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If you’re 16-25 years old & passionate about making Norwich Museums youth friendly, join


Norwich Museums Youth Forum


For more details contact Youth Engagement Officer Anna Green: anna.green@norfolk.gov.uk 01603 222594/07500 973718


activities and events. One member plans to write up the process for a national journal and make the pack a nationally available resource as the focus of her Gold Arts Award next year. and standalone projects for specific groups run by the Youth Engagement Officers. We will continue to bother Senior Management and the County Council about the things we feel need changing.30-6. we have significantly added to youth presence in the Museums as co-producers rather than simply consumers. Over Easter she We welcome anyone aged 16-25 from any walk of life. They are already acting on our findings. advice to management and councillors. but we choose what we want to do and set the agenda. Existing small groups refresh us on what they’ve been doing. redesigning and producing a young persons’ trail. A core of current Youth Forum members will continue to participate in 2013-14 and we would welcome new members. keeps us ticking over. e. sent it out to young people in museums in the East and West of the county to test. consultation with staff. This might be a talk and tour with an activity by a member of staff. we would ask that once you have joined. We also have a number of small group projects which meet more frequently. It may include a training element related to something we’re about to deliver: e.g. ★ We all designed a Mystery Shopper pack for young people in museums. as well as appreciating and exploiting to the full the amazing opportunities we get to do things. trialled it.green@norfolk. In tandem with the separate Youth Events Group. etc. We have had a huge amount of fun and learnt a great deal this year. and from different walks of life – equal partners with individual talents to bring to the projects we are involved in: museum development. We have formed an overall small group to support one another. Youth Engagement Officer for Norwich Castle. and participate in small group activities that interest you. refined it. etc. and providing worksheets. ★ Five of us helped produce an electronic interactive for the new Regimental displays. ★ Gold Arts Award: currently a few of us are doing this.chatting. Then we have some kind of engagement with an area of Norwich Museums that helps us understand better how the service works and where we could contribute. at mutually convenient times and places. a Looked After Children’s party. and partnering with another local youth forum Equal Lives – on four Saturdays in the Autumn to produce Shadow Puppet interpretations. ★ Three of us created a Valentine’s trail for young smoochers. Arts Award. either individually or in pairs/ small groups. ★ ideas for Museum Takeover Day in November. usually in the Castle. ★ a trip to an event run by the V & A’s youth forum. how to speak in public.g. using museum specimens . 4. However. how to create a successful trail. surveys and interviewing. you attend monthly meetings regularly. We have a small budget and are encouraged to apply for funding grants if we want to make a bigger impact. demonstrating. and delivered our findings to Senior Management and the County Council. engaged with visitors. Monthly meetings tend to go like this. ★ a Focus group for Strangers Hall: how to make it more youth-friendly. creating and leading three Sunday afternoon Café Conversations.gov. designing resources.NORWICH MUSEUMS YOUTH FORUM We are a group of young people working to make Norwich Museums more youth friendly We are all about 16-25. ★ Other members have helped with existing or as-and-when Museum activities: schools’ events. 2013-14 – future plans Since November 2012 twelve of us have been meeting monthly on a weekday evening. First we start with freshly baked refreshments and chat. Already in the calendar to join in on are:★ a number of events around the fabulous ‘Curiosity’ exhibition opening 28th October. ★ Four of us are working on tours of the Bridewell Museum. We are updated on new projects that we can choose to be involved in. and much more. Information for new recruits We have done some extraordinary things over the year: ★ Six of us each gave short tours of the Castle’s sculpture exhibition ‘Shortcuts & Digressions’ to the public on Monday afternoons.00. Come to a monthly meeting to get a feel for whether we’re your cup of tea or not: there’s no obligation to join. to produce projects for deadlines.uk 01603 222594/07500 973718 . Anna Green. Please contact Youth Engagement Officer Anna Green: anna. ★ One of us devised and delivered an interactive session about teeth – animal and human – with the help of Natural History staff.

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