Terminating Tenancy

Can only be used by residents of buildings covered by the Chicago
Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance
and only under circumstances where the apartment is
"not reasonably fit and habitable".

P. 4

____________________________ name &
____________________________ address)
Dear Landlord or Manager:
There are several problems in my apartment that I would like you to take care of.
These problems make my apartment not reasonably fit and habitable and are violations
of the Chicago Residential Landlord-Tenant Ordinance (or my lease agreement). Therefore, I
am requesting that you remedy this problem within 14 days. Otherwise, under the law, my
lease will terminate at the end of that 14 day period. The deadline is
. I will
then vacate the premises within 30 days thereafter.
Thank you.
Remember to make copies and send by certified mail.
Sample letter published by the Metropolitan Tenants Organization, 1180 N. Milwaukee Ave.Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 292-4988

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