak, fearful appearance are man, but he turn out to be a kindhearted person because of saving 0em and Scout from guilty of +om *well. 2arado( of life +he obvious reality sometimes is +hough +om *well has physical gloomy by the sin witnesses to prove that he can t beat and rape Mayella *well, he is convicted. 28 Subject The o1. ma! a!. the sea by .rnest Hemin!way Themes +he inner force of human 2arado( Theses 'uman can be destroyed but not defeated *vils are always willing to steal your achievement (etai1s 3n spite of old age, total e(haustion, suffering wounds, Santiago, a fisherman, persisted to fish a big marlin. +hough the marlin was an austere success that Santiago deservingly obtained, sharks came to devour it completely. After coming back with empty hand, suffering fever, Santiago visuali%e about herd of lions in Africa. Santiago, an eighty7four7year7old man, lived alone for a long time. 'e still outlived by fishing +he old !uban fisherman Santiago has been set out to sea four 6A days and returned home empty handed. Manolin s parents have forced him to leave the old man to fish in a more prosperous boat.

3ne(orable desire For a man, gigantic dreams never stop &oneliness +hanklessness Solitude teaches human a lot of things about survival When challenges come up, people are ready to turn their back on you

S/<;%E S<&&@;G "#$ H%& HO'() SAT *+,

18 Subject +he value of hardship

The ca11 o6 the 7i1. by /ack #ondon Adversity teaches you how to survive and even makes you become a legend. With devotion, you are valiant enough to risk your own life for your master. ,espite being hidden by other motion, nature was eventually revealed. Sometimes, the stubborness and weird behaviors reveal the gritty determination. +o win a play, cunning is more important than muscle s strength. 'ri.e a!. ' by /ane Austen Actually understand one s nature is not simplistic. /oth *li%abeth and ,arcy s true nature are concealed by their class. +herefore, they have bad impression of each other. Facing to hard challenges, someone When &ydia, the third daughter, eloped prefers to withdraw than deals with with Wickham, Mr. /ennet, although he is them a bread7winner, consider her immature behavior as a general disgrace and do nothing. Arrogance neither makes people /ingley9s sister bears inordinate disdain ridiculous nor fail to attract others for *li%abeth9s middle7class background. attention 'er vain attempts to garner ,arcy9s attention cause ,arcy to admire *li%abeth9s self7possessed character even more. +he difference of class cannot *li%abeth must not only cope with a prevent the true love. hopeless mother, a distant father, and several snobbish, antagoni%ing females, she must also overcome her own mistaken impressions of ,arcy +he pride in aristocrat s breed 3n his marriage proposal to *li%abeth, in impedes the nobles from familiari%ing contrast to orthodo( method, ,arcy with humble people. spends more time emphasi%ing her lower #wing to the lack of basic need when kidnapped and become a sled, /uck knew how to outlive in the wild and finally he became the leader of a pack of wolves. ,espite the danger, /uck attacked and put down several of the Feehat 3ndians, who killed his master, 0ohn +hornton. +hough /uck loves his final master, 0ohn +hornton, he feels the wild calling him away from civili%ation and longs to reconnect with the primitive roots of his species. ,ave, a dog on /uck9s team, becomes ill on one of the team9s )ourneys but refuses to leave the harness, preferring to die pulling the sled. /uck won the fight with Spit%, a fierce and belligerent animal, by his strength and especially his cunning.

&oyalty 1ature


"esourcefulness 28 Subject 2re)udice 3rresponsibility




38 Subject Mammoth success

rank than actually asking her to marry him. 'ence, *li%abeth $uickly re)ects the proposal. &arie %urie 1o barrier is likely to hinder female scholars from succeed. Marie !urie won the 2hysical First class degree and Sorbonne 8niversity in 2aris in 56<5 and won the 1obel pri%e in 2hysics with her husband in 5<JH. /oth of these pri%es were firstly awarded to a female physicist. From 56<L to 5<JH, Marie !urie and her husband have e(amined tons of minerals. After K years of their hard work, they won the 1obel pri%e in 2hysics for discovering a new mineral named NradiumO. When World War 3 started, Marie !urie sold the 1obel award in gold and canvass for inventing mobile T7ray machine to help the victim of war. Marie !urie died for leukemia because of researching radioactive substance for long time.


+he only way to success is hard work.


+he e(ternal value can be sacrificed for the insightful passion. +o pursuit the goal, one have to lose something


48 Subject Study passion

Thomas @19a E.iso! Study is not only restricted by school, When *dison was young, he was a books but also opened by everything curious boy and used to make around us $uestions>OWhy, 'ow:.O about anything surround him, and even the adult still did that *verything need to innovate to better +he invention which first gained him fame than the older was the phonograph in 56LL. /ecause this machine recorded on tinfoil round a grooved cylinder, had poor sound $uality and could only be replayed a few times, he continued to work and invent a perfect one afterward. Modesty is a meter to evaluate the 'e said =4enius is one percent admiration inspiration, and << percent perspiration.= 'e also believed in the importance of making science practical and useful to people >o!e 7ith the 7i1. by 0ar!aret 0itchell Although life drenches in difficulties, people have to stand up to defeat Scarlett herself overcomes the !ivil War and "econstruction. She rebuilds



78 Subject #vercoming challenges

them. 1ative land +here isn t any good place as native land for the beginning.

+ara after the Fankee attack, takes care of her family and friends.




88 Subject &oss

After Ashley died, Scarlett reali%ed that "hett was her true love, but it was too late. She turned back to +ara, her native land, began a new plan to find her love. 2eople must be fle(ible to adapt to the 8ltimately, "hett symboli%es new environment to survive pragmatism, the practical acceptance of the reality that the South must face in order to survive in a changed world. 'e understands that the 8.S. government has overhauled the Southern economy and that the old way of life is gone forever. A person can become pitiful when he /ecause Ashley cannot or will not allow cannot or will not change in the new life himself to thrive in a changed society, he sinks even lower as he sacrifices his honorGthe only thing he still values in himselfGby accepting charity from Scarlett in the form of a share in her mill and by kissing her twice. 3n the obstacle, people, who abhorred Melanie provokes Scarlett9s )ealous in each other, could find the sympathy. the past. After the two women suffer together through the !ivil War, however, a strong bond forms between them. ,or1. ,ar -2yrrhic history After war, there were totally KJ million died people. +he Soviet 8nion lost around ;L million people. Many cities, town around the world have ra%ed. /illion dollars wasted for war Allied has plant to fool A(is by a fake invasion plan contended in a dead officer, who never was. +herefore, Allied saved lives of many troops and helped to shorten the war. +he unity of "ussian, American and *nglish has changed the warfare. Advantages belong to Allied force. 3n WW 33, the cupidity of colonies and markets fooled many nations to take part in the war.

Successful plot

!areful and intelligent planning pays off.

8nity !upidity 98 Subject

When we are together, we can obtain more successes than we thought. 2eople are willing to fight because of their greed. 3i1m Tita!ic by /ame Cameron


7When people fall in love, they are more intrepid. 7"eal love does not come from the physical but from the heart

/itter truth

*verything can happen, even the worst thing +he carelessness of human brings about catastrophic disaster. Social status hinders people to e(press their real feeling @merica! ,ar o6 -!.e5e!.e!ce Freedom has to be watered by bone and blood of patriots

1egligence Social position

7 When +itanic slowly plunge into Arctic #cean bottom, "ose, regardless the danger, come back to find and help 0ack. 7 Although !adelon 'ockley can satisfy "ose s material sufficiently, "ose still love 0ack. Although +itanic was called an unsinkable ship, it finally crushed into the iceberg and sank, which killed 5AJJ people. +he negligent navigator didn t detect the iceberg. "ose, the upper class, feels very lonely because her peers were very boring. "ose only feels happy with other NpoorO people, friends of 0ack +he total American military casualty figure was therefore as high as AJ,JJJ. 3n there, ;AJJJ American revolutionaries died for military service. 6,AJJ to ;A,JJJ ones were seriously wounded or disabled by the war. 2ossessing intrepid heart and ine(orable desire for liberty, thirteen colonies of American united to stand up against +he /ritish *mpire7 the greatest empire at present time. 0amal met &atika when he was only a kid. 'e loves her with all his heart, but unfortunately they are separated. After 5J years, he is still looking for her and dreaming about her. Although 0amal was born as a slumdom, he still has dignity. 'e lets no one to insult him and his lover. 'e tries to work hard and to improve his knowledge, so that people cannot despise him. 0amal and Salim are two slummy kids in Mumbai, 3ndia. Since they were L, their mom was killed and they had to start living on their own. +hey have to do all kinds of )obs for money. from stealing to panhandling.

108Subject &oss


A weaker country can be freed from colony if it has willpower.

118 Subject &ove

3i1m S1um.o+ &i11io!aire +ime can change everything but love.


,ignity is a bona fide meter of a person.


Someone have to become bad guys to survive, although he is not evil.


"evenging is easy, forgiving is difficult.

0amal s brother and Salim had done many bad things to 0amal, which even stole &atika from 0amal. 'owever, after many years of separating, 0amal decides to forgive Salim and confirm that he s still 0amal s brother.

&e 2huong Anh Subject: Themes Sur9i9a1 The call o1 the wild b) 2ac* Do!.o! (etai1s Although /uck is taken to an environment that is completely unfamiliar to him, he adapts himself to it very well. For e(ample, he immediately learns how to sleep in cold night or how to fight other dogs. Some other dogs can never do it, so they can not survive, like !urly. All the dogs in the team work together so well that they make a record of the fast speed> they travel IJ miles per day. +herefore, they bring their owners, 2errault and Francois, fame and honor. ,ave and Sol7leks are happiest when they are working. +hey become alive and show their real character only when they are trapped into their traces and ready to take to the trail. *specially, ,ave, though suffering from a serious disease, refuses to abandon his place in the team. 'e keeps hoping to be back to work till his death.

Theses #nly if one can ad)ust well and $uickly to the new harsh environment, can one survive.


2artnering harmoniously others can bring you more success. *veryone will be happiest when they do the )ob they love.

The jo) o6 1abor

Subject: The !olden 1ish and the 1ish man " Russian 1ork tale, +he fish man s wife is so greedy that she crave more and more opulence. 'er greed makes the magical fish angry, causing storms, and finally taking back all the properties that is given to her. (e5e!.e!ce 2eople should try to achieve +he fish man s wife does nothing at all, and she s what they desire, not receive even not the one who saves the goldfish. 'owever, it from others. she wants the fish to grant all her wish. &e!=s 5erce5tio! 2eople often perceive the true +he rapacious woman does not stop demanding o6 9a1ue value of their possessions more and more affluence, and cannot en)oy only after they have lost them valuable things that she has had. 3t is not until all the all. castle and servants has disappeared that she reali%es how precious they are. Subject: Tottocha! F The 1itt1e +ir1 b) the 7i!.o7 b) Testu*o ?uro)a!a+i +hat human s cupidity is unlimited often results in debacle




+he first he met +otto7chan ,Kobayashi7sensei spent nearly I hours to listen passionately +otto7chan talking everything about herself, her family, her dog, and her previous teacher. After that, he not only understood +otto7chan but also made her happy because no adult people had listened to her. !hildren need to develop Kobayashi7sensei always gave his students harmoniously with society and opportunities to act like real adult> he took them to nature since their childhood. the hot spring and made them buy food and cook by themselves. 'e also organi%ed a class called agricultural course to let them do farm work, discover the nature and e(perience the )oy of labor. Adults often can t really 3n the story, the first teacher assumes that +otto7 understand children so they chan is a naughty girl because she not paying often wrong when evaluating attention in the class, disrupting other students by a child. her $uickly action as looking out of the window and annoying her teacher by inviting street musicians come into her class. 'owever, +otto7chan is )ust too restless and curious Subject: Titanic .irecte. b) 2ames %amero! *ven in the ;Jth century, someone appraise other people by their appearances and social status than their actions 7 "eal love only comes from real feeling and can t be bought. 7 2eople will become stronger, braver because their lover. +he careless of human brings about catastrophic disasters. +rue love can not be prevented by wealth7 poverty distance. 3n the borderline of death and life, the coward shows off his face. 3n order to be successful, you must have hope Although 0ack had saved "ose s life, the people in the ship still showed disdain to him rather than respect or gratefulness. 7 !al gives "ose a valuable diamond necklace but he can t have her love. "ose has felt in love with 0ack. 7 When +itanic slowly plunge into Arctic #cean bottom, "ose, regardless the danger, come back to find and help 0ack. +he number of rescue ship was reducing due to the thinking that +itanic can not sink. +he negligent navigator didn t detect the iceberg Although 0ack has a lower living standard than "ose does but the young couple still deeply falls in love with each other. !al acts miserably as a desperate father, who wants to save his little daughter and take care of her. 3n fact, he does not even know the child but )ust want to take a seat in the lifeboat, by her. +hough everyone surrounding is dead, "ose keep the promise with 0ack in her heart. *ven the fatal cold of sea water does not make her lose faith, she sings with the stars to keep her awake. And finally she is rescued.

Sometimes, listening patiently and silently is better than doing any thing else.

Socia1 status


%are1ess!ess Do9e


Subject: #i1e is beauti1ul /5timism We can always find sunlight in the darkest cave. 4uido is a funny and amicable man, who has a fairly tale life in a small village in 3taly. *ven when he is captured into a 1a%i death camp, he still doesn t lose his humor and hope. Although ,ora doesn t have to go to the 0ewish !oncentration !amp Cbecause she is not 0ewishD, she voluntarily goes to the !amp in order to be close to her husband and son. Although ,octor &essing is forced to work for the 4erman, he is not an evil inside. 'e is willing to risk his life to help his best friend 4uido. +hanks to this movie, we can know devastation of war. +hus we will understand and treasure the true value of peace. 4uido tries his best to protect his son from being killed. And in the end of the movie, he scarifies himself in order to save his son.


1o one can leave her family behind in danger. Friendship lasts forever


'eace a!. 7ar

1othing is more tragic than war 1othing can compare with the love that a father gives his son.

3ather=s 1o9e

Subject: Findin! (emo 3ami1) When we lost our family, we lose everything Marlin is a clownfish. #ne day he unfortunately loses all his eggs, e(cept one. And he names that one 1emo. Since 1emo is his only child, Marlin loves him so much. When 1emo is kidnapped by the humans, Marlin decides to travel half way around the world to rescue his son. Although Marlin - a tiny fish - has to travel through the Atlantic ocean, which is full of deadly traps and giant sharks, he doesn t scare at all. Marlin can not save 1emo without the help of many strangers like ,ory that Marlin meets on his destination. +hey try his best to help him in any way they can. When 1emo, Marlin and other thousands of fish are captured in a fishing7net. they have to unite to pull together, so that the rope is cut and they won t be dead. Watching his wife and almost all of the eggs are killed, Marlin has a great obsession and fear for the dangers in ocean. 'e promises that he never let anything happen to the surviving. +hat causes his overprotection to 1emo

:ra9er) ?i!.!ess

/ravery is important than si%e. Many strangers are willing to help you everywhere. 8nity can save our lives when we are in plight. A great loss causes a great influence



Subject: #es 0is2rable b) Iictor $u+o Do9e a!. %om5assio! &ove and !ompassion are the most important goal in life ?al 0ean s transformation from a hate7filled and hardened criminal into a well7respected philanthropist epitomi%es. While ?al 0ean s efforts on behalf of others inevitably cause him problems, they also give him a sense of happiness and fulfillment that he has never before felt +he character of 0ean ?al )ean reveals how the French criminal7)ustice system transforms a simple bread thief into a career criminal. While 2atron7 Minette, the crime ring in 2aris, receive only short sentences in prisons that are easy to escape, 0ean ?al 0ean has to spend A years in prisons because of stealing bread.

Socia1 -!justice

+he society s structure turns good, innocent people into beggars and criminals.

3re!ch ;e9o1utio!

+he revolution had brought +he "evolution of 5L6< occurred for people s many things, but it didn t inability to deal with social in)ustice. 'owever, 'ugo mean it had clearly taken describes the battle of Waterloo to remind us that away the bad thing. the old blight of society still remains. Subject: The Odyssey b) $omer +ime challenges loyalty. After ;J years waiting for her husband, 2enelope is still loyal to #dyssey and is strong despite of the disturbance of 5J6 boisterous young men tended to marry her. +he suitors seem dangerously proud, especially when #dysseus returns. 3n the end, the suitors have dishonored #dysseus and must pay for this &egend states that Achilles was semi7immortal, however his heel was vulnerable. 'e died due to a poisoned arrow shot into his heel, as the =Achilles9 heel= has come to mean a person9s principal weakness.



8nsuitable pride may bring hostility 1o one is perfect. *verybody has weakness.


Subject: The memoir o1 a !eisha $a55i!ess 'appiness comes from simple things surrounding that people have never e(pected While Sayuri is crying on the side of the road, a strange man buys an ice scream for her. 8ne(pectedly, the image of that man obsesses Sayuri s mind. She uses the last small change to pray for her love. +o be a geisha Sayuri has to put an end in her freedom. She is not allowed to love, to live as normal people do. She has to devote everything


Women should not accept to be a subservient role in the society.

even her virginity to be a $ualified geisha. Se16-res5ect 2eople must have self7 respect in any situation. +he price of beauty is really e(pensive +hough Mameha was told to have sold her virginity, she was proud of her )ob and said confidently that they geishas sold their skills, not their virginity.


Sayuri has to suffer from traditional beauty treatments that bring about a lot of pains such as painting the eyebrows with a burning coal. Sayuri has to learn adept geisha dancing, making out to be a real geisha Subject: The old man and the sea b) Ear!est $emi!+7a) #ne should be patient to achieve his goal. 1o achievement is easy to get +o catch the marlin, Santiago had to hold his rod ; days and ; nights, during which the old man bears the +o get the giant marlin, Santiago has to wait 6I days, to travel a very long way to the 4ulf, to hold his rod for ; days and ; nights, to use all his strength left to catch the fish and to beat cruel sharks. +hus he is e(hausted when he gets back to the shore. Santiago is old but he is very skillful and e(perienced. 'e knows how to deal with big fish and that he has to wait until the energi%ed fish is weaker. +hus, although the giant marlin is very powerful and vicious, it is finally caught by Santiago.

'atie!ce $ar.shi5


3ntelligence can beat strength

&e +huy Anh Source summaries Subject Themes Social situation Des &iserab1es b) Iictor $u+o Theses 7*arly 5<th century France, there were many wretched people having to do bad things for life (etai1s 7Fantine, a beautiful woman had to prostitute herself to earn money to live. 7Fantine also had to sell her hair and teeth to have money for her daughter. 7 0ean ?al)ean, having stolen only a loaf bread, was imprisoned in 5< years.

7At that time, the law was very harsh.

Social status

7people, who had been prisoner, had no position in the society.

7 0ean ?al)ean, after getting out of the prison, had to sleep on the streets because there was no boarding7house accepting him. 7Knowing all about 0ean ?al)ean situation and what he had done for others, 0avert, a severe policeman, decided to stop pursuing him. 7 0ean ?al)ean compassionated for Fantine9s situation and promised to take care of her daughter even though their relationship was only between a boss and a worker. 7 A innocent man was arrested because he looked like 0ean ?al)ean . 0ean ?al)ean, when having changed his name into Madeleine and being a mayor, confessed his true identification to vindicate the man. 7*ponine received a bullet to save Marius in the revolution. 7 0ean ?al)ean let !ossete marry Marius though he did not want to be away from his dear daughter and Marius thought bad about him


7*verybody had his own compassion


77&ove is to sacrifice 7&ove is to set the one you love free

Subject Themes Sham

. Ia!it) 6air b) ,i11iam &a*e5eace Thac*era) Theses 7Many people treat a person well only because of his belongs. (etai1s All of the members in the !rawleys are obse$uious around Miss !rawley because she was old and e(tremely rich.


7&ove sometimes is to wait and to pardon.

7,oulin loved Amelia and waited nearly ;J years for her agreement to marry him.


7+ime can change people surprisingly.


Subject Themes &ove

7"ebecca, from a daughter of a poor family, became a noblewoman but in the end of her life, she had to live in deprivation and misery. 72eople who merely value 7"ebecca obtained every money and social position can things by cunning but in easily lose every things. the end, she lost everything> her husband, her son and even her best friend, Amelia. ,utheri!+ $ei+hts b) Emi1) :ro!te Theses &ove can be so strong that it makes people ruthless (etai1s 7'eathcliff loved !atherine but could not marry her so after years, he returned to the Wuthering heights to avenge. 5<th century America, people 7Although 'eathcliff and from different social rank !atherine love each other, could hardly get married. they were not accepted by the others because !atherine was a daughter of a plantation owner and 'eathcliff was only a servant. "evenge cannot solve 7After having avenged the anything but bring regret. *arnshaws, 'eathcliff could not marry !atherine but felt regretful in his entire life. The o1. ma! a!. the sea b) Er!est $emi!+7a) Theses 2eople try best for what they are willing to. Sometimes a man tries his best but achieves nothing in the end (etai1s 7Santiago, an old man, tried as hard as possible to fight a swordfish in three days to catch it. Santiago fought a swordfish in three days and caught it. +hen, he had to fight against a

Social status


Subject Themes Willing


Subject Themes &ove


2oint of view


Subject Themes Mature

school of sharks to keep his swordfish but the only thing left after scuffles was the swordfish9s bones. The &ou1i! ;ou+e 4mo9ie8 .irecte. b) :aJ Duhrma!! Theses (etai1s in love, there is need of /ecause she loved him sacrifice very much, Satine lied that she did not love !hristian to save him from the ,uke. =+he greatest thing you9ve Satine lived in a material ever learned is to love, and be world but when she met loved in return.= !hristian, she found the most worthy thing was her real love. *veryone has his own point of +o the ,uke, providing all view about money and love. material things Satine needed was the true love. +he /ohemian struggle, even +he /ohemian and the against forces, for what they people in the theater believe. struggled against +he ,uke to keep the original ending of their play, which contained their trust, beauty and love. (a9i. %o55er6ie1. b) %har1es (ic*e!s Theses 2oignant e(periences may hurt but make people mature. *(ertion can help a person change his life (etai1s 'aving a difficult, unhappy childhood, ,avid learned that life was full of trouble, misery and cruelty. /eing mistreated, forced to work in a warehouse, stolen everything and having to walk hundred kilometers to his aunt9s house, ,avid overcame all of them and found a brighter future. 7Although he was in prison because of owing a lot of money, Mr. Micawber borrowed ,avid 5 shilling to buy for some beer. 7Mr. Murdstone, ,avid9s step father, first appeared




3f a man earns more than he spends, the result is happiness but if he spends more than he earns, the result is misery Many people appeared contrary to their essences.

Subject Themes Social status


Subject Themes Sacrifice


to be a gentleman but he was a stern and cruel. 7Miss +rotwood, ,avid9s aunt, usually tried hard to be stern but had a heart of gold. To *i11 a moc*i!+bir. b) $ar5er Dee Theses (etai1s "acial discrimination *ven though +om was )ustified to be unguilty, he was imprisoned )ust because he was a black man. ,o not value a person only +he children first thought at the first time that /oo was a bad man because he hardly went out of his house in the day light but finally he was the one who sent them gifts and save them from /ob. Ditt1e 7ome! b) Douisa &a) @1cott Theses (etai1s #ne can sacrifice the thing 0o sold her beautiful hair, he likes for the one he loves. =her one beautiful=, to get money for her mother to visit their father, a sick !ivil War chaplain. +he older one is, the more 7,ue to the family9s poverty, he is in charge of. Meg, the oldest sister in the Marchs, had to work as a governess for a wealthy family she was the most responsible when the girls9 mother was absent. "egardless of fortune, everyone can do charitable work in his sincerity. *ven their family met with difficulties, Mrs. March and /eth always engaged in charitable work. Marriage for money and /elieving in marriage for position can hardly bring a money and position, Sallie happy ending. 4ardiner finally became unhappy in her shallow marriage because she could not have a child. /1i9er T7ist b) %har1es (ic*e!s Theses (etai1s +here are many good +hough he did not know



Subject Themes 2eople

Social status

people, who always help others even when there is no relationship between them. 3n the 5<th century, *ngland filled with society9s dregs.

#liver, Mr. /rownlow took #liver home and, along with his housekeeper Mrs. /edwin, cared for him. 1oah !laypole, a charity boy like #liver, is idle, stupid, and cowardly. Sikes is a thug. Fagin lives by corrupting children. and the Artful ,odger seems born for a life of crime. 1ancy, one of the gang, was sympathetic towards #liver and saved him from beatings by Fagin and Sikes.


*ven a thief sometimes sympathy.


+he &ondon slums had a suffocating, infernal aspect. the dark deeds and dark passions were characteri%ed by dim rooms, pitch7black nights, and the governing mood of terror and brutality. 3n contrast, the countryside where the Maylies took #liver was a pastoral heaven. Subject 'ri.e a!. b) 2a!e @uste!. Themes Theses (etai1s Social status *arly the 5<th, *ngland, +hough ,arcy loved people were likely to put *li%abeth, he had usually their social position above degraded her. all. 2resumptuousness 2resumptuousness usually /ecause of their pride and prevents people from doing pre)udice, ,arcy and what they want. *li%abeth wasted long time to understand each other. First impression 5st impression is not always *li%abeth9s first impression right. about ,arcy was his presumptuousness and she hated him. +hen after a long time she discovered that he was a gentleman and loved him. Subject The ca11 o6 the 7i1. b) 2ac* Do!.o! Themes Theses (etai1s

3n the 5<th century, for the effect of industrialism, big cities were not e(tremely good places to live.


+hough he had been tamed and lived happily with people, /uck returned to his wild world instinctively. Social status 3n the 5<th America, people /uck was sold to a trainer of rushed to e(ploit gold. sled dogs, which were in great demand due to the discovery of =a yellow metal= in the fro%en lands of Fukon and Alaska. S/<;%E S<&&@;G-IK T$L"$ ĐM% S@T30 5 Subject Thomas E.i1so! +hemes +heses ,etails 2ersistentenc 2ersistence is the key to success. *dilson had tried to make e many e(periments before he had ultimate products. Failure Failure is the mother of success. *dison had failed more than ;JJJ times before he discovered a carbon bamboo filament for a electric lamp that could last over 5;JJ hours. *ducation Formal education is sometimes not When *dison was young, necessary. his mind always wandered in class and he did not get good marks at school so later, her mother had to home7 school him. Although much of his knowledge came from his mother and his reading books, this did not prevent him from becoming a successful businessman and a tremendous scientist who came up with lots of great inventions. Celectric light, light bulb, electric distribution system, :D !reativeness We can combine simple things and *dilson set up a they become useful. telescope on watch7tower and received money from the customers. 2.

#ne always follows his instinct.

Subject Themes 'apiness

Tita!ic b) 2ames %amero! Theses 'apiness comes from simple things



,isdain Selfishness

(etai1s Although the deaths were imminent,the violins still played together and ready to die with music,friends. Social status cannot prevent true "ose ,eWitt /ukater was love between two people. born in a rich and noble family. 0ack ,awson was a very poor artist. +hey met the first time when 0ack saved "ose from committing her suicide. +hen they built a tentative friendship and stared to fall in love with each other deeply. 2eople can do anything for love even When the +itanic collided endanger themselves. with an iceberg and sank, although "ose can save herself by going on the lifeboad with her family, she decided to stay and subsisted with 0ack. 2arents made their children engage "ose s mother, "uth to someone for a purpose. ,eWitt /ukater, who wanted to ensure their financial welfare made "ose engage to !aledon 'ockley - a wealthy businessman. even though she knew that "ose did not love him at all. Some people disdain the others who "ose s mother come from lower class. recogni%ed 0ack -a poor man likes rubbish. 2eople are selfish when it comes to When the +itanic was hit an important thing in their life. by an iceberg, the first and second7class passengers are afraid that there were not enough space for everyone on the lifeboats so they locked the third7 class passengers up in

the below decks. !aledon 'ockley, "ose s fiancQ, was trying to chase "ose and 0ack but when he found out he did not have much time left to get off the ship, he returned to the boat deck and got into a lifeboat by pretending to look after an abandoned child. 3. Subject Themes Marriage

2ride and pre)udice

'ri.e a!. ' b) 2a!e @uste! Theses (etai1s th 3n the 5< century, marriage Mrs. /ennet wanted her daughter depends on the financial need and to marry a rich and upper7class social status. men. +hat is the reason why she asked her husband, Mr. /ennet to vist !harles /ingley who is a young man and earn AJJJ pound a year when she heard that he had )ust arrived in 1etherfield. Mrs. /ennet wanted her second daughter - *li%abeth /ennet to marry William !ollins - a cousin of Mr./ennet and the entailed heir of &ongbourn, so that the ancestry s property still remained with the Mr./ennet s family. 4eorge Wickham married &ydia /ennet when ,arcy intervened in their escape and paid Wickham s compliance. 2ride and pre)udice stands in the /ecause of the pre)udice towards way of relationships. +hey both can the poor and the pride for delude a person s view and lead to himself, Fit%william ,arcy had false understandings of the others. some words which were vulnerable to *li%abeth and misunderstood 0ane /ennet s feelings for his friend - !harles /ingley and her family. *li%abeth /ennet, because of the pride of her family and the pre)udice about Fit%william s thoughts of her family, especially


&ove helps people overcome everything.

First impression

5st impression is very important.

her sister - 0ane, didn t like him and opposed against him a lot at the beginning of the story. +o conclude, pride and pre)udice blinded them both, kept them apart. When ,arcy became more humble, *li%abeth more opened and when they reali%ed the feelings for the other, they overcame their own pride and pre)udice to come together and find true love. !harles /ingley fell in love with 0ane /ennet since the first time he met her at the public ball because of her elegance and beauty.

4 Subject Themes ,ream

;obi!so! %ruCoe b) (a!ie1 (e6oe Theses 2eople never stop trying to turn their dream into reality.

Survival instinct

,esire to survive helps people overcome vicissitudes.

(etai1s "obinson is an adventurous person. +he first time he went on a sea voyage to *ngland, his ship was wrecked by a huge storm. but his lust for sea still remains so strong that he decided to go on another )ourney. +his one ended up with his ship being taken by a pirate and his turning to a slave. &ater, he escaped to /ra%il and became a sugar7cane planter. 'owever, years after that, he )oined a crew to Africa, but is shipwrecked in a storm and later was trapped on a desert island. When "obinson was trapped on the desert island, he was lacking in lots of things but he fetched things left from the ship and invented tools from the materials on the island. 'e also built house, grew corn and raised animals.

&ove for people

Saving others life is admirable.


2eople cannot live without others.

"obinson helped a prisoner who was likely to be eaten by the native cannibal and then named him Friday. &ater, "obinson and Friday managed to kill most of the natives and saved two more of the prisoners *ven though "obinson managed to have a good life on the island, he always dreamt of coming back to *ngland. +hat is the reason why he tried to live everyday so as not to forget he was human.

5. Subject Themes 4enius Galileo Galilei Theses 4eniuses often go beyond their time and their achievement are not always appreciated by others. (etai1s /y his own observation with the telescope, 4alileo supported the sun7centered theory of !opernicus. +his was considered as a heresy by the !atholic !hurch and the public at his time because they believed that the *arth was the center of the universe. 4alileo s theory about the sun7 centered university was banned by the !atholic !hurch because it believed in earth7centered theory. but later, 4alileo s theory was proved to be right. When he found out the !opernicus theory was right, he made endless effort to convince his contemporary scientists to believe in the theory, too. 'e invited them to an observation and his house and published books about his theory despite


Sometimes truth belonged to the minority.


Success re$uires tremendous persistence.



the taboo from the !atholic !hurch. +o gain great achievement, a person /ecause of his heliocentric may lost something. theory, 4alileo was accused of heresy by the !atholic !hurch and was put under house arrest until his death. A hero is someone who dares to 4alileo believed in his speak the truth while everyone observation and the !opernicus denies it. theory which states that the sun is the center of the universe and he tried his best to prove this to everyone, while others either denied it or did not have courage to say it.

6 Subject Themes 2atience




The o1. ma! a!. the sea b) Ear!est $emi!+7a) Theses (etai1s 2atience is an important element Failure on the 5st two days did that helps us succeed. not daunt the old man Santiago. even though, he was wounded and in pain. Finally, on the Hrd day, he succeeded catching the big marlin. ,esire to get what you want helps +he old man - Santiago never you overcome difficulties. stopped hoping that he might catch a big fish so he was not depressed by his 6I days on the sea without catching any fish at all. 'e was still optimistic that he would be able to catch on his 6Ath day. +o protect your achievement, +o keep his huge marlin, which sometimes you have to fight for it. was his great accomplishment, Santiago had to struggle bravely against a school of shark with all the strength he had left. Friendship is very admirable in +he old man had a young friend everyone s life. who is also his apprentice Manolin. Manolin took care of Santiago a lot despite his parents restriction, especially when Santiago could not catch any fish.

7. Subject Themes &ove


Female s unlimited ability


>o!e 7ith the 7i!. b) &ar+aret &itche11 Theses (etai1s &ove is not always between people. Scarlett # 'ara, because of the +here is love for your homeland, love for her homeland7+ara, your country or the things that is married Frank Kennedy valuable to you. Suellen # 'ara s former beau despite the fact that she did not love him. She believed with Frank s successful business, she raised up her +ara. 2eople can do anything for their Scarlett married !harles love. 'amilton )ust to make Ashley Wilkes, who she truly loved, )ealous. Sometimes it is too late to change When Scarlett reali%ed how things no matter what you do. much she loved "hett /utler her third husband and confided her love to him, she was re)ected. 'e left her behind being devastated by her reali%ation of true love and her past selfishness. 2eople sometimes need to be Scarlett s favorite proclamation is optimistic to overcome harshness. NAfter all, tomorrow is a new day.O +his slogan helped her live through her miserable life and made her believe that everything would go in the right way as she wanted it to. Woman has intelligence and Scarlett was characteri%ed as a strength that can beat man s. heroic figure struggling and attempting to twist life to suit her own wishes. She knew how to manipulate men with ease. She ran +ara and every aspect of the business on her own, which made her incompetent husband shameful. She survived through the !ivil War and the "econstruction unaided. +o gain what you need, you have to /ecause Scarlett wanted to turn be cruel. +ara into a better homeland, she became a ruthless business woman and were willing to trample on her feelings. She did

everything in order to complete her dream. 8. Subject Themes 2rotection



@.9e!tures o6 $uc*1eberr) 3i!! b) &ar* T7ai! Theses (etai1s Sometimes parents are not the best 'uck Finn s father N2apO, an guards. abusive parent and drunkard intervened in the boy s life in order to ac$uire his considerable fortune. Friendship helps people choose right 'uck had to make a painful decisions in life. decision> whether he should give 0im up to slaver hunters so as not to steal Miss Watson s property Cdue to what society saidD or free 0im. 'is friendship helped him decide free 0im with +om Sawyer. *(ploring the world helps people 'uck overcame many grow up. vicissitudes and dangerous adventures in which he learnt about the world and understood about the good and the bad. With these e(periences, he became a more mature kid.

9 Subject Themes &ove

Family "evenge

;omeo a!. 2u1iet b) ,i11iam Sha*es5eare Theses (etai1s 2eople can do anything for love. /ecause "omeo and 0uliet loved each other truly and deeply, they came together, set up a secret wedding despite the enmity between two family. At the end of the play, when 0uliet awake from being poisoned, friar &awrence tried to persuade her to run away but she refuses, and decided to kill herself with "omeo s stabber. Family "evenge takes big effect on Montagues and !apulets people of the families "evenge makes many struggles between people from two families. +he "evenge also


*veryone should be responsible for hisEher behavior.


2eople who are willing to do anything for their friends are very admirable.

prevents "omeo and 0uliet s love. When 0uliet decided to marry "omeo, she grew up and no longer was a easily obedient girl. From that moment, she was responsible for everything she did and understood that she had to endure every suffer from her own behavior. Friar &awrence was a good friend of "omeo and 0uliet. 'e tried to help them by marrying the two and came up with a plan when they wanted to escape. however, the plan did not succeed.

10. Subject +hemes Acumen. :i11 >ates +hese Acumen thinking is important ,etails 4ates was secret to buy P,#S from seattle !omputer 2roducts afterthat he improved it and had big profits. /ill 4ates gave up learning at 'avard 8niversity but he still took many e(tra courses and finally he achieved his great success. /ill 4ates and his wife had giving @;6 billion to charity. /ill 4ates has established "elief charity organi%ation 4ates predicted the bright future of 2! so he tried hisbest to make softs.+he anticipation became truth,he became a legend.


School is not where you can learn everything


We human should share with others to make this world better 2rofound and intense thinking open many chances for you.

2rofound +hinking

+ruong Tuan 1ha 1. The %ou!t /6 &o!te %risto - @1eCa!.er (umasN 5Ore !hange ?icissitudes change people.

Fourteen years behind bars in a dark cell has given *dmond ,antUs a criminal9s mind. 3nstea of the innocent, carefree, life7loving boy of nineteen, ,antes is now a hardened, cynical,


'uman )ustice has limitations


&ove is stronger than hatred.


'appiness is a relative concept.

and mistrustful man in his mid7thirties. *dmond ,antUs takes )ustice into his own hand because he is dismayed by the limitations of society9s criminal )ustice system. Societal )ustic has allowed his enemies to slip through the cracks, going unpunished for the heinous crime they have committed against him. For all the years in which he plots and carries out his vengeance, Monte !risto cuts himself o from the values of the heart. 'e does not perm himself to love, or to get emotionally close to them. 3t is only when he allows himself to fall in love with 'aydQe that he recovers his full humanity and feel real emotion once again. #riginally, *dmond ,antUs is perfectly thrilled with the small happiness that 4od has granted him, while the later ,antUs, who has emerged from prison unable to find happiness unless he e(acts his complicated revenge. !aderousse could easily be a happy man, as h is healthy, clever, and reasonably well off, yet h is unable to view his circumstances in such a way as to feel happy because he finds fault in virtually every positive circumstance that life throws his way. #n the contrary, 0ulie and *mmanuel 'erbaut are fully capable of feeling happiness, even in the face of pressing poverty and other hardships.

2.<!c1e Tom=s cabi! !onstancy !onstancy is not always replied properly


#ne can sacrifice because of a person he even doesn t know well

Mother s love

Mother s love is very strong

8ncle +om is always constant to his master. 'e dose his best to help Mr. Shelby, never thinks bad about him, do everything because of him. ' even accepts to be sold, to be far away from hi family, his beloved children 7 although he can escape, to help Mr. Shelby pay debt. /ut the Shelbys can t do anything for him, even they ca get him back as they promise. 8ncle +om would rather die than reveal the shelter of !assy and *mmeline. 'e s tortured, treated dreadfully but he decidedly protects ; weak women. "eceiving a death, but he s contented because of being a warth 7 hearted person , never opposes his belief in love When *li%a Knows that her child may be sold, regardless all, she runs away, does anything to protect him. She even )umps over a river, which no one thinks that she can. +hen she makes


+o live is to fight

every effort to not to be caught. All to keep her beloved child by her side +o survive and have a e$ual right of a citi%en, slaves like 4eorge 'arris and *li%a oppose against the destiny. +hey run away from land in which they re treated not in the way as human. they re even ready to kill people who chase them, prevent them from having freedom

3.The o1. ma! a!. the seaN Ear!est $emi!+7a) ,ifficulty ,espite difficulty, many people After 6A days of nothing, a big fish takes the old don t give up their goal man s bait. but he unable to pull in the great marlin. instead he finds the fish pulling his skiff. For three days, even though the line that links him to the fish cuts deeply into his palms, causes a crippling cramp in his left hand, and ruins his back, he holds fast to it, and follow the fish to the end, have no intention of giving up it 2atience 2atience leads to success


&ove to irrelative person is sometimes significant

+he old man s skiff is pulled more and more far away from ashore by the big fish, but he patiently wrest the fish, wait until it s weak and then dies. *ven when the fish dies and be eate by sharks, he repulse the sharks one after another, try to keep his fish. Finally, although when he reaches the shore, the fish Although Manolin is )ust Santiago 9s apprentice he love the old man endlessly> 'e makes sure that the old man has food, blankets, and can re without being bothered, worries about him as a beloved relative. After all, the boy even abandons his duty to his father, swearing that h will sail with the old man regardless of the conse$uences

4.(o! PuiCoteN &i+ue1 .e %er9a!tes +hemes +heses Ambition *(cessive ambitions only create trouble 2ersonal honor 2ersonal honor can t lead to good or disastrous results


#utside motivates people to change

,etails 3nfluenced many by chivalrous knights, ,on Pui(ote s desires to win honor and glory do onl harm to those he meets. ,on Pui(ote s obsession with his honor leads him to do battle with parties who never mean him offense or harm. /y contrast, ,orotheas s concern for her personal honor leads her to pursue Ferdinand, with happy results for both o them. "eading too many books about chivalrous knights, ,on Pui(ote went mad and determined to set off on a great adventure to win honor and

Pui(otism !lass and Worth

Pui(otism bring us more trouble than benefit "ichers aren t automatically respectable and noble

glory in the name of his love. ,on Pui(ote considers harmless windmills as threatening giants, ine(orable machines so he wounded by attacking them +he peasant Sancho is wise and thoughtful. 3n contrast, the cosmopolitan or aristocratic characters like the ,uke and ,uchess are often frivolous and unkind

5. ATo *i11 a moc*i!+ bir.B b) $ar5er Dee +hemes +heses Mocking birds +he author used the mocking birds as a metaphor.

'uman relationships


,etails NMocking birds don t do one thing but make music for us to en)oy. +hey don t eat up people garden, don t nest in corncribs, they don t do on thing but sing their hearts out for us. +hat s why it s a sin to kill a mocking bird.O +here are divisions of class and +he story &ee tells evolves in a world where race in human relationships. children lose their innocence as they grow up and encounter the harsh realities of adult life. Fet &ee s story is also about accepting people for who they are, whether they have a different skin color, like +om "obinson, or are eccentric, like /oo "adley. "acism still e(ists. Scout learns about )ustice and in)ustice by watching the trial of an African American man. 3n Alabama, as in other southern states, segregation was a way of life in the 5<HJs. Schools, restaurants, churches, courtroom, hospitals, and all other public places had separate facilities for African Americans. 3n some courts, African Americans were even re$uired to swear on separate /ibles. +he Ku Klu( Klan, a southern terrorist group, preached white superiority and engaged in violence against African Americans. 3n March 5<H5, nine African American youths were arrested and charged with raping two whi women. #ver the ne(t five years, a series of trials was held. +he first trial began )ust twelve days after the arrest and lasted only three days 3n spite of evidence of the men s innocence, eight of nine men were found guilty and sentenced to death. +he e(treme sentences an hasty trial left many observers outraged. +he case was appealed all the way to the Supreme !ourt, and several sets of new trials were held.

/y 5<HL four of the defendants were freed, whi the others were sentenced to long prison terms 6. A@!ima1 3armB b) >eor+e /r7e11 #ppression Anywhere there is oppression, there are also struggles against it.

#&, MA0#", A 2"3B*7W311314 /#A", gathers the animals of the Manor Farm for a meeting in the big barn. 'e tells them of a dream he has had i which all animals live together with no human beings to oppress or control them. 'e tells the animals that they must work toward such a paradise and teaches them a song called N/easts of *ngland,O in which his dream vision lyrically described. +he animals greet Ma)or9s vision with great enthusiasm. &ate one night, th animals manage to defeat the farmer Mr. 0ones in a battle, running him off the land. +hey rename the property Animal Farm and dedicate themselves to achieving Ma)or9s dream.


,ictatorship usually violates human rights and comes with demagogues.

As time passes, however, 1apoleon and Snowball increasingly $uibble over the future o the farm, and they begin to struggle with each other for power and influence among the other animals. +o get the power, 1apoleon makes nine attack dogsGthe puppies that 1apoleon had confiscated in order to NeducateOGburst int the barn and chase Snowball from the farm. 1apoleon assumes leadership of Animal Farm and declares that there will be no more meetings. 1apoleon begins e(panding his powers, rewriting history to make Snowball a villain. S$uealer, 1apoleon9s propagandist, )ustifies every action to the other animals, convincing them that 1apoleon is a great leader and is making things better for everyoneGdespite the fact that the common animals are cold, hungry, and overworked. 3n the orphanage house, #liver +wist was always hit by his master and was always in a hunger. M" /rownlow brought #liver to his house and treated him very nicely. After #liver suddenly disappeared, Mr /rownlow felt very sad and found him everywhere.

7./1i9er T7ist-%har1es (ic*e!s 8nfair attitude 2oor and orphan children had in the society to suffer a lot from cruel treatment of people in the 5<6Js 'umanity +here are good people who help poor children a lot.


3n the 56JJs, poor and orphan children were abused by bad people .

Fagin, a dangerous , taught the wandering children to be pick pockets. 'e asked them to steal things of rich people on the street and the give all to him. 3n return, Fagin gave them food and shelter to live.

8. The 1ast 1ea6 b) /. $e!r) &ove &ove can be a livesaver



'ope is the key to happiness

2ersonal sacrifice

#ne s sacrifice can save others lives.

+he last leaf, also the last marterpiece of /ehrman, is really a transition of love, a symbo of humanity. +he last leaf itself makes 0ohnsy alive, gives her chances to hope about 1aples /ay. /ut it costs e(pensive price. /ehrman pay a invaluable price by his life. /ehrman himself gets pneumonia, and he is als dying. however, he goes beyond difiiculties to work passionately. +he result thieves his life bu brings about 0ohnsy hope and happiness. &osing all her hope, 0ohnsy lessen her chance of recovery to one in ten. 'owever, after seeing that the last leaf still clung in the wall, she felt optimistic and gradually recovered. ,espite his ages, /ehrman went out in the adverse weather to paint the last leaf, which then saved the life of 0ohnsy, but he died after that.

9.>o!e 7ith the ,i!. b) Margaret Mitchell

!lass Structure

+he traditional rigid class structure of the South is broken up during !ivil War.

#vercoming Adversity with Willpower Adaptation

We can overcome adversity through strength of will. Some people come through catastrophes because they find out, adapt and take advantage of the changes.

/efore the war, the plantation owners are at th top of the social hierarchy. After plantations hav been ruined and slaves freed, those who were high are brought low, and those who were low but have some useful skill are able to rise in th newly fluid society. Scarlett relies on herself alone and survives th !ivil War and "econstruction unaided. She rebuilds +ara after the Fankee invasion and works her way up in the new political order, taking care of helpless family members and friends along the way. Scarlett and "hett are survivors because they adapt to the changes brought about by the wa and "econstruction. While the #ld Southern society sees the war as a disaster that is tearin their world apart, "hett and Scarlett sei%e the


#vercoming adversity sometimes re$uires ruthlessness.

+he 3mportance of &and

&and is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything.


Sometimes, you only recogni%e how much you value something when you are about to lose it.

opportunity to make money out of the hardship of the war. Scarlett becomes a cruel businesswoman and domineering wife, willingly coarsening herself i order to succeed. When Ashley re)ects Scarlett9s proposed affair he gives her a clump of +ara9s dirt and remind her that she loves +ara more than she loves him. Feeling the dirt in her hand, Scarlett reali%es that Ashley is right. At the end of the novel, when all else is lost, Scarlett thinks of +ara and finds strength and comfort in its enduring presence. Scarlett9s obsession with Ashley prevents her from appreciating that "hett is the perfect matc for her. 2aralleling this is the irony that Ashley only reali%es how much he loves and relies upo Melanie when she is dying.

10. $u!chbac* o6 "otre (ame - Iictor $u+o #bsession #bsession can drive people to both good and bad deeds.

2hysical Appearance

2hysical appearance has the power in affecting others.


Some people suffer intolerance although they deserve better treatment.

Frollo is obsessed with &a *smeralda. 'is obsession and carnal desire drive him away from his own rational thoughts and corrupt his vows of spirituality. 'e will do anything, even break his 4od9s commandments, to possess he #n the contrary, Puasimodo is sincerely in love with &a *smeralda. 'e demonstrates this by hi ability to satisfy her needs without receiving anything in return. 'e protects her although he knows that she does not love him. Puasimodo is scorned, mocked, abandoned, ridiculed, and beaten for having been born in a twisted body. Whereas &a *smeralda is loved, lusted after, praised, and celebrated for her innate beauty. 'owever, neither Puasimodo9s ugliness nor &a *smeralda9s beauty grants a better outcome. Although Puasimodo must see refuge in isolation because of his physical appearance, &a *smeralda suffers from the )ealousy of others when she e(hibits herself in public. From his birth to his death, people cannot bear looking at Puasimodo, let alone being around him without mocking him. *ven when he is in a court of law, the )udge is so pre)udiced by Puasimodo9s looks, he has no tolerance of Puasimodo9s inability to hear and therefore to

e(press himself. +he )udge mistakenly believes that Puasimodo is acting disrespectfully instead of reali%ing that Puasimodo9s communication skills are limited.

Chuong -hu Qu$nh

The ursuit o% ha iness

The %athers and children love



(a iness


,athers al#a$s #ant to Chris Dardner tries his best to bring their children a %ight %or good li%e' a stockbroker internshi osition at Dean )itter to rotect his son %rom their circumstances o% becoming Children can give their homeless' %ather the strongest encouragement' )hen Chris Dardner #ins the osition& he scurries to his son!s kindergarten and (a iness just embraces his son to share his de ends on the #a$ #e ha iness' create it' )hile children in Christo her!s kindergarten is racticing #riting& the$ #rite #rong the #ord 9ha iness=' 4% #e kno# to dream This #ord is changed into about the ha iness& 9ha $ness=' #e #ill have it' )hile #alking along a street& he sees man$ ha $ eo le going out %rom a tock )e can onl$ succeed com an$' Since then& he #hen #e tr$ our best decides to become a and determine' stockbroker& #hich changes his li%e %orever' Chris Dardner tries to #ork hard ver$ much' (e tries not to #aste an$time and just s ends most o% his time #orking hard' There%ore& he #ins another t#ent$

)all / e



)e #on!t be able to live on +arth i% #e don!t reduce the garbage #e have thro#n to the environment'

a licants to have the onl$ one osition in Dean )itter' Beginning the %ilm is the devastated scene that the earth is %ull o% trash and no live creatures can live on +arth e8ce t %or an old robot'

6eet the "obinsons


)all/e and +ve dance ver$ Love is a beauti%ul beauti%ull$ to sho# their The abuse o% dance' love' technolog$ There are man$ high The abuse o% high technolog$ and eo le don!t technolog$ makes need to #ork' 5eo le in this eo le la7$ and the$ %ilm just eat& slee and #atch' become useless eo le' There%ore& the$ have strange bodies #hich make them not be able to do an$thing' The mothers Children al#a$s love Le#is& a ver$ talented bo$& and children their mother ver$ invents a machine that can love much and al#a$s #ant bring back human!s memor$' to be beside their And b$ this machine& he can mothers' %ind his mother' The %amil$ love ,amil$ is al#a$s the )hen Le#is gro# u & he has strongest a %amil$' And his %amil$ encouragement %or a al#a$s su ort him' erson' There%ore& he is ha $ and he can make man$ great Success inventions that im rove human!s live' 4% #e 9kee moving %or#ard=& #e #ill Al#a$s thinking that 9 4 must succeed' kee moving %or#ard=& Le#is tries and make man$ great inventions' The %amil$ 5arents rotect their A%ter kno#ing about the love children %rom danger' disasters that human have to %ace& immediatel$ *ackson %inds ever$ solutions and o ortunities to rotect his %amil$ %rom the disasters' 4% #e just concentrate on our #ork and %orget *ackson al#a$s takes care o% take care o% our %amil$& his #ork and doesn!t care %or #e!ll loose the %amil$' his %amil$ so his marriage #as divorced and he looses

,inding -emo

The arent tra 5rincess rotection rogam

All bene%its are given his %amil$' Social status to rich eo le or eo le in the All o% oor eo le and eo le government' #ho are not in the government aren!t allo#ed to go into shi s to esca e %rom )hen having troubles& the disasters' eo le are ver$ sel%ish and do not #ant to ;ne %amil$ in the %ilm share their bene%its' doesn!t #ant to share their tickets %or the tri s #ith the other %amil$' The %athers and ,athers al#a$s love The %ather tries to %ind ever$ children love' and #orr$ %or their #a$s to %ind -emo& his son' children' ;n the #a$ to %ind his son& the %ather has to %ace #ith man$ dangers but he doesn!t ,riendshi give u ' True %riends are besides us and solve Doroth$& #ho is a %riend o% all roblems #ith us the %ather %ish& has to %ace des ite man$ man$ di%%iculties in #hich di%%iculties' she can die to hel the %ather %ish to %ind his son The %amil$ Children need both The t#ins in the movie has to love %ather and mother' retend to be each other to hel their arents! marriage' ,riendshi True %riends #ill hel Carter looks at to the us become a better mistakes o% "osie directl$ eo le' and Carter hel s "osie& #ho is a sel%ish rincess& ada t to the usual lives' And "osie hel s Carter %ind the rincess that has been coverted b$ hersel%'

Le (ong Trang 1' 3lumdog millionaire (Film, Themes Luck Theses +ver$ success involves a article o% luck' Details it is luck that leads a ragged *amal #ho might have ossibl$ been stucked in er etual overt$ to the da77ling light o% mone$ and %ame a%ter struggling through man$ im ediments'

Lo%t$ love assists eo le in overcoming an$ hardest obstacles'

the durable string o% love that links the t#o amorous eo le together is the %ervent im etus guiding them through man$ kinds o% hinderance ut b$ *amal!s materialistic %ather' Although is a material/%ocused erson& he is still a #hole/hearted brother devoted to his $ounger brother& never %linching %rom sacri%icing his li%e %or his brother!s ha iness' -obod$ can ever believe that slumm$ and uneducated *amal is able to bo to the to o% glor$ #hen he sailed through all the Euestions in T#ho #ants to be a millionaireT to obtain the highest ri7e'

True brotherhood& even ut under m$riad o% ominous thorns& still survives and thrives'

On redictabilit$ There are not ever$thing that eo le can %oresa$ A destin$ is such a gem that is care%ull$ #ra ed in the enigmatic bo8 o% -ature'

J' !omeo and 5uliet (#% 3ha8es 3pears, Themes Love Theses +verlasting love can survive all storm$ #eathers and ha7ardous barricade be%ore blooming as the most ulchritudinous %lo#er' Details "omeo and *uliet& though head over heels in love #ith each other& meet #ith the hindrance o% the t#o %amilies' -evertheless& their lo%t$ love steers them through all di%%iculties to a roach the haven in tender death' "omeo and *uliet decided to commit suicide in order to rescue themselves %rom the leash that hangs over their neck and enjo$ their o#n ha iness together in heaven' the s#orn hatred develo ing bet#een the t#o %amilies is the biggest im ediment coming bet#een the cou le& reventing them %rom uniting #ith each other' Destin$ can make things ha en&

(a iness

5eo le can e8change ever$thing o% themselves %or a mere %eeling o% ha iness'

,amilial in%luence

,amil$ al#a$s has so im ortant an in%luence on eo le living under it' '


,ate can make im ossible things

become ossible' ,ate can bring t#o di%%erent eo le descended %rom dis arate #orlds together in a link o% love

such as the case in "omeo and *uliet& but it #as also the love bet#een them& the dee emotions that ran through their hearts mi8ed #ith the scorn and hatred driven in b$ their arents' Their actions ma$ have been redestined& but the$ #ere their o#n' The$ ma$ not have reali7ed the conseEuence o% their love& but even i% the$ did& the$ didn:t care' Things ha en because o% %ate& and actions ha en

K' Finding 7emo Themes 5arental love Theses 5arental love is a might$ %orce that goads a %ather to do ever$thing %or the sake o% his son Details 4n order to %ind and rescue his son %rom threats & 6arlin& a clo#n %ish& unhesitatingl$ decided to travel a long #a$ through the ocean to reach Australia and overcome an$ obstacles im eding him' Courage is the vehicle )ith valiance burning %erventl$ assisting eo le to ride through inside& 6arlin manages to overcome an$ ominous tides o% li%e all sneak$ enemies and e8treme dangers #hile -emo himsel% can esca e %rom the dentist!s tank and return to the ocean' 4n some cases too much Onder the aegis o% 6arlin& -emo is rotection %rom a child!s embarrassedl$ de rived o% the chance %amil$ can be to discover the #orld on his o#n' counter roductive A he can!t (ence -emo cannot get the hang o% stand on his o#n %eet #hat is going on around himL he gets lost in the mammoth ocean #orld' Children should obe$ to their -o matter ho# o%ten his %ather arents since #hat the$ the reminds him not to a roach the dee arents admonish them are #ater -emo is so curious that he still mostl$ %or their beloved takes interest in this ha7ardous hobb$ children!s o#n good' and accidentall$ gets ca tured b$ the human& #hich is the direct result o% his disobedience to his %ather'


;ver rotection


4' The last lea (#% "9 2enr%,

Themes Sacri%ice

Theses ;ne can sacri%ice his li%e %or other!s ha iness


5essimism is an invisible ill than can #orsen a migh/have/been/ remediable situation (o e roves its integral role in ever$thing #hen it lightens the dark hall o% near/des eration

(o e


Onder certain circumstances #hite lie is %orgiveable

Details )ith a vie# to delivering the diseased neighborhood& Behrman& an old artist made no hesitation in ainting a %ake lea% on the #all beside *ohns$!s #indo# regardless o% inclement #eather in #hich %ierce storm is conEuering' This resulted in his death a%ter#ard' *ohns$!s disease can totall$ be cured but it #as her e8treme essimism and her %irm belie% that she #ould sooner or later meet the "ea er!s door that e8acerbated her disease& causing her bed/ridden state' As soon as *ohns$ sa# the remaining lea% on the #all 0#hich she didn!t kno# #as %ake1& she #as made to believe her li%e #ould be er etuated %or the last lea%& s$mboli7ing her deca$ing li%e& still survived though a heav$ storm had rushed in' (er ho e in li%e since then %ired and burned as i% it never had be%oreL she #orked all her #a$ to cure her %ormer mistake b$ living a more o timistic li%e and %inall$ succeeded #hen she #as %reed %rom the %ormer agoni7ing disease' Although the remaining lea% on the tree #as a %ake one& a li%e/long master iece o% the kind/hearted Behrman& it could be deemed as a #hite lie rather than a %lagrant dece tion since its ur ose #as to initiate in the essimistic ailing girl the belie% in continuing to live

N' Animal Farm (George "rwell, Themes Theses 5o#er 5o#er corru ts those #ho sei7e it "evolution / A revolution #hich destro$s an unjust and t$rannical regime ma$ not roduce an$thing better to take its lace / A good revolutionist ma$ not be a good ruler 5ro aganda 4% $ou kee re eating a statement again and again& it #ill eventuall$ be acce ted b$ $our listeners'

Details The ig -a oleon #as corru ted b$ total o#er and became dictator / The animal revolution creates the state #hich is even #orse than the time *ones #as in charge / The s$stem o% Animal %arm a%ter the revolution is nothing near good' SEuealer re eats again and again that Sno#ball is bad& even though he is good& and eventuall$ other animals believe the lie'


Socialist ideals #ere o%ten corru ted b$ those #ho gained o#er under such a s$stem %or their #ell being'

"ight a%ter the revolution& Animal %arm #as a true socialist state& but then the %arm under -a oleon rule #orsened into a totalitarian state'

:' Gone with the wind (-argaret -itchell,
Themes S irit Theses Since the #orld is crude and relentless& #e need to be ersevere and endurance to achieve our goals' Details During the civil #ar& Scarlett ;:(ara had done an$thing to kee her land and get #hat she #anted' At the last scene o% the book& although her third husband / "hett Butler le%t her& Scarlett still stood %irm on her %eet and roclaims& 9A%ter all& tomorro# is another da$=.


To survive through hundreds o% The Southern civili7ation& $ears& a civili7ation must because o% its slaver$ and accommodate its olitics to the time' obsolescence& #as com letel$ de%eated b$ the -orthern and just like the author 6argaret Euoted& 9A civili7ation had gone #ith the #ind=' Some eo le come through catastro hes because the$ %ind out& ada t and take advantage o% the changes' Scarlett and "hett are survivors because the$ ada t to the changes brought about b$ the #ar and "econstruction' )hile the ;ld Southern societ$ sees the #ar as a disaster that is tearing their #orld a art& "hett and Scarlett sei7e the o ortunit$ to make mone$ out o% the hardshi s o% the #ar'

Ada tation



Sometimes& $ou onl$ recogni7e ho# Scarlett:s obsession #ith much $ou value something #hen $ou Ashle$ revents her %rom are about to lose it' a reciating that "hett is

the er%ect match %or her' 5aralleling this is the iron$ that Ashle$ onl$ reali7es ho# much he loves and relies u on 6elanie #hen she is d$ing'

2' /ride and /re;udice Themes 5rejudice Theses 5eo le should consider the situation in ever$ sides& obviousl$ #ithout rejudice Details 4nstead o% %inding out about 6r' Darc$& +li7abeth so easil$ trusts in )ickham!s lies #ith her o#n rejudice' She makes a huge misunderstanding about 6r' Darc$: an un leasant& haught$ man #ith a cruel manner in treating )ickham ' A single man in ossession +li7abeth!s close %riend& o% a good %ortune must be in Charlotte Lucas gained an #ant o% a #oman engagement to 6r'Collins& a $oung X rich clerg$man but a om ous %ool' The reason #as that she didn!t need romance but the match %or %inancial reason (a iness is not de endent on others& but is #hat $ou make )hen Lad$ Catherine %orced +li7abeth to re%use 6r' Darc$ because o% an unsuitable %inancial match& +li7abeth re%used to do an$thing against her o#n love X ha iness )hen receiving Darc$!s letter& +li7abeth made care%ul thoughts about the events Darc$ said and the things she heard %rom )ickham' That caused +li7a to reveal the truths and reevaluate her %eelings


(a iness


5eo le should have care%ul consideration instead o% de ending too much on %eelings

about Darc$ though she hated him at %irst

F' The -atch Girl (#% Ale<ander 2andersen, Themes ,amilial 4n%luence Theses ,amil$ de%initel$ has an indis utable in%luence on ever$ individual A it de ends #hich direction he or she #ill %ollo# Details The little girl lived under a chaotic roo% as her mother had been deceased #hen the girl #as still at a small innocent age& her %ather #as un%ortunatel$ a ruthless alcoholic #ho endlessl$ tortured her and intimidated her %or his o#n desire %or #ine& at the same time crushing ever$ o% her craving %or love' 6ean#hile her most beloved grandmother had assed a#a$& leaving her nobod$ to rel$ on in the #orld and roaming the streets to sell matches Sometimes death is not a Since the little match girl cessation A someho# it had to shoulder man$ becomes a beginning o% travails 0#hich #ere too something ne# and much o% much %or her age and a rescue h$siEue1 and all she dreamt about #as to reunite #ith her dearing grandmother 0#hich she tried to %ind at ever$ attem t to strike a match1& death is the best solution since it %reed her %rom threats o% hunger& sorro# and scarcit$ o% love The children have nice and The girl lights her match and bright dreams even in the she sees a big #oodstove #ith olished brass %eet and hardest situation' brass ornamentsL a table #ith a #hite tablecloth and beauti%ul china dishes glittering in the candlelight


Children dream

and roast turke$ stu%%ed #ith a les and runes and nutsL a Christmas tree+ her grandmother'

>' 1o:inson &rusoe ):( Daniel De#oe, Themes ,ear Theses Details ;vercoming $our %ear can "obinson Crusoe must hel $ou survive' overcome his %ear in order to survive his long ordeal on the deserted island' (is abilit$ to %unnel his %ear into roductivit$ and creativit$ allo#s him to survive under e8treme conditions' )ith #illingness and determined e%%orts& men can survive even in e8treme conditions' ,inding him alone in a deserted island& Crusoe struggles to maintain reason& order and civili7ation' (e su%%ers hard conditions and still %inds ros erit$'



There are times #hen Be%ore "obinson is mone$ means nothing' deserted& he relies on mone$' (o#ever& #hen he is on the island& mone$ loses all value' Lo$alt$ originates gratitude' %rom "obinson saved ,rida$& #ho vo#s total submission to "obinson in gratitude %or his liberation' ,rida$ is incredibl$ grate%ul to his servitude to "obinson Crusoe and #hen "obinson #ants to meet the S aniards& ,rida$ admits that he #ould rather die than lose Crusoe'


13' 4ncle Tom9s ca#in (#% 2arriet 6eecher 3towe, ,reedom ,reedom is so recious that eo le dare to do an$thing to achieve it' )hen +li7a overhears her o#ner discussing lans to sell her son& (arr$& she determines to run a#a$ #ith her son' (er husband& Deorge also runs a#a$ %rom an evil o#ner' The$!re rotected b$ the Quakers and dare to shoot an$one #ho tries to ca ture them& utting them into slaver$ again' +ven though Tom kno#s about the idea o% selling him o% his o#ner& he decides not to run a#a$ but to be sold in order to hel his o#ner overcome di%%iculties' (e sho#s his entirel$ %aith to#ards ever$ o#ner& even #ith the #icked ones' )hile there still e8ist numerous #icked o#ners #ho consider their slaves as things to urchase and treat them as i% the$!re not human being& a great number o% kind slave/ o#ners a ear' The$!re Shelb$ %amil$& Augustine St'Clare and his daughter: The Quakers' The$ treat black eo le #ith kindness and are #illing to %ree their slaves' To s$ is a @ragamu%%in@ $oung slave girl o% ; helia' Because o% her mistress! rejudice against black eo le& To s$ a ears as an anno$ing child and o%ten steals things' (o#ever& the


;ne o% the recious %eatures o% a good slave is the %aith'


4n 1>th centur$& general attitude to#ards slaver$ starts changing %or the better'


;nl$ b$ sho#ing kindness& $ou can make a erson trust $ou and hel them become a better one

kindness and the s$m ath$ o% +va& the little mistress trans%orms her into a better erson' SAT K> -ame: 6ai Tuan Linh 41Subject: Dall-7 Themes Lo e =nde<endence

Theses Dive eo le strength to overcome ever$thing +ver$one has the right to decide #here the$ #ill live

Lesson #or e er(one

Stand on $our o#n %oot

Ne er des<air

-ever give u our ho es and %aith

Details +va tried her best to save )all + des ite the securit$ robot!s revention The ca tain o% A8ion #anted to come back to +arth but the automatic #heel revented him the %rom doing this 5eo le in this cartoon de ended on the automatic robots so much so the$ couldn!t stand because the$ #ere so %at and did #hat the$ #ant b$ themselves' (umanbeing has ho ed %or 233 $ears to come back to the +arth although there #as onl$ an obscure roo% about that li%e can remain on +arth

441Subject: B< Themes S<irit

Theses Al#a$s have a vehement s irit Tr$ our best to reach our childhood dream

Cour childhood Dream

9orget a:out oursel es and care a:out other <eo<le .ur #amil(

Cno# ho# to overcome the barriers in our hearts to hel other eo le #ho are in danger and di%%iculties -othing is as valuable as the sentiment bet#een %ather and son

Details 4n s ite o% his old age& 6r Carl determined to make an adventure #hich seems unbelievable 6r Carl did ever$thing to %inish his and her #i%e childhood dream is bringing their house to aradise #ater %all des ite man$ dangers 6r Carl decided to dela$ his as iration to come and rescue "usell and the bird "usell Us %ather %orgot to come to "usell!s badge a#ard and it made "usell %eel so sad

4441Subject: 1and( !aursch Ks last lecture Themes Theses 1eall( achie ing (our -ever %orget our childhood childhood dreams dream The >a(s o# teaching a child Children have their o#n characteristics so #e need to give a hand to hel them to sho# o%% themselves

The >a(s to ins<ire students

-ever make our student %eel that the$ #ere the best

A >a( to succeed

Don!t com lain just #ork more enthusiastic

Details "and$ 5aursch have man$ dreams #hen he #as a child and he al#a$s tried his best to reach them "and$ 5aursch!s arents allo#ed him to #rite on the #all in his o#n room #hat he liked #hen he #as a child' 4t hel ed so much to rove his o#n characteristic& his thinking and also his dreams "and$ 5aursch never made his students %eel that the$ are the best he onl$ made his student %eel that the$ need to tr$ more and more& #hat the$ had done are never good enough although the$ %inished their e8ercises better than he had e8 ected A %riend o% "and$ 5aursch #ho #as aral$7ed a%ter an accident #hen he #as $oung but he had tried his best to get a stable job and got married' (e never com lained about his terrible condition he just #orked hard'

4G1Subject: Slumdog millionaire Themes Theses Lo e Love is more valuable than mone$ and o#er



Social status

Details *amal joint the game sho# 9)ho is the millionaire= not %or mone$& he joint this game sho# because he kne# Latika could see him Some eo le can do 6aman:s o eration& an ever$thing to earn mone$ criminal o eration told although the$ kno# that Salim to bring *amal to these mone$ is dirtied b$ 6aman in order to be blood and crime blinded b$ acid& since blind beggars t$ icall$ earn more mone$ 4nside someone& the$ 4n the movie& the host o% the al#a$s have the jealous game sho# #ho named arts #ith #hat other eo le 5rem Cumar is jealous #hen had reached the vie#ers aid attentions to the com etitors but not to him so he called olice and said that he sus ects *amal cheating 4n 4ndian& one!s status A%ter being arrested& *amal de ends on his or her #as taken to custod$& #here mone$ and o#er not he #as tortured as the olice de end on his or her attem ted to learn ho# he& a thinking& the noble in his or slumdog& could ans#ers her hearts these Euestions

G1 Subject: Ste e ?o:s Themes Bra er(

Theses )e need to have enough risk to do #hat #e dream

!ersuasding <eo<le

Sometime #ith one sentence& #e can ersuade a erson

=n estigation

Cno# #hen is the er%ect time and #hat is #orth to invest


Do #hatever $ou #ant and make the di%%erences and success #ill come to $ou

Details Steve *obs le%t his universit$ to go out and create a com uter com an$ although ever$bod$ thought this ideal #as so cra7$ and stu id )hen Steve ersuaded *ohn Sculle$ to leave 5e si/Cola and come to A le to serve as a C+; he asked: = Do $ou #ant to s end the rest o% $our li%e selling sugared #ater to children& or do $ou #ant a chance to change the #orldH 5i8ar #hich is one o% the most %amous cartoon com an$ on over the #orld and it!s value is billions o% dollar toda$ but #hen Steve *obs bought it& it costed onl$ N million ? )hen Steve le%t his college he do ever$thing he #anted #hich seem ver$ %oolish and he had created A le

G41Subject : Martin Luther Eing Themes Theses Belie# )hen $ou #ant to rotect $our belie% $ou sometime need to adventure


Social status


Details As a hiloso her& 6artin #as determined and %irmed #ith his ideal about a %reedom and nonracial countr$ although he #as threaten to be assassinated and be arrested %or J3 times Onite through the Cing called eo le to dedication abandon their sel%ishness and o en their hearts to hel other eo le so ever$one can unite as one solid communit$ +ver$one is eEual 4n a Cing! s eech& named 94 have a dream= he said: @4 have a dream that one da$ on the red hills o% Deorgia the sons o% %ormer slaves and the sons o% %ormer slave o#ners #ill be able to sit do#n together at a table o% brotherhood'@ )e need to kno# that the Cing had s ent almost his meaning o% our e8istence is li%e to hel other eo le& to not onl$ living %or ourselves achieve the %reedom %or the but also sacri%icing %or the black in OS communit$

G441 Subject: District 9 Themes Mone(

Theses Some eo le can do ever$thing %or mone$


Lo e


Details 4n this movie& 6-O& a rivate com an$& don!t care about the alien the$ just care about the huge mone$ the$ can earn i% the$ can activate the alien #ea ons' So the$ do ever$thing get the ke$ even do e8 eriments on human' The di%%erences bet#een J 4n this movie man$ humans civili7ations can create the all over the #orld hate the con%lict alien through the alien didn!t do an$thing #hich disturbs them' This movie has a connection #ith the colla sed a artheid in South A%rica' -ever %orget about $our real )akus!s #i%e in this movie love al#a$s remembers her husband through )akus has turned into an alien Sometimes #e need to 4n this movie& at %irst& across the sel%ishness in the )akus onl$ cares about de th o% our heart to care ho# to cure his disease but about other eo le near the end o% the movie he volunteers to sta$ and revent the mercenaries %rom ca turing the alien shi #ithout %ear and sel%ishness

G4441 Sa ing <ri ate 1a(an Themes Theses Success -ever give u and rise against the %ear and successes #ill come to $ou

Details 4n this movie& although ca tain 6iller and his team/ mates had su%%ered a lost o% losses the$ al#a$s moved u & %ought against their %ear& their di%%iculties and %inall$ the$ reached their destination& their dut$'


-ever leave $our %riend behind just take his or her hand& hold it tight and unite as one so $ou can have the o#er to rise against ever$ enemies



)hen ca tain 6iller and his team/mates met "a$an& the$ believed that their dut$ #as done but the$ didn!t come back' The$ sta$ed and did #hat the heart o% a soldier told them' The$ decided to sta$& hel their comrade/in/ arms to %inish the dut$ although the$ kne# that it #ould be ver$ dangerous )e must not give u #hen 4n this movie #hen 6iller #e %ail& #e need to %ace to sa# his comrades %ell one %ace #ith no %ear and never b$ one& at %irst he #as %orget our duties& our scared but he didn!t %orget missions'' *ust tr$ our best his dut$' (is dut$ #as to %inish all o% them rotect "a$an and he gave a#a$ his li%e to do it' (onor is riceless'& #e can At the end o% the movie& give a#a$ our li%e to rotect 6iller %ell do#n but be%ore it he died he still smiled because he kne# that his mission #as success%ul& because he kne# that he and his %riends #ould died not %or o#er or mone$ the$ died %or honor o% the soldiers

4S1 Subject: Sha>shan" 1edem<tion Themes Theses Sti"ing to our o:;ect -ever give u $our object just tr$ our best to do it through man$ dangers are #aiting


Social status a


Details And$ Du%resne& the main character in this movie had s ent F $ears in the Sha#shank rison to dig a tunnel to esca e #ith a small hammer and under the severe observation o% the su ervisors and %inall$ he #as success%ul (o e is the good thing& And$ #as in Sha#shank ma$be the best thing and no rison %or J3 $ears but good thing ever dies during ever$da$ in this J3 $ears he al#a$s ho ed& he never gave u and he #on his %reedom )e can!t estimate a eo le 4n the Sha#shank rison& b$ his or her social status there are man$ kinds o% eo le& good gu$s and bad gu$s' The risoners #ho are al#a$s believed to be bad are not certainl$ bad& the co s #ho are believed to be good are not certainl$ good -othing is as valuable as )hen having esca ed %rom %reedom the rison& And$ didn!t run and he stood and enjo$ed the rain& the rain o% %reedom a%ter J3 $ears in rison

S1 Subject: Schindler/s list Themes Dar

Theses )ar brings death and ain




Details 4n #orld #ar 44 over B millions *e#ishs had been killed and millions #ere cri led )e need to s$m athi7e ;skar Schindler s ent all o% #ith other eo le #ho are his li%e and his mone$ to in danger hel the *e#s' And he died in overt$ although he is a rich merchant 6one$ is one o% the most )ith his mone$& Schindler o#er%ul ke$ on the #orld bribed the o%%icers o% Derman -a7i to save the *e#s' And #ith his mone$ he saved over 1333 eo le -ever %orget about the good At the end o% the movie& #e things other eo le did %or can see thousand o% *e#s $ou %rom all over the #orld come to Schindler!s grave in *erusalem and ut a small stone on it' This action is the thank%ulness and the res ect o% them to Schindler #ho saved their li%e and brought %reedom to them

-gu$en (/Qu$en A SAT K> Source Summar$ Themes Thesis Details

&&'Animal arm (&)*+, #% George "rwell sel%ishness ersonal in%luence Sel%ness s onsors evils' A erson can make big changes' The igs gets all the ro%its #hile un%airl$ %orcing others to #ork their aTT o%%' ;ld major& a character based on Carl 6ar8& the old boar on the 6anor ,arm calls the other animals on the ,arm %or a meeting& #here he com ares the humans to arasites and teaches the animals a revolutionar$ song& @Beasts o% +ngland@' (e also talks about animalism& #hich

sel% belie%

Sel% belie% strengthen eo le

a%%ect others to desire and to act %or %reedom' +ven the ver$ small animals still can #in the %reedom because the$ believe in themselves' )ith sel%lessness& the animals revolt and drive 6r *ones %rom the %arm success%ull$'

1-.1omeo and ?uliet + Dilliam Sha"es<eare Love Love is the most o#er%ul' "omeo and *uliette encounter countless number o% obstruct 0%amil$& rejudice& etcM1 but the$ still love each other' At the end& the$ even died %or love' A ur ose make Because the$ believed in love& "omeo a erson!s li%e and *uliette dedicated and struggled more meaning%ul unabated %or love& #hich make their li%e more meaning%ul' ,or the %irst time o% their lives& the$ understand the meaning o% 9sacri%ice 9' 4m rudence and )hen "omeo heard that *uliet had been haste results in dead& he returned to Ca ulet cr$ t disastrous e%%ects immediatel$' Although he did not tr$ to understand the situation& he acts too hastil$' (e killed 5aris #hen he encounters 5aris #ho has come to mourn *uliet rivatel$' Still believing *uliet to be dead& "omeo suicide' An$one can Be%ore "omeo met *uliet& he had been in change' love #ith "osaline' A%ter the meeting onl$ a da$& "omeo easil$ %elt in love #ith *uliet and leave "osaline' The o#er o% love is unlimited Although 6r' Darc$ seriousl$ has rejudices against 6s' +li7abeth Bennet!s %amil$& he still #ants to marr$ 6s' +li7abeth' 4n addition& because o% love& 6r' Darc$ is #illing to hel +li7abeth!s sister #ithout #aiting re a$' 6s' Bingle$ al#a$s considers hersel%

ur ose



13.!ride and !re;udice + ?ane Austen Love

Social status

Social status

doesn!t guarantee virtual values


5ride obstructs a %riendl$ communication bet#een nobles and humbles


5rejudice o%ten led to #rong judges'

sociall$ su erior to 6s' +li7abeth' 6s' Bingle$ even thre# 6s +li7abeth a contem tuous glance #hen 6s +li7abeth visits her sister& 6s' *ane Bennet' 6s' Bingle$ tries man$ #a$s to attract 6r' Darc$' (o#ever& she %ailed' 4nstead& 6r' Darc$ #as attracted b$ 6s +li7abeth' 6r' Darc$& a noble #ho has ver$ high ride al#a$s has di%%iculties in getting acEuainted #ith ordinar$ eo le' +s eciall$& in his ro osal to 6s Bennet& instead o% go straight to the oint gentl$& he s ends to much to talk a bout her in%erior social status' As the result& he receives a re%usal' Because o% rejudice against Bennet %amil$& 6r' Darc$ judges 6s' *ane Bennet too strictl$' Although 6s' *ane is so dee in love #ith 6r' Bingle$& a %riend o% 6r' Darc$!s& 6r' Darc$ doesn!t reali7e that' (e even advises 6r' Bingle$ not to marr$ her'

1$.Toto-chan: The little girl at the Dindo> :( Tetsu"o Euro(anagi Lies Sometime a lie can encourages eo le to live better' )hen Toto Chan got e8 elled in her old school& her mother did not tell her the truth' 4nstead& her mother said that she needed to move to a s ecial school' This lie did not onl$ encourage her to go to school& but also rotect her %rom u set and loosing con%idence' 4n some case& At the %irst time 6r' Caba$ashi met toto listening and Chan& he #as listening to her attentivel$ kee ing silence and atientl$ during 4 hours& #hich are the best #a$s makes her %eel ha $ and believe in 6r' to gain trust' Caba$ashi' )hen eo le can A teacher assumes that Toto Chan is a see onl$ one side naught$ u il because Toto chan did not o% a matter& the$ a$ attention in class and because she


-arro# mind

o%ten make mistake'

Love and %riendshi

Children!s love and %riendshi teach them to do the right things'

invited street musicians to the class disru ting her classmates' (o#ever& the teacher did not understand that all o% Toto Chan!s activities #ere the results o% curious' Toto chan liked <ashukichan& a handica ed bo$' So she tries her best to hel him get acEuainted #ith classmates' She also teaches him to climb and la$s #ith him' )hen the bo$ is dead& she cries a lot' ,or the %irst time o% her li%e& she is a#are o% loss and ain'

1%.Titanic Social status Social status doesn!t guarantee good human character' *ack& a oor bo$& and "ose& a daughter o% noble %amil$ both have a common: benevolent' Des ite o% danger& the$ tried to save oor eo le #ho #ere stuck #hen the Shi encounter an accident' 4n contrast& Ca elin& "ose! %iancI retend to hel a child %or a dirt$ ur ose: to get a lace in a rescuer boat' Love is %ar *ack #as just a oor bo$ #ho #ork on the be$ond the limits Shi ' "ose #as born in a noble %amil$' o% social status Des ite o% rejudices and other obstructs& and social the$ still love each other dee l$' rejudice' A erson #ho is )hen the Titanic encounters an accident& trul$ in love almost eo le #ant to go on a rescuer kno#s ho# to boat' (o#ever "ose re%use to go to the sacri%ice' boat #ith her mother' 4nstead& she come back to save *ack des ite o% danger' 4m rudence can Because no one think the Titanic can sink& result in the number o% rescuer boat #as reduced' catastro hic There%ore& there are not enough boats %or accident' eo le in accident'

5o#er o% love


(uman mistake

1*.9inding Nemo ;ver rotect 5arents! Because o% his %ather!s over rotect& -emo over rotect o%ten #as embarrassed in his %irst da$ at school'




led to bad results' (is %ather& 6arline& #arns him about the danger o% the ;cean all the time& #hich %rustrates him' To rove that his %ather #as #rong& -emo s#im out to the #ater and then get caught& endangering himsel%' There!s nothing -emo and other %ishes tr$ man$ #a$s to more recious return to the sea' Although at %irst than %reedom' attem t& -emo #as ver$ close to the death& he still kee s tr$ing unabated' -ot listening to Because -emo didn!t listen to his %ather!s adult!s advises& he s#am out to the #ater& then e8 eriences is get caught' (e act stu idl$ and jeo ardi7e not #ise' himsel%' +%%ort is the ke$ )hen -emo get caught& he tries man$ o% success' #a$s to esca e' Although he must %ace #ith obstructs& %ailures& etcM he still kee tr$ing #ithout rela8ing' Because he ut all he e%%ort on esca ing& eventuall$ he succeeds

Doal o% li%e

Martin Luther Eing
5ersistent ursuit %or a goal o% li%e makes ever$one great' 6artin Luther Cing dedicated his #hole li%e %or the ideal o% eEual social' (e su orted the black eEualit$' (e %ought %or his idea until his last breath' (e #as dead a%ter making a %amous s eech o% human right eEualit$ named 9 4 have a dream=' There!s no o#er Although man$ #hite eo le #ho have can de%eat one!s o#ers %orces 6LC to sto #hat he #as #ill' doing& he did not scared' (e bravel$ continues to su ort Civil right movements even #hen bad gu$s tried to murder him' +ver$ To be success%ul in career& 6LC had to achievement sacri%ice his li%e and even his %amil$' reEuires sacri%ice rebellious eo le )ithout %ighting %or such a di%%icult are remembered movement& 6LC #ould be no more than in histor$ an ordinar$ 5riest'

Strong o% #ill'

Sacri%ice The immortalit$


?ac" London


An$ child can succeed in the %uture' +%%ort is the ke$ o% success



Background has nothing to do #ith a erson!s achievement' 4o can lead to great ac'ie3ement1 Succe re;uire 'ard-work

)hen he #as small& *ack London o%ten hung out #ith thieves and he has stolen' (e did not care about stud$ing' (o#ever& #hen he gre# u & he gained success' (e is one o% the most %amous #riter o% OSA' )hen *L entered high school at the age o% 1>& he #orked ver$ hard' (e %ocused on stud$ing so ersistentl$ that he %orgot to eat and to slee ' (e #orked ver$ hard to have mone$ to go to school 0 #ashing the dishes& cleaning the house& etcM1 ConseEuentl$& he gain #hat he deserved' (e com leted the 4/$ears rogram in onl$ K months& then he entered college' *L!s childhood #as so di%%icult' (e s ent most o% his time on stealing' (e has even been in rison' (o#ever& he still can succeed in the %uture' Marie= deat' on &uly @8 !"A@ wa from a *la tic anemia almo t certainly contracted from e9*o ure to radiation From t'e early age8 after t'e deat' of 'er i ter and mot'er8 'e ab orbed in t'e tudy1 Sometime 8 'e doe not eat and lee* in order to 'ead on t'e tudy1 %'u 'e 'ad a Bner3ou breakdownC about ! year1 Becau e of 'ard-work and dedication for cienti t8 Marie Curie got w'at 'e de er3e (? Dobel *ri-e )1 Becau e of being a woman 8 Marie wa not allowed to a**ly any uni3er itie in <u ia1 ,owe3er8 finally wit' t'e *er i tence and t'e 'el* of 'er i ter8 'e tudied in Sorbonne1

&)' -arie .urie

4o ,ard-work

Ac'ie3ement Succe

.eo*le get w'at t'ey de er3e Succe re;uire *er i tence


Dorld >ar ==
+conomic ro%it Some countr$ launched the #ar in order

can cause violence #ar The #hole #orld su%%ered because o% some individual!s ur ose' -uclear is a dangerous& highl$ anti A ersonal #ea onL an$ use o% it is a crime against human' 4m rudence leads to de%eat'

to rotect and increase their economic ro%it' Those countries ho e to use the victor$ to changes the #orld!s arrangement& 4n )) 44& Countless number o% cities #ere destro$ed& B3 million eo le died in the #ar& including about J3 million soldiers and 43 million civilians' To ut an end to the ))44& the O'S government decided to thro# J atomic bombs to (iroshima and -agasaki& J cities o% *a an& #hich killed over 143 thousand eo le' 4n %act& i% the O'S hadn!t attacked& *a an still #ould have succumbed December 2& 1>41& on 5earl (arbor& (a#aii& the OS arm$ #as totall$ shocked because o% *a anese sudden attack' The$ underestimated *a anese arm$& #hich led to OS arm$!s de%eat'


4m rudence

-gu$en Lan Anh Su:;ect: Les Mesra:les Themes Theses Li%e The light o% oor #orkers in ,rance in the late 1> centur$' Sosial status )rong estimation about the value o% eo le' The altruistic eo le can re/ education the cruel eo le' Sacri%ice %or others' A %ather love %or his children' Details *ean Galjean #as stealing bread %or his starving sister and his %amil$ and he #as caught into im risonment' *ean Galjean is reEuired to carr$ a $ello# ass ort that make he #as denied at ever$#here' 6$riel hel ed *ean Galjean' 6adeleine became rich eo le #ith his o#n %actor$ 6adeleine saved Cham mathieu and he #as caught again' *ean valjean love Cosette like his daughter'

Altruistic Courageous Love

Su:;ect: Bncle Tom/ca:in Themes Theses ,eminism Slave #as %louted'

Details Oncle Tom and (arr$ #ere sold %or (alle$ b$ their boss Senbi' +li7a esca es #ith het son' ,inall$&Legree #ere su%%ered& contrast to +li7a enjo$ the ha $ %amil$ atmost here' 4n this time& Canada is an inder endent countr$ #hich ever$ slave #ant to come'

Love *ustice

A mother love %or her children' *ustice trium hs injustice'


+ver$ bod$ should taste the jo$ o% %reedom'

Su:;ect: Die 1au:er. ,eminism ,reedom

5eo le #ere %louted'

; osition in societ$ Onit$ Loss

-obilit$& clerg$man and rich merchant tram le on the human dignit$' +ver$bod$ should taste the jo$ o% Carl 6oor Euits his stud$ to %reedom' artici ate the grou o% robber in order to revenge the societ$' *ustice and 4njustice are al#a$s Carl and ,rank 6oor are o osite' brothers but their character is o osite' +8to$ the %riendshi ' Carl and another robbers are ver intimate' Turbulence #ithout a ,inall$& Carl con%esses government #ill not survive' himsel% %or the tribunal'

Su:;ect:Ea:ale und lie:e) Lm mMu aN tiNnh (Ou,. Themes Theses ,eminism (uman being discrimanated'

Love ,reedom

Love #as not lost even though the death' 5eo le have to resist the

Details Lui7o is musician!s daughter but ,erdinaind is a son o% a rime minister there%ore the$ #ere st$mied to love each other' Lui7o and ,erdinaind imbibe the oison together' ,erdinaind still loves Lui7o

discrimination %rom societ$' 5eo le Social %eudal The beuti%ull ortrait about the Derman!s #oman' Cruel and sl$'

regardless the discrimination' Lui7o love her arents ver$ much and tr$ an$#a$ to save her arents' Gon 6alter %orbids ,erdinaind loves Lui7o and )urm du es Lui7o'

Su:;ect: 1o:inson &rusoe. Themes Theses (uman!s abilit$ (uman!s abilit$ can slove an$ roblem' (ard #orking Courageous and (ard/ #orking #ill bring success' Sanguineness Dood laning Luck

Details "obinson lives alone in an island but he is not a%raid' Although he onl$ lives alone in an island he #as not died o% starvation' 4n ever$ situation #e should have (e do all things so ever$ the sanguineness' thing is %i8ed' Smart lanning a$s o%%' (e saves ,rida$' ,rida$!s %ather and the ca tain %rom the irates and cannibals' Luck is usuall$ smile #ith ever$ "obinson cameback home bod$' a%ter JF $ears'

Su:;ect: 6one >ith the >ind Themes Theses )ar Turbulence o% societ$ make eo le change' Love True love is not eas$ to have and eas$ o% lost' 6one$ can causes eo le become sel%ish and sinister' 6ake eo le become venturesome'

6one$ Cu idit$

Details Scarlett A a grace%ul #oman become a cruel and greed$ erson' Scarlett identi%ied that she love "hett Butler not Ashle$ but too late "B #as gone' Because o% mone$& Sarlett sho#ed her husband ,regho die indirectl$' Scarlett manages all the com an$ o% her husband

Su:;ect: The old man and the sea (uman!s abilit$ +8to$ the human!s abilit$' Dream A big success in li%e'


(el ing ever$ bod$ around us'

Luck Sanguineness

Some eo le have %e#er luck$' Age can not e%%ect human:s dream'

The old man cauchts a cetasean b$ himsel% on K da$s and K nights' A giant cetasean is e8 ressed an object o% the succession #hich eo le can not reach in li%e' The bo$ 6anolin gave Santiago a cu o% co%%ee& some small %ish and good luck to him be%ore the old man stand out to sea' Santiago does not have a %amil$& he lives alone in his cabin near the sea' Although Santiago #as old he still #ant to stands ut to sea alone'

Su:;ect: 1omeo and ?uliet' Themes Theses 5light The ethinic o% %eudal s$stem is arbitar$' Social status Children #ere %orce on arents' Love *ustice )oman:s character Love #as not lost even thought the death' 4njustice #ill be chastised' A beauti%ul aiting about the #oman:s character'

Details The Ca ulets and The 6ontagues are enem$' *uliet #as coerced to married 5aris b$ her arents' Still believing *uliet to be death& "omeo drinks the oison' "omeo kills 5aris' *uliet is a s ontaneous #oman and she has an intenseness love %or her "omeo'

Su:;ect: 9inding Nemo Themes Theses Details Love A %ather love %or his children 6arlin regardless o% danger to %ind -emo' "elationshi Can connect eo le easil$' Be de endent on the hel ing o% 6arlin:s %riends such as Dor$& Crush& -igel 6arlin #as %ound his son'

,reedom +ver$ bod$ should taste the jo$ )hen -emo in the dentish:s tank& it and it:s %riends o% %reedom' tr$ to esca e the tank' -ature -ature al#a$s has man$ dangers )hen 6arlin took an itinerar$ to %ind -emo he and #hich #e can not redict' his %riend Dor$ #ere e8 erienced harsh trials' ,rienshi took an itinerar$ because 5eo le should have a best%riend 6arlin not alone #hen he

to share and cheer ha iness and o% his %riend Dor$' sadness' Su:;ect: The call o# the >ind Themes Theses "ancour The rancour can make eo le become sinister'

Details (eathcli%% married 4sabella to renvenge +dgar and coerce his son Linton married +dgar!s daughter Cath$' Catherine said that i% she married (eathcli%% she #ould be dis araged& this made (eathcli%% rancour' (indl$ %louts (eathcli%%'

S eech

Be care%ull #ith $our s eech'


This character can make eo le become sinister and a%%lict to another eo le' 4t can change ever$ thing regardless love' The e%%ects o% intense su%%ering can make eo le change his thingking'


Catherine decided to married +dgar even though she love (eathcli%%' The degraded (areton and the im risoned Cath$ are able to over come (eathcli%%!s abuse and to %ind love and a %uture #ith each other'

The e%%ecrs o% intense su%%ering

-gu$en Thu Thao :S

5re aration %or the SAT

-o Subjects Themes ,riendshi/ 1

)ith the hel o% our true %riends& #e can do some ama7ing things #hich #e never think #e can be%ore

-emo!s dad is so a%raid o% the dangerous ocean but #ith the hel o% Dor$& he could s#im around the ocean and %inall$ go to S$dne$ to %ind -emo& his missing son J /-emo!s dad reall$ took risk #hen he traveled through the ocean to %ind his son in stead o% #aiting or having other sons J' (e had to deal #ith so man$ troubles& so man$ dangers' An$#a$& a%ter such a dangerous journe$& he could %ight #ith sharks& go through a school o% jell$%ish& or tell %or ho# long a sea turtle can live etc' And more im ortantl$& he learnt ho# to count on %riends& an invaluable resent that the li%e gives us' J /-emo also took risks #hen he together #ith his %riends tried to esca e %rom the dentist!s house' And -emo might reali7e that his roblem is not his abnormal %in& it is about his liver: #hether he dares to risk or not'

Taking risks is not thought to be #ise action& but sometimes& #e need to take some risks in our lives to discover ourselves& our hidden abilities or just to be given a lesson o% ho# to live a li%e' L1

Taking risks

9inding Nemo

Love is so s ecial& it can create a miracle' )ith love& nothing is im ossible. :8


-emo!s dad is so scared o% the ocean but he still #ent out& s#am to ever$#here& even the ver$ dark bottom o% the ocean to %ind his missing son' Because he loves -emo more than an$thing in the #orld& even his o#n li%e' 4% -emo didn!t s#im to the ocean and #eren!t tra ed& he #ould never learn ho# to count on himsel%

4nde endence is so im ortant to an$one that arents should teach their children as soon as


ossible' +ver$one loves his 4nde ende child but letting the child rel$ on his arents too much is like a /nce kind o% slo#/soaking oison #hich can harm the child in the %uture' The e8istence o% human beings The environm/ relies much on the environment' There%ore& i% #e don!t rotect it& ent our lives #ill su%%er harm'

because his dad al#a$s rotects him just like a little kid'

4n )all/+& the environment is so bad that rich eo le have to leave the earth and live in a s aceshi ' Their lives totall$ rel$ on robots and machines& #hich make it not a li%e at all. 5eo le in )all/+ just lie all the time on a movable chair' -o #ork& no movement& the$ are like big dolls' The$ also become %atter and more stu id' Their lives must be so boring and meaningless that #hen )all/+ and +ve %ind the little tree& the$ all #ant to come back to the earth immediatel$' Although almost all eo le in the shi become so big and can hardl$ move but together& the$ su orted )all/+ and +ve b$ reventing bad robots %rom getting the little tree& the sign o% li%e in the earth' The s ecial love bet#een )all/+ and +ve gives them strength to beat the bad robots' 4n addition& at the end o% the %ilm& )all/+ lost his memor$L but thanks to +ve!s e%%ort& +ve!s true love& he %inall$ remembered ever$thing and had a ha $ ending #ith +ve' J 4n "atatouille& "em$ is just a rat& a mediocre origin but he is also the greatest che% in ,rance'

)all/+ )ork

;ur lives are meaning%ul #hen #e #ork& entertain& talk and love' 4t is a true li%e onl$ i% #e can be ha $& sad or angr$' )ithout action and emotion& li%e is just a big useless stone'

)e can do ama7ing things #hen #e unite'


Love gives us a ver$ s ecial strength #ith #hich #e can do such incredible things.




;rigin& someho#& can hardl$ tell us about a erson' Because not an$one can become a genius but a genius can come %rom an$#here'

"atatoui ,amil$!s su ort /lle

,amil$ is so im ortant to ever$bod$' The$ ma$ not be an e8 ert or a good advisor but the$ are our %amilies and the$ love us' ,amil$!s su ort is a motivation %or all o% us to kee tr$ing' Sometimes& the most meaning%ul thing can be the sim lest one' The s ecialt$ is not in the a earance but in the dedication& love and innovation' Social rejudice is so merciless' 4t can kill an innocent erson!s soul or hurt her heart so bad'

Thanks to the su ort o% his %amil$& "em$& a little rat& could save the %amous restaurant and %inall$ become a cook'

Dedicatio n

Sur risingl$& a ver$ sim le %armer!s dish& ratatouille can move such a %amous and strict %ood critic& +go' A8on gre# u #ith no %riends' She& an innocent child& have to live in the J/ eo le #orld: her dad and her' -o child does #ant to make %riend #ith her just because their arents told them that A8on!s dad is a bad one' She cried' She asked her %ather man$ times: #h$ don!t the$ love us& dadH )hat a oor girl. Dre$ #as born in a rich and noble %amil$' (is arents love him and coddle him so much' (e is so %eeble like a little girl' But #ith a strong assion& #hen he is 1N& he leaves home #ith the desire o% becoming a true ca tain' A%ter e8 eriencing so much hardshi & he %inall$ becomes a true man #ith a strong bod$ and some use%ul skills #hich a ca tain should kno#' (e is so read$ to have his o#n boat at the age o% J3' The love bet#een Dre$ and A8on is so beauti%ul' The vie# o% a coming %l$ing/in/bree7e scarlet sail sur rises ever$one' 4t is so %antastic& like in a %air$ tale' The cou le %irst meet each other but their hearts are alread$ on the same beat'


Scarlet sail0Ale 8ander Social rejudice Drin1

5assion is one o% the most im ortant elements #hich make us succeed'



Love is so beauti%ul and s ecial'


)ithout ,riendshi %amil$ 0hector malot1

+ver$one needs %riends' (aving a true %riend in hard situation& #ho can cheer us u & stand b$ us& #atch our movement and give us strength to kee tr$ing& is more than having a big emotionless diamond' +ver$ child needs a mom and dad' +ver$ child needs to be loved' +ver$ child needs a %amil$'

,or $ears& "em$ has e8 erience a lot dangerous and hard situation' But he al#a$s goes ahead& thanks to the hel %rom a lot o% good %riends: the dog Ca i& the old Gitali& 6rs' 6iligon& Acanh& etc' "em$ al#a$s #ants to meet his arents' (e desires to have a mom #ho loves him& #ho kisses him ever$ morning #hen he #akes u ' )hat a sim le #ish. And in his adventurous li%e& he al#a$s makes the e%%ort to %ind his %amil$ des ite a lot o% di%%iculties' The old Gitali& a #anderer used to be a ver$ %amous singer #hile "em$& an or han bo$ %inall$ becomes a rich one' The old Behrman& #ith his merc$ dares to die in order to save the li%e o% *ohns$& a $oung #oman artist #ho has no blood relationshi #ith him' (e is reall$ so admirable& he is a true hero'

Social status


The last lea% 0;'(enr $1

The love bet#een human beings

A high social status erson someda$ can be a #anderer #hile a %armer& even a #anderer #ith his e%%ort& can someda$ become a gentleman' There is a kind o% beauti%ul love: the love bet#een human beings' )ith this kind o% love& ever$one& ever$ societ$ #ill become so good and so kind' The true art is something #hich must has love'

The true art


5S& 4 love $ou

,riend and ,amil$

The old Behrman al#a$s dreams about his o#n s ectacular master iece' But his last ainting: the icture o% the last lea% #hich is so sim le& so normal is a true master iece& ver$ sim l$& just because it has a s ecial love bet#een eo le' 4t is the true art. ,riends and %amil$ are A%ter the death o% invaluable gi%ts that li%e gives us' Derr$& her beloved husband& (oll$ The$ al#a$s stand b$ us through #as so shock and de ressed' She thick and thin' And doesn!t #ant to do an$thing' 4n her )ithout them& our li%e #ill be small %lat& Derr$ seems to be like a miserable hell' ever$#here' Both her heart and brain miss him so much' Luckil$& #ith the hel and care %rom her %riends as #ell as her %amil$& her ain is decreased'

True love

True love is so o#er%ul' 4t can save one!s soul' 4t can create a miracle'


Social The miserab rejudice le ones0Gi ctor (ugo1

Social rejudice can kill eo le and revent one #ho is bad and guilt$ %rom tr$ing to be better'

(oll$ is so de ressed a%ter her husband!s death' But #ith a strong love %or his #i%e& Derr$& be%ore he has gone %orever& le%t a list o% have/ to/do things& #hich is the reason %or (oll$!s li%e' +ver$ month& (oll$ o ens a iece o% a er& reads Derr$!s instruction %or the to/save/(oll$!s soul journe$ and %eels as Derr$ is al#a$s beside her' Little b$ little& (oll$ can smile& can %ind the jo$ in her unha $ li%e' She is saved b$ his husband or in other #ords b$ love' *ean Galjean used to be a criminal' As a result& the societ$ gives him the cold shoulder and has rejudices against him' Later in his li%e& #hen he becomes better& #hen his soul is saved& these rejudices %ollo# and make his li%e miserable' 5eo le al#a$s think that once $ou are a criminal& in $ou #hole li%e& $ou are still a criminal' 4n an evening& a criminal& *ean Galjean came to the church #here the bisho 6$riel lives' The bisho let him come in& o%%ered dinner and a #arm bed' But *ean Galjean stole all the gold as #ell as silver s oons and dishes' )hen *ean Galjean #as ca tured& some oliceman took him to the church' But the merc$ bisho #asn!t mad at him' The bisho smile and said that he had given all the gold and silver things to *ean Galjean' This made *ean Galjean so sur rised& had a dee in%luence in his mind and saved his soul in his later li%e' The merc$ o% bisho 6$riel hel ed *ean Galjean begin a ne# li%e' Thanks to 6$riel& *ean Galjean %inall$ became an honest man and hel ed a lot o% eo le'

,orgivene ss

,orgiveness can save ever$one!s soul& even a bad criminal'


The regret o% a cul rit or a guilt$ erson is so admirable' 4n stead o% Euestioning about that& eo le should su ort that and hel him or her begin a ne# li%e'


Chicken Trust bet#een little

%amil$!s member A true hero

The trust o% mother& %ather and all %amil$!s member means a lot to ever$bod$' A true hero is not a handsome or strong one' Sometimes& a true hero is the smallest one' The thing is not in his strength or his a earance& it is in his heart and his action'

Chicken little is so sad #hen his dad doesn!t believe in the son& just like other eo le' Chicken Little is such a small #eak chicken' (is dad is so ashamed o% him because he has scared ever$one not just one time' All o% a sudden& someda$& he is the onl$ one #ho can save the earth #hen aliens attack to %ind an alien bab$' 4n stead o% running like ever$bod$& Chicken little bravel$ tries to save the earth and he did it' (e is the smallest and also the bravest one' (e is a true hero' The %antastic and so romantic love bet#een Arthur and Lauren is reall$ an adventure& a race #ith the death' Both Arthur and Lauren kno# that the$ ma$ lose each other at an$time' ,inall$& a%ter %acing so man$ di%%iculties& #ith a strong love& the$ & someho#& #in'This is such an ama7ing and %ull/o%/love stor$ that it can move an$one #ho reads it' 4t makes us believe in love and #ith love& ho# s#eet our li%e is. Arthur!s mother teaches him ho# to %eel the beaut$ o% li%e and Arthur is trul$ a ver$ sensitive one' Arthur!s mother teach him ho# to enjo$ ever$ eace%ul moment in li%e& as a result& Arthur kno#s a lot about tea& %lo#ers and other leasure o% li%e' 4nside Arthur& #e can totall$ see his ama7ing mother.


4% onl$ it #ere true 06arc Lev$1


Love is so o#er%ul' )ith love& ever$thing is ossible& even the unbelievable one'

The in%luence o% a mother on her child

4n one!s childhood& mother does usuall$ have the dee est in%luence on him'

Ngu(en !huong &hi + SAT 39 Date o# su:mission: 0-P13P-010

S&'RC( S'""!R)(S

3u#;ect & Animal Farm :( 6eorge .r>ell )<u:lished in 19$%,
Themes 1ussian 1e olution Theses attacks #hat Deorge ;r#ell sa# as some o% the rominent %ollies o% 'i time Details Deorge ;r#ell ortra$ed the "ussian "evolution o% 1>12 as one that resulted in a government more o ressive& totalitarian& and deadl$ than the one it overthre#' 6an$ o% the characters and events o% the novel arallel those o% the "ussian "evolution: 4n short& 6anor ,arm is a model o% "ussia& and ;ld 6ajor& Sno#ball& and -a oleon re resent the dominant %igures o% the "ussian "evolution Des ite his seemingl$ altruistic motives& -a oleon is resented as the e itome o% a o#er/hungr$ individual #ho masks all o% his actions #ith the e8cuse that the$ are done %or the betterment o% the %arm Bo8er is likened to the kind o% blindl$ devoted citi7en #hose reliance on slogans @-a oleon is al#a$s right@ revents him %rom e8amining in more detail his o#n situation: Although Bo8er is a s$m athetic character& his ignorance is almost in%uriating& and ;r#ell suggests that this unEuestioning ignorance allo#s rulers like -a oleon to gro# stronger' 6oses! stories o% Sugarcand$ 6ountain (E an uto*ia) kee the animals docile' As their lives #orsen& the animals begin to believe him& because @Their lives no#& the$ reasoned& #ere hungr$ and laboriousL #as it not right and just that a better #orld should e8ist some#here elseH@' As long as there is some better #orld some#here / even a%ter death / the animals #ill trudge through this one' The rulers o% the rebellion 0the igs1 eventuall$ betra$ the ideals %or #hich the$ resumabl$ %ought'


Satiri7es oliticians& s eci%icall$ their rhetoric& abilit$ to mani ulate others& and insatiable lust %or o#er' 1ole o# the satiri7es the di%%erent kinds o% <o<ulace eo le #hose attitudes allo# rulers to brutali7e them


"eligious devotion can actuall$ distort the #a$s in #hich one thinks o% his or her li%e on earth'

9alse allegiance

5eo le roclaim their allegiance to each other& onl$ to betra$ their true intentions at a later time'

3u#;ect = To 8ill a moc8ing #ird :( 0ar<er Lee )<u:lished in 19*0,

Themes Dece<ti e a<<earances

Theses )e should s end time getting be$ond the gossi surrounding the eo le #ho seem to be bad so that #e can get a clear vie# o% some ver$ strong human beings'


A erson can easil$ be convicted solel$ because he is a black man'


4% eo le take time to see the #orld %rom another erson!s e$es& the$ might not be so rejudiced to his situation' The ne# institutionali7ed educational s$stem is not al#a$s good %or all children'

A more valuable education can be %ound in the home'

Bra er( Sacri#ice

The most im ortant lessons are those o% s$m ath$ and understanding& and that a s$m athetic& understanding a roach is the best #a$ to teach these lessons' )ithholding violence is one o% the highest %orms o% braver$' -ot all sacri%icial acts are given their recognition'

Details The %act that 6s' Dubose insulted *em!s %ather A 6r' Atticus several times be%ore makes *em hated her so much that he destro$s her bushes' But #hen %orced to s end time reading books her ever$ a%ternoon& he %inds a more acce table erson' And #hen Atticus oints out that thanks to *em!s reading ever$da$& 6s' Dubose succeeded in concentrating hersel% #ithout the using o% mor hine addiction' She #as not going to s end her last da$s as a drug addict des ite the ain that caused her' Tom "obinson is accused o% ra ing 6a$ella +#ell 0(er %ather actuall$ did1' (o#ever& it is obvious that Tom is innocent through evidence resented b$ 6r' Atticus 0the one arm& his res ectable ersonalit$ and his class di%%erence1' But since the jur$ 9cannot= %ind a black man innocent over a #hite %amil$& the$ %ind him guilt$' -o one bothers to %ind out about the real Arthur 9Boo= "adle$' (e ma$ seems a little scar$ but the to#n ridicules him and shuns him %rom the societ$' All the children have been raised to %ear him as the to#n %reak' Scout is ahead o% her classmates because her %ather has taught her to read and #rite& and her #et nurse has even taught her scri t' (o#ever& once her teacher discovers this& she unishes Scout and tells her not to learn an$thing else at home' Scout then %eels %rustrated that her teacher does not understand her and onl$ #ants to hold her back' At the end o% the book& Scout even sa$s that she has learned racticall$ ever$thing e8ce t algebra' Scout!s %ather A 6r' Atticus clearl$ takes great ride in instilling a o#er%ul o% moralit$ in his children' (e truth%ull$ ans#ers #hatever Euestions the$ ask& and encourages their inEuisitive minds b$ treating them as adults and encouraging them to gro# intellectuall$ and morall$ as much as ossible' 6r' Atticus!s abilit$ to ut himsel% in his children!s shoes makes him an e8cellent teacherL #hile 6s' Caroline!s rigid commitment to the educational techniEues that she learned in college makes her ine%%ective and even dangerous' 6r' Atticus urges Scout to be brave and revent hersel% %rom %ighting those #ho critici7e her or her %amil$' Y Tom "obinson sacri%ices his li%e %or his %amil$: A%ter the guilt$ verdict in Tom!s trial& he #as sentenced to be in jail and later hanged' But& this #ould almost

de%initel$ lead to his %amil$ being %urther ostraci7ed %rom the 6a$comb communit$' There%ore& to end this %uture su%%ering %or his %amil$& Tom ur osel$ tried to be killed #hile he made his 9esca e='

3u#;ect > ?ane and A#el :( ?e##re( Archer )<u:lished in 1939,
Themes A<<earance Theses -ever judge a book b$ its cover' Details A%ter her husband died& 6rs' Cate marries (enr$ ;sborne' (e al#a$s does ever$thing out o% love %or her' Being da77led b$ all o% his tricks& Cate agrees to give him all her heritance to invest in real estate' A%ter receiving the mone$& (enr$ ;sborne takes his o#n %orm as a t#o/timer #ho is interested in gambling and #omen' (enr$ s ends ever$ last enn$ o% Cate:s mone$ on the rete8t o% s eculation& #hile she dies in a miscarriage' ,lorent$na "osnovski and "ichard Cane ha en to meet and %all in love #ithout kno#ing about the rivalr$ bet#een their %athers' The$ get married amid vehement rotests %rom their %athers and start a chain o% boutiEue stores named ,lorent$na:s' )ladek Coskie#ic7 0then named Abel "osnovski1 is %ound to have e8ce tional intelligence& so Baron "osnovski asks him to become a com anion to his son Leon so )ladek might rove to be a com etition to him' Then the t#o bo$s tr$ to com ete and gain a good kno#ledge together #ith the hel s o% tutors' Abel "osnovski is im ecunious #hen he goes to America' (e starts his li%e as a #aiter in the (otel 5la7a& and then becomes the manager o% the "ichmond grou o% hotels' Abel converts the ill/ managed hotel to a ro%it/making one and bu$s stock in the chain' ,inall$& he builds u a success%ul hotel chain #ith his o#n name' )illiam Cane takes stocks in the American airline com an$' Abel then succeeds in bu$ing man$ o% these stocks' Abel believes that i% he starts selling out all o% those to the market& Cane!s bank #ill be de%initel$ in a di%%icult situation' A%ter Cane has to s end much mone$ on bu$ing the stocks back& he rosecutes Abel %or s eculating on the Stock 6arket'

Lo e

Being in love& eo le can de%$ ever$thing to get #hat the$ #ant'


Com etition is necessar$ %or eo le to develo '

Determinatio n

Determination is the #ake/u call to the human #ill'


+ver$ roblem has a gi%t %or $ou in its hands'


5eo le should not #i e do#n During the Dreat De ression& Abel!s hotel needs a their rival b$ his o#n backer' Abel thinks that Cane X Cabot #as the bank disadvantages' that didn!t su ort him' Abel thus lans %or revenge and considers Cane his arch rival' Then the bank gets him an anon$mous backer' Abel assumes it to be David 6a8ton& o#ner o% another hotelL but in %act it!s )illiam Cane #ho invests mone$ in Abel!s hotels' (o#ever& Cane never lets Abel kno# this %act and kee s it secret until the last da$ o% his li%e'

3u#;ect * A .hristmas .arol :( &harles Dic"ens )<u:lished in 1'$3,
Themes The &hristmas S<irit Theses At Christmas time& eo le %orget their ett$ Euotidian dis utes& sel%ish tendencies& and #orkaholic schedules in %avor o% %riendshi & charit$& and celebration' Details Q Scrooge learns the lessons o% the Christmas s irit through his visions o% Christmases ast& resent and %uture: 4n each he sees either the ill e%%ects his miserl$ nature has #rought or the good tidings that others bring about their love and kindness' Y Tin$ Tim!s courage and sel%lessness in the %ace o% his ill health are note#orth$& as is the loving nature o% the entire Cratchit %amil$' Y ,e77i#ig is a tremendous %riend and generous em lo$er' Y ,red is a model o% good cheer' Scrooge is sho#n the visions o% the %uture& he states that the$ are onl$ visions o% things that 9ma$= be& not #hat 9#ill= be' (e has the o#er to change the %uture #ith his resent actions' And Scrooge succeeds in trans%orming himsel% %rom a mone$/ inching grouch to a generous gentleman' 4n the novel& Scrooge is the obvious s$mbol o% the greed$ Gictorian rich& and The Cratchits re resent the #orking oor' ;n Stave ;ne& Bob Cratchit is Scrooge!s over#orked em lo$ee' 4n the scene o% the thieving #orkers divv$ing u the dead Scrooge!s ossessions& the accountabilit$ %or their action is ut on Scrooge that had he not been such a miser& the$ #ould not have restored to stealing %rom him' Y The Dhost o% Christmas is memor$ ersoni%iedL the light %rom its head allo#s Scrooge to see and learn %rom both the good things and the bad things in his ast' Y The task o% kee ing alive Tin$ Tim!s memor$


"edem tion is made through %ree #ill'


&ritiAue 8ictorian societ(

o# Dickens blames the huge class strati%ication o% Gictorian on the sel%ishness o% the rich and im licitl$& on the 5oor La#s that kee do#n the under class'

The 6emor$ o% one!s ast a%%ects and im<ortance o# / i% but allo#ed to do so / can Memor( even trans%orm one!s resent and %uture'

allo#s the Cratchit %amil$ to move on in li%e: in Bob!s o#n #ords& 9(o#ever and #henever #e art %rom one another& 4 am sure #e shall none o% us %orget oor Tin$ Tim A shall #eH M= 6enerosit( o# Denerosit$ involves more than Y The schoolmaster!s o%%er o% %ood and #ine to S<irit the giving o% mone$' $oung Scrooge and ,an' Y The modest but jo$%ul celebration s onsored b$ 6r' and 6rs' ,e77i#ig' Y ,red!s o%%er o% assistance to a bereaved Bob Cratchit in a %uture that does not come to ass'

0arr( !otter :( ?.E 1o>ling )<u:lished #rom 30 ?une 1993 +
-1 ?ul( -003,

3u#;ect + 2arr% /otter and the 3orcerer9s 3tone
Themes Lo e Theses Details Love is the most o#er%ul thing Y (arr$!s abilit$ to survive Goldermort!s killing in the #orld' curse is a direct result o% his mother!s love: B$ sacri%icing her o#n li%e to save that o% her son& Lil$ 5otter gave (arr$ an magical %orm o% rotection that shielded him %rom Goldermort!s curse and nearl$ destro$ed the dark #i7ard' Y (arr$!s o#n abilit$ to love and beloved are the ke$ traits that distinguish him %rom Goldermort and ensure that (arr$ #ill never be seduced b$ the Dark Arts& des ite the %act that he has man$ outstanding Euali%ications %or a o#er%ul lord' Y Love is the onl$ rotection that can ossibl$ #ork against the lure o% o#er like Goldermort!s' +ach individual has the There are man$ uncann$ similarities bet#een (arr$ o ortunit$ to change the and Goldermort' 4n some res ects& (arr$ seems %ated direction o% their li%e through to %ollo# in the %ootste s o% Goldermort& a destin$ signi%icant& as #ell as signi%icant& #hich is demonstrated in the Sorting (at!s initial choices' intention to sort (arr$ into Sl$therin (ouse' <et& (arr$ re%uses to take a assive role #hen it comes to his o#n %uture& articularl$ #hen it means %ollo#ing the ath marked b$ the dark #i7ard #ho killed his arents' (e is then laced in Dr$%%indor (ouse instead'



Breaking rules is acce table #hen eo le trul$ believe that their actions are necessar$& and to some e8tents& lead to good conseEuences'


The living condition la$s an im ortant art in bringing about one!s humilit$'


,riendshi hel s eo le overcome challenges and di%%icult tasks'


Death is not something to be %eared or dreaded& but rather a art o% the natural c$cle o% li%e that should be embraced as art o% an individual!s humanit$& or even a beauti%ul thing'

;ne o% the %irst rules that (arr$ breaks is during the %l$ing lesson #hen he %lies a%ter 6al%o$ in order to retrieve -eville!s "emembrall' (arr$ does not disobe$ his teacher!s direct orders in order to sho# o%%L he breaks the rules in order to retrieve the gi%t that -eville received %rom his grandmother' Then& his %orm teacher reali7es his talent and lets him artici ate in the Dr$%%indor (ouse!s Quidditch grou ' (arr$!s humilit$ is& in art& a direct result o% his neglected childhood #ith the Dursle$s: he #as never treated as someone #ho #as s ecial' Dro#ing u a#a$ %rom the #i7arding #orld that #ould ut him on a edestal& (arr$ gro#s u #ithout being s oiled b$ ride and arrogance' The onl$ #a$ that (arr$ is able to reach the 6irror o% +rised in the dungeons o% (og#arts is #ith "on and (ermione!s hel ' "on and (ermione both tackle s eci%ic challenges that (arr$ #ould have been unable to %ace one his o#n 0%or e8am le: the giant #i7arding chess or the otions1' (arr$!s %riendshi #ith "on and (ermione saves his li%e and allo#s him to kee Goldermort %rom %inding the Sorcerer!s Stone' B$ sacri%icing her o#n li%e %or (arr$& Lil$ 5otter gave him the #ondrous rotection o% her love and a chance at a li%e %ree %rom Goldermort!s t$rann$' (er death also rovided (arr$ #ith ur ose in his li%e and the determination to sto Goldermort %rom harming other innocent eo le'

3u#;ect : 2arr% /otter and the .ham#er o 3ecrets
Themes 7Aualit( Theses Details All eo le have the same (arr$ himsel% is onl$ hal%/#i7ard& and (ermione:s o ortunities to develo and arents are both @6uggles&@ non/magical eo le' succeed' (o#ever& (arr$ and (ermione are better #i7ards than 6al%o$& #ho is %rom a %amil$ o% generations o% ure #i7ard blood& sho#ing that dedication and #ork& rather than genetic heritage& are the im ortant %actors in guaranteeing success' 1eliance on a 5eo le must rel$ on others to +ach o% the three rotagonists de ends on the others



The im<ortant Des ite the im ortance o% inborn o# &hoices skill and astute minds& kno#ing ho# to use abilit$ and kno#ledge is ultimatel$ a more im ortant trait' 9raming "arel$ are things as eas$ as the$ ma$ a ear'


The truth #ill out'


There are no boundaries in making %riends'

%or su ort and assistance' )hen (arr$ and "on are about to be eaten b$ s iders& "on:s car saves themL #hen (arr$ is about to be eaten b$ the basilisk& Dumbledore:s hoeni8 saves him' Although the three main characters are courageous& the$ are also able to seek hel #hen necessar$& either %rom each other or %rom outside sources' (arr$& although %amous %rom the beginning& is im ressive because he does not count on his s ecial abilities to rotect him' (arr$ uses each moment as a s ringboard %or the ne8t test o% his #ill and courage& making choices that sha e his li%e& not #aiting %or his li%e to sha e itsel%' Tom "iddle 0Goldermort1 is the cul rit #ho o ened the Chamber o% Secrets N3 $ears ago and controlled the basilisk to kill eo le' (o#ever& he blames (agrid %or committing that crime and makes ever$one believe that the monster in the Chamber is (agrid!s giant s ider A Aragog' 5ro%essor Lockhart makes ever$bod$ believe that he is a o#er%ul and talented #i7ard' (o#ever& till the %inal cha ter o% the book& Lockhart turns out to be a s#indler #ho steals other eo le!s success %or himsel% and ut them under an evil s ell' (arr$ and "on discover this lot and unintentionall$ make Lockhart loss his memor$' (agrid makes %riends #ith a giant s ider A Aragog' (e even breaks the rules man$ times to take care o% and bring u Aragog' ,inall$& (agrid is e8 elled %rom (og#arts because o% this strange %riendshi '

3u#;ect @ 2arr% /otter and the /risoner o AA8a#an
Themes The =n;ustice o# Leg al S(st ems Theses The big eo le are %ramed& and $et the s$stem #on:t bother to notice' Details Y Due to liabilit$ and general 8eno hobia& Buckbeak is sentenced to e8ecution %or harming 6al%o$& but the truth is that 6al%o$ deserved to be scratched' Y ;nce Black is caught& onl$ Dumbledore believes that he is innocent& since nobod$ else cares to listen to a stor$ su orted b$ no evidence other than the #ords o% (ermione and (arr$' Cornelius ,udge even sa$s at one oint ho# bad losing track o% Black #ill

look %or the 6inistr$ o% 6agic' The Dualit( o# +ver$thing is ca able o% having Y "emus Lu in& #ho s ends much o% his time as a Li#e t#o sides' res ectable ro%essor& also has another art o% li%e as a man/eating #ere#ol%' Y "on!s mice A Scabbers turns out to be 5eter 5ettigre# #ho is a %riend o% (arr$!s arents but then sells them do#n the river& hel s Goldermort to kill them' Y Sirius Black& #ho is regarded as a murderer and is im risoned in A7kaban& turns out to be a lo$al %riend o% the 5otter %amil$ and hel s (arr$ %ind out the s $ that did harm to (arr$!s arents' The Died rather than betra$ %riends' The reason (arr$ %eels such ersonal hatred to#ard im<ortance o# Black is the thought that he betra$ed his best %riend& Lo(alt( *ames 5otter' )hen it turns out that 5ettigre# had done it instead& Lu in and Black turn snarling on him' @<ou should have died.= 9amil( -othing is more valuable than the )hen (arr$ %inds out that Sirius Black is his #armth o% a %amil$' god%ather& he insistentl$ #ants to live #ith Black in his house' (e #ould rather acce t dangerous things to live #ith his beloved god%ather than #ith the neglected Dursle$s %amil$'

3u#;ect B 2arr% /otter and the Go#let o Fire
Themes 0onest( Details Be%ore the %irst da$ o% the Tri#i7ard Tournament& (agrid takes (arr$ to see the monster #hich is directl$ related to the to ic!s e8am' Then (arr$ is a#are that nearl$ all the artici ants kno# o% the to ic& e8ce t Cedric Diggor$' There%ore& he lets Cedric kno# about the dragon& so that the contest is more eEual' &ommunit( Almost nothing is achieved b$ a The %riendshi s and connections (arr$ has made conn single erson alone' along the #a$ enable him to succeed' (arr$& brave ecte and resource%ul as he is& could not trium h in the dnes Tri#i7ard Tournament alone' s Y (agrid and 6ood$ hel ed him re are to get ast the dragon' Y Cedric and Dobb$ hel ed him deci her the golden egg and rescue his under#ater victims' Y Although (arr$ gets through the ma7e #ith his o#n abilit$& he could not have esca ed Goldemort Theses (onest$ is necessar$ so that the societ$ becomes more and more eEuall$'


Bene olence

#ithout the rotective charms o% his #and:s a%%iliation #ith Goldemort:s #and' ,urthermore& (arr$ is marked b$ his arents: sacri%ice to kee him alive& so that even #hen he a ears to be doomed& he o%ten is rotected b$ a connection to them' Lo$alt$ can make eo le Bart$ Crouch is so lo$al to Goldermort that he even overcome all things to serve their kills his %ather& kidna s 5ro%%essor 6ood$ and master' deceits (arr$ so that Goldermort can take (arr$!s blood to come back to li%e' ;ther eo le!s lives are more ;n the second da$ o% the Tri#i7ard Tournament& im ortant than our o#n bene%it' (arr$ has to dive into a dee lake to take a golden egg' To take this egg& he just needs to save one erson %rom dro#ning' (o#ever& (arr$ sees that there are still man$ eo le under the lake& so he decides to save all these but %inall$ takes the egg on time'

3u#;ect ) 2arr% /otter and the "rder o the /hoeni<
Themes ?ealous( Theses Details *ealous$ can ha en bet#een )hen "on and (ermione receive the announcements even the closest relationshi s' that the$ are chosen to be the gro#n/u s& (arr$ %eels a little bit jealous' (e kee s #ondering #h$ he is not chosenL #hich Euali%ications his t#o best %riends have but he does not that cause his %ailure' ,inall$ onl$ until (arr$ kno#s that his %ather is never a gro#n u does he clear that jealous$ a#a$' +ducation must ha en slo#l$ ,or (arr$& the acEuisition o% kno#ledge is e8 licitl$ 1ela and care%ull$ over an e8tended and o%ten ain%ull$ linked to the assage o% time' tions eriod o% time& o%ten via trial and Y (arr$ must live #ith his last remaining blood hi< error so that eo le can be %ull$ relatives& the hideous Dursle$s& %or eleven $ears until :et> a#are o% ho# #hat #ill ha en Dumbledore %inall$ decides (arr$ is read$ to een to them and ho# to deal #ith it' e8 erience li%e as a )i7ard' Eno Y (arr$ must #ait until he is no longer an 9underage >led #i7ard= be%ore he is allo#ed to sa%el$ use his magic ge outside o% (og#arts' and Y (arr$ must also #ait nearl$ si8teen $ears until he Tim is allo#ed to kno# the truth about his scar and e hear about the ro hec$ that #as made be%ore his birth' Y (arr$ must #ait %or 5ro%%essor Dumbledore to %inall$ e8 lain (arr$!s kill/or/be/killed link to


Goldemort' (e does not learn the mission o% the ;rder o% the 5hoeni8 until he discovers it himsel%' 7ducation as ;ne small action is more (og#arts is graduall$ overtaken b$ the corru t 7m< o#er%ul than reading hundreds 6inistr$ o% 6agic& and (igh 4nEuisitor Dolores o>er o% articles' Ombridge re%uses to let the students learn ro er men De%ense Against the Dark Arts' Concerned& the t students take learning De%ense into their o#n hands& %orming a secret stud$ grou and s ending the semester meeting rivatel$ to learn and ractice De%ense s ells' Oltimatel$& their hard #ork and ractice save them at the end o% the novel& #here the$ use their ne#l$ develo ed skills to esca e the Death +aters unharmed' (ad the students not been so stubbornl$ roactive& the$ might not have survived& and the$ can a reciate the true im ortance o% #hat the$ are learning at (og#arts in an entirel$ ne# #a$' Onit$ is o#er' Lord Goldemort re$s on this internal s lintering& as does the 6inistr$ o% 6agic' Oltimatel$& 6inistr$ The em lo$ee Dolores Ombridge is able to use this ett$ =m< com etition to %orm an 4nEuisitorial SEuad o% orta students& #hich consistentl$ th#arts (arr$!s nce attem ts to sto Goldemort& making his #ork %ar o# more di%%icult' -o# more than ever& (og#arts must Bnit stand togetherQnot onl$ to de%eat Goldemort but to ( rotect themselves against corru t %acult$ members that threaten their education'

3u#;ect &C 2arr% /otter and the 2al -6lood /rince
Themes Du<licit( The !o>er o# Sel#Sacr i#ice Theses -othing is as it seems Details 5ro%essor Sna e is obviousl$ #orking as a double agent and is either l$ing to Dumbledore or l$ing to Goldemort' Detting #hat $ou #ant is not +ven though (arr$ #ould love to assume the li%e o% nearl$ as im ortant as giving a normal (og#arts student& he understands that it is #hat $ou have' his destin$ to %ight and destro$ Goldemort' (arr$ is er%ectl$ #illing to risk his o#n li%e to insure the sa%et$ o% his %riends' )hen (arr$ leaves #ith Dumbledore to collect #hat the$ think is a (orcru8& he leaves his vial o% ,eli8 ,elicis #ith his %riends to rotect them should trouble arise'


)ithout trust there is nothing'

Lo e


(arr$ trusts his best %riends #ithout reservation and e8tends that same lo$alt$ to Dumbledore& %ollo#ing his orders and trusting that Dumbledore is instructing (arr$ to do the right thing' (arr$ even tells the 6inister o% 6agic that he is Dumbledore!s man through and through' At the close o% the saga& it is obvious that (arr$!s trust #ith Dumbledore is re#arded' All $oung #omen begin b$ 6ero e A Goldermort!s mother is an ugl$ and believing the$ can change and untalented #i7ard' 6ero e loves a 6uggle A re%orm the men the$ marr$' The$ Goldermort!s %ather and uses a love o tion on him' can!t' Z 2eorge Bernard S'aw Till one da$& she can!t stand the scene that her husband has to be charmed ever$da$ and she believes that i% he sto s drinking that love o tion& he still loves her' (o#ever& a%ter being conscious again& her husband abandons her %or another girl immediatel$L even he kno#s that she is regnant' Luck is believing $ou!re luck$' "on is al#a$s nervous that he cannot la$ Quidditch #ell' Then a%ter the game& (arr$ hands "on a cu o% um kin juice' (ermione sus ects that (arr$ gives "on ,eli8 ,elicis A a 9luck$= liEuid' "on la$s er%ectl$ in the game and saves goals #ith ease' Then (arr$ e8 lains that he onl$ retended to s ike "on!s juice& because he kne# just the suggestion o% luck #ould be enough to give "on the con%idence he needed'

3u#;ect && 2arr% /otter and the Deathl% 2allows
Themes The Di##icult( o# Lo i ng the Dea d Theses The reason it!s so di%%icult to love the dead is that it!s hard to believe that the$ love $ou Details To (arr$& the hardest thing about the Euest is not its danger or m$ster$' 4nstead& it!s the doubts (arr$ %eels about #hether Dumbledore reall$ loved him' )hen he can!t %igure out #hat to do ne8t& he #onders #h$ Dumbledore didn!t give him the in%ormation he needs to com lete the Euest' (o#ever& #hen (arr$ %inall$ lets go o% his %ears that Dumbledore didn!t love him& he is re#arded #ith an inner Dumbledore / a Dumbledore in his o#n mind / #ho is so vivid and realistic that he is in a sense the real thing' ;nl$ then does (arr$ reca ture his o#n love %or Dumbledore' 4% $ou have made mistakes& even Be%ore& Sna e %ollo#ed the Dark Arts and #as a serious ones& there is al#a$s Death +ater' (o#ever& Sna e turns his entire li%e

The =m<

orta nce o# Seco nd &ha nces

another chance %or $ou'

Eee<ing 9aith >ith the Dea d


around a%ter he laced Lil$ 5otter in danger& becoming Goldemort!s most trusted servant so that he can s $ on him and rotect (arr$' Sna e!s e%%orts roved indis ensable to (arr$ and Dumbledore time and time again' Dumbledore asserts that Sna e might have been erroneousl$ sorted into Sl$therin house as a $oung man& and im l$ing that his braver$ might make him better suited to Dr$%%indorQi% onl$ the Sorting (at could have taken into account ho# much Sna e changed %or the better' The dead needs the lo$alt$ and Y The di%%icult task o% killing Goldermort #ill onl$ love o% the living' be com leted a%ter Dumbledore!s death' -ot onl$ (arr$& "on& and (ermione& but also Sna e& Lu in& 6ood$& and all the members o% the ;rder o% the 5hoeni8 have to kee doing their art a%ter Dumbledore!s death& carr$ing out his vision' As #e have seen& believing in Dumbledore!s Euest a%ter he is dead is not eas$ %or (arr$& nor is it %or an$ o% the others' Y Sna e is a lo$al %ollo#er o% Dumbledore& but his lo$alt$ and braver$ are reall$ a mani%estation o% his need to sta$ lo$al to Lil$ 5otter& kee ing %aith #ith the #oman he loved a%ter her death' 5o#er and violence cannot kee The +lder )and is a #and that ensures that its $ou sa%e' master #ill #in an$ duel' -o one can trul$ ossess it #ithout de%eating its %ormer o#ner' Since de%eating the o#ner in a duel is im ossible& this %eat is al#a$s accom lished b$ stealth& murder& or sur rise attack'

Luong Thi Chanh Linh T(+ S+C"+T DA"D+- A ,"A-C+S (;DDS;- BO"-+TT Themes Theses Details ,at re has the great / Mary sed to "e 5o#er o% healing
power of healing misera"le so ls.

s ch a disagreea"le child. ) t after seeing the ro"in and finding o t the secret garden, she changed a lot. -n the process of making the garden alive again, she "ecame m ch healthier,



Children gro# %riendshi easil$ and naturall$' The$ care %or and ut %ull trust in each other'

/ / /


happier, more passionate, and more tho ghtf l. .o ng Master Colin had "een considered an invalid "y himself and other people in the ho se "efore Mary came and told him a"o t the garden, the creat res and the springtime. /veryday visits to the garden ena"led him to re0find his confidence and to regain his physical strength grad ally. In the end, he was a"le to "e well and stand pright. Mary "efriended the 1o"in 2 a "ird. Dickon "efriended animals in the moor. Mary and Dickon "ecame friends ( st in their first meeting. Mary tr sted Dicken with the secret a"o t the garden. Dicken tried his "est to help Mary "ring life "ack to the garden. Colin considered Mary his tr e friend right after their 3st meeting at midnight. Mary wanted to help Colin get o t of his fears and grow stronger. She told him


Determination is ever$ one!s inner strength' 4t!s just #aiting to be a#oken'




a"o t the secret garden, and Colin never "etrayed her. Many attempts had "een made "efore Mary finally discovered the secret garden. Colin$s determination to get himself straight on his feet for the first time to prove himself to )en 4eatherstaff Colin$s determination to get off the wheelchair and try to walk like a normal "oy.

'nother important thing is that the secret garden is a sym"ol of "elief. &he children, tho gh they are yo ng and naive, p t all of their firm "elief in the magic 5the garden is making6. !or them, the garden was magical. It "ro ght a"o t miracles. 'nd, "y creating the garden as a metaphor, the a thor implied that nat re has great power of healing in it, and that miracles lie nowhere far " t right in the world we$re living and in the people ro nd s.

T(+ LAST L+A, A ;' (+-"< Themes Theses ,aith ,aith is the most o#er%ul #ea on to %ight back diseases and di%%iculties'

/ 4hen 7ohnsy lost faith and rested her will of living on the falling ivy leaves, her chances of s rvival were minimal. %owever, when she saw the last leaf standing strong despite the cold wind, she changed her attit de and went



Dreams can "e immortal




%ope never dies o t even in the darkest times.



True kindness makes #onders



The value o% a master iece comes %rom the heart o% the creator& not the artistic so histications'


on to recover. 7ohnsy, a poor, disease0stricken, and female artist, always dreamt of painting the )ay of ,aples. )ehrman was a mediocre artist. .et, tho gh over si8ty years old, he never gave p the dream of painting a masterpiece. Sacrificing his life to save 7ohnsy$s, )ehrman entr sted her with the hope that she wo ld try to "e a great artist and one day f lfil his lifetime am"ition9 making a masterpiece. )ehrman$s love and sympathy towards 7ohnsy empowered him to rise a"ove his poor health to paint the last leaf, which helped save 7ohnsy$s life. )ehrman$s lifetime dream masterpiece in the end was ( st a leaf painted in a stormy night. .et, that simple plain leaf "ore in it great meaning9 love and self0 sacrifice among h manity.

T(+ D4,T ;, T(+ 6AD4 A ;' (+-"< Themes Theses / &r e love ena"les Love
one to do self0

/ In 7ames Dillingham

sacrificing deeds


-ne$s happiness is merely to see his:her lover happy /


/8pensive materials are not as val a"le and long0lasting as love itself. /

The act o% giving and taking


&he will of giving co nts m ch more than the presents themselves.



&aking is not


.o ng$s ho se, his generational watch and his wife Della$s hair were two mighty treas res. %owever, 7ames sold the watch and Della c t and sold her hair, in order to " y the other the most satisfying Christmas presents. 'ltho gh Della had only 3 dollar and ;< cents in hand, she was an8io s and determined to " y 7ames an awesome gift. &h s, when she fo nd one, she was e8tremely happy and almost forgot her sadness of c tting her hair for money. Despite the l 8 rio s gifts they "o ght, 7ames and Della finally reali#ed their deep tr e love was the greatest Christmas present for each other. ' )roadway set of com"s or a =30 dollar chain was not at all as admira"le as 7ames and Della$s willingness to sacrifice to make each other happy. )oth 7ames and

always favo ra"le. It depends m ch on what yo are taking.

Della were not f lly happy when given the gifts, "eca se at the same time they fo nd o t that the other had had to sacrifice dear things to " y the gifts.

T(+ C;O-T ;, 6;-T+ C"4ST; A AL+SA-D"+ DO6AS Themes Theses Details / 1evenge can / /dmond Dantes, "evenge and unishment
p nish "ad people " t also harm innocent people.


It is God 2 not h man "eings 2 who is a"le to cast nemesis on those who deserve it.




Greed for money and power o tgrows the sense of morality and makes one take any means to gain positions and wealth.


in order to take revenge on Gerald de >illefort, coa8ed his wife into poisoning anyone whom she tho ght co ld hamper her son$s inheritance. She went insane and even killed the spoiled " t innocent child. /dmond Dantes set schemes to p nish all those who had r ined his life. %owever, he ltimately discovered that the p nishment he co ld give was ( st starvation or death. -nly God knows how and when it "est fits to carry o t a p nishment. ' coveto s and r thless man, Danglars cared a"o t nothing in the world other than money. %e a"andoned his wife and agreed to sell his




(a iness


%appiness in life is never a"sol te+ it is relative.



%appiness is simply appreciating every good, however small, thing yo have.




&r e love can live


da ghter into a loveless marriage for three million francs. Mondego made his fort ne "y "etraying his patron 'li Pacha and then selling Pacha$s wife and da ghter into slavery. Gerald de >illefort, a royal prosec tor, even deno nced his )onapartist father to protect his own political career. >illefort also " ried alive his illegitimate child for fear of "eing hindered from political promotions. Cadero sse co ld easily "e a happy man, "eca se he was intelligent, healthy and reasona"ly well0 off. .et, he was na"le to view his life in s ch a way as to "e happy+ he always felt dissatisfied with everything he had. Contrary to Cadero sse, 7 lie and /mman el %er"a t, tho gh facing poverty and hardships, always felt happy and satisfied with every little thing in their life. Mercedes had



&he power of love grows o t of fear of death and s ffering.





?ove is the most magical and powerf l c re for a "roken0hearted person.


Drie% and su%%ering


Inconsola"le grief can kill one$s so l and alienate him from h manity.


"een Dantes$ fianc@e "efore Dantes was trapped and sent to prison ChAtea d*If. She then married to Mondego and had a grown0 p son, " t never stopped loving Dantes. Ma8imilian Morrel was a"o t to kill himself when he knew that >alentine >illefort 2 his sweetheart 2 had "een dead. %aydee vowed to commit a s icide if Dantes a"andoned her. %aydee$s nconditional love for Dantes overcame "arriers of age and origin. %aydee$s tr e love for Dantes was event ally a"le to reconcile his heart"reaks and help him regain his conscio sness with h man$s emotions. %aving "een deprived of everything dear to him and totally lost faith in ( stice, Dantes felt isolated from not only the o tside world " t also normal h man emotions+ he was na"le to feel anything other than

vengef l hatred and occasional attit de.

T(+ C(4LD"+- ;, T(+ -+) ,;"+ST A CA5TA4- 6A""<AT Themes Theses Details / 4hen one is / /dward, Ada tation
resigned to settle down in a new sit ation, it is "est that he learns how to get adapted to the present, rather than mo rn for the good old days.

% mphrey, 'lice, and /dith were of no"le "irth. %owever, "eca se their father died in civil war, they "ecame homeless and wanted. &hen adopted "y a forester 7aco" and aware that they were no longer no"le children, they started getting themselves willingly sed to chores and work of a forester$s grandchildren. &ho gh he got adapted B ickly to the present sit ation and "ecame a well0 skilled deerh nter, /dward never forgot that he was a knight and had d ty towards the Cing. )esides, not a day passed witho t his hatef l tho ghts for the present Government for strangling the Cing, killing his father, and " rning down his family$s mansion. 'ltho gh Cing Charles had "een


'daptation means living for the present " t not a"andoning the past.




-ne$s loyalty does not depend


on changes of governments " t on the ca se he "elieves and fights for.



Self0hono r is represented in one$s tho ghts and "ehavio r, not in his clothes and appearance.




&o anyone, !amily sho ld always on top of priorities.


strangled, his people never ceased s pporting him and "elieving in the ret rn of the new king. /dward ref sed all the s fficient offers made for him "y the present government. %e acted pon the king$s ca se, and when the new king was promoted, he had no fear of (oining the army and doing his service to the new king. /dward, "eca se of his family$s sake, had to disg ise himself as a poor forester. ) t his manners and speech towards the Intendant reflected his B alities "eyond his appearance. )esides, he considered every offer of the government contempti"le and never accepted s ch disgrace. &ho gh /dward$s dream was to fight for and contri" te to the Cing, he never a"andoned his "rother and sisters to r n for his ideals. In daily life or war, the tho ghts of them



?ying sometimes does "etter than telling tr ths, as long as it is "eca se of good ca se.




In many cases, love depends on one$s time, sit ation, and relationships.


never fade away. %e and % mphrey always tried their "est or even risked their lives to protect their own sisters. /dward agreed to leave the cottage to perform his d ties only when knowing his "rother and sisters were well cared for. &he children in the story co ld reveal their secret parentage " t they did not do so. )eca se their safety wo ld have "een at stake if people knew who they were. !riends and enemies were hard to disting ish those days. &herefore, they had to lie to everyone 2 e8cept those who were on their sides 2 a"o t their tr e "irth. /dward loved Patience 2 the Intendent$s da ghter. %e fo nd it hard not to confess his love "eca se his tr e identity had not yet "een recovered. ?ikewise, tho gh very fond of /dward, Patience had to deny him, "eca se she and /dward were of



Differences in ideals cannot s ppress fellowship.




% manity comes from tr st and kindness, not from ( dgements a"o t one$s origins.




Change is inevita"le and vital for one$s development.


different classes, and she did not want to h rt her father$s pride. Clara$s father was a noted knight, which meant he and the Intendent were opposite in ideals. %owever, the Intendent never forgot their good old friendship. &herefore, when Clara$s father was killed, the Intendent 2 witho t any hesitation 2 picked her p and cared for her like his own da ghter. Pa"lo was a gypsy 2 the people who were noted for stealing and infidelity. %owever, when he was trapped and wo nded in the pit, /dward and his "rother and sisters resc ed him. &hey fed him well, ta ght him with farm work and )i"le, and tr sted him like a family mem"er. &his h manity t rned Pa"lo into a good and loyal person. /dward and his "rother and sisters had had everything they wanted. ) t they then e8perienced a change that


Change comes from e8terior stim lations.


"lew a strike on their perfect state. %owever, witho t this twist of life, /dward wo ld never have grown into a witty, "rave gentleman with lofty ideals. % mphrey wo ld never have discovered his talents in farm work. 'nd each of them wo ld never have fo nd his:her tr e love. If it had not "een for the need for provisions, the children wo ld not have "een so ingenio s in finding ways to fend for themselves. 4itho t the need for milk, % mphrey wo ld not have tho ght of catching a wild cow. ,or wo ld have he ever dreamt of harnessing three wild horses if 4hite )illy 2 their s al horse were not getting old.

T(+ CA"T;;- 6;G4+: S("+C 4 Themes Theses / Getting to know a 5ers ectives
person sho ld "e prior to making ( dgments a"o t him.

/ Shrek is an gly0 looking ogre who Princess !iona, like other people, first hates. .et, thro gh their sharing with each other tho ghts and secrets, !iona


Self0image is, in many cases, self0 acceptance.




&o discover one$s tr e destiny and make dreams come tr e, one sho ld follow his heart.




?ove comes "etween people despite differences in "ackgro nds.


(a iness


?ife is f ll of miracles which are nfolded only "y faith and will.


then reali#es that Shrek is adora"le and she loves him. Shrek$s B est to find and resc e !iona is more a"o t his (o rney to find his tr e self. In the end, he finds o t that "eing an ogre is nothing wrong and he is happy in his own skin. Shrek is an gly ogre. %e looks and eats different+ his hygiene ha"its are different too. ) t event ally he discovers that he$s "est in his form now, not in another person$s. Shrek loves !iona " t dare not tell her. Drged "y Donkey, Shrek follows his heart and then gains !iona$s tr e love. !iona 2 a princess and Shrek 2 an gly ogre fall deeply in love with each other. &hey fight over hindrances to "e together forever. &he Movie Shrek I has a happy ending like many fairy tales. ) t its characters 2 like Shrek 2 have to go on an end ring (o rney with a firm "elief to event ally find

their own happiness and dreams.

T(+ CA"T;;- 6;G4+: 6OLA- 4 0)alt Disne$ 5icture1 Themes Theses Details / !ilial affection / M lan$s father ,amil$ relationshi s
ena"les people to do marvels



Good friends go thro gh ps and downs together.



!riendship reB ires tr st in each other.




Determination is the most powerf l means to t rn dreams into reality.


was called p in the army to fight the invading % ns. Cnowing that he co ld not s rvive the "attle with his poor health, M lan disg ised herself as a man and took his place. Dragon M sh was ordered to go and pers ade M lan to a"andon her plan, " t finally he acted against his d ty to help train M lan into a warrior and protect her from "eing discovered. M lan$s comrades 2 Chien0Po, .ao 2 still loved and s pported M lan even when she t rned o t to "e a girl. &hey (oined in M lan$s plan to capt re % ns$ leader Shan0. . 's a girl, M lan co ld not catch p with the army$s training program. %owever, despite all hardships and dangers, M lan was very to gh0 minded and finally "ecame a



Patriotism nat rally rges people to do great things for their co ntries.





Power makes one "lind and heartless.




)ravery means actions not words.


very skilled warrior. M lan took her father$s place to (oin the army "eca se of not only filialness " t also love for China. /ven when "anished from the army, she still ret rned to the capital and risked her life to stop Shan0. from taking control of the nation. M lan$s father was co rageo s to throw away his walking stick and "ravely receive the army enlisting order despite his misera"le heath. Shan0. , the invading % ns$ leader, so thirsted for power that he had no hesitation to destroy all villages he passed "y and massacre the people incl ding children. %e also killed anyone he tho ght seless. General Shang was heart"roken at the fact that his father was killed "y the enemy. .et, witho t p tting on any vow, he got over and "ravely carried on the responsi"ility his father had laid on him.



?ove is accepting the way a person tr ly is.



'ltho gh M lan tho ght she was so imperfect and was a disgrace to the family, his father still totally tr sted her9 he said that one day she, a flower, wo ld E"lossom$. General Shang still loved and tr sted M lan even when he fo nd o t her tr e identity.

T(+ CA"T;;- 6;G4+: 6++T T(+ ";B4-S;-S 0)alt Disne$1 Themes ,eelings Theses
/ ?ove means self0 sacrifice for the sake of the person yo love.

/ ?ewis was a geni s orphan. )y inventing the time machine, he travelled to the past and discovered that "eca se of poverty, his mother, tho gh loved him very m ch, had to leave him at an orphanage so that he might get a "etter life. 'ltho gh they had only met each other for the first time, 4il" r$s family considered ?ewis one of their family mem"ers and asked ?ewis if he wo ld want to come and stay with them. ?ewis wanted to recall his memories a"o t


Sympathy and care do not ( st happen among family mem"ers " t also towards strangers.




,o dream is ridic lo s nless one sets his mind


in it.



!ail re can come in the way, " t as long as one keeps trying, he can do anything.




' person sho ld "lame his weakness or fail re on no one else other than himself.


his mother, and only a time machine co ld do it. People tho ght it was impossi"le. Still, he worked hard for his plan and finally did make it. 'fter each fail re, Inventor Corneli s F?ewis$s f t re selfG always told himself, Ekeep moving forward$. &he sentence is also 4alt Disney$s famo s motto. Goo" always "lamed ?ewis for r ining his life. %owever, Goo" failed to reali#e that he had never tried to get o t of the past and that his misera"le life was of only his own making.

T(+ S5++C( U4 (AG+ A D"+A6! A 6A"T4- LOT(+" C4-D& *r' Themes Theses Details / /very person in / Martin ? ther +Eualit$ and *ustice
this planet is "orn having the same rights.



Persistence s stains one$s "eliefs and


Cing, 7r, in his historic speech, stated that all men wo ld "e g aranteed all the "asic and legal rights of life. %e held a strong "elief that every man on earth, despite the colors of his skin, sho ld "e well and eB ally respected. In the speech, Cing said, E'nd as we walk, we m st

strength over o"stacles.



!aith in ( stice sho ld "e kept no matter what happens.



' person$s faith is indestr cti"le when he knows he is doing right things.




%owever great one$s desires may "e, he sho ld always p t morality "efore everything.


make the pledge that we shall away march ahead$. &hose words mean his, as well as the ,egro$s in general, str ggle wo ld never waver or stop ntil the )lack$s call for freedom and right treatment was answered. &ho gh acknowledged that the "lack people had s ffered from ineB ality for cent ries, Cing 2 thro gh a set of EI have a dream$ sentences 2 e8pressed his nfailing "elief in ( stice and his nsinka"le dream that every"ody had civil rights. In the speech, Cing admired the people who had paid a high price for str ggling against ineB ality. &hose people, tho gh E"attered$ and Estaggered$, still held their spirits high for the "attle. In the speech, Cing warned the people against a"andoning morality to gain their "attle$s victory9 Ein the



Solidarity is the vital factor of winning any "attle.


process of gaining o r rightf l place we m st not "e g ilty of wrongf l deeds$. In the speech, Cing regarded white people as Eo r white "rothers$. %e also asserted that "lack people$s "attle for freedom co ld not "e won witho t white people$s help9 Ewe cannot walk alone$.

,4"ST 4-AODO"AL S5++C( 01>KK1 A ,"A-CL4- D' ";;S+G+LT Themes Theses Details / Dnreasona"le fear / 1oosevelt said, ,ear
o"str cts progression.


&he fear of looking pro"lems to the face makes them insol "le.


Ethe only thing we have to fear is fear itself$. &hat E nreasoning, n( stified$ fear impeded all efforts to recover and "oost p the co ntry. 1oosevelt firmly stated that it was time for the whole co ntry to Espeak the tr th$. )eing afraid of facing the reality only worsened the government$s incompetence to solve the Depression. 1oosevelt said, Ewhen there is no vision the people perish$. In fact, he meant that when there is no vision, a person cannot



?acking vision means lacking the vital aim and motivation of doing anything.


Action and S eech


'ctions speak lo der than words.




Solidarity is indispensa"le to any thriving nation.


pict re what he will "e a"le to achieve, th s lose interest in even making efforts. 1oosevelt pointed o t that ( st sitting "ack and disc ssing co ld not solve anything. In every field, he clearly listed practical actions and pragmatic approaches that sho ld "e well on the way at the moment. 1oosevelt, thro gho t his speech, p t a stress on the need of solidarity. 'lways sing E4e$, he reminded 'mericans that they had Ecommon$ pro"lems and Ehand in hand$ they co ld definitely solve them.

A,T+" T)+-T< <+A"S A ;' (+-"< Themes Theses / 1egardless of distance ,riendshi

/ 4hen )o" was eighteen and 7immy twenty, they made a pact that twenty years later, no matter what happened, if they were alive, they wo ld meet again at the same place at the same time. &wenty years elapsed+ the two friends

and time, tr e friendship never fades away.


&he power of friendship is e8pressed in varied ways. /



Different people, tho gh good0nat red when they are yo ng, can grow "ad when life goes on.



&o make a good choice, one sho ld consider standards of morality a"ove his personal relationships.


kept their words and showed p for each other. )eca se of friendship, )o" 2 a criminal risked himself of "eing arrested to meet 7immy. ?ikewise, "eca se of friendship, 7immy 2 a policeman did not want to arrest his old friend himself+ he had another officer do it. 7immy and )o" were two good yo ngsters. .et, twenty years later, while 7immy chose the good path, "ecoming the protector of the ?aw, )o" chose to "e a wanted person "y "reaking the ?aw. 7immy co ld have, "y the name of friendship, released )o" after their accidental gathering. %owever, he p t d ty and morality "efore his friendship and did what a policeman was s pposed to do.

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