November 26, 2013 Brian Karth, Clerk, U.S. District Court, ri!ona San"ra Da# $%Conner Courthouse &01 '.

'ashin(ton Street, Suite 130, S)C 1 )hoeni*, + ,-003.211, /01 2he 33earance o4 Court Directe" 56u"(e Sho33in(7 in 'ar"en v 8iran"a, C9.11.0&60.2UC.DCB Dear 8r. Karth1 /e(ar"in( :e"eral Court Case ssi(nment )olic# an" ;/Civ 3.<1 $n 6une 06, 2013 an" a(ain on 6ul# 2-, 2013 = sent a letter o4 in>uir# to /osl#n Silver in her a"ministrative ca3acit# as Chie4 6u"(e o4 the U.S. District Court? ho@ever 6u"(e Silver "i" not re3l#. $n $ctober 16, 2013 = sent a similar letter to 6u"(e /aner Collins, ho@ever? 6u"(e Collins has like@ise 4aile" to re3l#. ;ast @eek = han" "elivere" a secon" co3# o4 6u"(e Collins% letter to the DeConcini Courthouse, an" "iscusse" ;ocal /ule 3.< @ith the 2ucson Clerk, @ho @as kin" enou(h to su((est that = re."irect this in>uir# to #ou. =n 3ertinent 3art ;/Civ 3.<3rovi"es1 5AaB ssi(nment o4 Civil Cases.

A1B Cenerall#. Unless other@ise 3rovi"e" in these /ules or or"ere" b# the Court, the Clerk must assi(n civil cases to 6u"(es @ithin each "ivision b# automate" ran"om selection an" in a manner so that neither the Clerk nor an# 3arties or their attorne#s @ill be able to make a "eliberate choice o4 a 3articular 6u"(eD the Clerk must assi(n each civil case to a District 6u"(e or a 8a(istrate 6u"(e.7


)lease be a"vise" there is a (ro@in( 3ublic concern re(ar"in( the a33earance o4 Court "irecte" 5Eu"(e sho33in(7 in several cases no@ 3en"in( be4ore the Court, the 4irst o4 @hich is1 'ar"en v 8iran"a C9.11.0&60.2UC.DCB = have outline" the nature o4 this concern in three articles, each o4 @hich has receive" @i"e internet "istribution1

=s the :e"eral Court 6u"(e Sho33in( in 'ar"en v 8iran"aF )ima Count# Bar "vises 'ar"en on 6u"(e Sho33in(

2. 3.

6u"(e Bur# is a /ubber Stam3 4or the Coo" $l" Bo#s

'oul" #ou be so kin" as to 3rovi"e me @ith a co3# o4 the metho" #ou em3lo# to ensure an 5automate" ran"om selection7 o4 8a(istrate an" District Court 6u"(es 4or case assi(nment, as set 4orth in ;/Civ 3.<F Gours 2rul#, /o# 'ar"en, )ublisher ri!ona Common Sense 3<00 S. Calle )olar 2ucson !. ,-<30 ro#@ar"

cc1 U.S. District Court 6u"(es Bur#, 6or(enson, +i33s an" +a3ata? U.S. 8a(istrate 6u"(es? selecte" members o4 the me"ia, selecte" members o4 3olitical activist (rou3s? 1,200 members o4 the )ima Count# Bar , etc.


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