THE MAN WITH LOIN CLOTH - I Augustine Anbananthan Narrator:- Let us get back into the pre-independence

period, say 1945. There have been many episodes in the life of our Father of the Nation- the Mahatma. We present before you one such incident where we find the unity of our leaders and the right attitude and the sacrificial tendency of Mahatma Gandhi. Nehruji: friends we are all gathered here to go on a journey to achieve our goal. Leaders representing all communities have undertaken a decision to go to Dehli and meet the British authorities to have a peaceful talk and press for Purna Swaraj. Let us pray and hope we attain our target. Dr. Ambedkar: when we meet the foreign rulers we shall assure them of our strength and power to run a government of our own constitution to treat all our citizens equally. Sardar Patel: We shall also prove that the scattered states and provinces of our country will be brought under a single nation Md. Ali Jinnah: Justice will be done to all. No individual, no religion, no community will be affected. We shall strive our best to build this as a Secular country. Mahatma Gandhi: We have travelled a long way to come up to this stage of peace talks. We have tried all methods in the way of non-violence. Struggle in the non-violence way has been very successful. I want my country to be the harbinger of peace to the world. We shall ever strive to bring justice to the downtrodden. We must aim as ‘Gram Rajya’. The time is ripe for getting our freedom. Stop all the agitation. Representations of all people will go to Delhi to have a talk. Please pray for us as we go. (suddenly one small boy releases himself from his mother and runs towards Gandhiji) The Mother: Munna, don’t go there. Come back. (The boy goes near Gandhiji and pulls his shawl. Gandhiji turns to him) Gandhiji: My dear son, What do you want? The Boy: Bapuji why are you wearing only a dhoti and a shawl? Gandhiji: Why? Don’t you like this? The Boy: It is all right. But you are going to talk to the Britishers, who are well dressed with suit and coat! You are going to them with this dress? Gandhiji: You are a very bold boy. Who are you?

The Boy: I am the son of a tailor. My mother stitches nice dress. Shall I ask her to stitch a nice Kurta Pyjama for you? Or, for the present, you may wear a new set of my father’s dress. Gandhiji: Thank you. I am very glad. You offer me dress. You are a nice boy. Have you seen any Indians wearing this sort of Dress, my boy? The Boy: Yes, Bapuji, the farmers wear this. Gandhiji: They wear this dress in all the seasons. Be it summer, winter or rainy. They don’t even have a spare one. Once, I was also wearing coat and shirt, but after seeing my own Indian brothers and sisters suffering so much. I want to be one among them, I want to know their sufferings and help them out, that’s why I am wearing this dhoti and shawl. Nehruji : The only way out of this problem is freedom. Gandhiji : Yes, once we are free, all Indians will get the fruit of their labout. All can earn their food, shelter and clothes. Till then let me continue to be like this. Thank you boy. Come on, let us march on. Jai Hind! All : Jai Hind!

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