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Assessment Nursing Diagnoses Scientific Explanation Planning Intervention Rationale Evaluation

Subjective: Impaired verbal Sudden vascular After 4 hours of nursing • Review history for • It could affect the Achieved
“hindi siya communication related compromise causing intervention the client neurological speech
makapagsalita” as to neuromuscular disruption of the blow will be able to condition After the nursing
verbalized by his impairment as vessels in the brain communicate by writing diagnoses the client’s
daughter evidenced by absence of skills in communication
responding • Encourage the • To express the had improve by
Thrombosis patient to client’s feelings and expressing thoughts
communicate emotion using non-verbal actions

• Advise other • To minimize
Objective: healthcare providers client’s frustration
• Cannot speak Aneurysm After 4 days of nursing of the client to and promote
because of ruptured intervention the client communicate using understanding
blood vessels in the will be able to improve a writing pad
brain Embolism his communication
• Difficulty in skills
expressing thoughts • Give the necessary
verbally Hemorrhage
medications for the
• Difficulty in use of client • To over calm the
facial/body illness of the
expression Ref: Nurse’s Pocket Impaired verbal
Guide by Marilynn E. communication
Doenges, Mary Frances
Moorhous, Alice C.
Ref: Nurse’s Pocket
Ref: Medical Surgical