MESSAGE #2957 from the Blessed Mother January 18, 2007 My daughter, God hears your prayers, so continue to pray

and implore God’s mercy upon the world. Pray for the youth. Pray for those children who are choosing to live in mortal sin. Many children today are not being fed the truth. Parents, teach your children before it’s too late. Pray with your children and teach them right from wrong. Do not allow the world to teach your children, for many today are on the wrong path. Form your children in the proper way so they become strong in their faith. As parents, you are the greatest educators on this earth. Please, dear parents, take your vocation seriously and be an example to your children. Pray to God and ask for His assistance so you do not give in to the ways of the world. God will truly help you if you place your trust in Him. Now, please work together and make time for family prayer. Receive the Sacraments often so you do not neglect your soul. Be caring, loving children and do your part to be light to this world. Be true disciples for Jesus and make your home a Christian home. Amen.

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