RA 1054 RA 1050 RA 1392 RA 1612 RA 1636 RA 2382 RA 3019 RA 3573 RA 4073 RA 4226 RA 4419 RA 5181 RA 821 RA 5901 RA 6111 RA 6365 RA 6425 RA 6571 RA 6675 RA 6713 RA 6725 RA 6727 RA 6758 RA Free Emergency medical and dental attendance to employees/ laborers Civil Service Eligibility Midwifery Law Privilege Tax Compulsory membership to SSS to selfemployed Philippine Medical Act Graft and Corruption Practice Act Reporting of Communicable Diseases Treatment of leprosy under ambulatory arrangement Hospital Licensure Act Dental Act Permanent residence and reciprocity qualifications for exam/registration Pharmacy act Working hours and compensation of hospital and clinic w/ 100 bed capacity Philippine Medical Care Population commission Dangerous act of 1972 Requirement of fees for exam Generic act 1988 Code of Ethics Government Employees Prohibition of discrimination against women Wage Rationalization Act Salary standardization law for government workers Age of majority is 18

6809 RA 6972 RA 7160 RA 7164 RA 7170 RA 7192 RA 7277 RA 7308 RA 7432 RA 7600 RA 7610 RA 7615 RA 7641 RA 7659 RA 7719 RA 7846 RA 7875 RA 7877 RA 8187 RA 8344 RA 8423 RA 8428 RA 8749 RA 8981 RA 9003

Day Care Center for every barangay Local Autonomy Code (devolution/transfer of LGU) Old Nursing law Organ Donation Women in development and nation building Magna Carta of Disable persons Magna Carta publics health workers Senior Citizens Benefits and Privileges Rooming-in and Breastfeeding Act of 1992 Child abuse and Exploitation Drug education New retirement Program of the Philippines Death Penalty of Heinous Crime National Blood Service Act of 1994 Vaccination of heap B w/in 24 hours after birth National Health Insurance Act of 1995 Migrant workers and OFW act of 1995 Paternity Leave Act of 1995 Hospitals/MD’s to treat emergency cases referred to treatment Traditional and alternative medicine Personal Tax Exemption Clean Air Act PRC modernization act Solid waste management

RA 9048 RA 9255 RA 9173 RA 9165 RA 9267 RA 9288

Gionigudo Act (misspelled birth certificate ) Revilla law (illegitimate use of father’s name) New Nursing law Comprehensive dangerous drug act of 2008 Expanded Senior Citizen’s Act Newborn Screening

PD 49 PD 69 PD 79 PD 116 PD 147 PD 148 PD 223 PD 442 PD 491 PD 541 PD 568 PD 603 PD 626 PD 651 PD 825 PD 851 PD 856 PD 965 PD 4 Children w/ paid Maternity Benefits 4 Children for Personal Exemption Population Commission Strengthening Family Planning National Immunization Day Women and Child Labor Law Created PRC New Labor Code Nutrition Program Practice of former Filipino professionals in the Philippines Role Public Health Midwives expanded under the RCDS Child and Youth Welfare Code Employee Compensation & State Insurance Fund Birth Registration within 30 days after delivery Anti-improper garbage disposal 13th Month Pay Code of Sanitation Family Planning and Responsible Parenthood Compulsory Immunization Program (EPI)

996 PD 1083 PD 1146 PD 1359 PD 1519 PD 1636 PD 3200 PD 4226

for children below 8 yrs. Old Muslim Holidays New GSIS Law Applicants for Philippine citizenship take board exams Revised Medicare benefits to all government employees Compulsory membership to SSS or GSIS retirement fund Professional Regulatory Code of the Philippines Hospital Licensure Act

# 381 Series 1995 BON # 112 BON # 220 BON # 357 BON # 459 PRC Resolution # 179 PRC Resolution # 463

CPE Programs of Prof. Regulator (EO 226) Adoption of the Core Competency Standards for Nursing Practice Code of Ethics for Filipino Nurses Submission & Attachment of Documents for PNLE MCN Standards of the Philippines Continuing profile education for all professionals Prohibits bringing of review materials inside the testing area (Programmable Calculators)

EO 51 EO 174 EO 180 EO 203 EO 209 EO 220 EO 226 Milk code National Drug Policy Guidance on the right to organize of Gov’t employees List of regular holidays & special holidays Family Code of the Philippines (amended by RA 6809) Code of Good Governance for the Professionals Command Responsibility

Proc # 6 Proc # 47 Proc # 116 Proc # 118 Proc # 539 Proc # 949 Proc # 1000 AO 114 series 1991 LOI No. UN goal on Universal Child Immunization by 1990 Directs all schools of nursing & midwifery to include FP in their curriculum Professional Regulation Week (June 16-22) National Family Unity Week (last week of Sept.) Nurses Week (last week of October) Created Primary Health Care Treatment Giving preference to member of APO when hiring Revised role of PHN Members of PNA given Priority for hiring

#20 Series 1983 #633 Series 1984 #1955 Series 1994 #217 Series 1992 #08 Series 1994 # 20 Series 1994 # 1878 Series 1991 Implementing Rules & Regulations of RA 7164 ICN Code of Ethics PNA Code of Ethics Delisting of Delinquent professionals Special Training on Intravenous Injections Implementing Rules & regulations of RA 7164 Issuance & Renewal of Professional License

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