Waste not, want not

If the government added the R30 billion incurred in wasteful, unauthorised and fruitless expenditure during the last financial year to the R206 million initially spent on Nkandla (it emerged this week that the price tag had jumped by R2 million), it could have done the following:

Paid for 8 million child support grants at R300 a month for a year. There are currently 11 700 000 child support grant beneficiaries (Currently, more than 16.1 million people receive a grant of some sort)

Paid for the residence and tuition fees of 126 000 students for a three-year degree at R80 000 a year

Provide 5 000 000 laptops at R6 000 a laptop to the 22 000 schools without a stocked computer centre

Assist the 7 500 000 young people between the ages of 15 and 34 who are not in employment or education with a R300 a month “jobseeker’s grant” for an entire year (More than 4.7 million people in South Africa are unemployed) Pay the municipal water infrastructure grant at its current amount of R291 million for 100 years

Fill the 40 000 vacancies in the detective services for three years at R240 000 per annum, per detective

Sources: The SA Institute of Race Relations and Stats SA (Census 2011)

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