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12 ,hey have got three %-%s. 13 My sister and . (we) have got a ca#era.

14 My /riends (they) have got M+3 &layers. 15 0"r co"sin (he) has got a dog. 1111 2 15

2 1 2

Make the sentences negative. 3ary(s got a bike. Gary hasn't got a bike. We4ve got a new car. We haven(t got a new car. !o"4ve got a #obile in yo"r bag. !o" haven(t got a #obile in yo"r bag 5everly has got ten %-%s. 5everly hasn(t got ten %-%s Mandy4s got si6 co#&"ter ga#es. Mandy hasn(t got si6 co#&"ter ga#es. ,he teacher4s got o"r books. ,he teacher hasn(t got o"r books. We4ve got a 7% &layer in o"r classroo#. We haven(t got a 7% &layer in o"r classroo#

Have got = tener

Affirmative I have got You have got She has got He has got It has got We have got You have got They have got Negative I havent got You havent got She hasnt got He hasnt got It hasnt got We havent got You havent got They havent got Question Have I got? Have you got? Has she got? Has he got? Has it got? Have we got? Have you got? Have they

3 4 5 6

.(ve got a ca#era in #y bag. . haven(t got a ca#era in #y bag.

1111 2 $ 3 1 2 3 4 5 5 Make questions. Have you got a Pet? !o"4ve got a +et. 8ave yo" got a +et9 :he4s got a brother. ,hey4ve got a car. 8e4s got a bike. !o"4ve got a co#&"ter. 0"r neighbo"rs have got a dog. Erica4s got a 7% &layer. 8as Erica got a 7d &layer9 $ :a#4s got a #obile. Has Sam got a mobile? 1111 2 $ 4 ut the wor!s in brackets in the correct or!er. Ive got a big present. 1 .4ve got a big &resent (a &resent big). 8as she got a brother9 8ave they got a car9 8as he got a bike9 8ave yo" got a co#&"ter9

got? Teneis una hoja on to!as "as formas !e" have got y to #e $ega!a en e" ua!erno%

Complete the sentences with have got or has got.

8ave o"r neighbo"rs (vecinos) a dog9

1 2 3 4 5 6 $ '

Winnie has got a driving licence. Erica (she) has got a brother. l have got two sisters. Mr Wilson (he) has got a car. We have got a good teacher. Mickey (he) has got a dog. !o" have got #y books. %anielle (she) has got a co#&"ter. #y #"#(s dad (he) has got a garden.

1) Mike (he) has got three brothers. 11 *ohn and +eter (they) have got #obile &hones.

2 3 4 5

:he4s got si6 white birds (birds white si6). We4ve got a good teacher (teacher a good). Where4s #y yellow ;"#&er9 (;"#&er yellow #y). .4ve got two black cats (cats two black). 1111 2 5

2 1 2

Change the sentences into negatives. ,his dog is s#all and white. ,his dog isn(t s#all and white My #"# and dad are old. My #"# and dad aren(t old.

&er# T' () T' () = ser o estar Y e*$resar "a e!a!

Affirmative I am You are He is She is It is We are You are They are Negative I am not You arent He isnt She isnt It isnt We arent You arent They arent Question Am I ? Are you? Is he? Is she? Is it? Are we? Are you? Are they?

My sister is tall. My sister isn(t tall. 4 .(# short. . a# not short 5 !o" are thirteen. !o" aren(t thirteen 6 8e is /ro# :lovakia. 8e isn(t /ro# :lovakia. ,he ball is red and white. ,he ball isn(t red and white. $ ,he bag is /ro# 3er#any. ,he bag isn(t /ro# 3er#any (<>le#ania) ' 8is na#e is Mark. 8is na#e isn(t Mark. 1) ,he &encils are in the &encil?case. ,he &encils aren(t in the &encil?case. 1111 2 1)

3 1 2 3 4 5

Change the sentences into questions. Maria is si6. .s Maria si69 8e is on the &hone. .s he on the &hone9 !o" are /ro# 5ritain. >re yo" /ro# 5ritain9 E##a and @ate are on holiday. >re they (<E##a and @ate) on holiday9 ,ibor is in the /ootball tea#. .s he (<,ibor) in the /ootball tea#9 ,he &ens are in the bag. >re the &ens in the bag9 ,he watch is green. .s the watch (<relo;) green9 .t is /ro# >#erica. .s it /ro# >#erica9 !o"r na#e is 5en. .s yo"r na#e 5en9

"M# $S or "%&? Complete the sentences. +olly (<she) is in the garden. We are /riends. ,his letter (it) is /or yo". . a# at school. :he is in the kitchen. 8e is on the &hone. ,hey are on holiday. 0"r teacher (she) is great= ,his &ostcard (it) is /ro# ,ony. !o" are at ho#e. 1111 2 1)

1 2 3 4 5 6 $ ' 1)

$ '

4. "M# $S or "%&? Complete the sentences.

1 2 3 4 5

,hey are on holiday. ,his letter (<carta) is /or yo". 5en is on the &hone. . a# in the garden= M"# and dad (<they) are in the kitchen. 1111 25