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All rights reserved. 2 . Type related text. For more pages highlight this entire page choose !dit"#opy then choose Insert"$rea%"Page $rea% and then choose !dit"Paste. LLC. © 2010 Connections Academy®. Type related text. Insert next picture.Type related text. Insert next picture. Insert next picture.

3 . • Describe ho' your student*s+ related to the pro(ect.based experiential /uality of the acti)ity. LLC. All rights reserved. • -hat ne' pro(ects 'ould you li%e to see included in the future. 3es444 5o444 Parent Signature4444444444444444444444444444444 *If you complete the document electronically -ebmail it to your Teacher. • 0ay 'e include your pro(ect presentation in the 1irtual 2ibrary Student Sho'case.LEARNING COACH REFLECTIONS: &s 'e expand this course 'e 'ill continue to add ne' pro(ects. Please ta%e a moment to gi)e us your impressions and suggestions for future ideas.+ • If applicable did you en(oy the opportunity to 'or% on this pro(ect 'ith multiple students simultaneously. Describe any obstacles you encountered.+ © 2010 Connections Academy®. If you are completing it by pasting on the photographs include the presentation in your next Portfolio mailing to your Teacher. *Type or 'rite ans'ers in spaces pro)ided. • -hat aspects of the pro(ect did you find most )aluable or educational.

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