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Date: 18th December 2012

To Md. Hafiz Uddin Miah Principal Safiuddin Sarker Academic College, Tongi, a!ipur

"n#itation for Tender: 6 (Six) stori d A!ad "i! #$i%din& o' r () stori d *o$ndation of Safi$ddin Sar+ r A!ad "i! and ,o%% & - Tan&i- .azi/$r0
In'itation R f. No1 R T nd r No2)(23)(3- 4at d1 352()23)(3 $e do hereb% authori!e En&r. Mah"$d$r Rah"an- Asst. En&in r (,i'i%) to collect Pa%&'rder ('riginal) *o)675835 of Standard #an+ Li"it d- .$%shan #ran!h 4at d2 ((9((93)(3 Submitted along +ith abo#e Tender,

En&r. :a;s r Ah" d

Chief Technical 'fficer

Specimen Signature

Signature: --------,, "nitial: ---------,,,

Atte.ted: ---------, En&r. :a;s r Ah" d

Chief Technical 'fficer