Victoria Falls

The famous Victoria Falls on the Zambeze River. Located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, in the Livingstone district of Zambia and the Hwange district of Zimbabwe. They are 1.7 km wide and 108 metres high, an extraordinary spectacle.Water dropping into a narrow and very deep abiss.

David Livingstone, visited the Falls in 1855 and named them in honour of Queen Victoria. Locally they are still called “Mosi-oaTunya”, which means the smoke that thunders. It is one of the greatest tourist atractions on the african continent. In 1989 UNESCO declared these falls a Humanity Heritage Site, covering a protected area of 8,780 hectares.

A child on the edge of an abiss !!!

This is called “The Devil's Pool”, a natural swimming pool formed in the rocks just above the 108 metre high Victoria Falls!!!

Challenging danger!

The bravest ones stand on the very edge to get their photos taken!

September to December, due to low water lev t is safe to swim on the edge of this waterfall.

umping into the pool!


Curiosity overcomes fear...


Taking original photos!!

Such emotion...

And euphoria...

An adrenalin discharge and yell of excitament at the edge of the abiss!!!

Well? Did that excite you?

Produced by: Aura da Lua
Translated from Portuguese by Alan H. Orr

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