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Madre de La Eucaristia

Madre de La Eucaristia

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Published by: Francisco Martinez on Aug 16, 2009
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Madre De La Eucaristia, Italia

The Eucharistic miracle of September 14, 1995 took place during the procession. From Jesus chest, the
sacred particle became visible and settled on the joined hands of Miss Marisa Rossi.
In remembrance, a cross has been placed where the first great Eucharistic miracle took place.
That was the day when the Lord began to reveal himself and to be visible to all the people present
appearing under the kind of Eucharistic bread.
The host settled many times also on the chalice in the left hand of the statue of the Mother of Eucharist
placed in the little chapel. Such statue is the symbol of our movement, but first of all is the symbol of the
union that must exist between God and us. With these apparitions Our Lady is requesting us to go to her
Son, to be in union with Him and to be able to attain holiness, final destination for each of us.
Additionally the Eucharistic miracles took place on a third statue: the one of Baby Jesus placed on the
altar in the little chapel.
The Eucharist has been found more than once on the statue of the little Baby stretching His arms: one
towards Heaven and the other towards men on Earth in such a way that we understand He is present
there and He can and wants to be everyway near us.

This movement had a modest beginning in 1971.
The initiators of the movement are the priest Claudio Gatti of the diocese of Rome and Miss Marisa Rossi
of Rome.
Don Claudio and Marisa started from different experiences and situations, but had in common the same
ideals: to do something tangible for priests in difficulties and begin a more personal and incisive
apostolate among the youth.
Each of them gave up sure life perspectives (family, career...) to achieve that purpose and to answer the
specific vocation they felt they had been called upon.
We begun as a small group, but then, little by little, many more joined and this filled us with great joy
because faith is an asset we deeply enjoy when it is lived in union with many brothers.
Our first target was to focus on our work with the young people for they are far from sacraments and do
not bring forward any religious education.
We established some contacts in the place where they live and we tried to find the ones who were
somehow interested in religious related problems.
We offered them the possibility to have an answer to their doubts about faith, to pray and meditate and
inviting them in a peaceful environment and putting us at their disposal.
The early apostolic activities were mainly the following: afternoon meetings in schools to deepen the
knowledge of the Gospel message, spiritual retreats, school field days.
The second objective of our work was to sustain priests in difficulties, through friendship, advice and with
any kind of help. Some initiatives benefiting some priests and seminarists were brought forward in a
reserved and discreet manner.
While the work among the youth had a satisfactory return, the meetings with priests and seminarists,
though positive in several cases, aroused ill feelings and conflicts from some quarters.
Our Mother of the Eucharist:

The cross and the two statues are important for the movement, for the community, for all of us and for
those people wishing to love the Eucharist. These statues have been declared "thaumaturgical" by God's
will. The cross reminds us of the "suffering" of Jesus and his "endless love" towards us; the statue of
Baby Jesus reminds us the "joy" to be united with God and to grow more and more in holiness; the statue
of the Mother of the Eucharist reminds us of that sweet "union" between father and sons. Her glance is
particular because is turning in the same time to the children, to Heaven and to the Eucharist she is
holding in her hand. The statue was sculptured in 1989 by Mr Adolf Insam of Ortisei (Bolzano).
It was Our Lady that pointed out to Miss Marisa and Don Claudio the sculptor to whom they should go.
The sculptor did no longer practice his profession because of his old age. In spite of everything he
accepted, but he was not successful in perfectly representing the triple glance mentioned above. By the
time the statue arrived in Rome it changed expression so much that the same sculptor to whom the
pictures were sent at a later stage did not recognize it.
You can find the full history of this Apparitions that are currently happening in Rome, giving
us an important message for mankind. General Information, the Collections of God's
messages, important events, the Eucharistic miracles, Letters of Bishop Gatti, and Prayers
can be found at www.madredelleucaristia.it


Prayer to Jesus, Sweet Master
Jesus, my sweet Master, I love you so much,
help me to be like you want me to be.
I am so small and poor,
but You, Jesus, who are my Master,
can help me, you must help me to convert.
I always want to live united with You,
like the shoot with the vine,
and I want my brothers to know and love You by means of me.
Jesus, sweet Master, your kindness is immense.
Let joy be read on my face
and the security of being a son of God.
When You come into my heart, give me your peace,
let me feel that You are with me,
to face together the day
that I desire to live like a gift of yours.
Jesus, my sweet Master, I need your grace
to become more and more similar to You,
I need your love
to defeat my selfishness.
I want to come with You into Paradise
and for the moment fill my heart with this need.
Jesus, my sweet Master,
love me as poor as I am.
Rome, 13th May 1989.
This prayer was dictated to Marisa by Our Lady.

Prayer to Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
Hail Mary, sweet Mother of the Eucharist.
With sorrow and much love, You have given us
your son Jesus while hanging from the Cross.
We, weak creatures, anchor ourselves to You
to be worthy sons of this
great LOVE and SORROW.
Help us to be humble and simple,
help us to love all men,
help us to live in grace
always to be ready to welcome
Jesus into our heart.
O Mary, Mother of the Eucharist,
we, by ourselves, will never be able
to understand this great mystery of love.
Gain for us the light of the Holy Spirit,
because only in that moment we will be able to perceive
even for just one instant,
all the infinite love of your Jesus
in giving Himself to us.
Rome, 9th March 1990.
This prayer was dictated to Marisa by Jesus.

Prayer for the priests
O Almighty God,
accept this servant of yours,
let him be always yours,
let him always offer a powerful witness
and be a powerful example
for the souls You have entrusted to his pastoral care
and who truly want to change
and want to walk along the path
marked out by your Divine Son
and enlightened by the light of the Holy Spirit.
Mary, Mother of the Eucharist,
be for this priest a mother and master,
a refuge and support,
consolation and companionship.
Rome, 9th March 1993.
This prayer was dictated to Marisa by Our Lady.

Prayer of the graces
Mary, Mother of the Eucharist,
precious gem of God,
shining pearl of the sky and the earth,
co-redemptrix of mankind,
Mother of us all,
look at your poor and humble creatures,
help us to understand the love
of Jesus the Eucharist.
Gain for us the graces
that each one needs,
provided that they are in accordance with God's will.
Mary, Mother of the Eucharist,
Mother of Jesus and our Mother,
we, even if imperfect,
count on your help.
Thank you Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.
(At the end say three Hail Mary with the ejaculatory prayer: Mother of the Eucharist, pray with us)
Marisa Rossi

Prayer for the Church
This prayer was recited by the Bishop Claudio Gatti on August 5, 2007 while, together with the Visionary
and some young people, he was preparing to the Mother of the Eucharist's apparition.
He let his heart speak, pierced by suffering, and his soul, broken by sorrow in seeing Christ's Church
ravaged and devastated by those who on the contrary should defend and take care of it.
Our Lady wanted this prayer, orally formulated by the Bishop, to be written, spread and recited by the
members of our Community and by the Christians who love the Church, pray and suffer for its
renaissance and triumph.
God Daddy, God Brother, God Friend, God One and Three, we recommend to you your Church,
scourged by dangerous storms. We know that it will never collapse, because You support it, as You
promised, by your grace, you power and love. Unfortunately, before our eyes is present a sad reality: the
ship that You entrusted to the apostles and to their successors has leaks in the hold and the sails
lacerated by opposite winds. Your ship is at the mercy of the waves and is not able to set sail, as you
ordered to it. The wind of the Holy Spirit passes in vain through the lacerated sails that don't bridle it, as
the helmsmen of the ship, instead of fixing them, they sleep and think only about their own interests. Dirty
hands make the helm turn in vain, so the ship instead of avoiding the submerged rocks, goes against
them, causing the opening of bigger and bigger leaks. From the ship continuously fall into the sea many
passengers, because left alone, without a leader.
God Daddy, God Brother, God Friend, God One and Three, anticipate your powerful interventions in
favour of your Church, make it be born again humble, poor and faithful. Put at the corner and defeat those
who ravaged, sacked and wounded it. Rescue it from the mercenaries and entrust it to the shepherds
who are expression of your Heart.
Mother of the Eucharist, today more than ever the Mystic Body of your Son needs to feel the warmth of
your love, the hold of your arms and the protection of your motherly mantle. Look at how many bleeding
wounds has the Mystic Body of Christ. The good ones keep on being persecuted and condemned by the
mercenaries and the bad ones keep on flinging arrows, darts and shots against your Son, with the stupid
illusion of killing Him, but they don't know that each drop of blood poured by your children purifies and
strengthens the Church.
St. Joseph, beloved husband of Mary, to you who received from God the important task of taking care
and protecting the little Jesus, we entrust the Church, born from the pierced chest of the Crucified, true
God and true man, who you loved as a son.
O God Daddy, God Brother, God Friend, God One and Three, we wait with trust that You can anchor the
ship at the two columns, on one of them is placed the Mother of the Eucharist and of the other one stands
out the Eucharist, as just in that moment we will witness the triumph of your Church and will have just one
flock and one shepherd.
With the angels and the Saints we sing: "Praise and glory to You, our God, for all centuries". Amen.
Villetta Barrea (AQ), 6th August 2007
Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord
+ Claudio Gatti
Bishop ordained by God

We as believers of Our Merciful Jesus, Our beloved Mother Mary and the Holy Trinity, supported
our brother Bishop Gatti and our sister Marisa and have choose to believe in this Apparitions that
are currently happening. We encourage the community to learn more about this. Visit their web site
at www.madredelleucaristia.it

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