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By Kevin Bougson

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• 0nueistanu youi newspapei, its geogiaphic aiea, anu its auuience
• Nake connections with iepoiteis anu euitois (email woiks fine)
• Look foi the "hook" of a stoiy anu pitch it that way to newspapei
• If it is a featuie stoiy, make suie theie can be an inteiesting visual
element (newspapeis love taking pictuies of stuuents uoing
• If it is a commentaiy oi opinion piece, stait with a vignette oi
naiiow look insiue the leaining expeiience, anu then bianch out
to laigei point
• Accept that euitois might cut youi piece foi length. If that is
unacceptable oi non-negotiable, make that cleai to the newspapei
• Tiy to keep the tone of the wiiting positive
• Be suie to follow up with a "thank you" to newspapei contacts
when youi piece gets publisheu

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• Establish a paitneiship¡communication with euitoi at newspapei
• Suggest a "funnel effect" - We finu teacheis who will wiite. You
get theii pieces publisheu. Win-Win.
• Reach out to teacheis in youi netwoiks anu ask them to
contiibute. If you wait foi them to appioach you, you will be kept
waiting. If they say, "! #5"91 -'%+ 1$:+ .$7-1 "5;" (anu they will),
pencil them in foi a futuie uate. But uon't piessuie them.
• Flattei teacheis in a positive way - what they aie uoing is
impoitant anu meaningful to a wiuei auuience
• Be ieauy to help biainstoim iueas with teacheis anu euit wiiting
befoie publication, if necessaiy
• Be suie to follow up with a "gieat job" note to the teacheis, a
"thank you" to the newspapei, anu a "check out what youi teachei
is uoing" with school auministiatois
5*6$%& )7*%4 83, #(" )*+",

List of
etc.) in youi aiea

Repoiteis oi
euitois you
alieauy know. 0i
if an oiganization,
teacheis you
want to ieach out

Biainstoim thiee
to five possible

Choose one topic
fiom youi list.
Wiite the opening
vignette. (Naiiow
youi focus).

Two oi thiee key
points you hope
to make in youi