November 21, 2013

911 call in reference to Case #13006624. Transcribed by Susan. Q1 A1 Q1 A1 Q2 A1 A2 A1 A2 A1 A2 Q1 A2 A1 A2 Q1 A2 Q1 A2 Q2 A2 Q1 Q2 A2 Q1 A3 Q2 A3 A2 A3 Q2 A2 Q2 Q1 A3 Q1 911? Hi, um, there’s a…there’s a woman screaming. I…I’m not sure where she is. It sounds like she’s up somewhere…. Outside? Near the on ramp to Highway 100, um…. 911. Towards off of, um, Hey, yeah, I live in St Louis Park… Highway 7 and I just home from dropping my fiancée off and…. The holding pond. It’s on the interstate… OK, like a car taking off or something? Of, um, 100, merging from 7… You know its dark over there I just can’t ___ And there’s somebody out there screaming OK somewhere over the ramp…the ramp… Like it sounds like a _____ and is screaming for help… Highway 100 and Highway 7. And…. OK, northbound, southbound? There’s something like scary over there, um… ____ squads over there, thank you. What direction? Northbound Highway 100 off of the merging lane from 7. 911. 911, yeah, uh, I’m at the… OK from 7 to northbound 100? I’m at the on ramp Yeah and it…it’s really scary. Of Highway 100 for 7 and there’s a car _____. OK, great. OK thank you. Are you talking about northbound 100 about the car off the road? It’s in the pond, ma’am. You can’t even see the… I know, yep, we’re on the….

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