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Real Estate Agent Survey June 2009

Real Estate Agent Survey June 2009

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Published by: hblodget on Aug 15, 2009
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During June 11-21, 2009, Campbell Communications conducted a survey of real estate
agents on the home purchase and mortgage markets. The survey, “Survey of Real
Estate Agents on Home Sales and Mortgages─2009,” is the fourth in a series that
tracks agents on current issues in the housing and mortgage markets. The survey was
sponsored by Inside Mortgage Finance.

Our survey covered topics such as:

Sales statistics for various property types in the current residential real estate
market, including damaged Real Estate Owned (REO)1

, move-in ready REO,

short sales, and non-distressed properties
The proportions of homebuyers in the current market, including first-time
homebuyers, current homeowners, and investors
Motivations of home seller
Motivations of homebuyers
Reasons for cancelled transactions
Distinctions between the lower and upper ends of the market
Factors in mortgage recommendations
Ratings of mortgage lenders
Current and potential actions of the government to increase home sales and
stabilize home prices
Potential actions that mortgage servicers could take to increase short sales
Potential actions asset managers could take to sell REO properties with lower
overall losses

This summary report is being provided to respondents to our survey. This summary
report contains a partial summary of key statistics and facts, headlines for the principal
findings, selected statistical data, and textual comments.

The complete survey report contains an executive summary, principal findings with
explanations and statistics, tabulated statistics for all survey questions, and textual
comments. A table of contents for the full report may be found at
www.campbellsurveys.com .

The complete survey report can be obtained from Campbell Communications. For more
information, contact:

John Campbell
(202) 363-2069



Real Estate Owned (REO) is an industry term for foreclosed properties owned by banks and other investors.


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