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Chocolate Cake Disaster Nessies Birthday

Chocolate Cake Disaster Nessies Birthday


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Published by moxie
hi hope u like it plz comment
hi hope u like it plz comment

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Published by: moxie on Aug 16, 2009
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Chocolate cake disaster (nessie birthday) Bella p.o.

v It was nessies first birthday although she looked three she was really one we were all celebrating nessie was gonna have her party in the evening following dinner for the werewolves it was four in the afternoon her party was at six we were at the cullens house putting up banners that said happy birthday all around the house emmet came in to the room sing paparazzi by lady gaga hey em I said yo bella I got a present he was carrying a box with a bow on it whats in it he came up to me and pulled out a poster of a girl in a bikini and a boy staring at her boobs emmet I said you cannot give that to my one year old daughter I said in a motherly tone why he asked well I said first of all it so not appropriate for her any way where in the world did you get it from a poster shop in Seattle you could have got a better one well where do I put this I don’t know put it somewhere I said okay he said and headed out Emmet p.o.v I was singing a new song im gonna put this in Edwards and bellas room Alice p.o.v I parked my car in the driveway I had just arrived from party packagers carrying all kinds of party stuff I took of my shade and walked in to the house hey bella I said I got more stuff cool she said can you help me put it up she said course I said she opened up the bag inside was stuff I had picked up from the princess section in the shop few she said someone has gotta brain in this house huh I thought oh well we started decorating Edward p.o.v I was at toy r us with jasper and Rosalie we all went including Emmet who wanted to go to the poster store he said he wanted to get nessie a poster whatever Rosalie was choosing a pretty princess dress for nessie as a present jasper a Barbie doll which could talk and walk I was broke on ideas then something got my eye wouldn’t nessie like a little dressing table with jewels on it was on sale for 20 dollars great complete with mini hair drier brush comb and makeup set perfect I thought before buying I thought about calling alice I dialed her number on the third ring someone picked up she started talking before I could open my mouth yes Edward nessie will like her present its a dressing table okay bye I said bye she said I went to the cashier along my way looking for rose and jasper I paid at the cashier and was on my way home hey what about emmet I said oh he is already home rose said we were stuck in a traffic jam and it was 5:45 great I moaned bella had left me a message which said Edward where are you as soon as the cars started to move I put on the highest speed and started driving crashing in to cars until the police was there great Edward rose said it was a woman this should be easy I thought hey you

she said I pulled down the window of my Volvo I gave her my crooked smile her thought oh never mind you can always get another man for him to substitute for his driving her mouth was open your lucky boy was all she said I was off the hook nice going jasper said thanks I said after two minutes we were home just in time I thought it was 5:59 you’re here bella said looking very pretty in a pink frilly dress which went up to her knees yes we are back I said smiling nessie was there to smiling she was wearing a blue frock happy birthday nessie a said I think you well like your present pretty much I said her smile widened after a second a bell rang it was Jacob he came in the door at that moment nessie came hugging him happy birthday sweety he said I got he handed it to bella and picked up her come I will show you what I got in his thoughts I read that it was a bike all the other presents were piled up neatly in a corner I followed bella to the kitchen over there she opened the box it was a extra large chocolate cake filled with fudge guess we are gonna have to it this she said wrinkling her nose nessie likes chocolate cake remember I said yes she does I wish they was something called blood cake in vampire world yeah I said in human world no I said I door bell rang again this alice opened it Seth and Leah came in Leah was holding a box with Hannah Montana wrapping paper that said happy birthday to you I smiled trying to ignore the smell Seth had grown as tall as Jacob bella came in and greeted them soon nessie and Jacob came in so did the rest of the pack all carrying present they put them in a corner and started talking their large booming voices vibrating the whole house hey guys emmet said want to play something baseball I said sure everyone said and all the boys left to play Nessie p.o.v This was gonna so much fun I thought I loved my new blue dress which mom had brought for me and Jacob and I were playing ball in the woods and I could also hear the game where Jared , Paul and jasper were out I was glad daddy was not out we played happily until mom came and said time for the cake she said we could all hear even thought she was a mile away a ran to the house the boys came to half of them including daddy were covered in mud alice fumed over them but they cleaned up quickly I looked at the cake yum I thought it looks good time to cut the nessie mom and dad said smiling they handed me the knife I was happy everyone was by my side my best friend Jacob , my parent , aunts , uncles , grandma grand pa [ Renee , Phil and Charlie ] and friends I made a wish to live the happiest life ever and blew my candles everybody around me was singing happy birthday to me after it was done mom handed out paper plates to everyone Bella p.o.v I grimaced as I gave everyone a slice of the cake then it came down to us we had to eat Phil was there to I was sure he did not know our secret first I gave all the cullens and then myself everybody was eating happily except for us who were picking at it come on guys Phil said it is so good he said Carlisle faked a smile and ate some he gulped it down quickly most people were done so they were taking seconds I started

to eat it tasted horrible Edward was eating it quickly to get over with it so were they others I followed after I was done there was a funny feeling in my stomach I ignored alice and emmet looked kind of sick and before I knew they were both running to the bathroom they were watching a movie called up it seemed good I sat down and watched but the pain in my stomach grew after a second Jacob came in to the room carrying several plates of ice cream he handed one to everyone including me I ate quickly the stomach pain grew more Edward was forced a second helping this he really looked sick but was holding it faking smile at everyone who looked by this Carlisle had gone up to the bathroom esme a, jasper and rose were holding but looked better then Edward who did not use the effort to smile after a while emmet and alice came down their faces bone white they were holding stuff for support and slowly made their way down alice gave them a smile emmet did not eat some of this Phil said who had a good lack of appetite the sight of food sent Edward to the nearest bathroom I went after him Alice p.o.v I already felt woozy and now he was showing us ice cream oh im full I said he did not notice the way I was feeling right now but the werewolves and vampires did Leah came to my rescue oh you now us girls she said dieting she said girls Phil sighed I had glimpse of the future now and then I did not want to see it now it was ten at night nessie looked sleepy Phil looked at Renée and sad I think we should leave our flight is early in the morning okay she said she kissed me and nessie goodbye and left now it was the werewolves and Charlie and looked like Charlie was heading home to he got up and said bells I think I have had enough he yawned and rubbed his belly Bella p.o.v The pain in my stomach grew unbearable it hurt I said bye and ran to the nearest bathroom Edward p.o.v I finally made my exit from the bathroom I felt a little sick but it was better I sat down bella had gone to throw up I guessed emmet, alice and Carlisle were back Carlisle looked better alice a little boney emmet still sick by this jasper and rose were up stairs and esme was trying go ahead alice said in a meek voice she ran up to her room as fast as she could I was just staring at the TV when bella came in she looked sick hi Edward she said how are you feeling not well I said at that moment Paul came in carrying the cake oh Paul I groaned and ran up to my old room which was the only one empty bella came after me Bella p.o.v

When we both came down the others had gone and nessie was asleep well I said but it came back and that how the Cullens spent their night screaming at each other to leave the bathroom or throwing up in the kitchen sink No p.o.v After that they never looked at chocolate cake that way

I was bored and wrote this for fun enjoy and leave comments

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