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Analysis is the Marketing Mix of Newly Opened Fast Food Restaurant

Analysis is the Marketing Mix of Newly Opened Fast Food Restaurant

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a research paper
a research paper

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Published by: aryanch on Aug 16, 2009
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Analysis is the marketing mix of newly opened fast food restaurant “California Fried Chicken And Pastry Shop”? Would you have done anything differentially? Identify the target market and product position.
a) b) c) d)

Product : Food items (Fried Chicken, Burger, Pastry etc.) Place : Gulshan 2 /Shahbagh/ Dhanmondi/ Badda Price : Approximately Tk. 500 for a family of 2. Promotion : Leaflets given

About California Fried Chicken (CFC) And Pastry Shop
“CFC” has been established in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka Metropolitan City at several different busy areas by a well-known Bengali businessman. Their business is flourishing, as the administration is heavily efficient and well authorized. The production standard is up to the mark and within a few months in its opening it has managed to achieve a well-liked reputation within their target customers.

Marketing Mix
The definition of Marketing Mix is a set of controllable technical marketing tools that a firm blends to gain the response it wants in their target customers. The tools are basically Product, Promotion, Place and Price.

Marketing Mix of CFC 1. Product of CFC a) Product Variety
CFC offers a wide variety of products to its customers. Since it Starting Point it had offered Fried Chicken and Burgers with the inclusion of side orders such as Fries and Potato Wedges. As time moved on they introduced Pastries and Desserts to their customers to widen their target customers.

b) Quality
The definition of quality means the totality of the feature and characteristics of a product that bears on its ability to satisfy the customer’s needs. CFC offers good quality food to its customers in order to compete with the market competitors. It is observed with keen interested by the staff and is maintained with the help of highly efficient tools and machinery.

c) Design
CFC’s design is elegant yet simple at the same time which is quite favorable with the common public of Dhaka city and different than most of their other competitors.

c) Features
The Main features of CFC are their low and affordable prices, which is favorableto its customers as they are mostly middle class families or students. target

d) Brand Name

The Definition of Brand Name is the a name sign, symbol, design or a combo of these intended to identify the goods or services f one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them. CFC however holds no brand power, as it is not an international product. It can be said that it is a locally branded and is quite famous in its local areas.

e) Packaging
The definition of Packaging is the activities of designing and producing the container of the product by which it is served to their customers. CFC’s packaging is just as simple as its design with no extra-added accessories. They have specially made boxes in which they serve they serve their customers their desired products.

f) Size
The size of the product is relatively linked with the marketing of the product. The size has to be accustomed with the income level and the size of the customers themselves. For Example if the Customers has a healthy appetite and is with their family they would order large. While Alone he would order regular. Thus CFC has produced their product size as regular and large.

g) Services
The definition of Services is the benefit or the product that the producer can offer to its customer that is intangible. CFC offers a wide variety of services. They offer exceptional service to customers with their maintenance with its high quality of food. It has recently started taking home orders and now caters at parties and meetings for the convenience of their customers.

2. Price of CFC A) List Price
The definition of Price list is that the amount of money changed for a group of product or services that consumers exchange for the benefit of having that group of product or services. Like any other fast food shop, CFC also has an organized price list for their customers.

b) Discounts
The definition of discounts means a straight reduction in price on purchases. CFC does not offer direct discounts on its products yet it has the offer of combos or meals. They have Family Boxes and Chicken Boxes which offer more products but within a smaller price range. For e.g. Buying a burger coke and fries would cost a person tK 200 altogether but buying a meal, they can get all these together at the price of tk 180 only. Therefore there is reduction in price.

c) Allowances
The definition of allowances means promotional money paid by the manufactures to retailers in return for agreement to feature the manufacture products. CFC however has no current allowance offers.

d) Payment Period

The definition of Payment Period is when payment will be made. It has two types of payment sight and differed payment. CFC offers both types of payment as they sell their products on sight basis as well they cater to parties and meetings. Therefore they fully operate on both types of payment periods.

E) Credit terms
The definition of credit term is the mode of payment. CFCS mode of payment is through direct payment using monetary methods, which are taka and credit card systems.

3) Place of CFC Locations
CFC shops are tactically situated in Dhaka cities established areas such Gulshan 2, Dhanmondi and Shahbagh. The target customers of CFC are students and middle class families therefore the shops are located amidst Universities in Dhanmondi and right beside Wonderland an entertainment spot for most middle-class families.

The main sale principle of CFC is that their inventory of finished good would be at 0 label. The customers want good quality food thus nothing stale or outdated are ever sold to their customers.

The channel of marketing is strong. It has a large customer range and has the advantage of having different branches in elite areas of Dhaka city and it also offers catering services. Therefore the product sale to diplomatic offices schools and universities is fairly easy.

CFC has offered home delivery services to its customers, which is a rarity with any other fast food competitors.

CFC has received a wide range of coverage in a very short period of time. People now take encouragement and information from CFC and it has gained respect in not only its own customers but regular customers of other fast food joints as well.

CFC does not have an assortment of products. Unlike KFC or Wimpy’s their products or similar looking products is available at other fast food joints.

4) Promotion a) Sales Promotion

The definition of sales promotion is that short-term incentives or benefits are given during a short period of time to increase the sale of the product. CFC is offering promotions and the Gulshan Branch offers entry to Wonderland, which is an entertainment spot for many families.

b) Advertising
The definition of advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas or goods or services by identified sponsors. To catch peoples interest leaflets have been handed out to customers on a regular basis.

c) Sale force or Personal Selling
The definition the face-to-face communication with one or more potential customer for the purpose of making sales. CFC will be soon launching this in order to gain more customers and multiply their sales.

d) Public Relation/ Publicity
CFC is currently working on creating Public-relating programs, which will not only promote CFC but will also enhance their sales. Therefore it can easily access to more areas of Dhaka city.

e) Direct Marketing
The definition of direct marketing is the use of communicative methods such as phone fax etc. to interact with customers and prospects. CfC uses Direct Marketing as it already takes home orders and also caters to different prospects and customers. Thus in conclusion we can deduce that CFC has a wide concentrated market in Dhaka city.

B) What would you have done differently?
CFC serves to the common people of the city as well as the elite group. Criticism of the CFC’s Marketing Mix

a) Price
Even though the price list of CFC is affordable to most students and middle class families. It is still expensive to lower class and introducing more combo meals, which would be easy on the pockets for the lower class, could easily solve that problem.

b) Product
CFC offers a variety of products, which include fries, burger and chicken pieces. With the addition of pizza and more variety of soft drinks there would be a wider choice for the common people.

c) Promotion
CFC lacks in promoting their products. With only leaflets being handed out many people do not get to know about CFC. With offering more publicity with more TV ad or newspaper ads the sales will increase.

d) Place:
By putting branches in the busy ad sophisticated areas of Dhaka city CFC has earned a rather respectable target customer. By offering more branches in places like maghbazar or New Market they could reach out to more customers and enhance their sales.

C. Identify the target Market and product positioning.
a) b)

CFC’s target market is the middle class group and students of universities as it situated
near entertainment spots or near universities. CFC’s Product Positioning is “Real Taste & Best.

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