MECH 3800 Tutorial # 6

October 21st, 2011 1. (MIDTERM 2003) An A/C unit at steady-state takes in moist air at 35°C, 75% relative humidity, and 95 kPa. The moist air first passes over a cooling coil in the dehumidifier section and some water vapor is condensed. The rate of heat transfer between the moist air and the cooling coils is 45 kW. After the humidifier, the moist air enters a heating section where it is heated to 20°C, 40% relative humidity. Assuming a constant pressure of 95 kPa all through the process, determine: a) b) c) d) the temperature of the moist air leaving the dehumidifying section, in °C. the volumetric flow rate of the air entering the A/C unit, in m3/min. the rate of water condensed, in kg/min. the rate of heat transfer in the heating unit, in kW.
Cooling coils 45 kW Heating Coils

35oC 75% RH 95 kPa


20oC 40% RH 95 kPa


2. A heating system for an office building uses an adiabatic saturation air washer followed by a heating coil. A mixture of 1.2 m3/s of outside air at 5 °C dry bulb and 50 % relative humidity and 6 m3/s of return air at 20 °C dry bulb and 50 % relative humidity enter the saturator. The mixture leaves the saturator with a temperature 1°C higher than the saturation and, then is heated by an electrical heater. If the heating coil supplies 200 kW of power, determine the dry bulb, wet bulb temperatures and the relative humidity of the resulting mixture. Show the entire process on the psychometric chart.
Outside air, 1

Return air, 2
Adiabatic Saturator

Heater, Q = 200 kW

5 Tdb = ? Twb = ? φ=?

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