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‘THE SINGAPORE SCOUT ASSOCIATION No. 1 Bishan Street 12 APPLICATION ‘Singapore’579808 FOR USE OF Tel No: 6259 2858 HQ FACILITIES| Fax No: 6259 2118 Type of Applicant: “indvidual/Gorporate/Member Name: INric No: IScout/Company/NSO: [Tel No: (H) (HP), Designation: [Purpose of Use [Guest Rm 1 [Passport No. declare thatthe information given above are true and shall abide by the Rules & Regulations(overieal) governing the use of the facies. | lunderstand that The Singapore Scout Association reserves the right to cancel any booking under special circumstances ‘Signature of Applicant Booking Fee/Donation*: Receipt No: ‘Staff Name [Follow-up Acton, I necessary [Signature of Executive Director RULES & REGULATIONS FOR THE USE OF HQ FACILITIES 01. Application for the use of facilities is on a "First Come First Served " basis. 102. Application for use shall be made on the prescribed form and addressed to The Singapore Scout Association for ‘consideration at least 1 month in advance but not earlier than 3 months from the date of intended use. 103. Depending on the faciliies applied for, booking fee shall be made together with the application forms. 104. The applicant is responsible for any damages to / and cleaniiness of the facilities during their use. Cost of repairs shall be borne by the applicant and must be settled within 1 week of notification. 105. Booking are strictly not transferable. 06. No serving of foods & beverages are allowed without prior permission of the Association 107. No smoking in the Association 08. The applicant shall ensure the proper conduct and behaviour of his/her guests and participants while on the Association premises, 9. All activities shall end by the stipulated date and time. 110. Application for the use of any facilities for activities of an entertainment nature shall be accompanied by an Entertainment Permit from the Public Entertainment Licensing Unit. 114. All chairs and tables brought in by applicant shall be removed by noon on the following days. Decorations shall be removed immediately after the events. 112. The Association shall not be responsible for any damages, loss of properties or life in the course of activities ‘organised by the applicant. 113. The Association reserves the right to approve, reject or cancel any applicantion and amend the above Rules & Regulation from time to time without notice, iit deemed necessary, due to special circumstances | agreed to the above terms & conditions ‘Signature HQ FACILITIES RATES. Facilities Multi-Purpose Hall JOB30rrs-1230Hrs | price exclude P.A system 1300Hrs-1700Hrs $3500, $650.00 $250.00] $450.00 alr-con hall with chair, table 1800Hrs-2200Hrs. $850.00 $650.00} $460.00] $450.00 Programme/Training JO830Hre-1230Hrs $30/Hour| $200.00 $80.00} $140.00 Room 4300Hrs-1700Hrs, $30/Hour| $200.00 $90.00} $140.00] -c0n room with chairs, table & 1800Hrs-2200Hrs, $30/Hour] $200.00 $110.00 $140.00] white board [Guest Room 1(Twin Sharing) [Check in: 1300Hrs _|S$40/NightRoom Guest Room 2 (Four Bedded) [Check Out 1200Hrs_|S$15/NightPerson |Guest Room 3 (Twin Sharing) |SS5O/NightRoom