Electrical cable and electrical installation material

Electrical bulk material is one of the main product categories for Corlido Project Supply and include the following: o o o o o o o o o Cables Cable accessories Cable Management Solutions Lighting Junction boxes Switches & Sensors Starters & Contactors Fuses Relays

IEC 60332 cable and festoon cable. telephone cable. ESI cable. EEMUA cable. 11kv cable. audio cable. BS5308 cable. instrument cables. welding cable. pump cable. utility cable & triplex cable Oil & Gas: lead cable. 22kv cable. BS5467 cable. thermocouple cable. ship cable. earth cable. RS232 cable. coaxial cable. Oil & Petrochemical Cable Controlflex Cable Flexible Rubber Cables Flexible Plastic Cables Telephone Cables & Accessories Audio & Data Cables Special Cable . cat 6 cable. bare copper cable. mineral cable.Cables Corlido deals with stockholders with a huge and diverse stock profile supplying electric cables to many industries: Construction: building wiring. Drincable. mains cables. IEC 60092 cable. microphone cable. BT cable. electronics cable. structured cabling. Cable types include the following: o o o o o o o o o o Power & General Wiring Cable Fire Performance CWZ Cable Instrumentation Cable & Thermocouple Cable Marine. NEK 606 cable. emergency lighting cable. cwz cable & fire cable Telecomms: data cable. power cable. cable glands & UKOOA cable. Onshore & Offshore: ship wiring. IEC 60331 cable. BS6387 cable. high temperature cable. fibre optic cable. cat 7 cable. EN50288 cable. Fire & Safety: fire performance cable. coil lead cable. patch lead. BS6883 cable. twin & earth cable. fire alarm cable. ethernet cable & telemetry cable. crane cable and SWA cable. Utilities: 33kv cable. boat cable. CW1308 cable. cat 5e cable. control cable. bus cable. BS7629 cable.

Cable Cable Cable Cable Cable Cable Cable Cable Cable Glands Cleats Lugs Joints Termination Kits Warning Tape Ties End Caps Covers o o o o o o o o o .Cable accessories Corlido offers the complete range of cable accessories for all kinds of cable applications.

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